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Our Guests Nancy Alcorn & Laura Schultz

Laura Nancy

Sid: My guest by way of telephone from Nashville, Tennessee the head of Mercy Ministries is Nancy Alcorn. Nancy’s just come out with a new book called “Mercy for Eating Disorders.” And there are so many young people involved in anorexia, bulimia, binge eating that there are more young people that can even get into her program at this moment. So she just felt a compulsion from the Holy Spirit that this book had to be written. And what I’d like to deal with this day Nancy what are the tell-tale symptoms if your children are involved or your spouse even in anorexia, bulimia, how would you know that?

Nancy: Well some of the things that you look for… is one of the things that people do is they gaze into the mirror a lot. They seem to be a little uncomfortable when eating in front of other people, constant weighing and sometimes avoiding weighing.

Sid: Why don’t they want to eat in front of people, what causes that?

Nancy: Well it has to do with their own feeling about it because just so demonic it causes bizarre behavior like hiding food. We’ve had some young girls in our program that will steal food out of kitchen and then they’ll go into the closet in their bedrooms and like throw-up into their shoes. They’ll hide food under the mattress, I mean it’s just really bazaar.

Sid: It sounds to me like the behavior you would expect from a drug addict.

Nancy: Well exactly, it’s pretty much just like that but it’s food. But another one of the signs is just an inability to concentrate, definitely a preoccupation with exercise. And I mean not normal exercise but like beyond the limits almost to exhaustion. And being driven, it’s just a driving force of eating or not eating, or exercising way beyond what is normal. And then one of the difficulty in sleeping, very performance based, perfectionist, highly competitive. Those are just some of the things, really obsessive compulsive behavior you know, pulling hair out, hand washing, that kind of thing.

Sid: My goodness it’s you know this is a whole realm that I’m not familiar with. But you say it’s epidemic in America.

Nancy: It really is and you know like we had one girl that came to us and she started with real severe depression when she was 15. And out of depression she began to overeat and be inactive and kind of hid and stuff. And she developed a weight problem and so she decided she had to get rid of the weight to be accepted by her peers, because her friends were calling her fatty at school and stuff like that. So she ends up just not eating anything practically. And her weight had gotten up to over 200 pounds and she decided she wasn’t going to eat until she became thin. And a dangerous amount of time she dropped 100 pounds and became anorexic. And then after her parents got help for her then she tried to start her college education, and she ended up getting back into binging and purging and hear heart almost failed her one night. And she was taken to by ambulance to a hospital and she went through all of these treatment programs and she still had the eating disorder. She didn’t feel like anybody could help her, she didn’t feel like anyone understood her. And so finally one night she just said “There is no help for me and I’m hopeless and I’m worthless.” And she tried to kill herself a serious suicide attempt, ended up in the hospital. And then they just finally told her parents we don’t know what to do with you so we’re going to try shock treatment, so they tried that. And that didn’t seem to do anything, and so they finally said “You will need to be on disability for the rest of your life, you will never be able to get a college education and you’ll never be able to function in a job. This is a disease there is no cure for it, you just have to learn to cope as best as possible.” And so they prepared her parents or family. Well she was somewhere where one of our girls who had come through Mercy and had been set free by the power of God was giving a testimony about freedom. She said “I am free from my eating disorder.” And it shocked Laura to hear freedom and eating disorder in the same sentence. And so she said “What do I have to do lose?” And so she called us, got an application, came into the program and in 6 months’ time she was able to get the healing that she needed on the inside and deal with the issues that confronted her. And the pain of rejection and just all the hurt. And she more than anything she realized who she was in Christ. She had all of these lies in her head about herself. And through God’s word we were able to push out the lies of the enemy and the lies of self and put the truth of God’s word in there and help her see herself as beautiful and see herself as the daughter of the King and as a Princess. She actually got a revelation of who she was in Christ and that she was forgiven and that she was an overcomer, she could do all things through Christ who strengthens her. That girl went and got her college education and got her Master’s Degree and now is back on staff as our Director of Communications. That’s the very same program that she herself graduated from almost 7 years ago. And she travels with the girls from contemporary Christian artists “Point of Grace” gives her testimony in concerts and conferences that they’re doing for teenage girls around the country. And she’s just one of many girls that have been set free because of the truth of God’s word. And we tell our girls who have been set free because of the truth of God’s word and the fact that we tell our girls “You really can choose.” There are people out there I really sense that there are some young girls listening to this program right now maybe even some older woman who are caught in this bondage and you’ve listened to the lies of Satan and the lies of the experts of the world that say you have no choice. But Deuteronomy 13 the Lord says “This day, this day right now when your hearing this, this day I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing.” And God says “Choose life that you and your seed may live.” And we have girls that come through this program whose mothers have had eating disorders and it’s a generational thing that runs through. In Christ the curse is broken.

