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Sid Roth welcomes Jennifer Toledo

SID: Imagine, 21-years-old, going to Africa, being involved with a tribe that has made a blood covenant with the devil, people that go against this tribe, strange, horrible, supernatural things happen. And Jennifer Toledo, in addition to that, you have no money, so what did you do about this situation with these, I mean no one is going to come to God because if they come to Jesus, they have these witch doctors after them, so no one can make any ground there, so what did you do?

JENNIFER: Well first I just began to pray because it just felt so overwhelming, I mean on every area, I mean there was poverty, there was famine, there was draught, war, violence, I mean so it just felt completely overwhelming obviously, and I just began to just pray and just tell the Lord why am I here, what’s this about? And God just asked me a very simple question, he said, “Jennifer, do you still believe, do you believe that I still use David’s to take down Goliath’s?” I had to think about that, I mean of course I believe that you are the God of miracles and I know you can do that but I know you can’t mean me, I now you can’t mean this place, but I just began to ask God of a simple strategy, for his heart for that place, and because I had really encountered compassion in the weeping room, my heart was so moved for these people I really wanted to see transformation come to that place.

SID: Now I have to tell you that anyone who listens to this CD, the Weeping Room, anyone that listens how to become like a little child, their faith is going to zoom. I mean I don’t know what feedback you are getting, but I know what happened to me and I know what happened to my staff that listened to this, and I must say, you do have childlike faith, and you do have compassion, so what happened?

JENNIFER: So we asked God for a strategy and what he said was to draw all of the leaders of the region together since it was originally the leaders who originally put the tribe in the curse, in the covenant, and so all the leaders came together, 1500 pastors, tribal leaders, government leaders, gathered together for seven days, and they repented for their covenants with the enemy, they broke curses, and then, what God told us, he said this is how you fix it, the only way that they can come out of covenant with Satan is they have to come into a stronger blood covenant, and so the whole tribe corporately came into blood covenants with Jesus Christ, it was so amazing.

SID: The whole tribe?

JENNIFER: The whole tribe.

SID: What happened to the witch doctors?

JENNIFER: Well what happened was when this happened, instantly God showed up in power and there was a complete shift in the atmosphere and we asked God for signs, and you know it hadn’t rained there in years and people were dying because of the drought, it starts to pour down rain, right in the middle of the desert, and then all of a sudden once this is done, a huge bolt of lightening, I mean this is like listening to a Bible story, this is the God of today, this is so awesome, huge bolt of lightening strikes this mountain called goat mountain, and that’s the place where all the witch doctors, you know that’s their place, that’s their high point, and they come running down the mountain in fear, because their power has dried up, something has changed, God stepped in, the curse is broken, and many of those witch doctors ended up getting delivered and saved and set free.

SID: Listen, like we say at Passover Seder, I’m sorry, like we say at Hanukkah, “A great miracle happened in this place.” A great miracle happened in this place, but then you picked up a rare tropical disease, tell me what happened to your body.

JENNIFER: I got very sick and didn’t know what was happening but knew that I was in very bad shape, I had been rushed to a hospital that was 14 hours away, and even getting there was a miracle. But once I got there I had been told if I had just been a few hours later I would have been dead. All of my organs had begun to shut down, and this toxin in my body was just completely destroying everything inside of me. And I was told there really wasn’t much they could do, there wasn’t a whole lot of hope, what they needed to do was a surgery to try to salvage whatever they could but something rose up inside of me and I just said no, I’m not going to have this surgery, I know that Jesus can heal me, this is my dad I’ve seen since 7-years-old who has taken care of me, has provided for me, he will not fail me now. And I just began to stand on the promises in the Bible. And what happened, as I was laying in my bed, I saw Jesus walk into my hospital room, and He took the back of His hand and He just cut me open, pulled my skin back

SID: Did it hurt?

