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Our Guest James Nienhuis

Sid:  Now my guest undermines the myths taught in our public education schools and colleges and universities.  The myths taught in secular media to discount the authenticity of the word of God for the sake of having everyone follow the devil, it’s that simple. Now my guest James Nienhuis has a book and I am so excited about it it’s called “Old Earth Why Not” and he explains myths.  For instance Jim I mean there’s so many areas that people of faith believe but t they don’t have a reasonable explanation so they believe by faith.  But I believe that we’re so close to the return of Jesus that we don’t have to believe by faith there’s enough documentation and evidence, but what about we read about these fossils that are found of these ancient man and the monkeys and all of these forms that actually prove evolution?  I want you to blow that myth out of the water.

James:  Sure, well a monkey is a monkey and a man is man.  Neanderthal man was a man, he was just a guy who lived really old; a really long life.

Sid:  About 3 million years ago or?

James:  Oh about 4,500 years ago you know at the close of the deluge when the ice age kicked in because the oceans after Noah’s flood; after the waters slid off the thickening continents with the rising mountains at that time when Noah’s flood waters slid off those thickening continents into the then deepening ocean basins.  Those were warmer oceans Sid at the close of the deluge because of the fountains of the great deep the Bible speaks of which  broke open to cause the deluge along with the 40 days and 40 nights of rain which was only a small portion of it’ because the deluge you know increased to 150 days.  So with that, when the waters slide off into the deepened ocean basins those warmer waters what did they do; what happens when warm water on a cold day Sid, you see all that steam right?

Sid:  Sure.

James:  That evaporation of warmer oceans to cause the dense cloud cover which must have been for the ice age.  You can’t have an ice age without dense cloud cover and you can’t have dense cloud cover without greater evaporation rates off the water.  So that is proof in and of itself that there was a global deluge which caused the waters to be warmer at the close of the deluge which caused the ice age and the ice age ended when the oceans had cooled to about our temperatures to lessen the evaporation.  But…

Sid:    Wait, wait, wait are you telling me the ice age is not millions of years old?

James:  The guy, let me finish, the guy the men during the ice age like Neanderthal man they lived longer in the descending generations after Noah’s flood as the Bible tells us; you know a couple hundred years old descending longevity.  But those old guys in that cloudy ice age climate got little vitamin D, and that results in rickets. That is the pathology we see in the bone structures of the Neanderthal man.  Lubinow back in the 1850’s the German scientists had discovered everyone of these guys immediately said, he’s a pathologist Sid, he said, “This guy had rickets, but then the Darwinist got hold of it and said, “Oh look, it’s a monkey man and off we go.”

Sid:  Yeah but did they have any scientific evidence based on your studies to date them so old?

James:  Carbon 14.

Sid:  Oh well, how do you explain that?

James:  Well, Carbon 14 presumes to know that the amount of Carbon 14 in the atmosphere back then is essentially what it is today, but since during the ice age as documented  by all the ash in the Arctic icecaps there was much more volcanics going on during the ice age.  Therefore all the Carbon 12 dilute in the carbon dioxide coming out of all those volcanoes, all that Carbon 12 diluted the amount of Carbon 14 in the atmosphere. So it diluted Carbon 14 in the atmosphere, creatures that died back then show exaggerated Carbon 14 dates today when we measure them because of the volcanic that were going during the ice age. But you see the main stream scientists say that the ice age was going on before or after that, so they don’t factor in the reality that these guys were living when the carbon fourteen in the atmosphere is being diluted by all the volcanos.

Sid:  Okay, as long as we’re exposing myths the big thing people and are getting noble prizes for have to do with global warming.

James:  Huh!

Sid:  And I mean this is serious business, the countries really even divided on this issues that want to stop everything and get rid of all of the systems that we have for transportation and make every…otherwise I mean we will speed up the demise of this planet.

James:  Well, first of all let me just throw this out you know China and India with us you know there excluded, so that having been said, “If there actually is global warming atmospheric warming Sid, what does that do to the surface temperature of the ocean?

Sid:   Make it hotter.

James:  And with hotter water like we previously discussed that would make more clouds and it cools it back down you know shady day?

Sid:  That makes sense.