Sid: Okay, one of those girls that’s listening to us right now…. with your book how much hope would she have?

Nancy: Well I believe in Christ if you turn to Him 100% and surrender control to Him and renew your mind to God’s word and replace the lies with truth I believe it’s 100% every time. Because in Christ we win, I believe that the name of Jesus is above every name including eating disorders. And most of us want a quick fix like we go through a drive through. “I’ve got 1 minute so fix me God,” and it’s not like that, it’s a process of transformation that goes on and it’s taken steps toward it and allowing the power of God to release us from that bondage.

Sid: Alright there’s some people listening to us right now that are involved and they know they are in this anorexia or bulimia or binge eating, what are the medical consequences to them? You shared one person but was this the exception or how serious could the hurt themselves for the rest of their life?

Nancy: Well it’s very serious, the medical consequences there’s a large number of them. But young girls we have many young girls that are 18 – 19 years old that have had eating disorders for years and have never actually even started their menstrual cycle because of it. We’ve had girls that have burned holes in their colon because of laxative abuse. We have had girls who have the acid from throwing up the reflux acid from throwing up has actually created a situation that endangers their very life where they have a hole in the lining of their esophagus. It actually causes severe constipation, it causes your eyes to be very puffy, blood vessels to break and that’s force those girls that would be forcing themselves to throw-up. It causes all kinds of medical problems. And for girls that come in and they’ve had eating disorders for years and years usually the acid from throwing up has taken the enamel off of their teeth and they’re severe cavities and damage that sometimes even dentists that are the best cannot do anything about their. There’s organ damage, hair loss, low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and heart failure. And I told you that Laura almost died from her heart failing…

Sid: Nancy, just a couple of keys from the book that people will be getting from us at this moment to be set free.

Nancy: One thing that has to happen is that there has to be a belief that the Name of Jesus is above every name. And as we call on the Name of Lord that we can be saved, not just saved one day when we get to heaven but saved from whatever bandages the enemy is trying to bring into our life. So we have to understand two things, it’s Satan that comes to steal, kill and destroy. But Jesus said “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly, every good and perfect gift that is from above.” An eating disorder is not a good and perfect gift and it is a weapon of destruction. And we have to know that Christ died and paid the price for that so we can be set free. So we have to surrender our lives to Him, make Jesus the Lord of our life. And then renew our mind to God’s word and to forgive the people that have hurt us. To believe that God wants to transform us on the inside to be able to deal with and face the issues of our life. And in many cases girls that have been sexually abused. We had one young girl who had been sexual abused by a youth pastor and developed an eating disorder out of that. And she had to go back and be able to forgive and to also to confront the person who had abused her so that she could tell him how much it had done to her. And he had abused all of these other girls and they were able through some evidence that came forth to get a conviction so that he wouldn’t be able to hurt anyone else. And so just to know that we have a chose, that in Christ we can have freedom. And we can take the lies that we have and replace them with the truth. And we have seen our self the way that God sees us.


