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Our Guest David Herzog


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with David Herzog, and we’re having fun. I want you to have fun. What happens when someone dies in a hospital? You’re having meetings in the same town and you find out about it. Is there a distance in asking God for a miracle? Could you ask for a miracle of someone in the hospital even if you’re not there? David, what happened in Gabon, Africa?

DAVID: I was in Africa. I got up to speak in this huge large outdoor healing campaign. And as I got up, God said, “Announce to the people that a girl has just died in the hospital and the mother is in the audience hoping that she’ll get healed.” So I announce this. A great way to start crusade. I announce this. And suddenly a lady comes up crying, ‘That’s my daughter. No, she can’t be dead!” And I announced, “Yes, she’s dead.” And then God said, “Now pray for her to come back from the dead.” I asked them, “Which direction was the hospital?” They pointed it out and I began to pray, “In the name of Jesus, I command her spirit to come back in her body in Jesus’ name.” And then I continued with miracle meetings and healings, and signs and wonders occur, salvations. She got home and got to the hospital. And they said, “Ma’am, when you left she died. We covered her with a sheet. But at a certain hour the sheet began to move, and we looked, and she had come back from the dead.” It was the same hour we started decreeing that the dead be raised and her spirit come back in her body.

SID: What David teaches is that when the manifest presence of God invades a place, things actually speed up. Time can literally be compressed. Tell me about the time you had to go from Paris to Belgium.

DAVID: It’s about a three-hour drive from Paris to Belgium, where I was going. And my car broke down. I put in the wrong gas. I put regular instead of diesel. But I didn’t tell the person inviting me. So I called and said, “Listen, my car broke down and I won’t be able to make it by 7:30. It’s already 7:30 now.” And it started at seven. I said, “I’ll be there in about three hours, maybe 10:30, 11. So sorry. I’ll see you there.” Got out of my car, began to worship God for a nice 45 minutes. And suddenly I started feeling lighter and lighter. I looked outside and I was in Belgium. I was in front of the church. It took me 45 minutes of me getting into a realm of glory, and then in a split second I was transported to the country in front of the building, and I walked in at 8:15. They couldn’t believe it. They were still doing the music. And they said, “I thought you were, how did you get here? Did you take a helicopter?” And I realized that God bends time. It’s like you got point A, point B, but in the Glory, no time. And what happens is the Glory begins to invade the time realm and bends the time continuum where point A and point B become the same location.

SID: Many of you have wondered how could God, the Creator of the universe, make everything we see with our eyes out of nothing. How did God do that, David?

DAVID: How did he make it out of nothing? Actually, He didn’t do it out of nothing. That’s what we’ve been taught.

SID: Right.

DAVID: But actually, the Bible says in Hebrews that He created visible things out of invisible things. And so the invisible ingredients God used was, number one, in the beginning, the spirit or presence, or glory was moving. You can’t see the spirit most of the time, but it’s there. It’s invisible. Second invisible ingredient is sound. When the Glory was there, God said, “Let there be light.” And invisible sound when it bonds with invisible glory, it creates a visible substance.

SID: You know, there’s a scientific field called quantum physics, and they’re just beginning to understand what the Book of Genesis states. If you really want to understand science look at the Bible and then have science catch up with the facts. Tell me about what you found out from science about sound.

DAVID: Sound is incredible. Sound waves are embedded in everything in creation from the time of Genesis. Even your bones and your body parts have sound. That’s why you don’t have just say, “God please heal.” You can speak to the body part and the sound waves inside the atoms, those sound waves called quirks can hear and obey human voice commands, especially if you’re a believer in the God of Israel, and you command. And we’ve seen body parts recreated by speaking to the sound waves inside the body parts to be healed.

SID: How does someone, and this happens often when we speak, they instantly lose weight. How is this actually, how is God doing this?

DAVID: Well I explain it this way. It says, “Let your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” So if you walk into Heaven right now, because of the Glory that’s there, if you are 300 pounds or you had a cancer, or anything was wrong with you, you would immediately be healed. Well that same Glory is here right now in the studio. When the Glory touches Earth the speed of Heaven hits the earth. Even right now as we’re talking, there’s people in the studio audience right now that are overweight, and you’ve been hoping to get healed. And if you’re in the studio audience right now or on TV, I want you to stand up right now where you’re at and start checking your waistline right now. Don’t wait. Just stand up. Even in the audience, the studio audience. And if you need to lose weight start checking your waistline right now. And I just release those miracles and those angels that operate in those kind of miracles now over your body. And check if there’s anything wrong with you.

SID: While you’re checking we’re going to be right back after this word. And I am really going to expect the Glory of God to speed everything up in your life: finances, health, family coming to know God. Every arena will speed up. Why? The Messiah is getting ready to return. Be right back.

