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Our Guest Peter Horrobin


Sid: There is another flow it’s an outpouring of God’s Spirit that is moving right now; and there are people that not only pain in their neck that they’re being healed of but there’s a popping going on in someone’s ear.  And you had difficulty hearing in that ear or perhaps you were dead; and I say the reason the sound has gone up on the radio or the tape recorder is because you are healed.  But we’re getting ready to blow the grandest shofar, the grandest trumpet in Zion we want everyone everywhere to hear the good news.  We want everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah. And if you follow the keys being outlined this week some of the biggest obstacles to you being red hot for the Messiah to you have intimacy with God; to you being totally free and that’s why the Messiah came.  To you receiving your physical healing and your emotional healing is the teaching my guest from Lancaster, England Peter Horrobin. We’re talking about his book “The Most Powerful Prayer on Earth.”  Peter before we went on the air we were talking about what seems to be almost epidemic problem going on not just in the United States; worldwide and that’s barrenness, or people not being able to have a normal child, and the child dies before it comes to birth. Have you experienced with that and do you have any idea of the causes.

Peter:  Wow, we have experience… and there are quite a lot of different causes. One of the commonest problems, and this is a medically attested statistic is the people who had an abortion in their teenage years, when the get married later in life have a lot of difficulty in conceiving.  And abortion has become almost like a birth control method and there have been so much accepted that young people just get sucked into it without realizing what they’re doing; they are taking a life.

Sid: You know this is just coming to mind one of the highest percentage of abortions per capita in the world is my nation Israel.

Peter:  Hmm.

Sid: And it’s actually a form of birth control.

Peter:  It certainly has been in Eastern Europe extensively for generation.

Sid: Hmm.

Peter:  And when we have prayed into the abortions and asked God to bring healing there we’ve seen it in Eastern Europe with probably 75 – 85% of the women in the meetings they’re wailing as the grief comes out all the pain of the children that they have lost.  And the grief and pain is devastating but that’s another aspect of it.  And what we’ve prayed and for example with women in the US or Australia or in the UK who have had abortions and then later on in life they begin to realize what they’ve done. They’re just devastated that they have terminated a human life.  And they need to forgive themselves and this is another very important issue in forgiveness that sometimes we can forgive others but actually we’ll never forgive ourselves.  We’ll say something like “I’ll never forgive myself for this or that or the other.

Sid: Is it possible to have a deception in that area and to think you’ve forgiven yourself and you really haven’t?

Peter: Yeah, it is but it’s often very very real it’s not so much deception as the reality of people don’t feel but they’re forgivable.  And they are actually denying that the reality of what Jesus died for for them that they may be forgiven.

Sid: But the Bible does talk about unpardonable sin; what do you believe that is?

Peter: I don’t believe there is an unpardonable sin is abortion.  I think that’s what when somebody is actually committed abortion and often have done it without even knowing what they’re doing.  And Jesus saying the most powerful prayer on earth “Father forgive them they didn’t know what they were doing.”

Sid:  Well, my spin on the unpardonable sin is what the Bible says “Grieving the Holy Spirit to the point that you can’t come to repentance to get forgiveness.  So as long as you are convicted you have not done the unpardonable sin but go ahead.

Peter: If you are being convicted of sin the Holy Spirit is at work in your life.

Sid: Right.

Peter: And what we have seen with woman that have been unable to conceive a child is the heartbreak, has been married 6 years, 10 years more and they’re crying out to God. And when we actually take them through forgiving themselves, forgiving sometimes the father of the child, and asking God to release them from that child so that child is safe with God in Heaven.  And that they themselves are then able to be healed here on earth.  The power of God comes upon them and they time and again we get letters 9 months later.

Sid: Give me a real life situation; describe it to me.