Our Guest Katherine Ruonala

Katherine Ruonala

Sid: Well I’m red hot for the Messiah and Jewish people throughout the world because we have distributed millions of books of… I had a dream and God said “If I would write a book with Jewish testimonies He would cause more Jewish people to come to know Him than anything I’ve ever done.” And it’s true and just a few weeks ago I got a phone call from a very ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman that read my book. And she said “God, I can’t deal with this either kill me or show me the truth” she actually used those words. And guess what she said “I don’t know if I was in my body or out of my body but all of a sudden I was in the presence of a man and His hands were pierced and His feet were pierced. And I looked at His eyes and He had so much love; I was totally undone and He told me His name was Jesus. And I’ll tell you I would follow this man anywhere.” Well my guest is Katherine Ruonala. She comes from Brisbane, Australia and Katherine and her husband pastor a church there. Now Katherine if I could turn her over to you; she knows nothing about the New Testament all she knows is Jesus is real. And by the way, I wish everyone that called themselves Christians would know that. But how would you mentor her in worship?

Katherine: Well I really believe that the Father is seeking worshipers who worship Him in Spirit and truth. And that to me is the Holy Spirit revealing the Messiah to us. God’s looking for worship as a genuine heart response to revelation. And revelation is something the Holy Spirit wants to provide for us every day. The Holy Ghost wants to show us more about the Father, more about the Messiah so that we can have a genuine heart response. Even as she was converted in finding Christ having the eyes of her understanding enlightened in the knowledge of Him the desire of God is that every one of us would daily grow in revelation knowledge of who He is. So that we can discover Him as we worship Him; we can look to Him with an expectation that the Holy Spirit is going to give us revelation to respond to. And whether that be in song or whether it just be in awe or amazement or squeal of delight if it’s a genuine heart response then that’s what worship is. As we read the scripture I encourage our people because we see many come to Christ have never read a Bible, don’t know the Lord’s Prayer or know very little about Christianity. I encourage them to read whole books of the Bible; read whole gospels; whole epistles and to enjoy it and ask the Holy Spirit to teach them as they read, reveal the Lord to them. And as they do that I believe that God is wanting us to pause every time we get revelation and release the worship to God. And that can look different for every person. I’m a very vocal responsive person and if I’ll get excited and squeal and sing and jump up and down with joy. My husband he’s quieter; he might just have a tear trickle down his face as the Lord reveals Himself to him; but as we genuinely allow the Lord to provoke us to a response of worship, that is pure worship. And the other thing is worship is not about us just telling God how good He is; I never understood that. But actually worship is lovers talk; it’s us looking to Him lifting up our hands like little children and Him scooping us up and responding to us. And as we look to Him He reveals Himself to us and as He reveals Himself to us we respond and it becomes a Divine embrace. And for me worship is the most glorious experience; it’s the thing that satisfies my soul more than anything else because it is union with God, it’s fellowship with Him. And to develop and cultivate a lifestyle of worship responding to the Spirit revealing the Messiah; revealing the Lord through the word of God is the most powerful way that we can develop a relationship with God.

Sid: Now in your book you talk about something that gave you a major breakthrough as you began to pray the prayer in Ephesians Chapter 3 verse 14 through 19 tell me what a difference that made in you.