JENNIFER: Didn’t hurt, it was really awesome. This is actually in a dream, as I was praying I fell asleep and had this dream, pulled my skin back, one by one He began to massage my organs, and put them back in, cleaned some things out and He just smiled and said, “It’s good.” Closed my skin back up, He had my perfect color skin in His hand, put it back on top and I’m, in my dream I’m just celebrating because I’m not going to have a scar, you know and I was so excited, and I’m awakened out of my dream, and quite honestly, I still felt ill. But I just had to make a choice, and I said, what is the nature of God? Would He give me this dream to tease me? I don’t think He would. And so I just began to declare, I’m healed, I’m healed, even though I was in pain. But every time I said I’m healed, strength came to my body, supernatural strength, and pretty soon I was stronger, stronger, stronger, and after ten days of being in the hospital and not eating for ten days and being in very poor condition, completely, I was completely healed that day.

SID: No surgery?

JENNIFER: No surgery, Jesus did my surgery.

SID: So what did the doctor’s say?

JENNIFER: So the doctor’s of course at first couldn’t believe me and they came running in, no way, you know, but they rushed me off for testing and I had multiple tests and every single test came back exactly the same. These are the same doctor’s that had tested me, but every test said this is medically undefined, we can’t explain it, this morning her organs weren’t functioning, now all of her organs are functioning one hundred percent, there is no poison in her body, she is completely healed, we have no explanation.

SID: If you didn’t know God, young lady, you wouldn’t be here right now. I bet your parents were pretty happy when you came back.

JENNIFER: They were. They were quite traumatized by the whole event. But actually it was good for my parents because they got to see the faithfulness of God and trust in Him as well.

SID: You know you work a lot with children, you have a real compassion for children; in fact you told me that God sealed compassion in your heart, very briefly tell me about it.

JENNIFER: When I was in the weeping room, had the encounter in the weeping room, I began to see just all that moves the heart of God, I began to feel his emotions for the first time, it is one thing to know in your head that he is compassionate, it’s another thing to actually feel his emotions, and I began to ask God to let me be a person who feels his emotions, and so I asked the Lord to brand compassion on my heart and I knew that that would cost me a lot, because compassion will drive you to lay your life down. But he did, in the vision he took a branding iron and he branded the word compassion on my heart and so my life has continued to be, my prayer has been that God would use me that I would be a vessel of compassion.

SID: Well let me tell you, these two CD’s that we are offering, one, The Weeping Room people will develop compassion, and this one that is called The Gospel of the Kingdom, Jennifer, when you actually taught this people had evenly visitations and people when they listen to this had heavenly visitations, but there is one thing that you said, of everything that you said that I wrote down, and it is so important, what does it mean to be a child, a totally dependant child, what’s happening to the children of the world, what’s happening to the adults that are believers that have forgot their first love, that forgot that God wants to be your daddy, what happens to those who have never experienced Father God as their Daddy, with me my father died, he’s in heaven, but the only father I have is my heavenly Father, my daddy, and I’ll tell you something, he is, how important is it to know that God the Father is your Daddy?

JENNIFER: It’s everything. And I just want to say too, for those that are watching no matter what you are going through, no matter what is happening in your life, he is faithful, he will prove himself to you as a faithful, loving Father. I can’t imagine going through my life without knowing the love of my Father, and he sees every act of injustice, he sees the wrongs that have been done, he sees the circumstances in your life, but he will prove himself to you to be faithful.

SID: Well, next move is yours. But God’s already made his move; he says, “I love you.” I mean do you realize can you comprehend this? The Creator of the universe reached down in the form of a man called Jesus to pa the price for your sins, to pay the price for your diseases, and I keep hearing that someone’s hip is being healed right now, pain of all kind is being healed right now, especially in the back, I tell you spines are being, I can hear it cracking, there is someone’s spine that is being healed right now. Who did that? Your Daddy, and I tell you that if you do not know Him, He wants you, there are no rejects, the only reject is if you reject him. He will not reject you. You say you’ve gone too far, hah, you don’t know what I went through, you don’t know what kind of life I lived, but I tell you that you have not gone too far if you are watching this television show, you have not. God himself had this orchestrated, God is real, God is love, but your sins have separated you from the greatest love, the love that you’ve been looking for your whole life, so what do you do, you repent your sins, you ask for his help to turn from them, and you make him Lord. And you start saying Daddy I need you. That’s called being a child, that’s what Jennifer is talking about, you must become like a little child. And that’s what I see in you Jennifer; you are like a little child.