James:  Just picture a shady day with rain that cools down the atmosphere. Now there is; that’s a negative feedback mechanisms Sid, that’s hydrology 101 that none of these people seem to be talking about. And you know, if we are having an upsurge in hurricanes, well that’s predictable.  Those hurricane vents, the eye of the hurricane, those are giant vents venting atmospheric warming up into the stratosphere. So that’s God’s nature’s way of venting any excess heat that’s on the surface.  So it’s a negative feedback mechanism, the whole thing is crazy and you know like I said before let’s get the Chinese and Indians on board with us if we’re going to do it.

Sid:  You know what I don’t understand is the material by Al Gore who’s kind of the point man on this whole issue in England was banned because they said, “It was faulty science.”  Do you agree with them?

James:  Oh, obviously yes.  You know more methane is put out the tail end of cattle then human’s by 10,000 fold…

Sid:  Is that where Rush Limbaugh got it from? Okay. (Laughing)

James:  Yeah, you know it’s completely absurd. Volcanoes you want to talk about carbon dioxide?  When a good volcano or two goes off it makes what we produce pale so the whole thing is I’m afraid really…

Sid:  So what is China and India doing if the theory is correct?

James:  Well, I think they’re bottom line as per in China at least using slave labor and what not, that you know the environment and the health of their people it is not high on their priority list I don’t think.  Nevertheless you know we sit here talking about Europe and America should do while we don’t say anything to China and India so it’s just the theater of the absurd you know.

Sid:  Okay, you have a chapter here that says “Dinosaurs Died out 65 Million Years Ago.”

James:  That’s what they claim.

Sid:  Okay, that’s a myth, you state; why?

James:  Well, because we have a vast sedimentary layers that should have eroded away within 15 million years at current erosion rates, but here they say it’s 65 million years old.  Well, all the continents should have leveled the sea level within 15 million years; so that’s a specious argument in and top of itself.  On top of that they’ve discovered T-Rex bones with skin red blood corpuscles, bone marrow, spongy organic materials Sid, sitting there within sedimentary rock now that should have dissipated over 65 million years.  But obviously…

Sid:  But why haven’t they publicized that, that’s an amazing find.

James: Well, to a degree but it doesn’t get the repeat business like New York Times articles gets though out all the publications throughout the world, you know what I’m saying.  It’s they can say “Well, it made the news,” we thought that it was obvious, not to be emphasized if you want to say that the earth is billions of years old.  It’s not the kind of information you want out there; nevertheless it came from North Carolina State University, Montana State University, mainstream scientists who came upon this spongy organic material in these T-Rex’s bones and they go “Well, well, well isn’t this interesting.”  And to this day they haven’t explained it away they just forced it to go off the radar screen.

Sid:  What about the basic 101 of evolution, “Monkey’s evolved into men.”

James:  Yeah…

Sid:  Why is that not true?

James:  Well, if monkeys were evolving into men, men should be involving in the process of evolving something right now right?  Constant change through time like the Darwinist say and likewise there should be monkey’s that are transiting into humans right now just a little bit slower.  And why are monkey’s still around if we supposedly evolved from them, if we supposedly are better than them?  They should have died out if we evolved from them out of necessity and we’re a superior being, why didn’t they die out?  Why is the alligator still alive after 500 million years?  Why are fish still around as they are in the fossil record from 500 million years ago?  You know the whole thing is a crazy.

Sid:  You know you hit so many different areas in your book I don’t know where to start, where to stop, but real quick you have a problem with Israel being called Palestine, why is that?

James:  (Laughing) Well, you know Palestine the ever generous Alexander the Great is the name that was bestowed on Israel when he conquered Israel. Actually Israel surrendered you know they saw that the Phoenicians were going down and the expedient thing to do is to just say okay big boy.  But anyway so when Alexander took over in about 330 BC he names it Israel, Palestine.  Named after Philistines, arch rivals of the Israelis at the time of David 1000 BC; now the Philistines lived down in the Gaza area.

