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Our Guest Rob DeLuca

Sid:   Now my guest hast to be red hot for the Messiah, his name is Rob DeLuca he is a pastor from New Zealand.  And on yesterday’s broadcast we found out that Rob was saved and spirit filled at 11, but then like many drifted into drugs.  At eighteen on the street a women walked up to him, laid hands on him, he experienced the power of God, and he turned his life over the Lord.  And he went from ground level zero because Rob it’s hard to believe but you sunk so low from the drug culture that you were living in a cardboard box.  You rededicated your life to the Lord and one day and this is fascinating, one day you were praying at a church and you had the presence of the Lord came in, tell me about that.

Rob:  I had just got off the streets and I was working at the church as the church janitor. They gave me the keys so at night time I would go over the church and I would pray.  And I would lay down prostrate before the Lord at the altar and I would begin to pray in tongues, and pray, I was so hungry for God I would sometimes lay there for two or three hours and just praying and worshipping.

Sid:  Out of curiosity when you were praying was it mostly in unknown tongues?

Rob:  Much of it was and so I would just worship and cry out in my understanding.

Sid:  And also out of curiosity I don’t know about you, but I find many prophets that I interview even before they were saved the gift was operational with them, they just didn’t understand it.  Was that true with you or did that come after your encounter with the Lord?

Rob:  No it very much so, the gift was already operating in my life, I was able to see things, but I also had a great aunt that taught me and a grandmother that taught me when I came to the Lord they taught me how to hear and see. So that helped because I already had the gift there but they were showing me how to operate in the gift.

Sid:  Okay, let’s take you back the church on that particular encounter.

Rob:  Well, I was praying and the presence of God was all over that sanctuary and I was lying prostrate before the Lord and I began to pray in tongues and I started to groan in the Spirit and I began to travail, some people call it laboring in the Spirit.  And as I did that my body began to shake on the floor, but it started to shake so much that I started to hover off of the ground about two or three feet.

Sid:  Had this experience ever happened to you before?

Rob:  Never, never.

Sid:  It’s never happened to most people I know, but go ahead.

Rob:  You know I never ever heard of it, I didn’t know what was taking place, all I know is that God’s presence was so strong on me that I knew that it was God and I was hovering in the air.  At that moment my Spirit left my body, went right out of the roof of the church building.  I saw the city below, I saw the hills, I saw the clouds and I went straight through the heavens, and as I did I saw this light and as I started to shoot toward the light in the Spirit I saw these huge beautiful doors open up. I went right through the doors and I went into God’s lap, Father God’s lap.  And as I did that I felt His arms wrap around me and I began to weep.  As that took place God the Father began to speak to me and He told me about my life, He told me about the future of my life and He also shared with me concerning all the people that I knew in my life.  And I was listening to the voice of the Father speak to me He said, “I want you to see something” and He pointed His hand toward this big huge jewel that was hovering next to Him and it was a beautiful jewel, it was huge and on every facet of the jewel I saw a person’s name whether it was somebody I knew from school, or from my upbringing or a relative, a neighbor, or just a family name that I knew. The Lord spoke to me and He said, “You see these people?”  I want you to pray for them that they will be saved also.  And I want you to pray for these that all would be saved and God spoke to me some personal things after that concerning the lives of those that I was praying for and He gave me a big list that night, but as that took place He said, “It’s time for you to go back and share and pray with these.”  And as soon as He said that I was weeping and crying as soon as He said that I felt my spirit go right back into my body and I fell to the floor shaking and weeping crying.  And I knew I had an encounter with God, what seemed to be five minutes turned into four and a half hours.  So I started at a certain time but I didn’t leave this church sanctuary until 1:30 in the morning, I think I went in there almost about eigh’ish and so it was really an encounter that took a long span within natural time.

Sid:  Now Rob approximately how long ago was this?

Rob:  This was 23 years ago.

Sid:  Out of curiosity are many of those people that you were told to pray for saved now?

Rob:  I’ve seen many saved some I have not seen since then but I’ve prayed for them.  Matter of fact one night I ran into a man that I was praying, his name was Greg Fernandez. I was praying for him, praying for him, praying for him hadn’t seen him for three years.  I walked up to him outside a store and he looked at me and smiled and he said, “I heard that you’re a Christian.”  I said, “Yeah.”  He said, “I’m a Christian too I just got saved recently. The Lord showed me that my prayer were working even though I didn’t see the man and somebody else, another laborer in the harvest crossed his path and led him to the Lord.

Sid:  Now let me ask you a bit about your gift of prophecy. How does it usually operate?  Do you hear something, do you see something, is it confirmations there of when you deliver a prophetic word to an individual?

Rob:  Well, I mostly a seer, I see visions, I see symbolic pictures, or you know different types of visions. God will give me symbolism within a vision and it will be interpreted.  But I also hear I really believe that we are spirit beings and just like we have natural ears and natural eyes we have spiritual ears and spiritual eyes and that we can see and hear.  So it does happen mostly with my seeing it, I see like sometimes my Great Aunt Celia said it was like seeing a television screen with your eyes closed and that’s how I would see.

Sid:  And also out of curiosity have, you were shown your life at this encounter have any of the things come to pass yet that you saw?

Rob:  Very much so.

Sid:  Could you tell me one?

Rob:  The Lord showed me that I would be a minister to ministers and at the age of 18 you kind of you can’t really fathom that.  Like my pastor won’t listen to me, I’m 18 you know.  But now that I look at my life twenty something years later just in the last week I’ve ministered to probably over a thousand pastors and preachers.