Sid Roth welcomes Jennifer Toledo

SID: Hello, I’m here with Jennifer Toledo, and this young woman was involved in the most amazing supernatural surgery, before that happened, to almost prepare here, she had a vision in which she saw the compassion of Jesus, how he wept over children, he wept over injustices throughout the world. Jennifer, tell me what it means to be a child, what are the things that Jesus was weeping over? In planet earth today, what does it mean to be a child?

JENNIFER: You know when you hear that, sadly you would think normally to be a child is playful, fun, but today to be a child is very different. The world we are living in is so hostile towards children today, and it’s really the greatest area of injustice in the world is towards children. And if you kind of take a global perspective there are over six billion people on the earth right now, and over have of the earths population is under the age of fifteen. So over three billion of the earths’ population are children, and of those three billion, two billion live in dire poverty. So two out of three children live in dire poverty; that means

SID: People can’t comprehend those numbers though, you know that.

JENNIFER: Yeah, I mean it is just so massive, but if you just start to kind of break it down, I mean there is every area of issues of injustice that effect children, whether it is poverty, or disease, aids, war,

SID: Listen, I was listening to your CD on the weeping room and the things you were telling me about even war, tell me what they do with children as far as being soldiers.

JENNIFER: Well currently we are seeing a trend, I mean it has happened for years, where children are brought in to fight other peoples wars, and so young children are, you know, stolen from their cities, from their homes, they are drugged up, they are beaten, they are forced to commit horrible crimes and then

SID: Why?

JENNIFER: Because you know the warlords, the leaders are looking for soldiers and sometimes can’t find them so they have to come to children, and children are easy, they are easy, they’re easy to find.

SID: On this tape you were telling they numb, how do they numb their feelings?

JENNIFER: They numb the children, they will oftentimes force them to kill their own family members or they will do horrible things, I mean we have heard stories about making children watch just newborns be slaughtered and different things, just to numb them so that they can become their killing machine for them, it’s common. All other areas, even in wars if you think up until World War II – 90% of fatalities in war were soldiers, since World War II, we are now seeing 90% of all causalities of war are women and children. So things have really changed. And areas of children on the streets, there are over one hundred million children forced to live on the streets in our cities, and they experience every kind of exploitation, abuse, it leads to malnourishment, you’ve got seventeen million children, seventeen million children starving to death every year.

SID: What about aids, what impact is it having on children?

JENNIFER: Aids, you know we are seeing often, commonly in Africa we hear stories, but it is spreading all over, Asia is in bad condition as well, but with aids, we’ve got twenty million people living with aids, children are continually, on a weekly basis, having to bury family members, you’ve got millions of

SID: What about sexual exploitation?

JENNIFER: Sexual exploitation, there are ten million children Sid, involved in sex trade industry, ten million children, that’s prostitution, sex trade tourism,

SID: Tell me one child that you personally saw, what they were doing, and what they are today. Let’s take a real person.

JENNIFER: Oh my goodness, there are so many. We’ve seen, we’ve seen children totally,

SID: Take one.

JENNIFER: Okay, one child I can think of she was involved you know in horrible relationships in terms of her family, growing up she was mistreated, abused, she was sold sometimes to neighbors for the family to make money sexually, chained to walls, beat, I man just horrible, horrible environment, lived in great poverty with a single mom, and then you know parents, dad died of aids, mom died of aids, living with grandma, grandma can’t take care of her, grandma’s dying, and so the cycle just goes on and on, but this is everyday life for so many children.

SID: Was she rescued?

JENNIFER: Yes, actually she is one of the children in our children’s home.

SID: How is she today?

JENNIFER: She is doing great, she has come to know the Lord, God is just really healing her wounds, her heart.

SID: Okay, so you are in this weeping room, you are getting, I believe you picked up supernatural compassion in this weeping room, so you decide to go to Africa, you’ve got everything taken care of, how old were you?

JENNIFER: Twenty-one.

SID: Twenty-one, you’re on your way to Africa, you’re going there and you get there and you find out you don’t have any money, everything was cut off.

