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Our Guest David Martin


SID: David Martin has received supernatural keys that when you operate in these keys, what did God say would happen?

DAVID: Signs, wonders and miracles beyond anything I’d ever imagine possible.

SID: Literally Heaven on Earth. Let’s talk about the key of obedience.

DAVID: Well there are so many, as we just in the phenomenal story of the Rwanda impartation, being obedient to do whatever He says. And God has told me some things to do that really didn’t make a lot of sense. But this one—

SID: And that goes back to your thinking getting in the way of the supernatural.

DAVID: So true, Sid, so true. And in this case, in this particular story, I heard about a gal that was dying, 28 years old, two or three children as I remember, doctors had done everything they could over the course of time, numbers of years, sent her home to die. I heard about it and I felt like God said to me, “Make yourself available to go pray for her.” And so a friend of mine that told me the story called the father and said that I’d be happy to go to minister to his daughter. And he said, “No,” a very prominent businessman. He said, “We’ve already had great men of God here.” He’s a very prominent minister besides businessman, and on a number of minister boards, and said, “We don’t need you.’ But God said, go. And again, he was 1500 miles away from Tulsa and God said, “Go,” Sid. So I bought an airplane ticket, flew there.

SID: Wait a second. Did you get that? God said go. Her father said don’t. Now what would you have done? David is determined to obey what God says. So you went there. What happened?

DAVID: Well I called the father from the airport and said, “I’m here to pray for your daughter.” And he said, “I told you not to come” I said, “Well God said come.” So he allowed me to come out and pray for his daughter and I prayed. That first day, there was a small, enough improvement, that he let me come back day after day for a week. By the end of the week, Sid, she was completely totally healed.

SID: You know, if you hadn’t gone, number one, you wouldn’t have learned and had the joy of seeing God operate through you. But number two, that young lady might not have ever gotten better.

DAVID: Well they had sent her home to die, and that was over 10 years ago.

SID: Okay. Let’s talk about the key of humility. Now this is an area that very few people teach on, very few people are interested in. It seems like society is the opposite of what God says. God says, “Humble yourself.”

DAVID: Well the key aspect of humility is the Bible says, “He resists the proud, but he gives more grace to the humble.” Grace as I see it is God’s ability to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves.

SID: I like that.

DAVID: I think Charles Katz gave me that. But it’s God’s ability to do for you what you can’t do for yourself. It’s Divine intervention and that’s what we need. We need God’s Divine intervention. That’s what sets the stage for the supernatural. Literally, this was in 1983. I had just moved to Oklahoma to go to Bible school in ’82, serving in the church, on the platform. And literally, the ceiling disappeared. The roof, there was an open vision. I didn’t know it was a vision at first. I thought a tornado came. But I’m looking up at the blue sky. But there in the blue sky, Sid, I saw, I received the sovereign vision, a sphere of light with beams of light touching just a handful of people in the congregation. And I said, “God, what are you showing me?” He said, “I’m ministering to those that are ministering to me, those that are worshiping me in spirit and truth, and literally those that are walking in humility. “These people,” He said, “recognize their need for me. They’re not living in self-sufficiency. They’re walking in obedience of my word. They’re humbling themselves and they know they need me.” Then He showed me a second vision. In a second vision, I saw a battery with two posts, a positive and a negative, and when you touch a positive wire to a negative wire there’s an unseen force. And this is the key thing that He was showing me. The beam is an unseen force. We can’t see it, but we’re connected to God by this unseen field of energy of sorts. So the second vision was, again, unseen energy of electricity. And when you connect a positive to a negative there’s sparks. There’s heat. There’s a transfer of power. And God said to me, “I am representative of the positive side and those that walk in humility are the negative.” And then He showed me another picture, again, with positive and negative of magnets, again, unseen field of energy, magnetism. And again, put two positives together, in this case they repel. Two negatives, they repel, but two opposites, positive, negative, they’re attracted and they’re held together by the unseen force. And God said to me, “That’s how my spirit works.” When you walk in negativity, not in the way of behavior or in a mindset, but in need of me, you live a life that you need me, you’re worshiping me, for every breath that you have you’re the negative.

SID: But here in America most people don’t look at God that way. They look at God when they have an emergency rather than God, I need you to exist today. God, I need you to be the husband to my wife. God, I need you to be the father to my children. God, I need you to be, to have me walk in Divine health. God, I need you every second. That’s what you’re talking about. But we don’t have a mindset like that.