Peter:  I was in Townsville in Australia at the end of one of our conferences years ago and this lady came up to me she had only been a Christian a couple of years. She’d gone through a lot of teaching on understanding about healing and understanding about forgiveness and she had been devastated between the age of 12 and 19 by sexual abuse she had been raped, she had almost every single day of her life by other members of her family.  Her internal system was so damaged that her doctors had said that she’s totally barren, her female system is not working, and it’d be impossible for her to ever conceive a child. And that was the situation.  I had an email from her just two or three weeks ago telling the story of how when she got married she believed that what we prayed had happened in her life that God was going to give her a child.  God told her to call this child Elijah as a thanksgiving. This was before she ever knew she was going to get pregnant and she fell pregnant, she had a son; she called him Elijah.  The doctors said “That it’s impossible for you to actually have conceived the child.” They said “Actually having conceived the child.” They said “She was so messed up on the inside” they didn’t think it was possible for her to survive the pregnancy. She survived the pregnancy and Elijah was born.  And I had the email just a couple of weeks ago saying “Thank you for what God had done.”

Sid: Peter, what about people that literally are blaming God for the problems in their life.

Peter:  It’s a common thing that people blame God. We need to actually to say sorry to God.  Sometimes in our teaching we say we need to forgive God; but that’s not that’s not strictly true because God has never sinned so we can’t forgive God for something when He’s not done anything wrong.  But you know there’s many people that blame God for what has happened.  They say “Oh God why did you do this, why did this happen, why didn’t and they blame Him.”  Now the reality is we’re living in a fallen world and all the bad things that have happened have come as a result of the fall and Satan is the one responsible.  And we need to say God I’m sorry for blaming You for what Satan has done and that again just lifts something off us which releases again the power of God within us.

Sid: I’m looking at this powerful book it’s called “The Most Powerful Prayer on Earth” but it’s packaged like a gift and did you do that intentionally?

Peter: Yes, it was packaged in that way so that it would be given to the people who might need help see.  There’s a lot of people who are struggling with huge issues in their life and what they’re asking for is God will you come and heal my symptoms.  And we see this time and time again; they want God to come and solve their problem out.  The reality is that God can’t override that freewill, He’s given us freewill choice we’re made in His image and likeness and God has freewill. And when we have our own choice on choosing to alienate ourselves from the presence and the power of God by bitterness in our heart then we will never be able to receive the healing that God wants to give us.  So what I did in putting this book together I put it together in a way which would actually help people to read very gently without coming under condemnation, and to understand the sort of issues that there are in life which become roots of bitterness and pain. Then help people try to deal with this in a very practical way.

Sid: Now was there specific moment a supernatural moment when you felt God directed you to write this book?

Peter: Yes there was.

Sid: Tell me about that.

Peter:  I was actually in South Africa we have a ministry in South Africa. We took 2 or 3 days out from the ministry to go into the game park and we were looking at elephants and giraffes and lions. And when you’re looking at sort of God’s natural creation something happens to you on the inside you actually release and for me personally to where I can hear God. And as we were driving along there this track in the Kruger National Park God spoke to me supernaturally and said “I want you to write this book, The Most Powerful Prayer on Earth.” Actually meditating upon Jesus worse on the cross and I realized that the most powerful prayer on Earth is the one that Jesus prayed when He said “Father Forgive them.”  And I realized that He couldn’t pray that prayer unless He had actually forgiven other people, and there in the Lord’s Prayer it talks about forgiving other people.   You know after Jesus had given us the Lord’s Prayer He said these awesome words “That if you do not forgive others for what they have done to you my Father in Heaven will not forgive you.”

Sid: So it’s a salvation issue forget just the blessing issue; it’s a salvation issue.

Peter:  Well, it’s salvation is a very broad word you know and the scripture sometimes we think about in terms of just salvation as being saved; being born again. But the same word that’s used for that is also translated to healing and deliverance in places.  And Isaiah 53, Isaiah’s looking forward to the Messiah coming, he’s talking about “By His stripes we are healed and our transgressions can be forgiven.” So salvation and healing go hand and hand and it is a salvation issue absolutely.

Sid: What about a nonbeliever, what affect would this book have on them Peter?

Peter: Well, I carried copies of this book with me on airplanes and so that I can give to people next door to me on the plane and things like that.  I think nonbelievers are inside they actually want to be a believer because there’s a cry in the heart for reality that God has put His Spirit within us. And so often things are so religious that it puts people off; the cant’ cope with religion but what they want is relationship and forgiveness is about restoration of relationship. When people see a restoration of relationship they actually becomes an opportunity for them to try to find salvation and relationship is critical.  God is a relational God and unforgiveness stands in the way of relationship its Satan’s way of preventing people from getting to know God. To say “I’ve been….but they don’t deserve to be forgiven.  You know that’s true because none of us deserve to be forgiven; forgiveness is grace and mercy.