Sid:  Oh this is too good to rush – we’re out of time today we’ll pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

Life After Death

Sid:  Now you don’t have to go to Heaven or experience Hell to be red hot for the Messiah, but I’ll tell you the truth it would help for a lot of you to experience the reality of Hell, and the reality of Heaven.  I can tell you as a fact that although I have never experienced the reality of Hell; I have never experienced the reality of Heaven it’s as real to me as if I have.
Why?  Because I have intimacy with God through Jesus, but I believe God has raised up witnesses in our day that for His purposes many have died from a medical viewpoint, gone to Heaven and have been sent back to tell what Heaven is like.  And many have experienced Hell, I have put together the ten best stories that I have had over the years of experiences in Heaven and in Hell, nine different people and I decided you better listen to this excerpt.

Well, we hear lots of shows about heaven, lots of shows about angels, lots of shows about healing, lots healing, lots of shows about deliverance but what about Hell, whatever happened to Hell?  Well, we don’t talk a whole lot about Hell, it’s not the right thing socially correct to do in most circles, but I believe if you had the experience that my guest had you would not be lukewarm anymore, let’s go to the interview with Bill Wiese.

On November 23, 1998 you went to a prayer meeting obviously, figures and it’s like 3:00 in the morning or so, and what happened?

Bill:  Alright we came home from the prayer meeting the night of the 22nd and at 3:00 in the morning the Lord picked me up and dropped me off in a prison cell in Hell, I found myself in a prison cell with stone walls and bars just like you would image in a cell.  And I didn’t realize where I was at that moment but I noticed immediately the heat was incredible heat and I should have been incinerated and died right away, but I was still living through this heat.  I looked and I noticed that there were these two creatures in the cell, they were reptilish in appearance, huge about 12 or 13 feet tall, large jaw, big teeth, huge claws and they were pacing like a caged bull in this cell. They were talking amongst each other, blaspheming God and cursing God.

Sid:  Now you told me that Jesus had told you later then that He took all memory that you were a Christian so you went to experience what it was like as a non-Christian in Hell.

Bill:  He withheld it from my mind that I was a Christian and explained it on the way back, but also so I was there as a unsaved person would be just like someone that had not accepted the Lord.  So when I saw these creatures I didn’t realize immediately that they were demons, but that’s what they were; fallen angels or demons.  And they had hatred for God and for myself and they immediately directed their hatred toward me and picked me up threw me against into the wall. I felt my bones break and the other one picked me up and shredded my flesh with his claw, just tore up my flesh.  And you know my wife and I like to work out and take care of ourselves and eat right and now none of that mattered the body was just being destroyed.

Sid:    You know what kind of pain were you feeling when this was going on?

Bill:  I felt pain, I felt quite bit of the pain, but again on the way back the Lord explained that He withheld a lot of the pain from me so that I wouldn’t have to experience full brunt of it, but enough of it to let people know there is literal pain felt in Hell.  You will feel pain and the heat and the torments are tremendous in Hell.

Sid:  Now, could you hear anything going on.

Bill:  The screams were deafening overwhelming screams it was terrible to even endure that, but you couldn’t escape it was so loud it was piercing. So that was one of the things.

Sid:  So, it’s got to be almost like say a Vietnam Veteran that remembers those things; it’s something you could never forget those screams.

Bill:  No, you’ll never forget them, I know I won’t. I managed to move I noticed I had no strength in my body at all, you have no strength in Hell so I managed to somehow crawl, that’s as much energy that I could get to make a move and apparently they let me, I crawled out of the cell and one direction it’s completely pitch black.  A darkness that was beyond any darkness that you could feel here on earth; and it as a darkness that you could feel, like it talks about in Exodus in 10:21. I looked the other direction and there was flames of fire leaping high into the sky, it was off in the distance, I knew that it was about 10 miles away this huge raging pit of fire.  And it  light up the sky line just enough to see the desolate barren wasteland, nothing green, no life of any kind, just all barren and desolate.  So at that point I was drugged back into the cell by the demons and more torments. After that I was picked up and taken out of that cell and placed over near the pit of fire and it was enormous about a mile across ragging fames. I could see the outlines of people in this fire screaming, they were being burned in the fire and torment.  I didn’t want to go in there it was already hot enough, but I knew that I just didn’t want to go into the flames.  That’s a terrible thing to have to suffer and these people were burning.  There were demons all around this cell pushing the people back in it if they tried to claw their way out.  They really couldn’t get out anyway, but the demons were just there shoving them back in.  I felt so awful for the people, but also for myself.