JENNIFER: Right. SID: You find out they discriminate against women, white women, and the village you are in have made a blood covenant with Satan?

JENNIFER: Well this was my first trip into Africa, I really didn’t know what I was getting into, I went in to one of the most difficult places in northern Kenya, called the Tricana, and all the environment was very hostile, it was just very difficult on every level, but the tribe I was working with was in blood covenant with Satan, and basically this had been happening for several generations, and they had to offer all these blood sacrifices to the devil to keep him appeased, and if not, horrible things would happen to them, their huts would set on fire, their family members would bleed from their nose until they died, I mean just horrible things, and so they lived in terrible fear and continued to pay homage to these demons because they didn’t know how to escape and their whole land was under the curse as well.

SID: So what in the world are you doing there, why did your parents say, if you were my daughter I’d say Jennifer come home.

JENNIFER: My parents did say that, no they blessed me to go, but it was really a set-up of the Lord, because had I known that you know prior to going, I obviously probably would not have gone, but

SID: I mean you put yourself in Jennifer’s place but a great miracle happened there, and wait until I tell you about that supernatural surgery, so don’t go away, we’ll be right back.

Our Guest Jennifer Toledo

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Jennifer Toledo. It’s really almost hard for me to believe, but this young lady I’m about ready to interview, Jennifer Toledo, was in Africa, she was dying, there was no hope for her, nothing, they wanted to cut out some of her organs, she had this rare disease she picked up, and Jesus came into the hospital room, sliced her open, massaged each one of her organs putting life back in, closed her up, she woke up and, well we’ll get to that in a minute as to what happened, but I’ll tell you what, that’s my kind of surgery. Did you have to pay a lot for that surgery?

JENNIFER: It was free.

SID: But he paid a lot for it if you look at it the other way.

JENNIFER: That’s right.

SID: So listen, you’re like 7 years old, you’re like so many Americans, unfortunately too many Americans, your dad leaves home – you have no father. And you began praying, as a little child, what did you pray?

JENNIFER: Well, I remember the day that my dad left and I was just feeling very devastated and I was in my room crying and just asking the Lord who’s going to take care of me and who’s going to be my daddy and one of the times I remember most clearly hearing the Lords voice and he just spoke to me very sweetly and he just looked at me and he just said, “I’ll be your daddy.” And it was very simple but it was all my 7 year old little heart needed and from that day he just continued to prove himself as my father. SID: Now you mom is a single parent, household, didn’t have a lot of money, and you learned how God, your Daddy, answered prayer. Tell me a couple of things you saw happen as a child.

JENNIFER: Growing up, there are so many different times where we just literally had to trust him as a real actual physical father, and, simple things, like fathers provide food for their kids, and there would be times when we didn’t have food left in our house and we would just pray and say God you’re our dad, so dad’s feed their kids, we need food and very simply but with absolute faith, and we would go to school and come home from school and I remember walking home so many times and there would be bags and bags of groceries just left on our doorstep with all the best things. And this happened so often we would just celebrate and rejoice that God had miraculously provided, we never knew where the food came from, there was never a note, but these kinds of things happened all throughout my childhood.

SID: But you know one of the things that I have difficulty is as I look over my notes about you is, then when you are about 16 years of age, seeing God provide like few people have seen him provide, trusting him, he is your daddy, and yet the pull of the world was pulling you out and you were in a Taco Bell, and again you heard God’s voice, what did he say?

JENNIFER: Well at that time I was, I really loved God but yet was still very selfish, and I was sitting in Taco Bell with a group and just clearly, I just began to feel conviction of the Holy Spirit, and I just felt God tugging at my heart you could say, and very clearly he just said to me, you need to make a decision, you can’t keep living this way, you are either going to live for me or you are going to live for yourself, but you can’t do both. And that really struck me because I thought I could do both, and I really realized for the first time what it means to die to yourself and to begin a process of surrender and so from that day began a whole journey in my life of surrender

SID: Was if difficult giving up your friends?

JENNIFER: It was very difficult, I mean at 16 to give

SID: But wait, a few years later now, you’re about ready, you’ve fought, the love of your life, I can just picture it, Jen, the love of your life, and what did God say to you?

