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Our Guest John McTernan

Sid: I have on the telephone and I’m speaking to him at his office in Millerstown, Pennsylvania John McTernan. John formally for 26 years was a Federal Agent he was with the Internal Security Division of the IRS. He’s also cofounder of International Cops for Christ. But the reason I’m interviewing him is he had an encounter with the Living God in which God showed him that God is a holy God and there are judgments that have been coming on America but such a precise point that when a sin like abortion or a homosexual rally or things of that nature occurred the exact day that they occur there have been hurricanes or the stock market has crashed. And you know if it had been a week later I’d say “Well coincidence but he had events well documented in his book “God’s Final Warning to America.” Now John on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about chapter 2 of your book which is called “The Israel Connection” why does God cause specific judgments to happen to America when America goes against Israel, why is that?

John: Well Sid I think for 2 reasons number 1 the prophet Joel chapter 3 when you look at verse 1 & 2 specifically in verse 2 specifically that He’s going to judge the nations who have parted or have divided the land. And that’s exactly what Clinton is doing right now through President Clinton we’re putting enormous pressure on Israel to literally give 1/3 of Jerusalem away and the West Bank which is Judea and Samaria which the Jewish people have by covenant. It’s a covenant by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and if fact circumcision when you look at Genesis chapter 17 verses 7 – 10 up to verse 11 you’ll see that God gave circumcision as the sign of that covenant which is over the land which the Jewish people keep that covenant until today. And then God is…I also believe that the United States is interfering with God’s prophetic plan. God has a prophetic plan for our redemption and the final redemption of the nations through Israel and through Jerusalem and through the nation of Israel. And we are weakening Israel and we are actually as an impediment towards God fulfilling that plan. And I believe with all of my heart Sid that if it’s necessary God will remove us as a great world power so that He can continue with His prophetic plan for Israel.

Sid: Okay in your book and in yesterday’s broadcast you talked about something called the Madrid Peace Process when President Bush, the Father of our current president was in office, it began October 31, 1991 tell me what occurred and what judgment happened literally the same day.

John: Well Sid President Bush went over to Madrid Spain and this was the so called Peace Process but I see it as just a code word as forcing Israel to give away the covenant land along with well 1/3 of Jerusalem. Well on that very day which you mentioned October 31, 1991 while President Bush was over in Madrid, Spain this freakish storm developed in the north Atlantic. Now…

Sid: Why do you call it freakish storm?

John: Well it turns out to be almost a hurricane…to be a hurricane a storm has to have sustained winds of 74 miles an hour or greater. And this storm the winds were 73 miles an hour or greater so it wasn’t technically classified as a hurricane but it developed in the end of October in the north Atlantic which is unheard of and if you could picture this in your mind the prevailing winds in our country are from west to east. Storms generally come from will say California to the east coast. But sometimes they’ll start in the west they’ll start like in the gulf area and come up and they’ll go eastward. Do you have that pictured in your mind Sid?

Sid: I do.

John: This storm started in the north Atlantic and came a thousand miles the wrong way, it came westward rather than eastward. So here you have in late October a virtual hurricane forming not in tropic waters (Chuckling) but in the cold north Atlantic and if that’s not enough the storm comes against the prevailing winds. Now this happened at the precise moment that, we will say I want to make sure that we get the right President, but I was going to say Senior but the former President George Bush while he’s over there initially he is personally initiating the Madrid Peace Process initiated by him. While he’s speaking there’s a bazaar storm is forming and in fact Sid the storm was so odd and strange, did you hear last summer or read the book by any chance called “The Perfect Storm.”

Sid: No but obviously I’m familiar with it.

John: Okay that’s this storm.

Sid: Hm.

John: That’s this storm Sid that they actually made a Hollywood movie about.

Sid: Okay on the date that President Bush the father of our current president was President and he began what was called the Madrid Peace Process which was giving up land for peace so to speak in Israel. On October 31, 1991 was the same day of what was known as The Perfect Storm hit the east Coast of America?

John: Yes Sid.

Sid: And in your book you say that it not only hit the east coast but it hit a specific city and a specific house tell me about that? (Chuckling)

John: Sid (Chuckling) God has a sense of humor he does it hit Kennebunkport, Maine which is the residences of both former President George Bush but not only that the eyewitnesses watch his house being devastated by huge waves 30’ high…

Sid: He’s in Madrid Spain and his house is being hit by this hurricane force wind.

John: Well actually to be completely totally accurate Sid it was the next day the storm was forming and heading his way while he was speaking and the very next day it hit his home. The waves were 30’ high the ocean in front of his house rose up in anger this was the eye witness account and waves 30’ high and he had to come back to his home to access the damage and to start rebuilding.

Sid: Now if that was the only case that was being cited by John we could really call it coincidence but Mishpochah he’s got a book filled with homosexual events in America, a judgment and pro-abortion rally a judgment, a anti-Israel move by the United States a judgment. Tell me some more things that have happened as a result of our country being anti-Jewish people having the land of Israel.