Sid:  Rob, tell me about this teaching that I believe you told me God said that it was so important that He was going have this teaching go throughout the world called “Breaking the Power of Covetousness.”

Rob:  God spoke to me and He gave me this message and I really do believe that it needs to go around the world.  He spoke to me and said it would so I’m just waiting and watching what takes place.  But there is a wrong spirit in the body of Christ where we believe that it’s okay in the name of prosperity to have covetousness.  Covetousness is like a type of lust or wrong desire. Now God doesn’t have a problem with us having a home or a nice car or you know being blessed, but we have to have our motives pure in our hearts concerning the blessings of God.  Our prosperity message must be pure we cannot have greet, covetousness, or any type of selfishness in us.  We need to be a blessing to those that are around us and part of prosperity is to have abundance to be blessed to have success, and you know deal well with everything that we do, but we can’t have this thing where it’s all mine, I want it, I want it and that hoarding spirit can’t be in us.  We have to be able to be a blessing and if God gave it to us then we should be able to be willing to pass it on.

Sid:  There was quite an experience where you actually broke that power of covetousness over your own life and God told you to give a very large sum of money. tell me about that.

Rob:  Well, a couple of years ago I was staffing and praying and I was going to be go on vacation, but instead my wife and I and my business partner we decided to buy a boat.  We were going to buy a $30,000 boat. As I was praying I felt like the Holy Spirit said, “I want you to give the boat, the amount you were going to buy for the boat, I want you to give it.”  And I said, “Oh, Lord how am I going to do this?”  But as soon as I thought that I said, “You know if I will sow this, if I will give this then I know that the Lord will multiply it and the Lord will bless me because of it.”  And right there I had to choose “Am I going to have my boat as an idol, or am I going to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit?”  And as soon as I did that something broke in my life where I knew that no boat, no car, no house, and no material thing was ever going to influence me in a way where I looked at that more than I looked at trusting in the Lord or the blessing of God upon my life from my giving.

Sid:  What happened to you as a result of your obedience?

Rob:  Well, I gave a $30,000 offering to the Lord. Within a matter of days the favor of God came upon me in such a way that the University of Auckland, in New Zealand, came and approached us and asked us to build a restaurant in the University.  Now the University has 46,000 people, but the government allocated to us ¾ of a million dollars, they gave us ¾ of a million dollars to build this restaurant for free.

Sid:  You know there is such miss understanding on prosperity, and what God means by prosperity, and what God wants for you and it’s such a wonderful plan that God has.  It’s time for you to get in balance.

Our Guest Bobby Connor

Sid:  I want that full dwelling place for God, “What about you?”  I’m talking to Bobby Connor who moves in the most marvelous gifts of prophecy.  And Bobby, you said that God is in processes now of restoring mantles of people like A.A. Allen, and William Branham, and Coe, and Kathryn Kuhlman and many others.  Tell me what the Lord is showing you.

Bobby:  Sid, the Lord showed me that He’s going to restore these mantles, but then He showed me something so exciting and it so stirred my heart.  He said “I’m going to restore them not to where they were when they departed, but where they should have been had there been no delay.”  And then He asked me a question, He said, “Do you know why I’m going to do that?”  So instantly I knew I didn’t, and so He said, “Because the hour is so crucial and we’re so needy, so we desperate need this double grace that God wants to offer us.”

Sid:  I feel like if I asked you to push your gift that God has some prophecies for people that are praying to God right now to hear from him.

Bobby:  Yeah, I really do; one of the things I want to do right now Sid is want to prophecy over the business sector.  The Lord has great favor right now on people that have businesses that intend to establish the kingdom of God.  God says I’m going to bring favor that will open doors it’ll be much like what rested on Esther.  Remember when Esther came in before the king and he tipped his scepter and said, “I’ll give you up to half of my kingdom.”  There is some kind of a real favor now for businesses that intend to see the kingdom of God established.  And so doors that prior to this time have not opened, now they’re going to open.  For you didn’t have favor, now you are going to have favor, so I want to encourage the business sector, this is a time of turnaround.  I know people are talking about the economy looks gloomy, this looks bad, but not for the kingdom of God, Deuteronomy 8:18 is still in the Word of God.  It said “That is God that gives you power to get wealth that He may establish His covenants.”  And so I believe that we really release a time of great financial prosperity over the businesses that intend to see the Kingdom of God established.

Sid:  Do that right now.

Bobby:  Yes Lord, I want to thank You, I thank You that you named Yourself El Shaddai the God that’s able to do for us what we’re incapable of doing for ourself.  God I want to thank you that You’re more than enough and I release right now through a prophetic declaration that you will prosper all of those that have it in their heart to see Your Kingdom advance.  And Lord I thank You that You’re going to put such an anointing upon the people of God, it’ll be as the glory of God that rested upon Solomon when the Queen of Sheba said, “I heard about it, but now I’ve seen it and it’s bigger and better than I was ever told.”  So Lord we thank You for that, thank You for that kind of favor upon the people of God.  Lord I want to thank You that make a way where it seems like there’s no way and Lord, I thank You that You said, “When we come through the water and through the flood that You’ll bring us into a wealthy place, a place of Your provision.”  So we bless You God, thank you for hungry desperate hearts, we look to You, You’re more than enough.”  I tell you one of my favorite verses right now Sid is Naham 1:7,  “The Lord is good, and is a very present help in the time of trouble and He know those that are trusting Him.”  Another thing I’d like to really say right now is “I believe there’s a guy name Thomas.”  And Thomas I believe you’re in the Pittsburgh area. I want to tell you something, God is going to put all the missing pieces together for you, and I don’t know what all’s been rearranged in your life but it seems like you got a lot of loose ends and you’ve been trying to put all this together and nothing’s coming together for you.  But I believe God is going to reach out His hand and touch your situation and put this thing together for His glory.  Remember when it says, “All the king’s horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again?”  But I tell you the King’s men can’t, if I’m expecting God to be very very gracious to you and restore some things.