Sid:  Has that thought ever crossed your mind what it would have been like to be there for all of eternity?

Bill:   I just can’t imagine, I mean when I was there I did imagine it and it was horrible to live with that thought to never get out, and I just felt so bad for the people.  But He allowed me to feel a little bit of His heart what He feels for the people and He wept over people going into Hell, He doesn’t want one person to go there it hurt Him so much that the amount He allowed me to feel I couldn’t stand it.

Sid:  As many of you know I was raised in a traditional Jewish home. When I was young my earliest recollections are my parents being away and me being home alone at night and being very afraid. One day a thought popped in my mind, and the thought was “What happens when you die?” I began to speculate “What happens when someone dies?”  Because in Judaism it’s l’Chaiyim a language of life, but although we believe in life after death we don’t talk about it so what a young kid to conclude?  I concluded since we didn’t talk about it the answer to the question “What happens when you die?” Is you cease to exist.  Well then I started to ponder, what would life be like if I ceased to exist, whatever was me, the real me was going to be snuffed out and it was such an objectionable thought I blocked it, I stopped thinking about it until many years later and I reached appoint where life was too hard.  And I really I didn’t want to live like that anymore. Some Christians in the first time in my life had told me that I could know intimately, I could have intimacy with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  And they told me a prayer to pray, and the worse night of my life I had prayed the prayer the day before I didn’t feel anything but you know we get fooled by feelings.  Something happened, God heard my prayer and the next night when I went to bed I was so fearful I was so fearful of life that I didn’t care if I ceased to exist and I yelled out a two word prayer, I said, “Jesus, help.”  And I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning I was filled with such Shalom. Now many people that say this prayer do experience the presence of God and feelings.  Many that say this prayer like myself when I said it the first time, didn’t experience anything. Whether you experience anything or not you have got the attention of the creator of the Universe and a change will occur in your life if you just say this prayer out loud and mean it to the best of your ability.  Dear God, I have sinned and I am so sorry. With Your help I turn from my sins, please forgive me, in Yeshua’s Name.  I believe that Yeshua died, rose from the dead, and is at the right hand of God, now that I’m clean I make Yeshua my Lord, and ask Him to live inside of me.  Amen.

Our Guest David Herzog

Sid:  My guest, David Herzog is going to mentor you on walking in the supernatural, in particular the glory of God.  Now a Jewish person’s right by inheritance according to Romans is of the Jew, is the glory so when they encounter the glory of God for the first time in their life the spiritual scales totally melt.  Now David Herzog you always wondered a question; I want you to answer that question today, “How did God make something out of nothing?”

David:  Awesome question, I found this out that basically He really didn’t make anything out of nothing; He made it out of something, but it’s invisible.  So there’s invisible things that are things you just can’t see them.   Because I always thought “How could you make something out of nothing and how can I explain that in my class in high school, they’ll mock me; I don’t even understand it?” One day God said to me, “Well no actually I used invisible ingredients to make visible substance.”  The two ingredients that are invisible that God used if you look in Genesis 1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” number one you can say the Spirit or the presence or the glory began moving over the waters.  So you can’t see the wind, you can’t usually see the Spirit of God or the presence of God; but it’s a real substance.”  And the second thing that He created He put sound; you can’t see sound but it’s a real solid object, scientist confirmed so, sound is solid like a rock but it’s just small.  And when sound and glory come together it creates visible substance like a laser light and sound.  So when you get in God’s glory, which it’s invisible for most people and then you speak a word of knowledge that God shows you but that’s also invisible, those two invisible substances when they bond together creates a visible miracle.  Like in the glory I’ll say “There’s a lot of body parts floating around this place, in the name of Jesus I declare tumors go or weight loss, and as I’m saying that my invisible word will attach itself to that body part that I see in the glory realm that invisible and when it attaches suddenly you can see it, you can see the gold tooth, you can see the hair growing.  So basically when you’re in the glory your body parts there in the glory, but to extract it from the invisible to the visible realm many times it’s a faith, but a word of knowledge will do that.  Inside every body part there’s atoms; inside the atoms you go smaller and smaller it’s a sound wave; that sound wave in every body part has the ability to hear and respond to human voice commands.  The Bible talks about that, Jesus spoke to a fig tree, He spoke to wind and waves; and scientists have confirmed it recently that they’ll speak to water particles or different atoms different atomic particles and they’ll actually respond to even a scientist.  How much more us that have God’s glory and authority and we’re saved; we have authority and dominion over even body parts.