John: Sid in 1993 I’m going to make it ’94 now January of 1994 former President Clinton met with the late Assad of Syria, I just can’t think of his first name right now Assad. He passed away last year well anyway they met in Geneva, Switzerland and it was over Israel and that’s why they met. And this was on a Sunday night I was sitting on the floor in front of my TV and I had my dog next to me I’m going to make it real personal here. I was watching the news the late news and it said “President Clinton today in Geneva, Switzerland met with Premier Assad of Syria.” And I listened to Clinton’s speech and he was standing behind a pulpit and he directly without any guess of words said “That Israel is going to have to be willing to give back the Golan Heights to Syria for peace and that the Israelis might not like it.” And I’m paraphrasing it but this is the essence of what he said but they’re going to have to do it and Assad was next to him. Well Sid the hair literally went up on the back of my neck when I listened to this. I said “Lord he’s bringing judgment on us. He is going to force Israel he’s going to use the power of the United States to force Israel to give the Golan Heights to Syria which will put Israel in a tremendous weakened military position.” I went to bed I woke up the next morning I turned on the news and what had happened but the massive Los Angeles Earthquake. It occurred not more than 12 hours after President Clinton was bullying Israel well from behind the podium saying that you will have to Israel might not like it that’s what he said but for peace their going to have to give the Golan Heights away. And within 12 hours of us threatening Israel over the land we had a tremendous earthquake that did phenomenal damage. And Sid I have it in the book I have it documented the earthquake that hit it’s called the Northridge Earthquake the scientist never found the fault that caused it it just happened. It was actually 2 earthquakes in 1 it rose up and shook back and forth and it has the scientists baffled because they can’t explain really the scientific cause of this earthquake. Plus Northridge is a pornography capital of the United States which I didn’t know at the time but 90% of the video pornography in the United States is made in Northridge, California. And that was the very epic center of this earthquake.

Sid: You know we don’t have enough time to go into it on today’s broadcast but in your book you’ve got a document what occurred the exact day that President Clinton was humiliated internationally by an illicit sex scandal and what he did. I mean there is such a correlation that I have to be candid with you I’m reading the book and I’m saying to myself the next time I hear about a big pro-abortion rally I may short the market I mean the stock market may go down because this has happened so much.

Our Guest John McTernan

Sid: I have on the telephone John McTernan. John spent 26 years in the Eternal Security Division of the IRS; he’s cofounder of International Cops for Christ. And on October 11th in 1987 he was looking on television and saw homosexual gathering and the week following witnessed the greatest one week stock market decline in the markets history up to that point. And then God supernaturally began to speak to him and told him that he had no fear of God. Although if you would have asked him a day earlier “Do you fear God?” He’d say “Of course I fear God” but something supernatural happened to him and he realized that he didn’t have a fear of God and he realized that there would be direct repercussions to the day of sins that occur in the United States of America. And he began documenting these. He found out that every hurricane that has hit the United States since 1989 has been directly tied to either abortion or homosexuality. And then on yesterday’s broadcast John we were talking about Gay Pride Day and it was on June 28, 1992 tell me about what occurred.

John: Yes Sid this is the very centerpiece in the book and if this incidence had happened alone these earthquakes that fell on Gay Pride Day and I had nothing else but that I would gone around telling people “God’s final warning to America,” that’s how awesome the event is which I’m about to tell you is. On June 28, 1992 the very morning Gay Pride Day 2 massive earthquakes occurred in southern California. One is called “The Landers Quake” that was 7.6 on the rectors scale that was Bear Mountain Quake that was 6.5. But we’re going to zero on “The Landers Quake.” That was the fourth greatest earthquake of last century I almost said this century but last century to hit the United States. And remember now that there is just a handful of earthquakes to hit the United States 7.0 or greater on the rector scale I mean that’s a massive earthquake and there’s only a handful of days that are Day Pride Day and the chances of them falling together are infinitesimal but it happened and it shook southern California. In fact when you look at a newspaper article or excuse me the Los Angeles Times for that day the headline the front page all that’s on the front page is the Gay Pride March and all the rest about the earthquakes and the damage done by the earthquakes. And it’s interesting when you look at the article about the homosexual parade it said that they had to brave the earthquakes to march. And in God’s word it says He destroys nations Leviticus chapter 18 says “He destroys nations that promote homosexuality.” Well what happened Sid was that shortly afterwards God just got this to me. I mean I don’t sit down and read scientific journals but I was in the waiting room of a doctor’s office and here was s scientific journal called “Earth.” And on it had a Lander’s Quake and I began to read this article and literally I was astonished my joy dropped because of all of the earthquakes that ever occurred Sid that has been studied by seismologists. This particular one this particular one Lander’s Quake was different than every other earthquake and remember this was on the very morning of Gay Pride Day. So I start to read this article and this is why this is the centerpiece of the book. This article went on to say that “No other earthquake this earthquake was unique in the history of studying earthquakes.” Number 1 it jumped from fault to fault gaining power. Normally it runs one fault and then stops. But that this one was jumping from fault to fault to fault getting stronger and stronger and stronger and then it just stopped I don’t know why but it just stopped. And on top of it and what made this so unique in the history of studying earthquakes it set off earthquakes 800 miles away. This was mind boggling to the scientists this was the first time that they ever were able to document that an earthquake in one location set earthquakes off 800 miles away. That earthquake set off about 15 to 20 earthquakes throughout the western section of the United States instantly following the Landers Quake. It shook 2 volcanic mountains in northern California Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen. Literally the entire western section of the United States of the morning of Gay Pride Day was ringing like a bell. We nearly Sid this is how important this is…if God didn’t stop this earthquake from gaining it’s strength it was right next to the San Andreas Fault this earthquake was almost bordering the San Andreas Fault the one that they had in California. And it set 4.0 and 5.0 earthquakes all over the western section of the United States. Well Sid imagine what would have happened if this earthquake didn’t stop at 7.6 and it continued on toward the San Andreas Fault. And these earthquakes around the western section of the United States instead of being 5.0’s they were 7 and 8.0 and Denver came down and Phoenix came down, Salt Lake City came down. And all of those railroads and all of the roads were broken and the conduits and Los Angeles and southern California was leveled. We would have been finished as a nation we would have had millions of people dead refugees how would we every provide for them. I mean we’re on the verge of on Gay Pride Day June 28, 1992 with that earthquake and triggering all of those earthquakes in the western section of the United States, we are on the verge of God as far as I’m concerned calling it in bringing a huge judgment and calling it in to us as a nation.