Sid:  Bobby, in your ministry do you see many people physical healed?

Bobby:  Yes, thank the Lord we really do, we see that’s one of the gifts that God has us to operate in is the gift of healing and I’m telling you we’re in a time great displays of healing right now.

Sid:  Can you tell me one particular healing that comes to mind?

Bobby:  People ask me that, they go “What do you think is one of the greatest miracles you’ve seen?”  The one that stirred me more than anything Sid was down in Mexico City, we were in the civic center. I think that there was just thousands of people, some people estimated 70,000 people, I don’t know how many were in there, just a sea of people.  But any way in that service a man brings a little baby girl, I suspect the baby girl was maybe a year and a half old, couldn’t speak English, I sure couldn’t speak Spanish and she was beautiful and she turned and she was in her father’s arms and one side of her face didn’t grow, it didn’t have any skin there, you could see the inside of her mouth, her cheek didn’t develop.  You could see her tongue, there was spittle that drooled out the side of her mouth.  And my heart just sank when I saw this and the dad was praying with his eyes, he was pleading for help.  And so the next thing I said, “Lord what would you do?”  And the next thing happened, I see the little girl, she’s no longer a two year old little girl in her daddy’s arms, she looks like she’s maybe five or six now, but she’s old enough to know that she’s deformed and she’s in a corner in her room.  And then the next time I see her in a trance, she looks like she’s maybe eight to ten and she’s very withdrawn, then I see her when she looks like she’s thirteen or fourteen and she steps out in front of a bus and takes her life.  I said, “Oh God and then the next thing I know I’m back in the civic center and there the little girl is and He says, “Stick your thumb in her face.”   So I took my thumb and I stuck it in the hole where her face didn’t develop and I ran my thumb across her face and Sid God grew that little baby a face right there.  Skin grew right where my thumb ran and then the Lord asked me said, “Do you know why I heal this baby?”  I said, “No, I don’t, He said, “Because I’m a good God.”

Sid:  Well, there are people that desperately want to be healed right now that are listening to us and they are saying “I want my good God to do this for me too.”  Would you pray for them, and maybe even kick into the prophetic as you’re praying.

Bobby:  Yes, we sure will.  “Lord Jesus I want to thank You that You want everyone well, You said “Don’t forget all Your benefits, You forgive all Your iniquities and You heal all of our diseases.”  Lord you said in your word, “Is anything too difficult for Me?”  Lord there’s nothing too hard for You, I want to thank You that You raise up the paralytic, You healed those that are crippled and blind.  Lord what You did then You do now and we thank You Jesus because You’re the same yesterday, today and forever. We’re calling out to You today and Lord I pray for people that have kind of a crippling disease, I rebuke crippling in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Lord and we just release healing now, we command people to bet up out of wheelchairs, I bind arthritis, and all things that come to crippled people. Lord I’m asking You to raise up the paraplegic Lord, those that have broken necks, Lord those that have been diagnosed, “You’ll never get out of this wheelchair,” Lord send Your word, raise them up, give them strength now, may their feet, their ankle bones receive strength, they’re not as far gone as the guy out of the book of Acts.  He as forty years old, never taken a step from his mother’s womb and you came and great miracles happened.  So Lord we’re asking You to do that today, Lord touch the people, I pray for blind eyes, to open, Lord I pray for a girl named Linda.  I command blindness to go off of you.  I command your eyes to function, I rebuke every disease off of your eyes and we command your eyes to see clearly now.  Lord I ask for Linda that she would see clearly right now.  I bind up blinding spirit, I bind a deaf and dumb spirit off of people, Lord open their ears, open their mouth that they might speak boldly your Word, have Your way King Jesus.  Let Your Kingdom come swiftly to this earth, Lord I pray that You would receive the glory due Your name, I pray that You receive all that You paid for Jesus.  Touch the people now, Lord we thank You that You can do anything, nothing is too hard for you.  I pray for arms to grow out, for legs to grow out, for creative body parts to happen Lord.  I ask for this now, I’m asking You to restore, Lord I hold You to Your promise in Joel 25, You said, “I will restore, so Lord restore back everything that the enemy has tried to steal now in Jesus mighty name.”

Sid:  What about Israel, has God shown you anything about Israel?