JENNIFER: God said that that wasn’t, he would bless me if I went through with that but it was not his highest for me and it would limit me from reaching all that he had for me at that season, so

SID: Did you doubt that that was God, because this is the love of your life, your hearts is going pitty-pat?

JENNIFER: It was very difficult to accept, but I knew it was the Lord and I had asked for confirmation and I had gotten it, so it was very hard, it was very hard to process, but I had peace in my heart and I knew it was the Lord and I never wanted to live a day knowing that I hadn’t walked in his fullness and his best, I never wanted to choose second best.

SID: Now I have two CD’s by you, I hear they are phenomenal; the one I’m holding up right now is “The Weeping Room.” This came from a vision, tell me about that?

JENNIFER: I had an encounter a few years ago, I was just praying, and just asking the Lord to show me his heart, and

SID: That’s a dangerous thing to do.

JENNIFER: That’s true, that true, no it’s a good thing. But truly in pursuit of friendship, wanting just to know what was precious to his heart, I began to have a vision, and in the vision God just takes me up to heaven, what looks like the Father’s house, it’s the only way that I can explain it, but it was just a house full of many rooms and each room had so many different things, but he took me into this room that was called the intimacy chamber, and from there he led me into another room called the weeping room and in that place he just began to share his heart with me about the poor, the broken, the children, and issues of injustice and that experience totally changed my life and the course of my life actually.

SID: When you were in this weeping room, what was Jesus doing?

JENNIFER: Well, you know when I first went into this weeping room, the Lord, I wanted to go in and the Lord said well you need to think about it because it is a lonely place, and I thought well why would there be a place like that in heaven, it just didn’t seem to make sense, but he said that’s where I spend most of my time, and I said well what’s the name of the room, and he said it’s the weeping room. And I really didn’t understand but as I went down I saw it was just very simple, very simple, humble room with a little wooden chair and a window, and the Lord just sat on the chair and he looked out the window. And in this window you could see every single cry coming from the earth at one time, every person crying out, every prayer, every act of injustice, you could see it all, and Jesus sat on the chair and he looked, and he watched it all, and he saw, he heard every single thing, and he just sat there and he took it in and I, in reality I just began to weep, and I just began to just cry, and just, I was so overwhelmed because God is so beautiful who would choose to see the pain and the suffering and care and listen to it all.

SID: Some of you are saying that oh, that was just a reaction to pizza but let me tell you it wasn’t because I can confirm it in the word of God, it says through his spokesman the Prophet Isaiah, speaking of the Jewish people, “In all their affliction, in all their affliction, I was afflicted.” Can you imagine the Creator of the universe saying, in their affliction; that means in your affliction; he was afflicted. Don’t go away, I want to hear about this supernatural surgery and I want to see about this supernatural compassion, we’ll be right back.

Sid Roth welcomes Darren Wilson

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Darren Wilson. Darren is commissioned by God to film love. His big question is, how do you film love. So he goes to a witchcraft, occult festival in of all places Salem, Massachusetts, as he says, to pick a fight. Hidden cameras and be able to photograph this and the confrontation. And all day long nothing is going on. So he says, “What have I got to lose? I’m just gonna put my cameras in the open.” He’s with evangelists with Sons of Wonders, and he starts taping a witch in a red hood. What happened?

DARREN: Well we start to pray for this guy and everything, what was happening at that point is everybody that Jason was praying for when we’re in the middle of this festival, afterwards, they’re all coming to my crew and they’re saying, “That guy is better than any psychic we’ve ever gone to in our entire life.” Like he knew stuff about us nobody knows. And so he starts in on this witch, and I’m thinking, literally as I’m filming, I’m thinking, finally, here we go.

SID: Confirmation.