Sid:  In your book “Glory Invasion” the revised version you talk about how people are translated in the Bible to one place and they find themselves in another place, or times is compressed.  Someone does a two hour trip and it takes five minutes.  How is that done and give me one example in your life.

David:  Okay, first how it’s done when you’re in the glory God begins to bend time, so let’s say if you had a piece of paper and you took one edge of paper as point A and the other edge of papers is point B.  That’s your distance of travel.  And then above that paper you can’t see the invisible the air let’s say, that the glory.  In the glory there is no time, so say you are driving your car and you got a three hour drive like it would happen to me, and all of a sudden I’m worshipping and as I’m worshipping the glory, the invisible realm comes on my car, in the glory there’s no time.  And point A and point B if you fold that paper suddenly become the same location, so in the glory time is bent what normally would take three hours can be done in a couple of seconds, miracles instantly, weight loss normally would take thirty, normally to lose thirty pounds would take all kinds of exercise and dieting for months, suddenly in a split second they lose thirty pounds.

Sid:  You know I heard something really outrageous you recently spoke at an event that a friend of mine also spoke at and he checked with the pastor when they took up the offering every time they counted the offering it got bigger.  And they said, they did it right each time, but it was supernatural; was that in the glory?

David:  What had happen was, the meeting before that when the miracles were flowing I began to decree over the offerings to multiply, I told people to check their purses.  And people one after the other begin coming up and saying “I just gave all my money away in the offering and look what happened, the money began multiplying.”  And people, individual people during the service they kept coming up, I told them to come up and another person said, “I gave everything but $2.00 now I have all these $20s” and so that happened during the meetings when we were having the miracles.  And then at the end of the conference the organizer came to tell me what you just told me that you know the money kept coming, I told the testimony where it happened to us several times and I think he tried to do the same by faith to see if it would happen and I think an angel or the Holy Spirit told him, “Count it again.”  And he said, “Lord it’s so much, I counted it already.”  So he counted it and I had done that last offering the last night when that thing happened and something was on that offering and he kept counting it 3 or 4 times and it kept growing and growing and growing.  Just like the testimony that I had given that had happened to me in another crusade that we did.  So it’s amazing…

Sid:   Well but tell me about that one because I would like that to happen for our people that are listening right now; so there’s power in the testimony; tell me what happened.

David:  Exactly, so I was in Paris, France I did our crusade, I don’t like to use crusade but that’s what they call it, a large meeting with a lot of people getting saved; let’s call it that.  And I rented a big, big building it’s the same building like Benny Hinn would use or the Argentinean revivalist or you know John Arnott, or Morris Cerrillo, this was a big building that rent for these guys when they come to Paris.  So I just rented it by myself, the Lord said, “Do it, Ruth Heflin prophesied it.”  I give the guy a check, I say “Here’s a check, don’t cash it until Monday.”  Now I don’t recommend you do this, but I did this because this is where I was at the time.   And glory came, everything was great, miracles, signs and wonders.  But by the time we counted the offering it was not near enough to pay the building and I had already given a check and I said, “Oh my gosh Lord, I’m in trouble here I thought you told me to do this.”  And the Lord said, “If I can do miracles by decree I can do money miracles by decree, it’s the same thing but aim it at the money.”  So I commanded the money to multiply and then I told the counters to “Count it again and count it several times and keep commanding the money every time you recount it.”  And I got a call from them and they said, “You won’t believe David we counted and it doubled, we counted it, it tripled, we counted and it quadrupled.”  And then it was more than enough and then they stopped and I guess they should have kept going and then we had more than enough to even reserve for the next crusade.

Sid:  What would happen if you pray for money to be multiplied right now, what would happen?

David:  God could do it, especially here’s the secret though it they’re givers.  You know when you sow it multiplies so that’s the secret if you’re a giver it’ll multiply.

Sid:  Okay, someone that has just given some money is listening to us right now.

David:  Yes.

Sid:  I would like you to pray that there be a multiplication in the glory.