Bobby:  Well, I’ll tell you what, I went to Israel to do a prophetic conference last year, a year ago, and an angel came back with me.  Came back it was the strangest thing, listen God’s got great plans for Israel and I’ll tell you what He’s doing right now, I believe He’s stirring up the Body of Christ to get us to the place that were supposed to be so we can actually provoke Israel to Godly jealousy.  But I’m telling you that there’s a marvelous move of God.  There’s a hunger in these Israeli people for the prophetic. I’ll tell you about what happened to me in the airport.  I’m there in Israel and we’d just done a prophetic conference and we’re about to fly out.  I’m probably seventy people in a line and the Holy Spirit said, “Prepare yourself.”  And about an Israeli officer came walking down the line of people and came to me and said, “Could I see your papers?”  I gave him my papers and he said, “Come go with me”  We go all the way up to the front of the line, there’s some more maybe five or six other military people, they said, “Come go with us.”  We go down a hall into a room and in that room there’s maybe seven others so there’s maybe twelve Israeli military people in there and there’s what I think is a supervisor standing over against the corner, he’s about almost 6’5” and very handsome looking fellow so I thought to myself, he must be supervising these people.  So I go over there and they’re interviewing me, the first question to me was this, these are military people in Israel inside the airport.  They said, “So, you’re a prophet?”  That’s what they said to me, and I said, “I’ve never identified myself to you guys as that. They turned the computer monitor around there was my picture and it had in red letters prophet and the next question was this, so God talks to you?  And I said, “Yes, He does.”  They said, “Why haven’t you told our rabbis” I said “because they’re not ready to listen yet.”  And then they asked me, for about an hour and forty minutes questions concerning end times, questions concerning what the Bible has to say about different things and then finally at the end of this time, I though man I’m going to miss my plane, that’s what I thought and they man who I thought was their supervisor walked away from the wall, walked over to me and said, with a very confident smile, “Job well done,” talking to me.  And when he said that the guys folded up my papers, gave them to me and said, “Come on will get you on the plane.”  And I thought boy now, that is something and so then I flew all the way back and I don’t fly into Charlotte I fly into Toronto and did a meeting in Toronto and then I stayed over with my wife and I to Hamilton Ontario to do a meeting.  And so after the meeting on Sunday they drive me to a place to eat and so help me when they were paying the bill at this place to eat, and I look over there in the corner and there was the same man that I’d seen in the Israeli airport.  So I get in the van, and I thought man, that’s going on I know that’s the same person so my wife said “Bobby, what wrong?”  I said, “Pull the van back up, so they pull the van up and I get out of the van, walk into this Italian eating place that we just came out of, I walk right up to the man and he said to me when I walked up to him, and he said to me, “Do you know my name?”  And I said “No, I don’t.”  And he said it in Hebrew now I wish I could pronounce it, but he said it in a very thick Hebrew word, and then he said to me, “Do you know that that mean?  And I said, “No I don’t and he said, “Watcher.”  That’s what he said, and then he disappeared.”

Sid:  Before your eyes he disappeared?

Bobby: Just like that!

Our Guest Bobby Connor

Sid:  My guest Bobby Connor is a prophet and he has learned to hear God’s voice, he has learned to walk in the anointing of God.  And something I started a couple days ago, and we never got too far with it Bobby, I always like to see track record if you will.  What has God told you that you have publically stated that has come to pass.  You talked about that has come to pass, you talked about President Bush.  Tell me some other things.

Bobby:  Okay, one was we were in Oklahoma City and the Lord spoke to me about a tornado coming and it was the strangest thing. I was flying out of Portland, Oregon down to Oklahoma City and a pastor friend was with us and a man by the name of Denny Cline.  And as we got on the plane to fly to Oklahoma City the pilot comes on the intercom and says, “Well, you’ve chosen a very great day to fly, no storms in the region.  So that was great so we flew down from Portland down to Oklahoma City and we land and the pilot comes back on the intercom and says as we’re taxing to the terminal well I hit that on the head no storms in the region.  And so that was good, we go down to the baggage claim, and just the very moment the baggage claim light came on, a little warning light and it started spinning around the Lord spoke to me and said, “Spinning winds.”  Now any time He tells me that, that’s a sign of a tornado and so I turn to Denny and I said, “Boy, it’ll be a miracle if we get out of here without a tornado.”  And when I said that one of the ladies on the plane she said, “Didn’t you hear the pilot, no storms in the region.”  And I looked at the conveyor belt spinning again and the Lord said, “Spinning winds.”  We go straight from that airport terminal to the church, a Vineyard Church there in Oklahoma City, and we’re there and the crowds there and all of a sudden I’m over there in the side room getting ready to minister and the Lord said, “I’m going to send a tornado to this place, blow this building away, hurt some people and I’ll hold you accountable if you don’t get up and rebuke it.”  I said Lord, “I’m going to need a verse for that.”  And I turned in my Bible so help me Sid and turned to Ezekiel 37 where it says, “Son of man get up and prophecy to the winds.”  So they saw the tornadoes coming on the smart phone the Doppler radar and so we get up and we rebuke this tornado and it’s on the world weather channel right now.  The tornado comes down to the ground, when the church rebuked this thing it stopped in midair, reversed its rotation and went back up into the air.

Sid:  Now is that unusual that sounds unusual to me.

Bobby:  It did not, it had happened one other time in record history 100 years prior to that, that’s what the weather channel said.

Sid:  My goodness the faith level must have been so accelerated when that group saw that.

Bobby:  It really is important that we hear God’s voice and follow what He says to do.  Another thing that happened to me once that can be documented was I was in Knoxville, Tennessee in August once, and it was 102 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m sitting on the front getting ready to minister and that’s when 98 wild fires were burning up in the Northwest.  Remember we were spending 1 million four hundred-thousand dollars a day tax money trying to put the fires out.  They had the military in trying to put them out.  Ninety-eight wild fires were burning, and the Lord said to me while I’m sitting on that seat in Knoxville and said, “Hey Bobby how long are you going to let those wild fires burn?”  I said God, “I didn’t know I was responsible.”  He said, “Who do you think He is?”  Remember the verse it says “The heavens of the heavens belong to the Lord, but the earth, He’s given it to the hands of men.”

Sid:  Yes.