Sid: Oh Peter we’re out of time…

Our Guest Ron Cantor


SID: So Ron Cantor, Jewish college student after fun, into drugs, which, you know, all the college kids are into, has an encounter where electricity goes through his body. He knows that Jesus is the Messiah and he goes back to campus, and the first thing he does is tell everyone alive that Jesus is the Messiah. Ron, what would you tell a Jewish person that’s watching us right this moment the best reason why Jesus is the Messiah or what they should do?

RON: Well I would say, think for yourself. You know, one of the first things Jewish people do when they are intrigued with the person of Jesus is they go to their rabbi, who then looks up to see what the sages and the scholars thought before him. But rarely does someone actually think for themselves. What I did, is I went to the Bible and began to read it for myself. You see, I discovered that Yeshua actually was involuntarily put into a witness protection program so that the Jewish people of the world would not understand that this man Jesus, who over a billion Gentiles follow, not only was he Jewish, all of his followers were Jewish. In fact, here’s an incredible effect, Sid. When I got born again in 1983, the first thing I said to myself was, I guess I’m no longer Jewish. Now that I believe Jesus, just through osmosis, growing up in the synagogue, we were made to understand that you could not mix Jesus and Judaism. But as I began to read the New Covenant, they’re all Jewish. The entire early congregation were all Jews. On the day of Shavuot, when the Holy Spirit fell on Jerusalem, Peter, who’s actual name was Kefa, which means rock, he stood up and preached to thousands upon thousands of Jews. We know that at least 3000 Jewish men that day became a believer, believers. They were immersed in water. We know that many years later when Paul visits Jerusalem, Jacob, which is actual the name of James. Nobody ever called him James. Great name for a butler or chauffer, but not for the brother of a Jewish Israeli Messiah. His name was Jacob.

SID: My Bible says James. How come?

RON: Well that’s because it’s a mistranslation. Most Bibles in other languages actually properly call him Jacob. That was his name. The actual Greek for James and Jacob are very close. And when the King James folks were authorized to translate the Bible, they substituted Ichamus for Ichabus. And it—

SID: Okay. It’s Ichabot to me. But go ahead.

RON: But a story about James, Peter, Paul, Mary, that is not a Jewish story. But when this guy named Paul, a lot of people were taught that his name was Paul. Then he got born again and he changed it from Saul to Paul to get rid of his horrible Hebrew and then take on a wonderful Christian name. Of course, there were no Christian names at that time. Paul was just a Latin typical Roman name. But he didn’t change his name. The Bible says, “Saul, who was also called Paul.” He had two names, just like I do, just like you do. As Jews, we grow up outside of Israel with a name. My name is Ron, which is what people in most countries of the world, but I also have a Hebrew name, Chaim, which means “life”, by the way. Paul had two names. But this guy Paul comes into Jerusalem, meets Jacob, the brother of Yeshua.

SID: This is beginning to sound so Jewish. How did something so Jewish become, we can’t be Jewish and believe in him. It makes no sense to me.

RON: Well the way it happened, let me just finish up real quick. He comes and he finds Jacob. Jacob says, “Paul, look how many tens of thousands of Jews right here in Jerusalem have believed and are zealous for the Torah.” There was a Jewish revival in Jerusalem in the greater, what we call the greater Tel Aviv area today in Galilee. Here’s a funny thing. I said earlier, in 1983, that I thought I was no longer Jewish until I began to read the Bible. But in the New Covenant, the big controversy wasn’t can a Jew believe in Jesus and still be Jewish. It was can a Gentile believe in Jesus without first becoming Jewish. There were many evangelists telling Gentiles who wanted to come into the Kingdom, great, you can come in, but you have to be circumcised and become Jewish. They had a big council in Acts, Chapter 15 to decide, not that a Jew is still a Jew. Of course, Peter and Paul, and Jacob, of course they were still Jews. They had to decide, do Gentiles have to first become Jewish.

