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Our Guest Barbie Breathitt

Sid:  The spiritual scales are coming off of the eyes of Jewish people; I know this from my first hand experience.  I mean I was with a Rabbi the other day, a Orthodox Jewish Rabbi that has lead a 1,000 Orthodox Jews to the Lord throughout the world, there’s some 40 Orthodox Jewish Rabbis that are now believers in Jesus.  God is moving so quickly you don’t want to miss it and God’s speaking to you in dreams and visions and that’s why my guest Barbie Breathitt has put together a dream interpretation kit and it’s so easy to operate with.  But Barbie I want you to provoke our people to jealousy, tell me about your heavenly visitation.

Barbie:  I believe that there’s a door open in heaven that it tells us about in Revelation 4, and it says, “Come up here,” and it doesn’t say come up if your only John, or only Sid, or Barbie, but it’s says “Come up here, it’s an open invitation.”  And years ago I was at a worship service and I was slain in the Spirit and as I was laying on the church floor I could hear the worship music, but all that began to fade and a shaft of light appeared behind me with three angels, and I was quickened up into the Spirit with that shaft of light.  And when I arrived I was in heaven, I saw the streets of gold, which are crystal clear spun like honey and deep as you could see was that thick gold.  It wasn’t like you would think of an 18 carat block of gold, but it was a crystal clear. They began to show me around to different realms of heaven and the different places of heaven.  I stood by the crystal sea, and I’ve seen the throne of God with the rainbows, and they’re beautiful gemstones, and the rainbow colors that are all over heaven. I would think a thought to ask a question, I never spoke, but the thoughts that I had the angels would know my thoughts because we’re known by the Spirit there, you speak spirit to spirit and they would answer my questions.  And they began to show me the protocols of heaven, but the thing that I came away from there was the massive amount of love that God has and the perfect acceptance.  Every cell of my body was energized with love, with God’s light, there’s was no fear, there was no shame, there was just how much He loves each one of us. And He showed me what He is going to do in the end times with pouring out of His Spirit.

Sid:  Oh, tell me!

Barbie:  There’s stadiums that are going to be filled, and He took me from different…

Sid:  Oh, I didn’t realize you found out this in heaven.

Barbie:  I found out about this in heaven that He was going to pour out His Spirit and do things in a massive scale;

Sid:  Now why does He need stadiums as opposed to church buildings?

Barbie:  Well, because He was taking outside the church walls.

Sid:  Also I don’t think there’s any churches large enough to hold all of the people that are going to flock when the real thing shows up.

Barbie:  That’s it, it’s going to be the multitudes, Jesus ministered to the multitudes when He was here and it said “That all that came to Him were healed.”  And I believe that there is going to be a nameless, faithless generation that going to step into this. I don’t think age is a qualifier or youth, it’s going to be the old, the young, it’s going to be whoever will, will step in. People that had no names were walking around having creative miracles where limbs would grow back, or people that had been brought in on stretchers, or dead from hospitals were resurrected. God has released His resurrection power to everyday ordinary people.  So anybody that wants to move into this just has to say “Lord, here am I prepare me, that I may begin to move in that.”  So things are going to happen.

Sid:  When you were in heaven and you heard about these things that are going to happen on earth, did you see it or did you just know it, or how was it communicated?

Barbie:  I was taken to the different countries and the different stadiums. One of them I saw was in Romania and I visited there and I opened my hotel window one day and there was the stadium; it was empty there were weeds grown up in it, but the Lord said, “I showed you this and one that this stadium will also be filled with my glory.”  I believe they’ll be stadiums in Dallas, Texas that are going to be filled with the glory of God as He pour out, there is going to be strategic places around the world, South America, Central America, where God’s going to begin to pour out His Spirit and there’s going to be healing revivals that are going to break lose.  And people with incurable diseases with no hope whatsoever even the dead are going to be raised.  And I saw this when I was in the heavenly realms and was able to be taken into the realm of the Spirit to these different locations because you travel at the speed of thought when you are in heaven.  You can think a place and boom you are there or anything that you think manifest and happens.  I think that’s one reason God says “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” so we have to be constantly casting down vain imaginations and having our focus on God and His word, so that we’re walking pleasing spirit with the Lord.