Our Guest Roy Fields


SID: You know, this atmosphere and anointing, when are worshiping God, that’s what you are doing. You are worshiping God and you’re calling everyone to worship God with you. There are supernatural breakthroughs in every possible area. Tell me about the person with cancer.

ROY: Yeah. There is this lady that I was in a small meeting in a little white church, actually, in Pennsylvania. And I led worship and then I preached. And during the worship, I had noticed that this pastor had asked me to talk to this lady. I noticed that she was lifting her hands and crying, weeping. And then during the speaking part of it, I called her out because I felt the Lord tell me, this lady, it’s her time now for healing. And so I grabbed a hold of her hand and said, “Lady, what’s happening to you?” And she said, “The worship, I just appreciate the presence of God.” I said, “What’s going on with you?” And she had swelling in her leg. She had, her sneakers were busting at the seams because of the cancer. And I just felt a gift of faith or whatever. When you’re in the presence of God you can almost get away with anything. And so I just, I said, “By the spirit of God,” I said, “Lady, let’s take a walk right now.” And we started walking and the pain started leaving her body. She started feeling her swelling go down in her legs. When she left and I left, I didn’t hear from her for almost a month. And I always wanted to call back and check to see what’s going on. Well the pastor called me back and he’s freaking out on the phone. He goes, “Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy, this woman went back to the doctor and she was given the diagnosis of she’s going to die in six months with stage 4 cancer, and now today they could not find one trace of cancer in her body.”

SID: I told you there are breakthroughs. Very briefly, tell me about that atheist.

ROY: Oh there was this, yeah, there was this atheist. You know, American atheists, they’re easy to work with. You can convert them pretty quickly. But when it comes to British atheists, you need to move with God. Yeah. So there is this British atheist that I ran into just a couple of years back, and they were in one of these arenas that we did with 8000 and all that. The wife had told her husband, “I want to go to this revival meeting.” And he didn’t want nothing to do with it, but he loves his wife. They get there, and while the worship is going on, all of a sudden his wife’s ear bursts out, like pops and fluid starts coming out. And he looks at her and he says, “This has got to be God.” And all of a sudden he says he felt like it was almost like somebody had grabbed his arms and pulled him up and then pulled his legs down to the floor. And he was on his knees, I can’t do it in the studio. But he was on his knees with his hands lifted it up, and he said he heard somebody grabbing him and speaking through him, and he went “Jesus Christ is Lord!”

SID: Could you picture that? Then he heard reports, this British atheist, very refined, leads 300 people to the Lord. I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen. You go to the camera right now, Roy, because the song, “Fill This Place,” guess what the place is. It’s you. I want you to stand up and worship God, and ask Him to fill this place.

ROY: [music, singing] Lord, fill this place. Let me feel your embrace. Oh Lord touch this heart of mine with your love so divine. Let the embers burn in me. Let the fire rise to thee. You have cracked this heart of stone. You have called me as your own. Lord, fill this place. Let me feel your embrace. Oh Lord touch this heart of mine with your love so divine. Let the embers burn in me. Let the fire rise to thee. You have cracked this heart of stone. You have called me as your own. Lord, fill this place. Let me feel your embrace. Oh Lord touch this heart of mine with your love so divine. Lord, fill this place. Let me feel your embrace. Oh Lord touch this heart of mine with your love so divine. Fill this place. Let the embers burn in me. Let the fire rise to thee. Oh Lord, you have cracked this heart of stone. You have called me as your own. Lord, fill this place. Let me feel your embrace. Oh Lord touch this heart of mine with your love so divine. Lord fill this place.

Our Guest Kynan Bridges


SID: Hello. I’m Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My next Kynan had a visitation from the Lord for three months, and he was downloaded revelation from the Word of God, so that all of the promises of God will be activated in your life, and it’s wonderful. Superstars have it activated. But my Bible says we only have one superstar and his name is Jesus. And I’m telling you, he is so charged and filled with new revelation that you will never, ever be the same. Hello. You know, Kynan, you provoke me to jealousy, and that’s what you gentile believers in Jesus are supposed to do to us Jewish believers in Jesus. But at 15, the spirit of God opened your eyes and you began seeing things. Was it a little scary at first?

KYNAN: It was, Sid, at first, because without a mentor there to really mentor you in the supernatural you have to kind of fend for yourself in a way. And what God began to do with me, is He began to unload or download rather discernment, a spirit of discernment of spirits, and I began to see people and meet people, after I got filled with the Holy Spirit, that had spirits of depression, spirits of rejection.