DAVID: Well, towards Him or His work. And this was one of the key things He showed me, is that we need to have that respect and recognition. His word is absolute truth and we need to live according to it. So if He says, meditate on the Word day and night, that’s not a suggestion, that is a commandment.

SID: You know what? Most of us pick and choose which things, which precepts to follow in the Bible and which not to. But God says that’s His whole word. I think we have to have, as you put it, as God told you, we have to have a new mindset. Wait until you hear some of the miracles that happened when he starts following this new mindset. We’ll be right back.

Our Guest Kirt Schneider

Kirt Schneider

Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah; he’s a Messianic Jewish Rabbi Kirt Schneider congregation Adat Adonai Toledo, Ohio. And he also has a Jewish root evangelistic ministry called “Shalom Ministries.”  On yesterday’s broadcast we’re talking about such an important subject there is so few believers in the Messiah that understand dreams and visions and prophecy, especially in the arena of dreams.  Kirt we are missing so much and on yesterday’s broadcast you talked about all the books on what the various symbols of dreams mean, but you have kind of almost a different slant on it. Explain that,

Kirt:  I really do I think that people are so personal that different symbols God uses and they mean different thing to different people.  I believe that the same one that gave us the dream Sid is going to be the one that gives us the interpretation to the dream.  I don’t think that God wants us to rely so much on other people to find out the interpretation for our dreams I think He wants us to look to Him the one that gave the dream.  I think of a recent example here Sid that we were thinking of purchasing the building that my congregation was meeting in. And we were purchasing this building because it was affordable and because it was on a big enough piece of land that we could build in back and we actually had entered into a contract to purchase the building and the contract was signed and shortly after signing the contract within a week after signing the contract I had a dream one night. And in the dream I was watching somebody, I didn’t know the person but I was just objectively watching this person.  He was opening up a health food store and as I was watching him open up the health food store he was opening it up and this really old neighborhood and his was the only commercial building in this residential neighborhood and the street was real narrow.  Not only that but he was opening up this health food store on the second floor of this commercial building and he was the only business on this second floor. And as I watched him doing this Sid I knew in my dream that he was going to fail because he was opening up this health food store in the wrong location.  Well, the next morning because I have a practice you know of writing down my dreams I began to you know write the dream down I had to force myself…

Sid: Excuse me, I have to ask you this “When you write them down do you it immediately after you wake up or do you do it a time later?

Kirt: Sometimes immediately, sometimes I go down and get a cup of coffee and I just sit in my couch in silence and that’s when I begin to record.  I generally don’t have a problem if I have a cup of coffee I still remember everything’s fresh in my mind.  Because the first that I do when I get out of bed is I think about my dreams, as soon as I’m getting out of bed I think I ask the Lord to cleanse me for the day.

Sid: So you have actually an expectation and excitement.

Kirt:   Oh, I absolutely do, I’ve seen God so many times speak to me in dreams. Now let me say that I absolutely know that all dreams are not from God in fact most of our dreams are not from God. Most dreams come from our own psyche, but some dreams comes from the dreams a small percentage come from God; we need to be paying attention.

Sid: Let’s go back to this dream you saw a guy in a health food store.