SID: How did this whole thing get turned upside down, and frankly, what, I see the difference it makes to Jewish people. If we find out that Jesus is one of ours, Yeshua, he’s a nice son of a Jewish carpenter, you know. That I understand. But what difference would it make for a Gentile that is a believer in Jesus to know these things?

RON: Because if you love Yeshua, you want to know who he is. You want to know everything. I got married 25 years ago and I’m still discovering wonderful insights about my wife. How much more Yeshua, the author of the New Covenant, if you view him as a blond haired, blue eyes Gentile from Finland, you’re missing out on some of the most special features of the Jewish Messiah. He came in response to the prophecies of the Jewish prophets, not to start a new religion, but to bring salvation to the world through his blood. He was the Passover lamb, not the Easter meal.

SID: Speaking of the feasts, did Yeshua observe all of these feasts? Did all the Jewish believers observe these feasts?

RON: Absolutely. They were Jews. They, what is again, going back to Acts 2:1, Jacob says to Paul, he says, “Look how many of these tens of thousands of Jews have believed and they are zealous for the Torah.” Now when they celebrated the Passover it had incredible meaning that it didn’t have before. Now they could see Yeshua, the Passover lamb. When they celebrated the Fall feast, the Feast of Tabernacles, they could dream of the day when Yeshua would come back, like it says in Zechariah 14: “His feet will come to the Mount of Olives to fight for Israel and to establish his kingdom on Earth.” Of course, they celebrated the feasts. That was the example of Yeshua. We find Yeshua in John, chapter, 7, going to Jerusalem. Why? To celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles.

SID: So let me ask you this question. If a Gentile Christian loves Jesus with all of their heart and hates the Jewish people, because let’s say they say the Jews killed Jesus, did the Jews kill Jesus?

RON: Yeah. And so did the Gentiles.

SID: Well wait a second. If you have the Jews and Gentiles together, guess who you got? The whole world. We’ll be right back. Don’t go away.

Our Guest Leif Hetland


Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah he had an experience that maybe none of you will have that same experience but every one of us needs to capture the understanding that my guest his name is Leif Hetland.  I’m speaking to him him at his office in Florence Alabama.  And Leif you know the difference between being a Pastor, loving God, serving Him with every fiber of your being; even to the point of stress and burning out.  And what is it that made such a transformation in your life?  Can we go back to one specific moment even?

Leif:  Well, I think that there’s almost a journey that you have to look back because I’m not going to make this long. But I came as a prodigal son mainly because of religion in church and that lasted where I almost ended up in the pigpen.  The good news was that I got glorious saved and I got healed and I got set free in 1984.  The bad news was I came to church; I went to church suddenly now when I was in church and if you’re going to be a good Christian your going to read your Bible.  And if you’re going to be a good Christian you need to pray.  And before you knew it suddenly all these offertories.  And of course I had just fallen in love with Jesus; had an encounter with Jesus.  And I wanted to be as pleasing to Him as possible but in church I now learned about all the rules and the regulation and all these different things I need to do for Him; then He’s going to be happy; then He’s going to be please with you.  And that started off with a performance treadmill because I’m a high A personality and as I was a very radical for the kingdom of darkness now I wanted to be radical for the kingdom of Light.  And that whole thing was that orphan spirit that was in me and it went back to a little boy; I go back to that 12 year old little boy that just wanted to be loved and just wanted to be secured, that wanted to be valued that just wanted to understand his purpose.  Now I am in ministry, suddenly now I’m in Bible College I’m succeeding; I’m the Pastor of the largest Baptist Church in Norway at that time period.  We baptized more  people than anybody else; my whole identity is look at what I’m doing for You God.  And then I went to the nations and things started to happen and so the whole identity system is “Look what I’m doing for You.”  And what I didn’t realize was that that branch is on the same tree  as the branch that I came from the rebellious branch of what we often call the rebellious son from being into the drugs to everything else.  I went from a bad branch to a good branch but it is part of the same tree called knowledge of good and evil and it is the flesh branch.  And you can only continue that because what about when they didn’t applaud you and they didn’t say that it was the best sermon.  And then a lot of the orphan thinking and the orphan spirit it came out of my family because you cannot keep up and here you are supposed to have the best prayer life and the fasting and then you continue with all these different things that you are going to keep up with.  And then you sense that I’m not good enough father and suddenly I’m ending up with 4 children and I’m not able to take care of my children and then I’m not a good enough pastor.  And then I don’t pray enough and then suddenly it’s the law that comes into my life and he’s a tough marital partner; he points out all the mistakes in your life.  And then the detrimental things in the Kingdom of God is that you try harder; and I tried harder.  And I continued to try harder and the results was just a t a devastation; I almost ruined my family and eventually my ministry and everything else.  Even if I had success in man’s eyes if you looked on paper on the inside I was a person that was heading towards being burned out and becoming another part of the statistics where we’re seeing that most people never finish the race of the calling that God has upon their life.