Sid:  What affect did it have on you personally this visitation to heaven?

Barbie:  I think the impact of love and wanting to serve the Lord with all my heart. It placed a passion within me for the miraculous, for being a candidate to be one who would impart what I have to others because the Lord’s given me the ability to lay hands on other to help them move in the vision realm, to help them understand dreams, to help them receive healing gifts.  I think that’s where the healing revivals of the past failed because they didn’t impart to others they kept it to themselves.  So it gave me wanting to equip, release, train, impart to, to multiply this so that because it’s going to be all hands on deck, there aren’t enough people prepared or anointed right now to.

Sid:  And I’m worried about people that God’s talking to right now that don’t understand the basics of interpreting dreams.

Barbie:  I would say study, you study your gifts.

Sid:  Okay, were making available your dream interpretation kit…Would you pray that people supernaturally would begin to supernaturally understand their dreams?

Barbie:  Lord I just ask that your hand come upon these people Lord that gets this kit Lord that you’ll give them the Spirit of understanding, Lord I ask that You would come upon them in the night season to where that they would begin to dream and have visions and visitations, translations, transportations, encounters with You Lord.  That they would know You in Spirit and in Truth. Father I would ask that you would just begin to breathe on them; invade each one of their bedrooms Lord, come into and touch their heart, Lord cause the things that they know in their mind to be transferred into the heart Lord, that You could minister to them Spirit to spirit by Your grace, by Your love.  Father let them know You, let them experience You, let them encounter You in these supernatural realm of the Spirit Lord where their heart would be quickened and the passion of the Lord will be placed in them and they’ll return to their first love.  And they will pursue You with all of their heart Lord; that they will burning like ministers of fire Lord, or let them see the angelic realm.  I ask that you open their eyes by Your Spirit to see into the realm of the Spirit to know they things that you’re revealing to them, give them the Spirit, of wisdom, of might even as it says in Isaiah 11:2 that you’ll begin to pour out the seven Spirits of God there upon Your people Lord and cause us to be that mighty army that is going to be raised up for this end-time move of God.  To understand how to interpret dreams and visions Lord, that we will be able to use this as an evangelistic tool to go out into the streets, the highways, the byways so that we can compel them to come into the Kingdom of God.  So Lord I ask that You pour out your Spirit now upon all flesh, and that you fulfill the Bible prophecy that’s in Acts, that You’ll move through signs, wonders, miracles, prophecy, healing, dreams and vision and interpretation; it’ll be through our sons and daughters Lord that you will do these mighty things Father. So we just say, “Here am I Lord, send me.  Amen.”

Sid:  That’s a beautiful ending to the prayer, He-nay-ney, here am I, and that’s all God wants and all you want is to serve God.

Our Guest Barbie Breathitt

Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah. She’s been red hot for the Messiah every since she heard the audible voice of God call her by name three times and God said to you “Barbie Breathitt…”

Barbie:  He said that “If I would only believe that the same anointing that flowed through the apostles of old would flow through me and I believe that wasn’t just for me.”  Sid, I believe that was for everyone whose heart would believe what the word of God says. And they would say, “Lord hear am I I’m a candidate let the anointing flow through me that flowed through the apostles of old.”

Sid:  Barbie you’ve had visitations from angels, and one of the things that I believe most people are not familiar with is you can have a visitation from an angel in a dream. Most people think in terms of an angel walking up to them you know in their natural environment and don’t think in the terms of angel visitation in dreams, but it is Biblical.