Sid: John the title of your book “God’s Final Warning to America” what do you mean by that? I mean I understand English is this final warning the things that you’ve accumulated that every sin America does you can correlate a tragedy or a stock market going down or I mean you’ve done this on so many events how much longer do we have of these warning judgments?

John: Sid I believe that with all of my heart that we’re out of time God in His grace has given us warning after warning after warning and the church has failed to respond Sid. I believe these warnings are for the church to put it together and we’re not Sid. For some reason we’re not responding, I can go to my personal reason for believing it for telling you why I don’t think the church is responding. But I we’re out of time God has warned us that the judgments are getting more and more severe, they’re coming more and more frequently. We’re really receiving tremendous warnings now over Israel and pushing Israel…

Sid: Alright you have raised an important question this is in chapter 2 of your book “The Israel Connection” explain that.

John: Sid I saw the connection between abortion and homosexuality in 1987.

Sid: As far as judgment.

John: Right.

Sid: When anything to do with homosexuality and abortion occurs the same day Mishpochah a judgment hits America, but what about Israel?

John: Well Sid I first notice Israel you remember Hurricane Andrew?

Sid: Of course.

John: Hurricane Andrew was up until this time the greatest natural disaster ever to hit the United States. It was literally like a 30 mile wide tornado it leveled whole areas of southern Florida 100’s of 1000’s of homes were destroyed and of course it went into Louisiana and damaged there also. Now if you look, and I have this I saved this newspaper USA for that day August of that was August of ’92. Yes that was August of ’92 on the front page it’s all Hurricane Andrew and on the bottom right hand side it talks about the Madrid peace process meets for the first time in Washington. That’s all that’s on the first page of that newspaper is all destruction by Hurricane…

Sid: Okay what was was the sin of the Madrid Peace Conference?

John: The Madrid Peace Conference was really just code word for Israel to give up Jerusalem or at least part of Jerusalem and at least part of the covenant land. It was “Peace for Israel to give away land to Syria” and to form a Palestinian nation. The day that the Madrid Peace process was transferred from Spain and they met for the first time in the United States that’s when Hurricane Andrew hit. You can look on if anybody has access to a library and they have USA Today you can go back to August of 1992 you will see on the front page everything about Hurricane Andrew and an article about the Madrid Peace Process. And my eye Sid I can remember to this day I was looking at it I was scanning it I was looking for Hurricane Andrew and I caught the Madrid Peace Process. I looked up and I looked down and I looked up and I said “We’ve fallen into judgment.”

Sid: Is there any chance…is there a correlation because at that time President Bush Sr. was President and he had one of the highest approval ratings of any President in history. And then most people were shocked that he lost to President Clinton is there any correlation between the two?

John: Yes Sid if there’s one thing I wish I could go back and I should have done in listening to the Lord this is it. I was following former President Bush was… I use the word bullying Israel and the United Nations over resolutions. And it was about 6 or 8 resolutions…resolutions that were promoted by the Bush administration condemning Israel and in the over what is going on with the land there in 1991, 92 and I would see the resolution and I would hear President Bush condemn Israel. And then a week later there would be a poll out and his popularity was coming down and coming down. Now to me I was watching this and I was say “Oh no he’s forcing Israel and God’s going to remove him, God’s going to remove him.” And I remember telling people that and I remember going…

Sid: Woops we’re out of time.