DARREN: This is what I’ve been waiting for. This guy is obviously into the occult. And so Jason starts to pray and every single thing out of his mouth is a word of love. Everything that he’s saying is like, “I know this about you and I know this about you. And I know that love this. I’m gonna bless this.” And everything that’s coming out of his mouth for like 15 minutes are words of love. And the guy is just staring at him. And I’m staring at the witch and I’m filming. And as I’m filming I always know when something is gonna be in the movie when the Lord speaks to me while I’m filming. And the Lord spoke to me so clearly and He said, “Do you see? I did not come here to pick a fight. I came here to love.” And when I understood that I understood it changed the whole film because that’s when I realized what I was trying to do, which is have a showdown, that’s not what the Lord wants at all, and I don’t think He wants it for anybody. He doesn’t want to fight with you. He just wants to love you.

SID: And the thing that was overpowering is when the witch took off his hood.

DARREN: Yeah. Jason said, “I want to pray for you now,” like an actual prayer kind of blessing. And he said, “Hold on. Let me uncover my head,” for them was a sign of respect. And that was one of the powerful things I think I’ve ever filmed.

SID: I’ll tell you something else. I mean, the whole film was powerful, but something else that was amazing to me is Darren went with a friend of mine, Jeff Jansen, out to where in Africa?

DARREN: In Tanzania.

SID: In Tanzania. And he sees a little tent behind the main tent. And what did you think that tent was for?

DARREN: We were filming a big crusade that Jeff was putting on, and I was there to kind of helping him out. And I saw this little white tent and I thought it was for the hearing impaired. That’s what I thought. And it was not for the hearing impaired.

SID: What was it for?

DARREN: I found out when the crusade started and they started carrying all these people who were manifesting the demonic, they started carrying them into this tent.

SID: That’s the deliverance.

DARREN: The deliverance tent. And so I remember standing outside of the tent with my camera thinking, am I seriously gonna do this? Do I really go into this place? And I dove right in.

SID: Previous to that you had a vision that you didn’t understand. Tell me about that.

DARREN: Three days before I left for Tanzania I was waking up one morning and I wasn’t quite asleep, wasn’t quite awake, that kind of been in between. And I saw this picture, vision, whatever you want to call it. I saw very clearly of this woman on the floor kind of screaming and shouting. And then I kind of like woke up. And I remember when I went into the tent I was filming some things, and at one point I looked down and I saw that woman that I had seen in my dream three days ago. And so I knew, I’m like, I dreamed about this woman. So literally I knew exactly where to put the camera, exactly how close of a zoom to get because I had seen it all before. And so actually, that’s one of the first things you see in the movie, is this vision that I had three days before. At first I thought, is this how God is gonna have me do the whole movie, He’s gonna show me what to film? But that was the only time that ever happened, but it was pretty cool.

SID: You know, there’s another thing that really, I saw this film and there’s another thing. I constantly think about this. He went to Thailand. I heard about Thailand. There’s actually cities that are built around the industry of sex.

DARREN: Yes. One that we went to in particular is called Pattaya City. And 40 years ago it was a little tiny fishing village, and Vietnam hit and it became the major stop off for all the American soldiers. So the whole city is built around prostitution.

SID: And there was a woman that represents the Messiah there that’s there to love all of these people caught up in the sex trade. And she was talking to a man, and the man said, “Well look at it this way. The girls are better off than working in the rice fields, working in the bars and being prostitutes.” And what did she say?

DARREN: Well she says, “Well do you want to know what they tell me?” Because she goes into these bars and tries to get these women out. And she says, “Do you want to know what they tell me? They tell me that it would be better if they died today and went to Hell than if they continue doing what they’re doing. But they have no way to escape.” Because it’s different for the man because the man is paying them to tell them how wonderful they are and how much they enjoy this. But in reality, they’d rather be in Hell. That’s how bad it is.

SID: What affect did going to this area, this city that’s built around the sex industry have on you?

DARREN: Well it’s hard to quantify like this spot affecting you more than your spot. It’s just kind of the whole process of making it was just, for one, it was eye opening. But two, I didn’t realize how dark the world really is. I didn’t realize how much it permeates and how powerful it is. But at the same time, I had no idea how much more powerful God’s love is and how it can literally obliterate any darkness.

SID: But you really took on quite an activity when he interviewed a woman that was bred from birth to be a bride of Satan. I know that’s hard to believe. But when I saw her speaking I knew she was speaking truth, I mean, some of the things that she did before she became a believer. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.