Barbie:  Very Biblical and happens very often.  A lot of times when I’m interpreting people’s dreams I will tell them that was an angel that came into your dream.  Because a lot of times they’ll remember somebody walking along side of them, but they don’t remember the facial features. That’s a lot of times how angels will appear in the dream, not in all of their heavenly glory, but they’ll come as dressed as a man or dressed as a woman in the dream.

Sid:  Tell me about the angelic visitation you had in my favorite country Israel.

Barbie:  Israel is our favorite, we go, we just took a tour group called “Returning to Your First Love” to Israel and we’re going back next year in February as well.  But when we were there we were staying at David’s Citadel Hotel; into my dream,

Sid:  Well, you stay at nice places, I’ve been there.

Barbie:  We tried to do top of the line tours for the people, you know it’s a wonderful experience to go to the Holy Land and everyone should go at least once, but when you go your life is changed.  And every time I’ve gone to the Holy Land I have had angelic visitations and encounters.

Sid:  Well, I’m beginning to think I might have had some that I didn’t know about because I just wasn’t alert to angels coming in dreams even though it’s Biblical.

Barbie:  Hmm, hmm.  They came to Joseph that way, they came to Mary that way. So angels appear in dreams and in Solomon’s dream they came to him in a dream.

Sid:  So tell me about this dream when these angels came to you and our favorite country.

Barbie:  I had been asking the Lord for the healing anointing and that was one of the things I wanted Him to give me when I went to Israel because Israel’s the largest portal, most angelic activity in the world is there in Israel.  So in my dream this beautiful blond very handsome person was in my dream and the Lord said, “I want you to go, I want to introduce you.”  So I walked up to the person and He said, “Read his name tag.”  And he was dressed as if he was operating in the hotel industry as one of the waiters and he had a name tag on and the name tag said, “Raphael.”  And with him were two other angels, and those two were there to support him, but this is the healing angel and I’m answering your prayers through a visitation of you being introduced to Raphael and he’s going to begin to move in your ministry from this time forward.  You will see the increase and the healing anointing that I’ve had that you have asked me for.  And it’s been true Sid, we’ve had outstanding supernatural signs and wonders.

Sid:  I love specific examples tell me one.

Barbie:  Let’s talk about a lady in a wheelchair because people that’s just off the charts if God will heal someone in a wheelchair.  This woman had her hips crushed, diabetes, emotional trauma and pain in her life as well.  She came to a Supernatural Conference at Bobby Connors that Erin Evans and I were doing in Saginaw, Michigan. In her heart she said, “If these healing testimonies that Barbie is saying are true have, her command me to come out of my wheelchair.”

Sid:  That’s some fleece!  But go ahead.

Barbie:  That was it, that was what her heart desire was, “Okay God, if this is real heal me out of this wheelchair and have Barbie tell me.”  So I’m going down the line with words of knowledge and I came to the wheelchair and the Lord said, “I want you to command her to get out of that wheelchair.”  And so I said, “I command you to in the name of Jesus to be healed and come out of that wheelchair.”  And I reached down and grabbed her hand she started saying, ”No, no, no,” and I said, “No, don’t tell me no the Lord wants to heal you,” she said, “No, wait a minute, I have to lock down the wheels.” Because I had already started to grab her to pull her out of the wheelchair, but her wheelchair was rolling forward.  So her “no, no, no” wasn’t a refusal it was “let me lock this wheelchair down so my chair doesn’t follow you as you pull me out of the chair.” Sid she stood and the doctors had told her she would never be able to stand because her hips would never hold her weight.  But the Lord said, “I want to heal her diabetes and I want to heal the emotional problems as well.”  So I held her in my arms and began to prophesy the complete healing.  She came to church that Sunday after the conference no cane, no walker, no wheelchair, she was totally healed by God. That’s what God wants to do is release His supernatural healing power.  And a lot of times angels come to minister with us to bring an increase in the level of anointing, they will take the level of gifting that we have, the level of faith, the level of belief that we have, but then they bring the Kingdom of heaven to earth and they connect heaven and earth.  And that’s what God says, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven;” so the angelic realm brings that to earth and so there’s greater signs, wonders and miracles that are being performed.