Katherine: Oh, well I knew I needed to be rooted and grounded in the love of God. I was quite an insecure person, worried about what people were thinking. And so I knew… I heard a testimony someone shared at a meeting that they had prayed this apostolic prayer; they personalized it and prayed it for 3 month and had amazing encounters with God. And I thought I’m going to try that; so I wrote the prayer out; I actually recorded it and I learned; I memorized it. I personalized it for myself and I just began to pray. And I prayed really believing God would answer me because the scripture told me that whatever I asked according to the will of God I could have. And this was definitely the will of God for me; it was a prayer that Paul prayed for all the saints. So the will of God for me was truly to know His love. So I just began to pray this every day. “Lord, let me… I ask for the Spirit of God to strengthen me with might in my inner being that I may truly know Christ dwelling in my heart through faith. That I would be rooted and established in love; that I would know the love of God that passes knowledge. That I’d know the height and the depth and the width and the breath; Lord, help me to know the fullness of You love so that I might be filled to overflowing with you.” I prayed this every day and I tell you that my life began to be dramatically transformed. And God came in and as His love came in the fear went out. His perfect love truly cast out fear and I began to relate to people differently, I began to move in faith and joy and confidence, a holy confidence it’s not arrogant, but secure knowing that God is first for me; that He’s first with me and that His purpose for me and His desire and His promises are yes and amen. To me the most wonderful prayer and I love to pray the prayers of the Bible to pray the scripture. It’s one of my favorite things to encourage all our people and all those that I mentor to do this because as you pray the word of God in faith believing for it God delights to give us what we’re crying out for.

Sid: Tell me about Yummy Daddy time.

Katherine: (Laughing) Oh, I love to talk about knowing God; about enjoying His presence. And one of my interns one day called me on the phone and he quoted this phrase he said “Oh, hi Pastor Katherine have you had your yummy Daddy time yet?” And I laughed, I thought to myself “What a wonderful way to put it because sometimes people think about spending time with God as a chore or something that they should do and they get condemned thinking that they’re not doing it enough. But actually it’s a delight, it’s the thing we get to do; we get to spend time with God in a way that fills our appetite and our hunger for everything we need emotionally, physically, spiritually. God wants to satisfy us. I thought that should be a Christian greeting you know instead of saying “Have you spent time with God today?” When we talk about yummy Daddy time; it’s a funny beautiful way of reminding people that this is the luxury the joy that you get to spend time alone with Daddy God.

Sid: On tomorrow’s broadcast because you have spent time alone with Daddy God I believe that as you teach that words of knowledge that many people are going to be physically healed. But when you spend time with… when you spend yummy Daddy time what do you do?

Katherine:   You know I go… often I get outside of the house away from computers and phones and I’ll walk with Him. Or I’ll get alone in my room and just in the presence of God look to Him and begin to worship Him. Sometimes I’ll pray in the Spirit; praying in an unknown tongue knowing that He’s praying through me. I’ll talk to Him about all the things that I’m thinking about; all the things that are worrying and concerning me. And bring all my cares to Him. You know the Book of Philippians in chapter 4 says “Be anxious about nothing but in everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make your requests known to God and the peace of God will guard your heart.” So I go through and I talk about everything that’s on my heart; everything that’s bothering me; everything I want to pray about and I feel I need to pray about. And then I like to take time to hear what’s on His heart. I like to listen to what He has to say; and then just to be aware of His presence and to walk with Him; be aware of His presence and walk with Him and adore Him. And let Him love me, it’s so precious, it’s so intimate and powerful. And it’s not our job or the religious exercise that we should do every day; it’s the greatest joy of the believer’s life to walk with fellowship of the Spirit.

Sid: Well our time has slipped away….