Sid: But out of curiosity we’re you blind at that point to what you now see?

Leif:  Well, I think that there were several different things;first of all there has been some crisis. And there is a saying that says that “People only change; change is very difficult you either hurt enough to where you have to; you learn enough to where you want to and or you receive enough to where you are able to.”  It’s called an impartation and sometimes…

Sid: I like the receiving of myself but go ahead.

Leif:  But I think that that is often what I see is the combination of all three. There was a major impartation that was taking place in my life and I call it and it was almost a process but I suddenly had an overwhelming experience with God.  I was sitting in the car; my identity I was so happy I had just been.  I had fresh oil and new wine in 2002 and Jensen Franklin or John Kilpatrick and Elmer Town all these names that I look forward to.  Here I’m on the post or here I’m being advertized by Dr. Ron Philips and now I’m one of the speak person. God’s used me in a powerful way and all the people was telling me how great I was.  But I was sitting in the car and suddenly there was almost like the Father was telling me like actually on my report card you got an F.  But I want to remind you something son Jesus He got a straight A and he changed report with you so you do not need to look at your report card any longer in what you have done or have accomplished.  It was none of that measures up to Jesus.  I want you to look at the new report card the way that I look at you. And the reason that I do not treat you on behalf of your history but your destiny.  And I have a destiny over your life but I want you to look at the right report card.  And it was a baptism of love experience where I heard what the Father say what He spoke to Jesus before Jesus had done anything.  “You are My beloved Son whom I love and whom I am well pleased.”

Sid: Now intellectually you knew that wasn’t a revelation to you but the revelation was  when God spoke that to you direct.

Leif:  It was a direct; yes it was an impartation of love it was an experience; it was like the whole…I mean it was like Father God Himself in that car was more close than my secretaries in the office right now. I mean it was an experience where God almost visited a car and was whispered or was speaking into my heart.  And my heart almost placed His arms around me and I wept for the next 3 ½ to 4 hours.  He told me some specific things that I needed to do.  And here is just on example He said “Your wife has always been Rachael to you hasn’t she?  And I said “Yes Sir.”  And He said “Well, she’s always felt like Leah.”  She’s always felt that ministry has been your Rachael you could talk about 1000’s are being saved but watching a video of miracles of quadriplegic walking I would be so excited I could talk for hours.  Oh but by the way “Here’s my wife.” I didn’t have same enthusiasm; I didn’t have the same heart and I realized that my wife and incidence after incidence the Father showed me that I am not the lover.  That I had put the great commission before the great commandment and the result of that was devastating.  So itd it was a combination that brought repentance and it was also a combination and an overwhelmingness of freedom that I do not need to try any longer I don’t need to be an achiever any longer.  Instead of trying I can trust, instead of achieving I can receive and I can learn to rest and I can just learn the secret that I believe most of my teaching is about now.  I can learn about sonship; you don’t have to an orphan any longer, Jesus says “I will not leave you as an orphan but I will come to you.”  And the reason He came to us was to bring us back again to the Father so that we can experience what we see there in the book of the beginning.

Sid: And you know what Mishpochah this is not just words, this is not just good speaking this is a position that Leif is in that we all can enter in.  But I have to ask you Leif with this information that the Holy Spirit gave you about your family what did you do about it?

Leif: The first thing I did was I repented; I went to my wife and I said “I asked, can we go for a walk.”  She had heard my repentance I’m sorry before but there was several different things here that she started to see change and sometimes it takes a time because she was a little suspicious because I’d say I’m sorry.  I’m sorry I’m late, I’m sorry I’m always traveling, she was used to hearing that kind of a language from me.  But this time it was a little different; I told her specifically what God had said. It is not only that you are my Rachael I would have given up ministry if you asked me to and if you want me to I would give up everything that I have and I will go anywhere because you are more important than anything.