Sid:  Okay that’s the fruit of their visitation, but out of curiosity do you see them, do you feel them, do you sense them, how do you know that the angels are there?

Barbie:  Sometimes the Lord will open my eyes to see them, he did that when I was in Dallas doing a conference there, there were angels lined up along the wall and they had a banner across their chest, they had the seven colors of the rainbow rotating through the sash that they were wearing.  And they gave me a word of knowledge that was for chronic pain in people to come that the Lord was going to heal them.  And the angels rushed off the back wall and created such a wind at the altar area that I was blown up onto one foot and had to struggle to keep my balance because heaven wants to move into the realm when people exercise faith, when they will release the prophetic gifts with words of knowledge, when they’ll flow in the ministry gifts of healing and the gift of faith.  Angels are so excited because they have waited for this to time to come. There was another lady healed of three disks in her back, got out of wheelchair danced with a friend of mine and so God moved with chronic pain, people with back conditions, arthritis, and they were healed because the angelic realm was also there.

Sid:  Barbie paint me a picture because you’re a prophetess of what God is showing you will happen next in the United States or even the world; you were telling me about the healing revival.

Barbie:  I believe that the healing revival has already started, Rick Joyner, the Lord told him that if he would honor the fathers that he would send revival and there’s a revival going on in Lakeland, Florida with Todd Bentley.  I believe this is the beginnings of that.  When the Lord had translated me to heaven years ago He caught me up in a vision and showed me stadiums that were going to be filled with believers and nonbelievers for the dead were going to be raised. He showed me the glory cloud of God that would rest above the top of stadium.  And there was a person on a microphone that would say, “Step into the anointing now because He is moving to bring healing for cancer,” and the glory cloud of God would come from the top of the stadium and it would move across the whole audience in that stadium and it would rest at the top of the other side.  And everyone that was in that glory cloud was completely healed and I believe that what’s been released now is the beginnings of that last days end time healing revival where those who go, those who say I will believe, Lord here am I send me, that we will be carriers.  And it’s not just for inside the church, it is for outside the church, it’s for those that don’t believe.

Sid:  Listen, I’m an evangelist and I am looking forward to the day were we don’t do this deal where we say let’s bring this unsaved person into our four walls so that the paid professional can lead them to the Lord.  That is so far removed from the truth book the Bible.

Barbie:  That is so true and God wants everyone moving in it, I went to Lowe’s hardware store, there was a little lady complaining there of severe pain in her back and that she was going to have surgery the next day.  I said, “You don’t need to have surgery I said, God has given me a healing gift let me pray for you.”  When I did, five minutes before she was cussing and carrying on then when I’m praying for her tears come upon her, the Holy Spirit touches her from the top of her head to the tip of her toes removes the pain, heals the bulging disc in her back, right there in a Lowe’s department store.  So God’s calling is not just to stay within the four walls, but He wants us to go to Reissuance fairs, he wants us to go to New Age fairs, out into the market place and the businesses and take the gifts of the Spirit there.

Sid:    I know a lot of people who have Wal-Mart ministries, they just walk around that store looking for people that are walking on crutches or in wheelchairs, or obviously physical problems and pray for them right on the spot.

Barbie:  And they are finding I’m sure that God is meeting them right there because they’re putting a demand on the Spirit.

Sid:  I think there’s a stronger anointing for people to be healed outside the church at this moment than even in the church.

Barbie:  Yes, absolutely because they don’t have the unbelief; they’re not steeped in tradition. They’re unbelievers sometimes that are being healed and they’re getting saved because of the goodness of the Lord.

Our Guest Barbie Breathitt

Sid:  My guest, Barbie Breathitt, I’m just getting to know her, but she has been given a gift, a prophetic gift, a precious gift from God to have insight into dreams.  I had one of my staff members Bridgette my Office Manager sit down because she had had a vivid dream and explain it to Barbie here’s what happened.

