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Our Guest David Hernandez



DAVID: And so I recognized in that moment that you can’t demand worship!


AUDIENCE: That’s right.


DAVID: Worship cannot be demanded. It’s cultivated!


AUDIENCE: Oh, that’s right!

DAVID: It’s only by the Holy Spirit. All true worship comes from revelation, not from information. Information makes you think. Revelation makes you worship. And when revelation comes from the Holy Spirit it’s not that you have to be coached into worshipping. It naturally overflows because of the revelation you’ve received. So He says true worshippers are going to worship me in spirit and in truth. Not by tradition, not by mandate, not by demands, not by structure, though structure has its place. But He is saying that true worship is going to overflow because of what the Holy Spirit does in our hearts! You know the scripture talks about holy beings flying around the Father 24/7 singing Holy, holy, holy is the Lord! You often notice in the scripture that whenever someone cries holy it’s because the Lord has revealed Himself. Do you realize that these beings for all of eternity are flying around Him singing holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy? That for all of eternity each time they come full circle they capture new revelation of God?




DAVID: And it brings out a response. They have, people say how can they worship for all of eternity? It’s because for all of eternity they’re receiving revelation. Worship moves the shift, it takes shift from your needs to focusing on Jesus. There’s a song, now to me it’s old, I apologize if it’s was one of the new ones back in your day for worship, but Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus?




DAVID: Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. It’s poetic, it’s beautiful, it’s true. And you’re looking at Jesus the light of His face is so brilliant everything else goes dim. So the prayer request removes the inner chaos, allows you to focus on the revelation which moves you into worship. Much easier than the way I was doing it. And then I won’t spend too much time on this one cause I want to, I want more time for the last one here. The third one is resisting. This is spiritual warfare. Now many of you know about spiritual warfare. But I will say this. Anything that sin and the devil does in this earth can be undone through prayer! When you’re praying in the spirit, when you enter that realm of intercessor you become an agent of God’s dominion and authority in the earth! And you, when you speak, you may be over here but someone over there can receive. You know the thing about prayer is it’s impossible to accomplish nothing in prayer. For every moment you are praying you are growing! For every moment you are praying you are accomplishing something whether you see it immediately or not! We’ll be praying for somebody and we talk to them and they seem so resistant to the Gospel. The truth is despite the facade that they place before your eyes, because of the faith that you have you can know with certainty that when you’re warring for somebody’s soul, when you’re warring for a situation that you are making impact!




DAVID: That’s spiritual warfare. John chapter 6, Jesus is talking in verse 53. Remember the fourth one is reading.       Let me show you something very powerful that happens when you’re reading the Word because it’s not just reading a book. It’s not a biography. You’re experiencing a Person! He is the Word and Jesus Himself says that this is a supernatural thing. I know the binding and the pages and the ink are of our earth but this is a supernatural experience every time you open the Bible! Okay. So verse 53. This is Jesus talking. Is this blessing you?



DAVID:    Okay. This is Jesus talking. I tell you the truth. Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood you cannot have eternal life within you. But anyone who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life and I will raise the person at the last day. What’s He talking about in the last day? He’s talking about the resurrection. Before that He says I’m the bread that comes down. What is that? That’s the incarnation. When He comes down to earth that is the incarnation. Say it with me the incarnation.


AUDIENCE: Incarnation.


DAVID: When the flesh and blood are mentioned that is His crucifixion. So He’s already painting a picture here. He’s talking about a journey and we go on a similar journey. I won’t have time to go into that. But He goes from incarnation to crucifixion. The incarnation is when the Holy Spirit took the unknowable God, as far as can be comprehended by the human mind, when He took the limitless God, when He took the eternal God, the   incomprehensible God and made Him a man, and Jesus was everything of God in the flesh. I can’t even comprehend that but when you see Jesus you see the Father. Incarnation: God becoming man. Spirit becoming flesh. Carnal. Meat. Carnivore. Same thing. Incarnation. Incarnation. Crucifixion. Then He says: I live because of the living Father who sent Me. In the same way, anyone who feeds on Me will live because of Me. What’s He talking about there? That’s the very next breath. He’s talking about His resurrection. So Incarnation. Crucifixion. Resurrection. Now watch this. He goes straight into the other one. And Jesus was aware that His disciples were complaining. They’re like what is He talking about cause none of this has happened yet. So He says does this offend you? Then what will you say or think if you see the Son of Man ascend to heaven again? Are you seeing it? Incarnation. Crucifixion. Resurrection. Ascension. Now this is what, this is where it really takes a strange turn. So He’s talking about this process. Okay? And I’m reading this and going okay, this is good. And then He makes a sudden switch. Just like that! And He says: The Spirit alone gives life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words, the very words, I have spoken to you are spirit and life.  Okay, there’s a lot here. Incarnation. Crucifixion. Resurrection. Ascension. What do you think this is talking about? You know Jesus said I can’t send the Holy Spirit until I go to my Father. Now why is that? I wondered that. Why is it Lord You had to go up before He could come down? And the Holy Spirit by the way is literally down to earth which is why He can work with us so well. I said Lord, why is that? Well, look at my I-Pad. I’ve got a lot of sermons on here. But if I were to ever misplace my I-Pad, my sermons, my pictures, my audio they’d all be gone! But there’s something amazing about my I-Pad. There’s something amazing about your phone. That the information you have gets stored in what we call a cloud. Jesus ascended on? A cloud.