SID: You knew that? How did you know it? Did sense it? Did you hear it? Did you see it?

KYNAN: Both actually. It’s kind of an interesting thing because in the spirit realm we don’t see with the natural eyes. We see with our spiritual eyes. And so I was able to see, sometimes it would be like weights on people or you would see a cloud, like a dark cloud over somebody or something like that, and I would instantly know that they were dealing with rejection, for example, or a spirit of depression. And so God began to do that for me at a very early age.

SID: Now in 1996, you had a vision that’s about ready to take place now. Tell me about it.

KYNAN: In ’96, I had a vision from the Lord. God began to speak to me. Again, I was a young believer, both in my walk with Christ and also my walk with Jesus, and also in my age, actually. And God began to speak to me about the coming age of the church that God is raising up a generation of people that are going to walk in a reverential fear of God, they’re going to walk in an authority, a kingdom authority, and they’re going to begin to speak things in the atmosphere, and they’re going to materialize. There’s going to be young people that are going to be teenagers that are going to be college students that are going to flow in the supernatural and purity, Sid.

SID: Now what we’re seeing, unfortunately, right now, is the opposite of what you’re saying. But yet because of what you saw you know it’s here.

KYNAN: Absolutely.

SID: It’s like this close to being here.

KYNAN: Absolutely. It’s here. It’s just a matter of time really. But I’ll say this. It starts with the Word of God. Jesus said something very profound in the Gospel of John. He actually provoked the Pharisees, because he said that, “Your Father is a man in the wilderness and they’re dead.” He said, “But my words are spirit and life.” In other words, he literally, in the Greek, that’s the word “zoe”, it means the same life that’s inside of God. The Word of God has the power to release the very life that’s inside of God. When we speak the Word we’re not just speaking something with an audible voice, but we are literally, Sid, speaking for spirit and life. And the more people do that, the more the Word, the spirit of the Word will transform their lives.

SID: You know, Kynan, when I hear you speak I want to run and grab my Bible. You’re making me so hungry for the Word of God.

KYNAN: Amen.

SID: In 1997, you heard the audible voice of God.

KYNAN: I did. This is another situation. My father was, he loved to fish, and we were coming from a trip in Pensacola. And I was looking out the window. I daydreamed a lot. Don’t tell anybody, but I used to do that.

SID: I won’t. It’s our secret.

KYNAN: But I used to daydream. And I was looking out the window and I saw the clouds open, and I heard an audible voice of God that said, “I want you to preach my Word.” And it just resonated in my spirit, Sid. That was the first time I heard the call to ministry.

SID: Okay. But then in 2008, you had visions that lasted for three months with a major call of what to do in ministry. Tell me about that.

KYNAN: Well actually, my wife was, she was newly pregnant at the time. Actually, we lived in a little apartment that didn’t have a lot of windows or anything, so there wasn’t really a lot of light at nighttime. It was very dark in our bedroom. Well God began to wake me up at three a.m. in the morning and I would see a door open, a door of light. And I would hear the Holy Spirit say to me, “Behold, I set before you an open door. I set before you an open door.” And I really didn’t know what it meant at the time. But then God began to show me, what He was taking about was the Book of Revelation, Chapter 3, Verse 8, where Jesus declares to the church, “Behold, I set before you an open door.” But he said something very key, Sid. He said, “You have kept my word and not denied my name.” And so what God began to unfold to me is that the door that He’s talking about is really the door of revelation that comes to the church, when we keep His Word and we don’t deny His name, which is really a door of authority, because the name of Jesus is the authority of Jesus. As we keep the Word of God and we stay in the authority of His name, a door of the supernatural is open to the church.

SID: Now you are so strong in your conviction and your belief. How did you get so strong, seriously?

KYNAN: Well you know, Sid, it’s a matter of choice. I believe every believer that has come to this place, you’re going to decide which side that you’re on. You’re going either be on God’s side or you’re going to be on the world’s system, and the world’s system has proven to us, Sid, that it does not work. The healthcare system has failed. We can’t trust the government. We can’t trust the systems of this world to provide for us. We can only trust the Word of God, Sid. And I made a decision, me and my whole house, that we will serve the Lord. We’re not going to move from that.

SID: Do you want to make that decision? I want you to teach a little bit and it will be easy to make that decision. Don’t go away.

Our Guest Steve Hill


SID: I’ve been thinking about so many people are going through so many problems, and they look at God as their genie, as their servant. They have it absolutely backwards. Well my guest Steve Hill doesn’t have it backwards. And let me tell you, something happened to him. I observed him before he developed cancer, and it was terminal. There’s no chance of him surviving. He was preparing for his funeral, making arrangements with his wife. And God through a great miracle spared his life. But the compassion that he has now, he’s exuding compassion. And I’ll tell you, if I have one prayer for myself and if you have one prayer for yourself, that is to have the compassion of God for a dying society. In addition to that, boy did this guy have power. I watched him out at Brownsville and he prayed for someone, and they would go flying through the air. What people that have observed him now say the power is even stronger. We’ll get to that.