Bridgette MV Office Manager’s dream:  My dream begins with Donald, my husband and I sitting in a car at the side of the road.  I sensed that there had been a storm and our car had stalled.  Then over my shoulder I could see a river of water coming towards us.  In that river were five bigger cars as they became visible I could see them flowing in the water and they appeared to be out of control.  I said to my husband, “Let’s push our car up high to avoid a collision.”  We pushed our car and it went to higher ground, and that was the end of my dream.

Barbie:  So it was Donald and you in the dream – you sense a storm and your care stalls out then you see a river that’s flowing, but there’s five bigger cards in the river and you watch them and you think that these cars are out of control.

Bridgette:  Yes.

Barbie:  What this dream means for you is that there’s going to be a transition in the ministry that you’re in right now to where it’s going to have larger impact.  Donald means a world leader, and also his name means faithful. There’s a scripture that is his life scripture and it says “Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and his works faith has made perfect.”  So there is a working that’s going on in your and Donald’s life and sometimes the work of God comes as a wind of change and it appears as a storm.  But this storm or wind of change, is going to do in your life is to bring you into the move of God that going to give you greater grace and greater favor because the number five is the number grace, favor and redemption in the atonement where the divine name of God is just even going to be imprinted on you.  And it’s going to cause you to step into the flow or the move of God and it’s going to appear at first because it’s going to be one of the new things that God’s…it’s going to appear to be that those things are out of control because it’s a new thing and it’s a new way that God is moving, but you are going to find that stepping into this new move of God is going to bring a lot of blessings to you and Donald and that your faithfulness is really being rewarded as God’s getting ready to promote you and bring forth the increase that your hearts have been crying for.  It’s a very good dream for you and Donald.

Sid:  Barbie I’m in awe with people that have the ability to interpret dreams. Why are dreams so important to Christians?

Barbie:  I think dreams are important to Christians and unbelievers because it tells destiny to them, it’s the script that God is writing for them in order for them to step into destiny, step into knowing…

Sid:  But why doesn’t God just speak to us not in symbolic form, I mean I’m a very pragmatic person, “God just tell me what to do and I’m going to do it.”  Now He’s done that a few times in a dream where it’s been very literal, but those are not very freq…how comes He speaks to us in riddles?

Barbie:  He wants us to seek Him, He’s after relationship first and foremost, He loves us so much that He wants us to seek Him for the understanding. He wants us to begin to learn His language which is the symbolic, prophetic, metaphoric language.  Just like He spoke to the disciples when He walked with them in parables why didn’t He just plainly tell them, but in that scripture He does tell us “It’s given us to know the mystery.”  And the way that we’re able to understand mysteries of dreams and visions and those things of the night that He gives us is because the Spirit of God lives within us. So we hear His voice and another we will not follow.  So we’re able to see the dream and as we seek Him for the understanding He gives it to us just like putting a puzzle piece together.  If He clearly tells us exactly what He wants us to do it comes with a very high cost and a price tag, you know because then we cannot deviate in any area, shape or form because we knew exactly what were suppose to do, then we have to exactly perform that.  But with the dreams he speaks to us in a dream since it’s symbolic it’s parabolic, we can only be held accountable to the amount that we come into the understanding of that dream.

Sid:  Okay, Barbie when people get your tools and you’ve put together tools in a very practical fashion from this special CD on God’s dreams symbols that we are making available. These cards intrigue me especially like for instance I have a card here that anyone can pick up and it says colors.  Now you list a color, tell me one color and what it means.