Our Guest Dr. Paul L. Cox

Dr. Paul Cox

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for, red hot, red hot in the Messiah. And you know on yesterday’s broadcast because I never had anyone do that but my guest Dr. Paul Cox. I’m speaking to him at his office in Apple Valley, California he’s from Asland’s Place Ministry. He said “I see an angel and the angel is giving you a message.” And I waited a little while because I was waiting for a whole message. But I heard specific words and you know Paul at the start of this broadcast I heard the same word. I heard the same word that I heard on yesterday’s broadcast, I heard head. And I believe that and now I’m hearing back, and now I’m hearing hip. And now I’m hearing hold which means stop. (Laughing) On radio that’s very difficult Paul. But people are being healed in those 3 areas of their body right now. Especially the backs are being healed right now. I almost feel like if you’ll start moving your shoulders the pain, the arthritic pain you had in your shoulder area and your neck if you move your head. It’s flowing like a river right now, the words of knowledge. Paul, you were going to teach on something that so intrigues me, it’s what the Book of Hebrews talks about entering into the Shabbat or Sabbath rest that’s way beyond words. For those perhaps listening for the first time explain that.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: I was remembering Jesus in Matthew 11:28 says “Come to me all of you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” And then Hebrew Chapter 4 verse 4 the writer says “For He has spoken in a certain place of the 7th day and this way and God rest on the 7th day from all of his works. And again in this place “They shall not enter my rest, since therefore remains that some must enter it. And to those whom it was first preached did not enter because of their disobedience.” And then it goes on and says verse 9 “There remains therefore a rest for the people of God, for he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His.” And I love that verse because it says “We have ceased from our works.” Of course we can’t do anything, we are to cease thinking that we can do anything. And that’s what happens when we enter into that rest, we enter into that place of amazing peace and rest where we are totally yielded to the Lord Jesus and to His power and will.

Sid: Now explain what’s happened at churches where this has occurred while you’ve been preaching.

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   Many years ago the Lord gave me a sermon on the glory of God and it was based on that passage of Exodus where Moses said “Lord, show me Your glory.” And then the Lord started to teach me about the Cherubim and I can feel the Cherubim. I can feel remember they have 4 heads and I can feel heads rotating. So I knew if I woke up on a Sunday morning and I felt the heads turning I was supposed to speak on the glory of God. And when I….

Sid: How do you feel the heads turning, I don’t understand that.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: On my head I actually feel like there is a wheel on my head turning.

Sid: And is it normally on your head or could you feel it on your shoulder or arm.?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Well different people feel it in different ways, we learned that in discernment.

Sid: Now I’ve felt things on my head a number of times.

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   Ah huh.

Sid: I’ve felt even tapping on my head different times.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: That’d be discernment.

Sid: What does tapping mean though?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: I wouldn’t know unless I’d stand next to you and tell you what I’m feeling and then I could interpret what’s happening with you.

Sid: Hmm, so continue please.

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   Yes, the Lord is showing us in Ezekiel 1 and Ezekiel 10 that when a cherubim show up there’s movement. In Ezekiel in chapter 1 the power of God comes on him and he stands up. And in Ezekiel 10 he’s actually moved to a different place. I started understanding that when the cherubim are present there is movement. And then as I was preaching at the end of last year in a church. I speak on the glory of God, we started feeling that movement but instead of us experiencing on the power of God like we usually do when we ask for His glory to come people started laying down in the aisles. And I realized that the Lord was moving me to something different. And that was into a time of us experiencing His rest. And we’ve seen that many times on the glory of God under the cherubim that the Lord moves us into His rest. And it’s actually the Lord is taking us up into a heavenly place. Do you remember in Ephesians the Bible says that “We are seated with Christ in heavenly places?” And I believe that there are these places of rest where we have total freedom from anxiety and from the pressures of life. We simple enjoy being in intimacy with the Lord.

Sid: I mean I can’t think of anything better than believers being able to walk in this Shabbat Sabbath rest. And today is the beginning of Shabbat Friday night. But it’s not just on Shabbat I believe that God wants us to move into this rest 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: I believe that this is the rest the Lord has for us. And it is what the world is looking for. It is why people get into addictive behavior why they get into the excessive compulsive activities because they are looking for a place of rest. Some place where you get free from the enormous pressures that life brings and Jesus has the answer. Everybody else is trying to come in through the side door trying to sneak into that place of rest. But literally Jesus is the only door, the only way to enter into the rest.

Sid: Now do you have to hear to say I pray that you move into this rest, or does it just happen, or do you have to pray it?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: I’m not sure how it happens, the Lord obviously has to do that. I’m trying to discern right now and I believe I’m feeling the cherubim right now which would be an indication to me that maybe the Lord wants us by faith to try this. I guess we don’t know until we try.