AUDIENCE: A cloud.


DAVID: The Word becomes flesh. Crucified. Resurrection. Ascension. Translation. Now the Lord is Spirit. Why does it say now? Because then it wasn’t. But now the Lord is Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Adam was one thing but Christ, the scripture says, became a life-giving spirit. This is His translation. What am I saying to you? I’m saying just as my information, because you know you think about Jesus and all He had to touch and all He had to do. Think just for an example when Jairus’ daughter was dying and they come for the Master and He goes to Jairus and on His way there this woman with the issue of blood stops Him in the middle of the tracks. I’ll tell you if I was Jairus I’d be angry and furious with this woman who stopped Jesus! He’s on His way to rescue my daughter and you stop Him? Can’t, you waited 12 years, can’t you wait a little longer?




DAVID: That’s what I would have thought. Jesus was somewhat limited in a physical body. But when He ascended He became the life-giving spirit. The Holy Spirit is Jesus on the cloud! How then does Christ become one with you? The very words I speak are spirit and life. When you read the Word the Holy Spirit takes from the cloud a download and puts it in you!




DAVID: When you read the Word Christ becomes incarnate in you! See Christians say I don’t believe in reincarnation! Yes, you do. Christ is re-incarnated in you!




DAVID: So then prayer is not an upload. It’s a download. You are Adam 2.0. You got a software upgrade!




DAVID: And we experience that download when we read the Word! Did that bless you?




DAVID: Okay!

Our Guest Ron Phillips



RON: Hallelujah. Hallelujah! You won’t need to come up. But the Lord’s healed me of sugar diabetes. I had it when I had open heart surgery. I don’t have it now. Ah, it’s gone. My sugar is – I know I’m big but my arteries, I just had a, I just had a cart cath. My arteries are clear. I just had a lung, I have no problem with my lungs. But I do need to lose this weight cause my knees hurt. I’ll pray for that in a minute too. But if you’ve got sugar stand up. We’re just going to declare it gone right now. Hypoglycemia sugar right now in the name of Jesus. Now listen to me. Look at me. Now you could ask anybody in this room that has eaten with me today I’ve had no sugar. Last night I ate some fish. I’m trying to eat right. Now me praying for you isn’t going to do any good if you head for the Dairy Queen as soon as you leave here!




RON: Cause that’s what I’d do. Get one of those cones dipped in chocolate. You know what I mean.




RON: Or Lord heal me after I go through the Krispy Kreme.




RON: You know where it says that brethren I wish above all that you may prosper as your soul prospers?



RON: That’s not talking about your salvation. Souls is psyche. It’s your mind. Your thinking. You’ll prosper when you’re not stupid anymore.




RON: So we got to, we got to do what our good Christian physicians tell us to do. Now there’s some forms of this that people are born with and I believe God’s going to heal that so I’m not picking at anybody. But I’ve been there. I know about met form and insulin and all the drugs. Amen? And I really believe right now let’s hold our hands up and let’s – I’m going to pray this with you. Lord, I’ve suffered with this myself. I know how it saps your strength and how it bounces up and down. You feel like you can’t move one minute and you’re high energy the next. And Lord these good folk are like me. I ask you to balance their bodies, Lord, like the Garden of Eden. But Lord I pray as You do this you’ll bring people into their life and knowledge into their mind and heart to help them to obey Your laws to get their bodies in line with the Word of God. In Jesus’ name! Amen!




RON: Say I’m healed in the name of Jesus!




RON: Well let me go and get to it. And I’m not going to ask you the rest of you to stand up but if you struggle with weight issues like I do hold your hand up. O Lord!




RON: Paul said I beat my body to bring it into subjection. We got to, we got to decide that we’re going to cooperate with the Holy Spirit but you need to understand that I know that you got a girlfriend and she can eat a half-gallon of ice cream every night and she’s this big around.