Barbie:  Red is a very powerful color, and it can mean God’s wisdom and His anointing and power on the positive side. So I’ve seen healing come through a red light that comes flashing into an audience.  So red being a delivering healing power as well, also on the negative there is meaning war or anger because how some people when they’re angry can turn a red.  It can also mean a hatred or a bloodshed, or lust, so there’s always going to be a positive and a negative. The Holy Spirit is the one that will lead and guide us to know in the context of the dream; is this a positive application that I apply to this color or is a negative application that is being applied to this color so that we can come up with the right interpretation.

Sid:  Okay, you see someone in the dream you know it might be a mother or a father or a spouse a school teacher, give me an example of one and what it might mean.

Barbie:  The people that are in the dream can represent that office that they’re standing in or that job that they are standing in, or it could be that God’s speaking to you about that person and what is their name and the meaning of their name as well.  So there’s the dialoguing that you do with the Holy Spirit to find out why did you show me this person wearing this particular color and He begins to tell you well, “They’re dressed in red because they have an anger problem.” They’re dressed in red because My wisdom is coming to them and they’re anointed to move in the power gifts. So the different person you would look at, are they a pastor, are they a teacher, what is there job, what is their name if you know them, I would look up the name of what they mean. Then I would look at the colors so you begin to take each aspect of the symbol that appears in your dream, and you can get insight from God because He’s the one that chose that symbol, put that color with them that caused that particular symbol to enter into your dream so it has significant meaning.

Sid:  Okay, so we have put together an list of the colors and what they mean and I like the idea that it’s not a piece of paper it’s a card that won’t through usage get ruined, it’s a laminated card and what the symbols mean.  And then you have something called God dream language that’s the one that I really need, would you take an example of one and what it means.

Barbie:  Well, if I have different things that are listed on here that are broken down in categories so it will give people idea of how to come into an understanding. Like horses appear in your dreams, so many times horses come into our dream it represents somebody that’s moving in power and in great authority.  And then you would look and see what color or type of horse was in your dream or jewels.  Jewels appear in our dreams a lot of times and that’s going to denote spiritual gifts and treasures that are given to people with their inheritance.  It can also represent a rank that God is placing on them and the level of authority and the riches of His kingdom coming to them that they have consecrated their lives to the Lord.  And then of course you could be something like a knife that enters into the dream which could represent cutting or stabbing words.  And one of the frequent symbols that show up in people’s dream is they’re teeth falling out and it could indicate a season where they’re biting off too much or come into a season of indecision in their life.  Or simply that they’re concerned about their appearance or their lacking wisdom and understanding and not realized things about relevant issues that are entering into their life.

Sid:  Tell me briefly about this healing card, because that’s the one that intrigues me the most.

Barbie:  If you have a disease and if you poll audiences, 75% of the people have some ailment with them. So what we’ve done is picked out the most frequent sicknesses, or ailments, or diseases. We’ve identified the root causes of those with the legend at the top whether it’s a deaf and dumb spirit, drug abuse or evil spirit or familiar spirit, mother or father issues, or issues that you have with yourself, or is it caused by multiple causes with assortment of these.  And so when you can find the root cause, if you can eliminate the root, the unholy fruit of the sickness, it will die and evaporate, it will no longer be there when we pray.  And this can be worked to where you pray and send the prayers to other states, other nations because in the realm of the Spirit there is no distance and there is no limitation.

Sid:  Take one disease briefly and explain how they would use the card.

Barbie:  Oh like if you had something with autoimmune diseases which you would notice that it caused by bitterness, it’s caused by guilt, it’s caused by self hatred that the person’s own immune system now is destroying its self. My father died of autoimmune hemolytic anemia where his body systematically the blood cells devoured themselves.

Our Guest Barbie Breathitt

Sid:  My guest Barbie Breathitt, I’m speaking to her at her office in North Richland Hills, Texas which is adjacent to Dallas.  I was recently out there at the Metroplex, and we had a wonderful meeting there Barbie.  Tell me something, I read about what happened to you what God did to you as a new believer where you heard the audible voice of God. You were so childlike in the way you approach this. I have a question because we’re just getting to know each other.  Do you still have that childlike faith, that excitement with God?