Kirt:  So I begin to write this dream out only because I’m in the practice of doing it, I think what is this dream; what do I know about a health food store this is probably just some strange dream and it means nothing. But because I’m in the discipline I started writing it out.  As soon as I started writing it out Sid I realized you know what?  I’m kind of in the health business, you know I’m ministering the Spirit of God I’m ministering the Spirit of Health to people. And then I started seeing where this guy was opening up his health food store in this old dilapidated neighborhood and I realized that you know that kind of looks like the neighborhood that I’m in contract to buy this building in. Then I realized that this was the only building in my dream the only commercial building in the neighborhood and I realized you know what we’re the only commercial building in our neighborhood.  And then I saw in the dream that the guy was on the second floor and no other business were up there and he was going to fail.  And I said “You know what I think God’s telling me that I’m not supposed to be buying this property and we’re going to fail if I purchase this property here.” Sid based on that dream I called my leadership team together I said “I believe the Lord’s spoken to me and I don’t think that we’re supposed to buy this property.”  Through a strange series of events the contract that we signed was not valid and it had nothing to do with us it had to do with the other end. We were released from the contract, a pastor called me up and offered to allow me to use his building and basically all I’m paying over there is the utilities it’s a great building. My congregation has doubled in this new building.  And if we had been locked in to where I was we were already filled up in that place, we just thought that we were going to buy it because we could afford it and we could have later built in back and it would have been a terrible mistake. And so just direction that God give in dreams I think of the Apostle Paul in the Book of Acts and how in Acts Chapter 16 he was wanting to fulfill God’s mission and he was on his way to minister to a certain group of people. But the Bible says in a vision of the night, and I believe the the term dream and vision of the night is synonyms they mean the same thing.  We see this in like I said “Job 33 verse 15 it says “In a dream a vision of the night…” they’re the same thing. So here’s Paul he’s going one direction but God appears to him in a dream and he sees these people from Macedonia saying “Come, come over here and preach the gospel.” And the Bible says Paul concluded that he was supposed of go to Macedonia; you see many of our listeners right now have decisions that they need to make in their life for direction. They don’t know what house to buy, they don’t know what job to take; they don’t know who to get married to.  The Bible doesn’t tell us these things, the Bible gives us God general revelation but God speaks to us in His Spirit to give us his specific revelation.  And one of the primary ways that God speaks to His people with His Spirit is in the dreams.  The Bible says “He who has an ear to ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to His people.”  If we’re not paying attention to our dreams Sid we’re not listening because the Bible specifically says in Acts 2 that “Now that the Spirits been poured out upon us He’s going to speak to us in our dreams.”  To disregard our dreams is to disregard the voice of God.

Sid: You said not all dreams are from God, how do you know the one that are from God and the one that are from …I hate to use the example, Pizza.

Kirt: Exactly, great question great question and once again I’m not a connect the dots type of a person. I believe that if we will seek God to grow in our ability to hear His voice in our dreams then we’ll begin to recognize over a period of time which dreams are from him. Now often times God will give me a dream about something Sid and I’ll think it’s from God and I’ll be watching and I’ll be paying attention and I won’t forget about it, but I just kind of wait and see.  But the thing is that when the thing that God showed me comes to pass, then I’m prepared for what happens because God already showed me in a dream.  What I’m saying is okay if this, this and this and this happens then you know it’s from God.  But I am saying that if a person will begin to pay attention to their dreams; if they’ll begin to write them out, what’s going to happen is God is going to begin to perfect them in their ability to discern His voice.

Sid: Well, you know I’m reminded of a scripture you shared earlier this week from the Prophet Joel that in the last days one of the phenomena we’ll be experiencing is dreams.

Kirt: Absolutely.

Sid: And I have to believe we’re in the last days right now we’ve been in it since Pentecost but we’re really in it right now.  Kirt when people take your seminar or listen to these two CD series called “Prophecy Dreams and Visions” what type of reports are you getting?

Kirt:  Well recently I ministered at a pastor’s church that he was in a situation financially he didn’t know what to do he called me two days after I ministered there and he said “God showed him what to do in a dream after that.”  People in my congregation because I teach in this so often they begin to receive information from the Lord in their dreams.

Sid: I know a lot of people do because when I listen to it it just perked things up again rather than a lot of the confusion I had on all of these symbols and how am I ever going to know. You just made it so simple; tell me some specific things that people have been told about in dreams.