Sid: Now did you really mean that, that you would give up ministry?  I mean you’re approaching what you were created for?

Leif:  Yes I would, I would because I did know that everything would flow out of intimacy and out of relationship first with the Father and then with with my wife.  And then I do know that whatever I give up is also what I get.  So it was not my motivation to get something else but I would have canceled everything there was on the calendar if that that was what was need for my wife just to be a lover. And to get to know her in a new way where she would know that her husband is not first of all a Father, a businessman, the President of an organization, a speaker in a conference.  But the he is a lover; that is his identity right now and he exists to receive love and give love.  And that doesn’t start with a nation it starts in the home with my wife and the 4 beautiful children He has given me and out of that it flows into the churches and into the country and into the nation.


Our Guest Mark Pool

Bill Kent & Mark Pool

Sid: Most people do not even get it; but the way that God orchestrated things is He goes to the Jew first to plant a seed to open up a door evangelism to all people. And this is God’s time for the spiritual scales to come off of the eyes of Jewish people so that we would see Jesus and for the spiritual scales to come off of the eyes of Christians so that we would recognize the need to evangelize the Jew.  Because when those two anointing’s the ancient Jewish anointing and the New Covenant Christian anointing merge together we have what Paul calls “Life from the dead.”  He says in Romans 11:11 “If it was a blessing the Jewish people rejected their Messiah so that the Gentiles could be grafted in,” that was a pretty good blessing. He says that it’ll be even a greater blessing when the Jewish people receive their Messiah; it’ll cause miracles like life from the dead.  And I’m so excited to tell you Mishpochah that I talked to the director of Messianic Vision Canada; yes we all throughout Canada now on television. We have an office there and there was a young Chassidic student who just happened to see our website; our web page.  As a matter of fact if you haven’t seen our web page I suggest you go there.  It’s www. And he went to our web page; called our Canadian office, and after just a couple of minutes our director lead him to the Lord and this was his statement.  He said, “I feel so clean, I feel like I’m washed;” I believe that’s a prophetic sign for us.  He even said “Do I have takeoff my yarmulke?”  That’s the head covering that Jewish people wear; and she said “Of course not you just have to walk in intimacy with God knowing as you just said that you are washed and you are clean.”  And I see that as just a foretaste of what’s going to be happening shortly so that the two streams Jewish people and Christians will merge together in the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit in history; unfair.  What do you mean Sid?  Unfair, my guest that I have on the line right now is Mark Pool he’s a New Covenant Prophet with a gift he literally can see a tickertape over people’s lives.  And tell them what God is doing in their life; and he has an amazing accuracy.  Mark so the people will get to know you just a little bit; would you please tell me what God showed you before President Bush became President the first time.

Mark:  Well, thank you Sid for having me on first place.  I would like to say that I happen to be at a ministry center and I was in Mexico actually ministering. I saw the Lord gave me a word “That he will be President for the next two terms.”  He gave me just a real strong word and it was very difficult because I stayed over during the election period time, the ministry coincided there, and on the day after the election there was a very large paper the front page said “Gore Wins.”  And it was a little difficult on me.

Sid: I’m sure; were they getting the stones ready or… (Laughing)

Mark:  They were… I was getting a little bit of ridicule; a lot of chuckles, a lot of laughter it looks like the prophet you know missed again.  I said… I kind of drew away and I asked God I said “Lord, I’m not so concerned about my name but I said “Thus saith the Lord.”  He said, “That’s what I said.”  So I confronted and He said “That’s what I said.”  And they begin to laugh even louder. They said “You’re saying the newspapers wrong and the elections turned?  And I said “Yes, we just got to wait; we just have to wait and the next day it said “Woe, vote counts not complete” and you know the rest of it.  And then as it continued on towards the next election you know it was very difficult election I sought the Lord again and He said “I told you the first time, but this time note that my church won’t be given the election they’ll have to pray, seek my face, and then I’ll hear their prayer.”  And that’s what happened.