Sid: Lets go, let’s go for it.

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   Father I praise your name Lord Jesus, I exalt You Holy Spirit. We worship You. We declare that You are the true and the living God. And we ask You now Lord that miraculously by Your power alone that You will move us into this place of rest. Lord, would You take us up into the heavenly places that we can experience the rest of the people of God. And Father I pray for every person listening, I pray for Sid and for those in his staff that everyone of us would now enter into that place of rest. That we might understand what You have for us. And not only what You have for us but what You have for our family and friends, for those that do not know you Lord that we can come with the good news of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that there is a place of rest for those that belong to the Lord. And Lord would You take us up now into that place? Now Sid as I indicated to you in a previous program there’s 2 tests that I know worked whether or not we’re in that place. The first test is “Can you worry about anything right now?” If you cannot then you’ve entered into that place. The second test I’m aware of “Can you be jealous or envious of anybody else and their gifting’s?” Where I believe in this place of rest I believe is a place of true unity in the Body of Christ.

Sid: If we don’t have this rest we’re not going to have true unity.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: No, we will not.

Sid: And isn’t this also moving into union with the Lord?

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Absolutely, this is I believe a key to true intimacy with the Lord.

Sid: And this is what the world… but the world is trying the counterfeit but believers are trying religion. What does someone do if they’re in a church that just same old same old? Should they just keep going and just keep praying and believing or… I mean there are so many people dissatisfied with same old same old.

Dr. Paul L. Cox:   Well I believe that first of all that you would not be divisive in that church. Second of all that you’d pray and ask the Lord’s direction. As an American Baptist I came to understand the Lord really does want to be Lord of His church. And He wants to be Lord of the individuals in His church. And we need to operate in a stance of what I call radical obedience to the Lord. With that obedience would never contradict scripture and the Lord holds unity and lack of division very high. I’m reminded right now that even David wouldn’t come against Saul even though Saul was a disobedient king. Because he would not rise up against God’s anointed. So unity is incredibly important and so is obedience. So we must be obedient to what the Lord calls us to do.

Sid: Well we didn’t talk too much about generational curses and this is a very important aspect of your ministry.

Dr. Paul L. Cox: Yeah.



Our Guest Eddie James

eddie james

Sid: Well this is a man that probably a lot of you do not need an introduction to you’ve heard of him. He’s number 3 or on National Gospel Charts, his name is Eddie James. When I did a special with TBN they could not get enough of Eddie’s music, but there’s a story behind the story. And the last time I interviewed him and I’ll kind of review because some of you did not hear that. At age 8 he became a believer and he heard the audible voice of God, what did God say to you Eddie?

Eddie:   He said that “God was going to use me He had a plan for me to do music and to minister” and He said “I’ve called you to preach and I’ve called you to worship and I’ve called you to write music.” At that moment when I said “Yes to the Lord” at 8 years old He marked me with a call of God.

Sid: Then you went to your mother and she pulled something from her Bible which she had never shown you before what was that?

Eddie: She pulled a card out because when I was… when she was pregnant with me there was a preacher from Africa who told her that I was a son and that I would preach the gospel, I would travel across the world, I would lead worship, I would write music.” And she wrote all of that down on a card and she held it in that place in her Bible until the time that I spoke to her at 8 years old and told her what God told me. I actually told my dad first, my dad and I were on our way home and I told my father what the Lord told me and my dad said, “Make sure you tell your mother.” And so I went to go tell my mother and that’s when she pulled that card out, she was just blown away.

Sid: Now you had quite a destiny even when you were a student in school in high school and God had to prepare you for it. So I’ve heard of people being baptized in the Holy Spirit but you really got baptized in the Holy Spirit! What was that like?