Kirt: Well, for example we see Abraham, God reveals Israel future to Abraham in a dream when he falls into a trance and he sees the Spirit of God moving through the two pieces of the sacrifice.  But let’s go through the Book of Genesis 15 verse 17 – 15 again.  Again Abraham sees God’s future and I already shared an example of one of the previous broadcasts of how God many times has shown me the future of something that’s going to happen in my congregation with this specific individual in dreams.  In Genesis 28:10-16 we see Jacob receiving encouragement from God in a dream where he’s running for his life. He’s from his brother Esau, he’s all alone and he’s completely lost and terrified and directionless and we know the story. And he goes to sleep at the place of Bethel and puts his head upon the rock and as he puts his head upon the rock Sid and falls asleep God appears to him in a dream he sees a ladder extending from Heaven to earth and angels ascending and descending upon the ladder.  And the Lord speaks to him and says “I am with you” and isn’t it amazing that Jacob wakes up and he says “You know what the Lord is in this place and I knew it not.”  In other words How did Jacob receive the encouragement that he needed to know that God was involved in the affairs of earth and more specifically in his life?  He received that encouragement in the dream when God spoke to him and said “I am with you and will keep you wherever you go.”  And often times He speaks to His people to give them encouragement they need but particularly when they are going through hard times through a dream.  I remember many years ago Sid I went to sleep one night and in my sleep God just allowed me feel the pain that was in my soul.  I was not aware of the pain in my soul and it was like the most excruciating pain of soul I’ve ever felt in my life and then suddenly in my dream and there is no question in my mind that this was a literal angel and angel spoke to me.  I did not see the angel I heard his voice and he said to me “You’re on the right path.”  And I cried out in my hurt so bad Sid that I cried out and I said “If I’m on the right path why does it hurt so much?”  And then the angel spoke to me in a kind voice but he said to me “Maybe if you’d cooperate more it wouldn’t hurt so much.”  In that dream I found both encouragement and direction; the encouragement to know that even though you know I was hurting that I was on the right path and that God was saying to me “If you’ll learn how to yield to me more it’s not going to hurt so much.”  Just like Jacob found encouragement in his dream that God was with him I found encouragement in my dream that God was with me at a time when I was feeling tremendous pain.

Our Guests David and Anita Duggan

David and Anita Duggan (2006)

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to have their eyes opened so they can see on earth what God has already done in heaven. Have their ears open so they can hear on earth what God has already spoken in heaven. You see that’s the realm of eternity to be able to be spokesmen for the living God. This is your heart’s desire, and I have a couple that’s moving in this realm. My guests are Anita and David Duggan, speaking to them at their office. They work with the Gary Oates Ministry. David before we went on the air I said to you “What is God showing you?” Tell me now what God is showing you.

David: Sid we are in the final hours of the last days. One of the ways we know that that is agreed upon by theologians throughout the earth is what’s happening with the nation of Israel. It’s been probably about 3 years ago, but the Lord spoke to me very clearly and He said to me “That in these last days before the return of Jesus that the distance between heaven and earth is diminishing.” I saw in the realm of the spirit that that divider, that veil, between what we see in the natural and those eternal things that are unseen in the realm of the spirit that that distance was narrowing. That is the reason that these angelic visitations, us being allowed by the grace of God to see what He’s doing by His Spirit and through angelic ministry is becoming more and more pronounced throughout the church around the world.

Sid: I’m getting reports, there seems to be an increase of people’s eyes being opened to see angels. I’ve never heard so many stories as I’m hearing now. Not that we’re looking for angels, but the truth is there are angels ministering to us all around us. How much better when we can see them as opposed to not seeing them?

David: Yes.

Sid: As a matter of fact Anita, I remember the first time I met you, you walk around with your camera all the time and you take pictures, and literally in many of your pictures… like do you see the angels before you take the picture, or do you see it after?

Anita: No I either see a light, some type of light moving, or some type of little ray that comes down, or I actually see a form of an angel. When I take a picture I would say 9 times out of 10 they’re there.

Sid: Now tell me about that trip to Peru with that little child.

Anita: Again it was our first trip and there was a young couple that came through the jungle, they travelled 3 hours to come to this crusade. Their baby had been sick for weeks, and the baby had not been able to take any nourishment at all. The father was holding this child, he was lifeless. I’m not going to say this child was close to death because I don’t know, but his feet were limp, his legs were limp, his arms he was totally lifeless. The baby had not been able to keep any nourishment for 2 weeks. They did not know what was wrong with the baby, and this child was very very close to death. I prayed over this baby, and I didn’t know this, David told me this. The next night they went up on stage with a healthy baby that was totally healed, and they were testifying how the glory of God came in and healed and revived their child to wholeness.

Sid: You also told me before we went on the air that you were getting an impression about someone that has a young child, or a child that’s having a critical problem.

Anita: Yes. I had an actual vision of seeing parents crying out in distress that they have lost total hope in their child being healed. That the doctors have given them a negative report and that they have given up all hope and that this child was going to die; I know in the name of Jesus that God is going to heal that child.

Sid: I agree in Jesus name. Now I want either of you tell me of some healings that you’ve seen.