Bobby:  So then I got a very strange feeling and I said, “What do you want God?”  He said, “I want you to get up and prophesy that I’m going to send you to the Northwest, you are going to prophecy snow storm and I’ll send a snowstorm and put the fires out.”  I said, “God are you sure?”  He said, “More than you are get up and do what you’re told.”  So I get up and prophesy in front of the people and then I try to buy a ticket from Charlotte, North Carolina up to Missoula, Montana, but they wouldn’t sell one because that’s where the fire base was.  So they sold me a ticket to a nearby town, and a pastor picked me up and was driving me.  Now this sounds weird but it’s the absolute truth, he said, he’s driving me to this Missoula and I’m over there just a passenger and I’m praying and the Lord said, “I’m going to give you a confirmation that your ministry will be successful.”  I said Lord, “What verse.”  He said “Not a verse it’s just going to be in the third cookie in a Chinese eating place, but you’ll have to tell the preacher.”   I thought oh Lord, so I told the brother the mission were on is going to be successful.  And he said, “What verse?”  I said, it’s not going to be a verse, it’s in the third cookie in a Chinese eating place.”  All man Sid, I could feel a wall go up between us and he said, “You know that’s the strangest thing, right down the road is one of my favorite eating places.”  I said yes, it’s a Chinese place, he said yeah he said, “That’s where we were going to stop at.”  “Yes, we’re going to stop there and at the end of the meal the little lady will bring us a plastic tray, on the tray will be two cookies, I’ll ask her for third cookie in her pouch, and the confirmation will be in there.”  So sure enough we go there and eat and the little lady brings the cookies and I ask her for the third one.” I said, “Ma’am could I have third cookie you have in your pouch, she said, “Oh yes I do have one.”  I said, “Yes Ma’am.”  And Sid I push those other two cookies aside, broke the cellophane off this one and pulled out the little piece of paper in there and here’s what it said.”  It says, “God not only will listen to your prayers, but will make them come true.”

Sid:  My goodness.

Bobby:  We go to the mountain and prophesy, the next morning the Missoula, Montana headlines were, “Surprise snowstorms, fires extinguished, job well done and it showed the fireman coming off the mountain.”

Sid:  Now, just out of curiosity you hear these good things to do like stopping fires and things like that.  Do you ever know negative things about people, does God show you, and what do you do about it?

Bobby:  Yeah, a lot of times if you see negative things about leaders or about people, the main thing to do is pray for them really, intercede that God will bring His destiny not the plans of the enemy.  Then if you got a bridge, a real bridge of fellowship with them and maybe camaraderie   or confidence you might share with them in a very private setting and say “Well sir I feel like God is showing me something.”  And then if says, “Oh Bobby, share whatever God’s showing you.”  Then you might be able to approach it a very…cause see all prophesy is suppose to edify, strengthen and encourage, and then sometimes if they give you the opening you can share with them where God will have an opportunity to change their life and get them back into the straight and the narrow ways etcetera.  In our meetings we don’t allow anybody something negative over somebody’s life in a public meeting.  1 Corinthians says that when you prophesy in a public meeting it should edify, strengthen or encourage.

Sid:  Tell me about the check for $7,227.17.

Bobby:  Yeah, I was in a meeting saw just like a vision, I saw somebody was going to get a check for this money.  And then I said it and nobody moved.  And I thought Lord, “Somebody should have claimed that.”  And so I said, “Lord what else and He said, they think the person that mailed the check thinks they already mailed it, but it’s actually between the front seat of their car and the console and it slipped down between that so I added that information to it.”  I said now, “Somebody is going to get this check and they think they already mailed it”…and so several months later I go back to the same city and woman comes with a stub, showed me the stub.  She said “Your not going to believe this, she said a man that I use to work for in real estate was going to trade his Cadillac in Escalade or whatever, and he carried it to have it detailed and as they were detailing it they found between the front seat and the console that check.”  And so that’s amazing what, and so she got her money and it was just like the Lord said.  So I like things like that don’t you?

Sid:  I’m sure, tell me about the macaroni.

Bobby:  One time I was in a meeting and there was a couple there and you could tell there as a little bit of strain going on between them and I looked at the man and I said, they were there and I said, “The Lord doesn’t care if the macaroni is a little bit dry.”  And oh man the wife just began to cry and it shook him up.  But before they came to church she was in a real hurry and she had made a supper out of macaroni and it got too dry and he had had a big fit and they had had a fuss over macaroni.  But the Lord wasn’t concerned about that at all, isn’t it good that God knows everything about us.

Sid:   I think the gift that God has given you is so amazing, what about the lady who picked the fathers from the duck?

Bobby:  We’re in a big coliseum Sid and I mean there’s thousands of people in there, and boy the prophetic was really sharp God was calling out people’s names etcetera like that.  And I look out across the crowd and there’s a little grey headed lady out there and she was so precious.  I was so excited, the Lord said, “I’m going to give her a word that will make her life have meaning and purpose.”  And I knew it was God so I had her stand us and I said, “Ma’am God’s going to give you this word, it’s going to make your whole life have meaning and purpose.”  And I was really excited, and so I said “Ma’am, please stand out in the aisle.”  So she stands out in the aisle, I get off the platform and I go running out there to her and I say, “Now Honey this word is going to make your whole life have meaning and purpose.”  The closer I got her, you’ve seen them, she’s a real small silver haired and she was beautiful and twinkling eyes and I get to her and I say to her again, “This word will give your whole life meaning and purpose.”  And about that time what I was doing I was waiting for God to give me the word, then Here’s what He said, “Look right at her and say to her yes honey, I saw you picking that duck.”  And I thought “No God, I need a word that’s going to make her whole life have meaning and purpose.”  He said, “That the only word to tell her.”  And now I’m almost apologetic because there’s all these thousands of people watching us.  And I say well Ma’am, “I’m so sorry the only real word that I have for you is “Yes, Honey I saw you picking that duck.”  When I said that Sid, she fell over in floor just absolutely euphoric laughing, crying, sobbing and I said, “Get her up.”  So they picked up the dear little woman and I said, “What is it, what’s the deal?  She said, “Oh what you don’t understand when I was a young woman the war was going on, the only job I could get was working for the government and I was out on a dock and my job was pulling feathers off of a ducks breast for the down for the cloths for the military men.  And she said, “I cried out in a moment of desperation, “Oh God do you even know where I’m at.”  And then all the years the years of her life cascaded down to that moment in a civic center when somebody said to her, “Yes “Honey I saw you picking that duck.”  Isn’t that amazing?