David:  Yes, Lord, I just decree and I can feel and know that this glory realm is here and those that are listening and they’ve been giving and I decree over that money to multiply supernaturally, to appear even in places they never thought it would even in their bank accounts and their wallets.  I decree also huge, huge, huge financial miracles involving properties, business, contracts.  There’s someone listening and they’re about to lose their business but God’s about to give them a huge, huge contract.  I see anywhere between one half a million dollars to several million dollars.  I just decree that right now in Jesus name, properties to see that they couldn’t sell for a higher price than they thought they would get.  And just favor with their jobs, anything involving finances I decree supernatural miracles, multiplication and favor Father God.  We thank you and release it; angels that operate in the area of provision over them right now in Jesus name.

Sid:  And we might as well release the angels that get rid of pain right now because pain of all kinds especially in the hands, pain in the hands from carpal tunnel to arthritis in the fingers to any wrist problems, pain in the hand is gone in Jesus name.  And pain in the back is gone in Jesus name.  In the hip…

David:  In the back.

Sid:  Yeah, yeah especially David I think if you pray for the sacroiliac now it will go into place, pray it right now.

David:  I command the sacroiliac to go back into place and I see also the disk in the lower backs, the L3, 6 and 9 those particular ones going right back into place right now in Yeshua’s name.

Sid:  David you said you have been supernaturally transported in the Spirit, briefly tell me about that.

David:  Oh yeah several times, one of the famous ones I like to tell is the one when I was in Paris driving to Belgium a three hour drive Friday night, my car breaks down because I put the wrong gas, I put regular instead of diesel.  So got it towed, got it emptied, got the right gas in it worked, that was a miracle, but now it’s 7:30 and my meeting was ½ hour ago and I have a three hour drive so I’m not going to make it.  So I call the pastor and I say I’m so sorry tonight I’ll come at the end of the meeting about 10:30 or 11:00 just greet the people and I’ll continue tomorrow.  So I get in the car I begin worshipping it’s me and Jesus just having a good time, I’m not worrying about the traffic because I’m not preaching in my mind.  And then the glory gets stronger and stronger and I feel lighter and in 45 minutes of this kind of worshipping suddenly in a split second I’m in Belgium.  And I pull up in front of the church at 8:15.  It’s impossible in the natural and the worship is still going on and Pastor couldn’t believe it, he said “How did you get here did you take a helicopter?”  And we realized I had been transported we looked at it it is logistically impossible even if you were speeding as fast as you could go you couldn’t do it in forty-five minutes, it’s a three hour drive.  And it was bumper to bumper traffic Friday night between the two countries, so that was the first time.  Another one was an eight hour trip across the whole country of France and we were worshipping, and suddenly two hours into the trip we were suddenly there so again it didn’t take two hours to get transported it took two hours to get into a realm of glory where we could get transported in a split second.

Sid:  You know David so many prophets that are friends of mine are prophesying horrible things that are going to be happening economically, and morally, and everything you can imagine in the United States of America.  But guess what walking in the glory realm and proclaiming what God tells you trumps no matter what’s going to happen in America.

David:  Exactly, it’s your safety net, I mean imagine if you knew something evil was coming your way or someone was coming to get you or persecution and you had the faith that God could transport you in that split second to another…

Sid:  Woops, we’re out of time.

Our Guest David Herzog

Sid:  My guest David Herzog is going to help equip you to have signs and wonders outrageous signs and wonders. David before we get into some of your teaching on the glory which is just revolutionary for most people.  There was a point in your life where you took a quantum leap in walking in God’s glory and it has to do with an association with someone that I also knew, tell me about that.