Barbie:  Yes, I hope I never lose that.

Sid:  And by the way that’s called a backslider when you lose that.

Barbie:  That’s right.

Sid:  Let’s fill people in on what we know, you were going to a nice denominational church, a Presbyterian church, and one day you asked your pastor something, what was that question?

Barbie:  I went to my pastor and I asked him, I said “Pastor when are we going to get to do the stuff?”  And he said, “Well, what stuff are you talking about?”  I said, “You know things that they teach me about in VBS and Sunday School on the flannel board stories where Jesus walked and talked with the apostles and they did signs, wonders and miracles, when they laid hands on the sick, they were healed and the people came to salvation that that’s the kind of stuff I want to do.

Sid:  But Barbie how did you even know about stuff like that because that doesn’t, that flat doesn’t go on in most churches even Charismatic and Pentecostal.

Barbie:  That’s true but I believe the Lord had placed that within me from the childhood to seek out the deep things because the Spirit of God within me the deep calling unto deep.  And when I’d read the stories it was like I could see them happening and I decided “Man, I wish I would have been born in the time of the Bible when I could have walked with Jesus and talked with Him and seen Him and experienced these things.”  And so it was almost like I was looking back to the past in order to see those things happen; well I thought if it happened then maybe it could happen now and that’s why I went to my pastor, “When do we get to walk with Jesus, talk with Jesus and do the same things that He did?” Because I saw the Apostles doing it, and I thought why would He favor the Apostles and not move through people of today in that same way?

Sid:   So what did your Pastor say?

Barbie:  Well, he told me, he said that that was only for a certain dispensation and time and time and God could if He wanted…

Sid:  Boy, he’s got the boringest thing in the world; he has plain, flat religion, oh my goodness! He has my condolences, go ahead.

Barbie:  That’s what I thought, even as a child I was disillusioned at that point and when I thought then why did God love them more back then He loves us now and why wouldn’t God heal now if He healed back then.  And so it caused me to begin to walk away from the Lord because I thought He don’t love us anymore, you are not relevant for today.  And I was out riding my horse, and when I was out in the woods by myself riding my horse, all of a sudden I heard my name called and it came clear as a bell, “Barbie.” I knew I was out there by myself so I thought the horse can’t talk, but I began to watch his mouth and say “Where’s this coming from?”  And two more times the name “Barbie” came, “Barbie.”  And what it reminded me of the story of Samuel when Eli was in the House of God, but his eyes were growing dim and ears were deaf he couldn’t hear any longer, but God began to speak to the youth and began to call Samuel by name and I knew that story as a child.  And finally He didn’t just call my name, but He began to speak to me and He said, Barbie, if you only believe the same anointing that flowed through the Apostles of old will flow through you.  And so our part Sid is just to put our faith in God and believe His word is true.

Sid:  But wait a second, wasn’t he just saying that just for you or do you believe that’s a word He could speak to everyone listening to us?

Barbie:  I believe that’s what He is speaking to everyone that’s in the sound of the radio that would hear that.

Sid:  So prophetically…

Barbie:  Only believe.

Sid:  Prophetically speak that to those people that are listening right now.

Barbie:  I just want your ears to be open now by the Spirit of the Lord that your heart’s desire is to hear the Lord and to move into those things that He has for you, if you only believe everything that is written within the word those promises are yea and amen to you, they are for you.  They are not for distant past or far off future, but those words are for now and as you place your heart and your faith and you believe the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you and He will move through you with signs, wonders and miracles.  He will tune your ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to you personally, and to other friends that are around you and you and you will be a carrier of the Spirit of the Lord and you will move in the same anointing that the apostles of old do.  Because God is not a respecter of persons, He loves you as much as He loves them and He wants to walk and move through you just like He did the Apostles of old so you have the same opportunity as Peter, Paul, James, John the Beloved, and all of those Apostles that walked in the anointing.  Even that of Peter and Paul who wrote so much of the New Testament, that same anointing is available for you today if you just say “I Believe Lord, help my unbelief so I can step into a greater measure of believing You and allowing You to move through my life.”