Our Guest Bobby Connor

Sid:  My guest by way of telephone is Bobby Connor; I’m talking to him at his home in Moravian Falls, North Carolina.  And Bobby any time I talk to someone from Moravian Falls I know that they are moving in the supernatural.  I hear so many stories about people seeing or having visitations from angels from Moravian Falls. I was reading in my notes about the time that you had a visitation of fourteen angels.

Bobby:  Yes.

Sid:  Tell me about that.

Bobby:  Okay, a man built a cabin here, I man asked my wife several years ago, “Do you think if I built a little cabin Bobby would come stay here some?”  So, she said, “I don’t know ask him.”  So finally I told him yes I would.  So there was no buildings up in here at that time so there was a little old creek running and beautiful little place.  So the man built a cabin, a little bitty small cabin and so we’re dedicating this cabin after he got it built so we’re praying and it’s around 9:00 at night and as I’m praying loud footsteps began to sound inside the cabin.  There’s only two of us there and neither one of us are moving. This man squeezed my hand real real tight and he said, I got to leave hadn’t I.  And I said, “Yes.”  And so he left and then I hear a noise out on the porch of this cabin and Sid I walked out there and there was fourteen to eighteen angels.  And they were dressed like pilgrims.  Now I’ll tell you why they were dressed…

Sid:  But wait a second, just out of curiosity had you had numerous angelic visitations before that or was this a first?

Bobby:  No, I had angel visitations before that.

Sid:  Okay.

Bobby:  So these angels were dressed like pilgrims because the Moravians had stationed them way back in the 1700’s when the Moravians’ had come through here, Zinzendorf that group.  And so the first question the angels asked me was this, “What took you so long?”  You know they were talking about picking up the mantle and coming to the land and occupying the land.  And so I stayed out on the porch, now this sounds crazy but it’s the truth, and I just fellowshipped and played with these angels.  They would jump off the porch, they would jump back on the porch, they were swinging in the porch swing, they’d swing around the post on the porch.  Now I’m actually awake I’m you know actual angels and then all of a sudden after about forty-five minutes one group got kind of quiet and I looked and they vanished.  And I looked and the other group vanished and then so it’s about 10:00 or 10:15 at night so I walked back in the cabin and I’m setting there on the couch watching the fireplace burning, and I’m kind of chewing myself out I thought, wow, I shouldn’t have played around I should have inquired of the Lord and something like that.  And Sid about that time a heavy knock came on the door real hard.  Now remember we’re up in the isolated mountain in a cabin no houses is a round.  Whop,whop the knock came, startled me my heart jumped up in my throat and I said, “Come in” and a voice said in a “No, you must come out.”   And Sid I go to the door, open the door and there stands Jesus Christ, not a vision, I’m talking about Jesus standing there at the door of the cabin and He had a bottle in His hand which appeared to me that looked like a Champaign bottle and here’s what He said to me, “He said, “We’re going to have a Christening service, but you don’t know anything about christening that’s what He said and then walked right passed me, didn’t stop in the living room where the fireplace was, went straight to the bedroom and before in just a flash He took the bottle struck the wall with it and the bottle shattered and an oil began to run down the wall.  Now watch this, I thought it, I didn’t say it, I thought it, I thought “Oh, my how am I going to explain the man that built the cabin the first night something has happened to his wall.  The moment I thought this the Lord Jesus rebuked me, he said to me, He said, “You never have to attempt to apologize for what I do or explain what I do.”  Then He said, “Look, He had me look at the wall and oil that was running down the wall in this cabin had been turned into a map of the world.”  “Have you seen a war room where the map is laid out straight, you can see all the continents at one time?”

Sid:  Yes.

Bobby:  That’s the way this was Sid then the Lord took His finger and would point at the map and where He would point would light up and He said, “You can only target what I target or you’ll become a target.”  And He stayed with me all most all night, every hair on my body stood up like I’d been electrocuted and it was the strangest thing.  My wife was in Texas praying, “Oh God give Bobby a visitation, I’m in Moravian Falls praying, “Oh God don’t kill Bobby.”  I’m telling you for weeks my hair, every hair on my body stood out like electricity.

Sid:  My goodness, now the places that He was pointing on the map. What was going to happen at these places?

Bobby:  He just told me that you can only target what I target or you’ll become a target.  When He would touch those places He would show me some of the things that He’s going to do, some of the events that’s going to take place there good and bad.  I’ll throw this one in, one of the place that He pointed at was Kiev in the Ukraine.

Sid:  Yes.

Bobby:  And hear what He said about Kiev He said, “The largest revival in the history of mankind will spring from Kiev and it’s going to start in Kiev and run down to Russia.”  And He said, “It will mainly erupt in Russia with youth, and then He said, “Watch this.”  And He showed me like a, do you remember in the old western movies they would light up a powder keg?  They would light a fuse, remember?

Sid:  Sure.