David:  Yeah, after the six month revival I had in Paris, France where it was the longest running revival it was awesome; I still felt like I was missing something and yet I was preaching on the glory, I had seen a measure and I was so desperate again I took time off and I said, “God I’m going to quit this revival because I want something even greater.”  And I felt that the Lord told me to do it, if I would give up the good I would get the best, so I gave up the revival, stopped preaching in that six month revival, sought the Lord, “God I’m so desperate,” and He told me to go to several places and one of them was Ruth Heflin, to meet with Ruth Heflin at her camp, and something new would happen to me.  And again I had been seeking the Lord and praying and fasting, just hungry and I went up there, walked in and she had heard about me by this time, she had heard about the revival in France.  She said that revival was an answer to her forty day fast that she had done in France when she was in France years before.  And I said to her, “It’s an honor to meet you, I can’t wait to hear your minister tonight in the glory.”  And she looked at me and said, “No, you’re going to minister tonight,” and I said, “No, no, no, no I’m really hungry, I’m desperate, I want what you have, I don’t want what I have.”  She said, “No, the Lord’s telling me you need to minister,” so I obeyed, she’s a prophetess so right you obeyed.  I went up and I just began to minister and then suddenly this glory invaded me from Heaven that I never sensed  before, and that she knew somehow if I would get to that pulpit and minister God would shift my anointing to higher glory.  And I sang two chapters of the Bible, I would have this whole sermon prepared and instead I got so wasted in the glory I didn’t know what I was doing, I was singing my whole message basically.

Sid:  Had you ever done anything like that before?

David:  No, because it wasn’t planned, I got up there and I said, “What am I doing” and I was so full of joy and glory and I began singing Isaiah 60 and 61 and it was crazy. Then at that moment signs and wonders just began to hit people, of course the gold dust, I was covered with gold dust and so were other people.

Sid:  Now when you say covered in gold dust I’ve seen the gold dust on people, but I’ve also seen some people that were really covered in gold dust.  Do you really mean covered?

David:  Oh not, 100% I know people that have been really covered, when you can’t even see their face.

Sid:  Right.

David:  It wasn’t like that, it wasn’t like some people we’ve seen, but it was I mean my face was full of gold dust and my hands and then people were getting it.  And then healings were just flowing, even deliverances were happening and everything was effortless, it was just effortless, it’s almost like you would just think it and it would start happening.

Sid:  Now once you get into that gear do you stay in it, or do you slip back and then you have to do something to get back to that being able were ever you minister for the glory to come?

David:  It depends, once you’ve had that realm, once you’ve got in there it’s like a muscle your spirit remembers how to get back there.  It’s like weight lifting, if some guy weight lift in high school, they’ll stop for ten years and when they go back within a few days they can bench what took them three years to bench.  So your spirit man has a memory so like once I hit that realm I was like that for about three full days and then it subsided a little bit when I went back to Arizona for a little bit to see relatives and family but as soon as I started sometimes you don’t realize it’s on you your praying everyday like you use to pray.  I notice right now that I’ll pray every day and I feel the glory, but I don’t realize how strong the glory is on me; I’ll go to the grocery store and someone will just get knocked out in the spirit an unsaved person and they’re like “Who are you, what is this thing around you?”  So sometimes your use to a certain level and you don’t even realize what’s on you.

Sid:  What do you, I asked people this often, because I’m curious?  What is a normal prayer time for you?  What do you do during your normal prayer time?

David:  Yeah, the first thing I do is praise and worship God.  I just I found a secret that when you praise and worship that attracts the presence of God and usually your…

Sid:  Now do you usually play music or nor necessarily when you praise and worship God?

David:  I usually do it without music, acappella just go out in the mountains and pray; now I have you know there is such good music out there that I’ll use a lot of times just different praise and worship.  But the secret I found is mostly what we learned from Ruth Heflin is you praise first, you do the fast.  Normally you break through praise songs and once there’s a point you don’t feel like shouting and dancing you got into intimate slow worship songs and that, right that pattern praise and then worship brings in the presence and the glory gets thicker and thicker and thicker.  Then I’ll begin to…I just don’t ask God for things, I will begin to decree things that He’s already told me.  Lord you said this so I declare that this is happening now.

Sid:  But you don’t do that until the glory realm hit’s your presence, am I right?

David:  Well yeah, I always explain it this way you went to the bank to ask for a loan and the loans officer was late and your sitting in a chair with an empty chair in front of you you’re not going to start talking to the chair in front of you and say “Well, I’m in a hurry so here’s my request.”  It’s smarter to wait until the presence of the person you want to talk to is there before you talk to him.

Sid:  And once that presence is there which comes from your worship you then proclaim things has told you or just things that you see promises in the word?