Sid:  Now Barbie, you have experienced all the miracles we read in the Bible prophecy, dreams, visions, how did you get into a specialty if you will of understanding dreams and visions?

Barbie:  I believe it came through hearing the audible voice of God and allowing Him to speak to my heart, then asking Him to tune my ear. Not just for audible voice, but to hear that still small voice that so many of us hear, that’s where most of us operate all the time. When that still small voice is within us and being able to read through the Word, and it be quickened and alive to us where the Word becomes Rhema, we can apply it to our everyday life.  And the Lord blessed me with a prophetic anointing to where people would begin to tell me the dream, I would be able to activate the image center that was within me so as their words came forth God began to paint a picture for me, so I would see what they were saying and then I would ask that the Holy Spirit.  I said, “Holy Spirit these are your people, these are your children these are the ones that You have created this dream for and You have given it to them specifically because Your wanting to communicate how much you love them and what You have destined for them to walk into.  Please give me a clear hearing and a clear vision to see.” He began to train me how to move symbolically where He would give a picture that would represent something.  So what I would do is I would flow in the prophetic, the gift that He had given me to move in the prophetic ministry of seeing and hearing the voice of the Lord. Then I would see the dream that they have would have as a picture and I would just ask Holy Spirit to give me the interpretation.  So it really came out prophetic schools that I was involved in in the Lakeland Florida area through Carpenters Home Church, and the different churches there that I would be able to minister.

Sid:  It’s wonderful that you have this gift but you’re only one person, only so many people can hear you minister, but you’ve put together tools to help other people.  For instance I have the tools in front of me, one is a card that has different colors, and then it explains what the colors mean in a dream.  The second is a card called people symbols, the third is God’s dream language, and the forth really I mean it’s five items in this kit…I love this card here which lists all the major diseases and what the spiritual sources are. And the psychological sources are that has given entry of these diseases on people.  And then the last item that we put together in the kit is a CD on which you teach on God’s dream symbols and this is so practical.  But the bottom line I have to ask you is, are people able to get really good insight into their dreams just like you can get from examining your tool and other tools you have available?

Barbie:  Absolutely, I believe that one of the ways that God is speaking to His people in the last days; He said “In the last days I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh,” and to me that means those that are born again Christians and those that are still seeking to enter into the Kingdom of God.  Both of them have the Spirit of God being poured out upon them and He’s giving them dreams. So what’s happen though they’re going to the counterfeit.  When God gives a spirit dream, and you go to something say like a physic, or a soothsayer, or a fortune teller, or a tarot card reader they are going to operate out of the soul realm, which is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So they do not have the ability to bring an accurate correct interpretation to a Spirit given dream that comes from God.  So as God pours out His Spirit on all flesh it takes a Spirit filled Christian to come up with the correct interpretation because that’s coming out of the tree to life that was in the Book of Genesis. So it has to come out of the tree of life in order to give a life giving interpretation for their dream.  But the symbols are the keys to the dream.

Sid:  …tell me a testimony of someone that has used that.

Barbie:  The healing card is powerful because I developed a friendship with a woman who was practicing witchcraft. She was a wicken witch, and so I developed a friendship with her so that I could have favor to be able to speak into her life to bring her into the kingdom of God. She shared with me one day that her daughter was going to have babies, she had twins in her womb and she was so excited.  And I was rejoicing with her, but then long enough for the sonogram for the babies to develop and she had her first sonogram.  The doctors report came back that these children, both of the babies had cyst in their brains and the doctors were saying that they needed to abort these babies.

Sid:  Bottom line, we’re out of time.

Barbie:  And so we prayed and the Lord healed both of those babies in the womb because I believe it’s the goodness of the Lord that leads people to repentance.