STEVE: Sid, I got to jump on that right there, because two weeks ago, a man came up to me and I was leaving the church, I was going home. He comes up to me and he stands taller than I am, handsome man, dressed to the max, dressed nicer than you are today, and that’s hard to do, Brother. You need to run your own clothing line. But this guy, he goes, I said, “Who are you?” And he gave me his name. And I said, “What are you here for?” He said, “You’re Steve Hill.” I said, “Yeah.” He goes, “I want what you have.” And I said, “What do you mean?” He goes, “I just know who you are and I want what you have.” And I have never done this before. I said, “Let me have your hand.” And he put his hand like that. And I took my hand I just rubbed it across. I’ve never done this. I’ve been ministering for 37 years. Went across like that. And when I got to the tip of his fingers, the power of God shot down my arm. You don’t have to believe it. That doesn’t bother me. Shot down my arm and when my fingers touched his fingertips, it was like a break-dancer. His hand went like this. His arm went like this. His shoulders, and then he went flying backwards, hit the tile. I thought he was going to break the tile or break his neck. And he just laid there staring up like what on God’s green earth just happened to me. And I looked at him and I said, “Get him up, get him up, get him up, pick him up.” And then I went like this, I rubbed his cheek. Never done that before. Just rubbed his cheek. Wham! Hit by the power of God. Do you want to know that was?

SID: I do know, but you tell me.

STEVE: I don’t know what was.

SID: Yeah, I do know what it was. It was the power of the Lord God.

STEVE: You and I both know what I’m talking about. But I don’t know what’s going to happen with him. What on earth? Because he got like a double, triple, whatever you want to call it. I don’t know.

SID: This anointing can even be transferred through the airwaves, like on a cell phone. Tell me about one.

STEVE: Don’t get me started on cell phones. We’ll get people on cell phones. One man was in the Grand Canyon. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon. If you’re from other parts of the world, it’s big hole. It’s seven miles deep. And so this man calls from the Grand Canyon and wants me to pray for him. I’m like 3000 miles away. And I said, “Where are you standing?” Because if he’s on the edge I’ don’t want to pray for him, you know.

SID: Good thinking.

STEVE: He said, I’m in a ranger station. So he’s inside. And I’ve been to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I knew exactly where he was. And I said, “Okay, I’m going to pray for you.” I said, “Are you ready?” He goes, “Yeah.” And I said, I went, “Fire! Fire! Power of God, touch him, hit him! Hello? Hello?” His wife came up to me two hours later. He was out, man. He was still out. And she said, “The power of God hit my husband. He’s shaking under the power thousands of miles away.” Why not? If Jesus is omnipresent, if you’re in Siberia right now, he’s in Siberia. Wherever you’re watching this from, he’s there with you.

SID: I want you to look in the camera and pray for the people watching right now to receive the power, same type of power that fellow on the cell phone received.

STEVE: There’s no doubt in my mind that you are about to receive. If you are hungry for things of God then God is hungry for you. If you’re serious about Him, He’s serious about you. And I want you to look at me right now, sir, ma’am, what do you want to see? Now if you want me to pray for you that you get a million dollars in the mail, I’m sorry, you’re looking at the wrong person. But if you want to pray for the anointing, the power of God to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to see the power of God come down in our city, to see people touched by the power, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I pray God for the power of God to come down right now into that living room, into that house, into that home. Flow through that computer. Flow through that TV set. Flow through that apparatus right now. Touch, touch, touch. May the fire of the Holy Ghost envelop, envelop and touch this man, touch this woman and use them for your glory and honor in Jesus’ name. And don’t you take a drop of God’s glory. When He uses you, you give all the credit to the Lord. That’s one of the secrets of my longevity. I see miracle after miracle, after miracle because I don’t take one drop of His glory. It’s all Jesus. And none of you, you’re a vessel. Man, if it wasn’t for God you couldn’t heal a sick hummingbird. It’s Jesus flowing through you. Right now there’s somebody, let me tell you, right now there’s somebody in a cloud. You were in a dark cloud and God is going to bring you out of that dark cloud. But once you get out, here’s what the Lord is saying to you: Move, keep moving. The Lord is saying to you, I cannot steer a car that is not sitting still. You need to move forward in the things of God. Quit sitting still. Go after God. Worship the Lord. Read the Word, not for others, but for you.