David:  Both, most people have certain things that they feel God’s told them for their destiny or day to day things or they’re always like “Lord, please do this that you said you would do.”  And I found out actually that’s not the best way to pray begging because you know we’re not beggars so he doesn’t answer those as well; but we’re kings.  So king rules by decreeing things, so I would just say “Lord I know that you said this so I decree in Jesus name that this nation opens up or these souls be saved or this government, this president that you told me I have a word for a door will open, I declare it to be open now.”  And I notice that when I do that angels just whoosh they just take off and start working it out.  So you would decree things that you already know God’s told you or and it’s usually backed by the word, and it’s got to be backed by the word of God.  Or if you’re sick in your body I don’t as much if you ever get attacked with sickness, I don’t as much ask God to heal me as I do command my body to be healed because Jesus already said he paid the price to heal us so I don’t need to ask Him, “Would you please heal me, He already wants to, you just go straight for the healing.”

Sid:  Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but do you like talk to your body, is that what you do when the body needs healing?

David:  Totally, yeah.

Sid:  So it’s not a pray you actually are talking to your body, your saying “Body get in line.” I mean do you ever get really rough with it with your words?

David:  Yeah.

Sid:  What would you do if your body had diabetes, how would you handle it, what would you do say?

David:  Oh, I would get in the presence of God’s glory and I would speak to my blood and I would say, and I would take communion and when you take communion you can tap into the DNA of God’s blood of Jesus blood line.  I say “I tap into the bloodline of Jesus and I would say take, this is My body, this is My blood Jesus said.”  And it says too that “Those who do this will never die” so I tap into the resurrection life and you start decreeing and I would worship get in the glory, speak to the body, take communion and ask for my blood to be completely resurrected with the blood of Jesus.  And that’s a whole another teaching on the DNA of God, but that’s what I would do every day until that thing broke.

Sid:  Tell me one person that was dead that came to life by a proclamation in the glory.

David:  I was in Africa preaching in a crusade and I got up to speak and the Lord said to me, “I want you to announce that there’s a woman that’s come from the hospital, her daughter was dying when she left the hospital, but announce that she’s already dead.”  And I said “Lord that’s so hard to say,” He said, “Just do it, you’ll know why later.”  So I announced, “Is there anybody here that came from the hospital your father’s dying?”  A woman comes up and says “That’s me, that’s me.”  Well unfortunately the Lord told me to tell you t that she’s dead.  And she begins weeping and wailing and then I said, “Now what Lord?”  He said, “Now raise her back from the dead, command her to come back from the dead.”  But I said, “I’m in the crusade, he said, “There’s no distance in my glory.”  Just like the Roman Centurion told Jesus, “Just speak and my servant will be healed.”  So I began to point toward the direction of the hospital, “I asked them what direction is it?”  And I just began to command her spirit to come back in her body and then kept preaching and had a great crusade and a lot of salvations and miracles.  She gets back and the doctor said to her “We told you not to leave mam that you would miss her dying, you would miss seeing your daughter go and when you left she died; but a certain hour which was the hour I was declaring it to come back in, the sheet began to move, they had covered her with a sheet and they looked and she had come back from the dead.”

Sid:  Are we going to be seeing more and more dead coming back to life as we get closer to the return of Jesus?

David:  Not only are we going to see more dead we’re going to go into a mass resurrection, just like healing use to be one on one healing.  Then we heard about mass healings or mass deliverances.

Sid:  So someone is going to go in the morgue and guy is going to go out of the business, the morgue business?

David:  Yeah, the morgue guy will probably just start preaching.

Sid:  [Laughing] It reminds me of some people I’ve interviewed have gone to deaf schools in Africa and every deaf person gets their hearing back; I often wonder what does the school do?  [Laughing]

David:  What they do is they learn how to heal the sick and just go to all… they just make their ministry healing all the sick people around the world.

Sid:  Okay, Mishpochah it’s time since God is not a respecter of persons for you to walk in everything God has for you.  Remember David as a young man said, “God there’s got to be something more.”  Some of you have prayed that prayer, that’s why David has written his revised book called “Glory Invasion” in which he’s going to tell you what the glory is, how your finances, miracles, creative miracles, can be increased in the glory.  How you can minister in the glory, how to be a carrier of the glory, how to remove all the limits in your life so you’ll be able to operate in the glory.  How to pray from your heavenly seat, what a revelation that alone is worth the book.