RON: You go to the donut place you eat one, she eats six!




RON: Or a buddy. He’s drinking a six-pack and eating fried onion rings and weighs a 130 pounds.




RON: But the fall of Adam created a lot of this too, you know, the imbalances that we have. But how many of you will agree with me for the next 12 months we’re going to let God do something about it in our lives?




RON: But we also know that we need some correction in our hormonal balances and that He’ll give us directions about that in our life. Father, we pray right now, we confess, Lord, that we’ve allowed some of this. Lord that we haven’t done and made the right choices in our lives all the time. So Lord we bring ourselves before You and pray, Lord, we want to live longer! In Jesus’ name. Amen!




RON: Now I’ve got a knee replacement on my right knee. They want to do it on my left knee. And I don’t want it! I think this time God’s going to heal my knee!


AUDIENCE: Hallelujah!


RON: Is there anybody else here that’s got knees? Stand up if you have knees.




RON: I know you got knees. I mean knees that hurt. You know what I’m talking – I heard them!




RON: My wife says I have this angel with me now because I can’t remember stuff so – how many of you have had a replacement and have at least one replacement hold your hand up? All right. I want to tell you something. In Psalm 22 when Jesus was crucified He said all my joints are out. So I believe He died for our joints. So let’s just claim it together right now. Lord, we pray you’d restore our joints, our knees. You’d heal us of osteoarthritis and bursitis and all the things that come with this age. Lord, we want to serve you! We want to be able to walk Your walk and talk Your talk! So Lord we pray that You’d speak to the lame and that they’d be healed as You promised in Hebrews and Lord that Your healing grace and power would come upon our joints in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Amen and Amen!




RON: You may be seated. This is a little bit tougher and then I’m done. I’m going to quit. I’m done. The Lord’s revealed to me that there’s probably a younger woman here and you’re really worried about your marriage. Really worried about it. Everybody close your eyes. If that’s you just throw your hand up and put it down real quick. I don’t want anybody – Okay, God bless. God bless. God bless. The Lord wants me to speak this into your spirit. You be the person you’re supposed to be whatever that mate, your mate’s doing. You do the right thing. Father, in the name of Jesus these men they’re praying for right now need a wife, not a preacher. They don’t even know it some of them. And these are good woman who’ve lifted their hands in this room. And some of them are dealing with a bunch of hell right now so I claim Hosea chapter 2 around their mates. That you’d put a hedge of thorns around those men and cause any wrong influence to turn from them right now in the name of Jesus. That they would open their eyes behind that hedge of thorns and realize as Hosea’s wife did that it was better for them with their mate than where they are now. And you have turned them back and when they come home to their wife and God, and I know they’re still there, but Lord when they really come with all their love and all their heart back that you’d give that wife, these women grace enough to speak comfortably to them, to see them restored, their marriage restored. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus. There’s someone here who’s already been forsaken and probably already rode through a divorce. Nothing you can do about it at this point. Some of you even the fellas done and remarried somebody else. The Lord’s telling me to tell you this is not a lack of love but put a tombstone over the past. Cut the chains of hatred and anger away and walk into your new life right now in the name of Jesus. Now Father I pray for each one of these and the churches they represent and the ministries they represent and Lord even when they get home Sunday to that place you’re calling them that they’ll feel the mercy drops falling and then the Latter Rain. Lord, let us hear the thunder of the Latter Rain. Let us live long enough, Lord, to see our children and grandchildren in a revival, Lord, a real awakening. And Lord we expect the third day that this time it’s not only going to be a revival of the Church but You going to exalt the Church and raise up her prestige and her nobility in this nation and in this Western and Eastern civilization that the Church, the real true Church of Jesus, the One New Man Church, the Zion Church will rise! And that, Lord, You’ll raise us up in power to have a Last Days harvest before You raise us up in the Rapture! And Father we give You praise and honor and glory for Sid Roth, for the team here. We pray every financial blessing and resource they need to get done what You want to get done here. We pray health and strength and extended years in his life. We pray Father for blessing and favor to be upon everyone who blesses this ministry. Help them to know, Lord, if they’ve got seed through this ministry especially into Israel they are in line for the Genesis 12:3 blessing. Let them receive it, let them believe it in Jesus’ mighty name! Amen! You’ve got to shout!



Our Guest Shawn Bolz

TERRY: That is my username.


SHAWN: That?s amazing! What is it? Is it Psalm 91?


TERRY: No. Actually someone gave me that way before the 911 happened.