Eddie: (Laughing) Well before I went into high school that year that we were going to go into high school my church at the time was talking about being filled with the Holy Spirit and so I was praying and wanting it so bad. And the Holy Spirit that particular summer just before I went into high filled me with the Holy Spirit, baptized me in His fire and such a way I spoke in tongues all day, spoke in tongues all night. The next morning I was speaking tongues, I mean it….

Sid: How long did that fire last?

Eddie: Well it never quenched (Laughing) it’s going on to this day.

Sid: I know but I guess what I’m asking and I understand that and I believe that. However I’ve talked to people that have been baptized in fire and sometimes, they’re just so wasted they can’t even function normal, is that the way you were?

Eddie: Well Sid honestly for about 3 days I could not even think English, I could not…

Sid: (Laughing)

Eddie: I could not function normal in society. I was so drunk, I was so taken by the Holy Spirit. And if people understand my particular church background that’s just the stuff you don’t conjure up and you just don’t do, you know I received the Lord when I was 8 and I so did not want to be what they would call fake or putting on or just kind of doing this because I saw others do it. And it took me awhile for me to really be healed or give into the presence because I didn’t want Him I just more afraid of myself not really doing this the right way. But when the Lord broke… helped me to break through that and I just yielded for about 3 days Sid I couldn’t even think straight.

Sid: Hmm.

Eddie: It was incredible.

Sid: But that was an empowerment for what was coming next and as a youngster I consider someone in high school a youngster. I mean I’m amazed that you had the ability to start a small choir, and the small voices went from 30 to 300. But God gave you another encounter in high school which is outrageous; you were in class and all of a sudden your spirit left your body. What was that like?

Eddie: I can remember it was like yesterday. I was at my music class we were singing a song called Adonai in my music class and while I’m there at the point of singing that song my spirit leaves my body. The building, the roof over my head begins to split in half. I go into midair. The hand of God comes from heaven into midair and from His hand comes these crystals that come into my spirit, I see it coming into my face and my chest.

Sid: I’m starting to shake over your just telling that story.

Eddie: It was the most defining spiritual experience of my life. I mean I could remember like I said like it was yesterday. I am hanging in midair and these crystals come into me and I was there for the entire class period because once the bell rang it was time to go to the next class. I remember my spirit going back into my body, the roof closing up and they said I operated in class like it was normal. I don’t remember anything about that class or much of that day, all I can remember is being so connected to the Spirit of God. My spirit in midair hit His hand and just the impartation that I was receiving I didn’t understand what God was doing in that moment; I didn’t know why it happened, it wasn’t something that I necessarily prayed to happen. It’s just God supernaturally took me into a place in Him that has marked me for a life time.

Sid: Well we’re going to talk on tomorrow broadcast on how He equipped you to go into a traditional Jewish (Laughing) synagogue and oi vey I can’t believe what happen there but we’ll save that for tomorrow. But I want you to know that your new CD “Yearn” and also the other two of “Shift” the one “Yearn” how in the world did you come up with idea of “God, me, and my piano?”

Eddie:   I’ll tell you that it was birth is many of you all know what I do for reaching young people and in the early days of doing that and rescuing kids many of them went home for Christmas celebration. So I was at my house in my home studio just begin to worship the Lord. I pushed the record button and I just got lost in worshiping God as I normally do. And when I looked at it I felt the unction of the Holy Spirit that people needed to hear this and to be able to have intimate time with God. So the second one I did was called “Yearn” and I would never forget it. Sid when I did this song, when I did the yearn project and there was the song called “As the Deer” I was so gripped by God that the gentleman that was with me he was helping me to engineer this song in the studio. I fell from my keyboard onto the floor, and for about 45 minutes I wept and I just rolled on the floor. Holy Spirit so gripped me and so poured into me and I was just gone. My spirit was just with Him and I was so gripped by me and I really believe that somehow comes through on the “Yearn” CD. I don’t…

Sid: Okay Eddie…. “As the Deer Pants”