Bobby:  That’s what happened, He lit what looked like a fuse and I saw a foot run up and try to stamp it out, which was orthodox religion and they couldn’t stamp it out.  And then I saw another foot running and tried to kick dust on it and that was the mafia, but they couldn’t stamp it out.

Sid:  It’s interesting whenever I go to Russia or Ukraine especially in Ukraine especially in areas like Odessa and Kiev where I’ve ministered, but especially Odessa where every other person has Jewish ancestry, which is amazing, it’s like an open heaven there.

Bobby:  Can I tell you what happened to me here in Moravian Falls?  When we came up here to live I go to a certain place, it’s a certain big rock and I’m setting there looking out over the land and I’m just praying, but I’m not really fervently praying, I’m waiting.

Sid:    Right.

Bobby:  And Sid the Lord Jesus Christ came and sat right down at my right and here’s what He said to me.  He said, “I’ve called you to this land to redeem it for its original purposes.  I said, “What is that?”  He said, “It’s the salvation of the native American and the protection of the Jews, get under this rock.”  That’s exactly what He told me.  And there’s a rock a great big rock the size of a big room in a house.  And then He said, “Get under this rock” and I protested, I said, “Lord, I can’t get under this rock.”  He said, “Get under this rock” and I looked and there was a lip and a clef under this rock.  So I climbed under the rock and as I’m pushing with my hand to keep from falling a rock fell off in my hand about the size of a dinner plate.  And He said, “What’s that in your hand?”  And I said, “Why” and I looked at it and it’s a perfect cut out of the state of North Carolina.  And so I showed it to Rick Joyner, he said, “Keep that its a sign.”  But the Lord told me, He said, I’m calling you here to this land for its original purpose, the salvation of the native Americans and the protection of the Jews.  Isn’t that strange?

Sid:  I have heard that about that particular land before, now when the Lord visited you He talked about it’s time for you to take up your mantle.  What is your mantle?

Bobby:  I’ll tell you our mantle I believe is really just being a prophet to the nations and just trying to show people the Lord does speak to them.  John 10:3 says “My sheep hear my voice,” John 10:27 says “and they will follow me and another voice they will not follow.”  So I believe we need to train the people of God to clearly and concisely hear the voice of God.

Sid:  … “God’s Supernatural Power” about walking in the anointing, most people don’t even have a clue what that terminology means.  What does that mean?

 Bobby:    It means doing the works that Jesus Christ did through the same power that Jesus Christ did through while He was walking here on earth.  It’s the power of the Holy Spirit.  And one of the verses we use in our new book is Psalms 92:10 “I shall be anointed with fresh oil, this fresh oil anointing will release my strength like that of a wild ox.”  And we need anointing; if we study the Bible in the New Testament Jesus did no mighty miracles until He was filled with the Holy Ghost.  Acts 10:38 tell us God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power.  And so that’s what we got to have we got to have that anointing and the power of God.

Sid:  Now I’d say the number one thing in addition to that though, but the number one thing is what you said just previous and that is hearing God’s voice.  Is it just becoming aware or is there something else we can do to hear His voice clearer?

Bobby:  I tell them, intimacy.  Nothing will intensify hearing like intimacy.  My wife and I have been married over forty-three years.  If she called me and I go “Who is this, woo we’re in trouble.”  But see I should be able to tell whether she’s happy or sad just by the inflection of her voice.  And so that’s what we’ve got to do; we got to become very and very intimate with the voice of God.

Sid:  Tell me some practical things we can do to accelerate this.

Bobby:  Number one we’ve lost the real art of getting still before the Lord, Psalm 46:10 & 11 says “Be still and know.”  And we’re in a very fast pace world and this world tries to get us so busy so we don’t have that time of meditating upon the Lord waiting before Him.  And so we need to learn how to shut the world out.  Remember it says, Jesus said when you pray inter into your closet.  Now we can’t spend time, 24 hours a day in a closet, but we need to learn how in a fast pace world how to get alone with God, to shut the world out and put our focus on the Lord.  And one of the ways to do that is the Word of God and getting still.  I like to listen to real soft praise music, you know there’s terms out there about soaking and marinating and stuff like that.  But I believe it’s good to be still and just wait before the Lord.

Sid:  Did God show you anything about these radio shows that we’re doing right now?

Bobby:  I’ll tell you what we’ve got to do, God is going to initiate a hunger in the hearts of the people.  But God’s going to start releasing prophetic words to people.  Here’s what I saw, I see right now there’s a woman listening.  Her name is Ruth, her last name starts with an L.  But she’s got a wayward daughter; Ruth has a wayward daughter that has been away from home and away from the teachings of the family and away from the things that she was trained in, but God going to bring her back.  And she goes by Nicole now, I don’t think that’s her real name, I thinks it’s almost like a nickname that she’s picked up for herself.  But I want to encourage Ruth that her daughters going to come home.  Her daughter will be back home and it’s going to be a wonderful time.  I see the month, by November, by this coming November Ruth’s daughter will be back home and it will be as though she never really broke fellowship with the home.  So I’m very excited about that.

Sid:  Now are you hearing what you’re saying or are you seeing a vision, what’s going on?

Bobby:  Okay, while I was talking to you a moment ago when I said that Jesus came and sat on the rock, and then I saw this woman named Ruth, and I saw that she’s been praying, she is listening to the program.  She’s been praying for her daughter.

Sid:  You saw this like in a vision or you actually?

Bobby:  I really did, I just saw it up in the airs is what I would call it because we’re doing this interview from the home in Moravian Falls and I can see my office and I can see the house hear.