David: Sid the most amazing healing that Anita and I have ever seen occurred in Cali, Colombia. It was a young woman her name was Amanda, she was 38 years old. She was bound to a wheelchair; she was barely over 4 feet tall; she had some type of degenerative condition so that she was losing her motor skills, her hands were twisted and held at chest level; her right leg was completely atrophied; no muscle tone; her skin hanging just like a wet limp dishrag. There was a tumor on her knee; there were splotches, dark splotches on the complexion of her face, and her arms and legs. They rolled this lady up to Anita and myself; we knelt down in front of her and began to pray. Anita put her hand on the tumor, and the Holy Spirit directed my eyes to this women’s hair, her hair was very vibrant and thick and beautiful. The Holy Spirit said to me “Pray that her body will be as healthy as her hair.” I prayed that prayer that cancer, or that tumor under Anita’s hand melted away, and as we watched this woman it was like an action adventure film where you see a character morph from one condition to another. The Spirit of God started at the top of her head, her complexion cleared up, her hands straightened out. She began screaming with delight, her right leg the muscle tone came back, she began pushing out of the wheelchair and taking tentative steps. We were holding her and helping her; she had a condition I think it was called Scoliosis where the spinal column, I mean her spinal column was literally shape like a “C.” I wasn’t even aware of that condition at all, I just had my hand on her back, and I could feel here spinal column crunching and cracking as it moved from left to right as I was facing her and came into a straight and perfect alignment.

Anita: Her mother was behind her sobbing, and I asked the interpreter to ask her mother “If she had walked before?” Her mother said “She hadn’t walked since she was a little itty bitty child.”

Sid: My goodness, now you two have seen some so many miracles. Do you two have the faith to be in agreement right now for people to be healed of anything? Have you seen the deaf hear?

Anita: Yes I have.

Sid: Have you seen the blind get their sight?

Anita: Yes I have.

Sid: Obviously you have seen the lame walk, how about the mute be able to speak?

Anita: Oh, our last trip to Peru!

Sid: Tell me about that.

Anita: This woman came in with 2 little children. It was a church that David got to preach at. My interpreter said “The child was about,” one was 5 and one was about 3 or 4. My interpreter said that the mother told him “That the daughter, the 5 year old, had a speech impediment and couldn’t speak hardly at all, and the little baby had never spoken.” I bent down to their level and laid my fingers on their mouths, [crying] and I just asked the Lord to open their vocal chords up so they could speak and free them. The little started saying my name “Anita, Anita,” and the little boy opened his mouth and said “Anita, Anita.” They were just able to speak, and the little girl followed me… God healed them Sid.

Sid: Hmm.

Anita: He healed them instantly. They were able to talk and it just happened a few weeks ago.

Sid: David I want you to start a prayer, and Anita I want you to finish it for people to be healed, and people also to be able to see in the spirit, hear in the spirit like the two of you do.

David: Before I pray there’s somebody that has a high lateral hernia and God is healing that. Having said that Father we ask in Jesus name that there would be a release of faith in the hearts of Your people; those who are listening to this broadcast that there would be a release of faith that miracles of healing could take place, whatever that need might be. Anxiety, relief from stress, relief from the cares of this world and all of the diseases that are associated with stress, I pray in the name of Jesus that there would be a release of the peace of God in the hearts and lives of those who are listening that would bring relief from physical conditions that are related to stress in the name of Jesus.

Anita: Thank you Lord. Father I thank you that Your word never comes back void. I thank You Lord that when we cry out that You are there to help us, that You hear our voice. Lord I thank you that You ears are in tune to our voice. Father I pray right now in the name of Jesus that You would open up a clear vessel to our senses. Father I pray for our eyes, Lord I pray that You would open people’s spiritual eyes to be able to see into the spiritual realm. Lord I pray that You would open people’s ears, fine tune their ears Lord to hear what the Spirit has to say. Lord I pray that You would open our mouths that we would only speak the words that You would have us to speak Lord. Father I pray for all of our senses; Father I pray for the lost Lord I pray that if You would reach down and touch Jewish ears to open up and hear the voice of God, Lord I pray in the name of Jesus that You would come down in a mighty sovereign way and heal Your people’s hearts in the name of Jesus.

Sid: Mishpochah, I believe that God’s Spirit is being released on you for anything that you need especially pain of all kinds be gone now Jesus name.