Sid: You know Mark I want to take you back to the beginning this people that are so prophetic and we’ll talk about some of the things you see happening to the United States and Israel this year. Before we even get to that I want the people to get to know you. Before you were even born God spoke to your mother; tell me about that.

Mark:  Well, she didn’t tell me until I had surrendered to the ministry after the age of 12 so she kept that in which was a great thing; she wanted the Holy Spirit to have His own way. But she said that when she was carrying me she was kneeling down in the divan over the sofa in the living room and she heard the audible voice of God; the only time He had ever spoken to her. Said “His name will be Mark and he will be a voice to the nations;” and she was like questioning that she had heard the audible voice of God.  And that day she saw an angel looking about 12 feet tall standing next to her while she was ironing “Saying the voice you heard was absolutely from God and don’t doubt it.” So from that moment on she began to purchase boy items and so forth and in those days they didn’t have the sonogram so everybody kind of laugh at her being prophetic stuff out that just stepped out and took God’s word.  But it was interesting because the day I surrendered in the ministry I explained to her what I’d seen in my prayer.  She said “You’ve always been able to I’ve noticed this growing up and help your mother by explaining like an Aunt and Uncle coming from Oklahoma City; she had no idea I was a toddler she said you just walked up and said “When is Aunt and Unky coming from Oklahoma City?”  And she said “What?” So she began to prepare and she made meals and they didn’t do a lot of phone calling if there where phones. You know those rural areas they were like even the early model so they would just show up.  And about 4 or 5 hours later they drove in from Oklahoma City and she said “That’s always the rule in our life.” So I’ve really not known not hearing from God, but as we grow older in the Lord it’s like a muscle the more you use it the more it gets…

Sid: Now you have been prophetic from just a toddler; your mom was very prophetic and one day you were going to visit her and you almost didn’t do it because you said “She was in a nursing home and you said I can go visit her anytime,” but you had that nudge by the Holy Spirit to go visit her and what happened?

Mark:  Well, that’s true Sid. I really wanted to go see another prophet who had a great television program in the Dallas community and I was headed in that direction; hadn’t seen him in 10 years, and was going just directly by the nursing home.  The Lord checked me and said “Pull in there right now.”  And I kind of argued with God I said “Lord I really want to go see this prophet of God and renew some relationships and get some old business in.”  He said “Now!”  So I ducked in and mother had been praying and she had been diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and was in great pain in her little nursing home by herself. She said “She had just been praying that God would send her minister son in to pray for her.”  And just as I walked in you know I just felt the presence of the Lord and was able to pray for her and she was actually she actually was healed that night, that day.  And our prayers and agreement came together and she didn’t pass from this earth with any cancer in her.  From that moment on she was healed but I asked God I said “Lord, thank you for that I appreciate it now I’ll go on to my meeting, and I just casually asked mother I said “Well, are you going to be okay?”  She said “Yes, what can I do for you?”  And the Lord prompted me quickly He said “Ask her for the double portion of that prophetic mantle.”  And He actually let me know that she wouldn’t be here a year from then at that moment it was kind of a happy and sad occasion to know that but I didn’t share the latter with her.  I just said “Yes, I would like to have that double portion of that mantle.”  And she said “Well, I guess it is you son so come and kneel down and so she laid her little…

Sid: You know she knew that someone was going to get a double portion of her prophetic anointing.

Mark: Yes, she knew it.

Sid: But that person had to come to her.

Mark: And she did not say a word ever to me about it.

Sid: Hmm.

Mark: And she said well, and she looked at me unusual and just kind of starred through me like I’ve never seen my mother look and she said “So it is you;” and when she heard me…it’s pretty emotional… hmm hmm excuse me.  But when she laid her hands upon me I’m sorry I still get emotional because I feel such an anointing that day Sid it’s really indescribable it’s kind of like describe to you Heaven when I was there.  It’s like something that just never leaves you; it’s like when I knew that I feel in love with my wife it’s something that never leaves you, you know what I mean. It’s the first love of Jesus.  It’s something that never leaves you; and it’s just there; it’s a deposit from God I mean what can you say.

Sid: It’s so phenomenal how God uses you now in the prophetic we’ll talk a lot about what’s coming future of the United States and Israel tomorrow’s broadcast or the next day.