SHAWN: Okay. So I felt like, I?m so glad you?re a real person. I felt like the Lord says –




SHAWN: ?you live in a pleasant place. What does that mean to you? Have you lived in a pleasant place? Is there a pleasance or anything


TERRY: I live on Pleasant Hill Church Road.


SHAWN: Come on! There you go! You live in a pleasant place.




SHAWN: Wow! Well God knows you. I felt like God said you?ve done a lot of Christian TV?




SHAWN: Have you done other projects, like other big projects?


TERRY: Uh, yes. I?ve worked for Christian TV in PTL years.


SHAWN: Oh for years?


TERRY: Yes. I worked there.


SHAWN: I just felt like you need to know that God?s going to honor you for your years of service and that the honor actually has a manifestation on this side of eternity for a blessing of resource. And I don?t know how He?s going to do it but He?s going to bless you and your family in a way that –




SHAWN: You need to understand like God?s seen the faithfulness. So you like you?ve given so many man-hours and if you had done this in like a secular television way you would have had a compensation for it that?s different than doing it for the Christian television world for all these years. And I feel like God is saying I want to show you what your sacrifice paid for here and in heaven. I want to show you the souls, like I saw Him saying one for this network and one for your treasury in heaven. One for – like you?re going to be counted so much treasure in heaven for what you?ve done but also on the earth God is saying you?re going to see His pleasantness in the land of the living. You?re living on Pleasant Hill. I think the Lord is saying that you?re going to –




SHAWN: You?re going to see His pleasant pleasure in the land of the living. And so something?s going to shift. And even as a sign of this you?re going to have some sort of vacation sown into you over the next 12 months as a signpost that God?s going to sow into your rest and He?s going to sow into your pleasantness, you?re having pleasant seasons and He sees you.


TERRY: Amen!


SHAWN: Amen! Bless you!




SHAWN: That?s awesome! Thank you.


TERRY: Thank you.




SHAWN: Wow! Is she here? Okay, so tell me is this DBLASS07?


LINDA: Yes, sir. It?s my email address.


SHAWN: What?s your name?


LINDA: Linda. Diane.


SHAWN: Linda Diane? I put Diane Linda so that makes sense.




SHAWN: Did you work for a bank at some point?




SHAWN: And so did you transfer straight here after a bank?




SHAWN: Okay. So you worked for some other stuff first?


LINDA: Yes I did. I worked for a bank 23, about 25 years.


SHAWN: Okay. I?m just going to grab your hand. And Holy Spirit You showed me this because You know how to get to her and You know how to speak to her and she hears You very clearly already. But I pray, the Lord is saying that He showed me this because He?s about to speak to you another installment and you left the financial world and you left some of the other careers that your aspirations were high but then you met God in a kingdom way and your aspirations became higher and He?s about to fulfill part of the greater destiny word that He gave you over 12 years ago. He?s going to fulfill some of that word. He?s going to start to bring it back up again like this is one of the first points of bringing it back up. He?s going to speak to you in some prophetic ways. Then He?s going to give you a word of wisdom like a map on how to walk it out and I?m seeing you like getting so energized so there?s something in your body that?s been, have you had like a physical energy problem lately? Have you been like?




SHAWN: There?s a?


LINDA: Extremely tired.


SHAWN: Yeah. And so God is going to heal this. It?s an exhaustion that hits you. But there?s something, there?s an imbalance in your system but we don?t have to worry about it cause God?s going to correct it.


LINDA: Amen!


SHAWN: And it?s not been serious but it?s been enough to steal time. So I pray over you right now that there be no more time stolen, that you would feel invigorated right now! That you would wake up tomorrow as if you had the full sleep that you had. That you?d go to sleep but you?d have full energy all the way until you?re supposed to sleep. That there?d be no more problem. Lord balance out her system in Jesus? name. And your next season?s going to be totally different than all of this! All of this! And the Lord says you paid a price for it. You?re going to get it in Jesus? name!


LINDA: Amen! Amen! Thank you.


SHAWN: Bless you. You got called out of your office. How cool! Wow!




SHAWN: Is there a, is there a June?? Are you June?? Hi June. All of a sudden I see, do you look familiar to me. Have we ever met each other?? No?? Are you from Vermont??


JUNE: Yes.


SHAWN: Okay, maybe that?s why because my wife?s from Vermont and I saw her face and I thought maybe we?d met. Okay, so my wife?s from Vermont which is crazy. Whatever you grabbed I saw your hand. The Lord says you have heavenly hands. What does that mean??


JUNE: That?s the name of my massage business.