Our Guest Mike Shreve

Sid:  I’ve been so excited all this week about this end-time mentoring tool that we’re making available by Mike Shreve, it’s called “God’s Promises for Your Children.”  Now Mike is living a prophetic life because Mike has had to have miracle after miracle after miracle.  Number one, they weren’t even supposed to be able to have children, and then their two children both of them, there was attempts on their life before they even were born.  Your daughter was supposed to have spinal bifida, your son should have had brain damage and as a matter of fact the spinal bifida would have stopped your daughter from being able to dance.  She’s a dancer today; being deprived of oxygen with your son that should have made him very slow mentally and how bright is your son right now Mike Shreve?

Mike:  Well, he’s pretty much a straight “A” student and he’s got almost a photographic memory.

Sid:    So what the devil meant for evil by praying these promises…and what about your son had a physical problem he was a toe walker.

Mike:  Yes, I had never heard of that until it happened for him, he never walked on his heals he tip toed continuously. For about seven years we prayed but we didn’t really war over the situation as I believe we need to. Finally I resorted to possibility of a surgeon taking care of it and we went to a large hospital in a major city and the doctor said, “He would have to clip the tendons in the back of his foot and it may make him worse off and he may end up in a wheelchair.  And while he was talking to me I heard the voice of the Lord speak to my spirit and He said, “Get out of here and don’t ever come back.”  And so I left that hospital knowing that the only answer was the supernatural one, just a little after that I was in a conference with a number of other ministers and we brought my son up and warred over him and intercession and sought God and claimed the promise.  And incidentally there’s a promise in Psalm 91 where God said “No evil shall be fall thee, neither shall any plague come neigh your dwelling and that includes your children that are in that dwelling with you.”  And I said “Well, Lord we’re supposed to be free from sickness and disease and infirmity,” You said “No plague will come neigh your dwelling” and we prayed probably ten, fifteen minutes over him passionately.   Well, the next day he was flat footed and has never walked on his toes since, it was absolutely a miracle, God lengthened his tendons immediately be the power of prayer.”

Sid:  You know that when your son was just four years of age he had a heavenly visitation and he was told by the Lord not to watch bad TV, why is that so important not to watch bad TV?

Mike:  I believe it’s because that’s how the enemy is transferring spirits into children’s lives.  You know for instance one of the biggest plagues of our generation is the increase of sexual perversity. What happens is that they see these Hollywood stars that are cast in roles where they are in a situation of indulging in sexual perversity.  Maybe not blatantly in a program that children would normally watch.  But sometimes subtly and by even laughing with comedy characters that are putting on like they’re sexually perverse it opens the door to accepting that kind of lifestyle and it just transfer that spirit right into a child’s life or mind they wonder why they get wooed that direction, it was opened up to them through the television and that’s just one example of many.

Sid:  And why is it so important not to speak even if it’s true, a negativity, about your children or grandchildren?

Mike:  Well, the old word is WYSIWYG, is What You Say Is What You Get, life and death are in the power of the tongue. One of the most powerful promises given for our children, and there are 65 specific promises God’s given the children of His people is found in Deuteronomy 30 verses 19 & 20.  This was where God was rehearsing in the minds of the children of Israel the importance of making a choice between the blessing or the curse being passed down through the family line.  And He said, “I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you that I have set for you life and death, blessing and cursing therefore choose life that both you and your descendants may live; that you may love the Lord your God that you may obey His voice, that you may cling to Him for He is Your life and the length of your days.”  Well the key thought there is where God says, “Choose life that both you and your descendant’s may live.”  What does that mean to choose life?  Well, God is talking more than just physical life, He’s talking about the things that give us a spiritual well being or mental well being as well.  There’s things that feel death to us emotionally and mentally; like for instance hatred, anger.  The Bible says that if we hate our brother we abide in death, it has a debt dealing impact on the soul, it deadens our inner being with attitudes that carry us away from God, depression, discouragement, fear etcetera.   And God is say, “it’s up to you to choose life”, and when you say “I choose life” you’re in essence saying “I choose all the life giving attributes of God that fill the heart, that fill the mind with life giving influence.  I choose joy, I choose peace, I choose victory”, that’s what you’re saying when you say “I choose life.”  I choose the character of God, I choose the nature of God and that’s your way of passing down that blessing to your offspring when you say “I speak over my son, I speak over my daughter and I choose life for our family.”  Then that covers every arena of life.

Sid:  Now explain to me this end time tool that you’ve just, it’s literally just off the press, “God’s Promises for Your Children.”  You know I have to be candid with you when I first saw the book I thought oh it’s another book on prayer, we know we’re supposed to pray, but no it isn’t this is so practical, explain.

Mike: Well, this generation is under attack, this generation is so much a part of God’s plan, I believe this is the final generation that will see the compilation of many prophecies and I believe this is the generation that will see the Lord Jesus Christ return.  And one of the promises that God gave at the beginning of the new covenant era, Peter preached about it when he stood up on the day of Pentecost he said, “This is that which was spoken of by the Prophet Joel in the last days says God I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh”, and then here it is He said, “Your sons and daughters will prophecy and your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams.”  Well that was the beginning of that era of time called the last days.  Well, we are in the last of the last days. So this is going to intensify even more and it’s a time when God I believe is intending to raise up our sons and daughters as the prophetic voices that will bring in that last harvest that we’re going to see right before the coming of the Messiah.  And so it’s all the more important to take these 65 promises and pray them over your sons and your daughters that this final determination of God will take place.  I believe that it’s in our hands, we can either sit by idly, and watch the enemy take over the lives of our children, or we can say “That’s enough, enough, enough, it’s enough, I’m praying these promises into their lives and watch God watch over His word to perform it.”