SHAWN: Oh come one! This is getting crazy. God is so good! He knows you.




SHAWN: Umm, Fairhaven?? I wrote that one more word. What is that??


JUNE: That?s where I lived.


SHAWN: That?s where you lived??




SHAWN: So do you live here in the region now in Charlotte??


JUNE: I do.


SHAWN: And so I feel like God is saying that He?s finally going to place you for why you came here. I feel like you came here and you?ve done a lot of different types of things and it?s been really hard. It hasn?t been easy. And I feel like God is saying I know where you come from. I know what I?ve given you and I?m going to place that deep gift of bringing heaven through your hands which is your works, I?m interpreting it now as if it?s a vision, bringing heaven through your hands which is your works. You?re a powerful woman and you?re a powerful friend and I feel like God is saying I?m going to place you now. You?re going to feel like your roots go so deep, you?re going to feel like your connections all come, like your favor all comes to what it?s for. I feel like you keep getting like this favor, it?s almost like charming, like where people just like you but nothing ever comes from it. The Lord is saying you?re about to land in the favor of heaven and you?re about to have such deep roots in this land. I feel like He?s saying I?ve called you here. Now you?re going to know why you?re called here. And I saw Fair Haven. I feel like this is going to be a fair haven for the favor in what you walk in. It?s been unfair how you?ve been treated here and I feel like the Lord is saying it?s going to be so fair so something must have happened that was wrong here but the Lord says I correct everything. I work all things for your good and even better! So bless you. Bless you, June.


JUNE: Thank you.


SHAWN: That?s awesome! WOW!




SHAWN: Can I try one more? We got to, we got to switch. Can I try another one? Is that good? Are we good? Okay. I?m having fun. Those of you watching this is what you get to do. And you just about, you guys this has been about three years of development so this isn?t like 20 years of development. Three years of developing the word of knowledge. And I feel like this is baby stuff compared to where God?s going to bring us all in to. And I remember I went to one of the schools of ministry and there?s like 1500 people and I started to teach this and I said now you guys break up into groups and you guys get words for each another. And one of the guys goes ?I got a phone number!? And then another girl goes ?call it!? And I go I never thought of that.




SHAWN: I was just carrying them around hoping I?ll meet the person that it belongs to and they called it and prophesied over a woman on the phone who?s not saved and began to tell her things about her body and pray for healing over her and she came to church that Sunday and I just thought I never thought of it! I?m so stupid! Like I?m so –




SHAWN: My imaginations not big enough for what God wants to do. So God wants to do some crazy stuff and who knows if we call them it?s not going to hurt you. Umm, is there, umm, oh I don?t know, another, maybe it?s another lighting person, Rachel, because I saw a lot of lights. Rachel?


PERSON: That?s our lighting person.


SHAWN: Oh my gosh! So we have two lighting. So this is cool.


PERSON: Let her tell you what she studies in school. Ask her.


SHAWN: What are you studying in school? Oh, you got a mic.


RACHEL: I just finished my second year of my MFA in lighting design. [laughing]


SHAWN: OH, COME ON! I want to meet with you in the future. Okay. So I saw Peter and there was that time when he was up on the roof and he goes into a trance and in a vision and a sheet comes down.

RACHEL: Um-huh.


SHAWN: And I felt like God was saying that He?s going to give you things to do that are outside of your current box and He?s saying that like He?s bringing that kind of encounter, like a sheet encounter to you to show you something that would be completely that you didn?t know you were prepared to be doing.


RACHEL: I should tell you my last name is Sheets. [laughing]






SHAWN: Come on! That?s amazing! Only God knows our language! He?s so good! So He?s even using your own name as a parable to you!




SHAWN: That He?s going to give you something that?s outside of your box and sort of some of the project?s going to be outside of the box of the current Christianity. I feel like there?s almost like you?re going to teach or do something that?s going to be involved in some live events and you?re going to be involved with some things that have never been done before, have never been thought of before. And I?m seeing like immersive experience around people and I feel like God is saying ?get ready? because I?ve such an important and valuable destiny in front of you. You can?t miss it! Go ahead.


RACHEL: Okay. I?m leaving on a year internship that starts July 5th at a theater. My background isn?t in theater.


SHAWN: Oh come on!


RACHEL: But I suddenly I just started doing it and getting this degree and all of this. You know ?


SHAWN: I?m telling you God?s –


RACHEL: I want some experience!


SHAWN: He is confirming to you and I feel like He is saying thank you for being my friend and listening to me this far. It?s My joy to give you the rest!




SHAWN: Bless you, Rachel Wow! God is so good! Wow!