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Our Guest James Levesque

JAMES: Wow. No one in my family has ever been saved. I was never raised in church. And my mom was in… Still nobody. I mean, it’s unbelievable. I got invited to a service. I was actually on drugs one night with my friend, and I was passing out on his couch. And his mom looked over to me and said, “Do you know who Jesus is?” And I had no clue. I needed a ride to Six Flags. She invited me to church if I wanted a ride. I went to church that night. I heard a testimony of a gang member that got completely set free. And she kept telling me that Jesus did this. I came home that night, the woman hands me a Bible. I never opened it up. I walked in my mom’s house. She was drunk, passed out in front of me. I turned to the left in the kitchen. I had the Bible in front of me, and I just started thinking, is he real?

Did he really set that gang member free? And if he’s real, I want to know. And so without any understanding of the gospel, never reading the Bible in my life, I put my hand on the Bible. I looked up to heaven and I said, “Jesus, if you’re real, reveal yourself to me.” And right at that moment, I saw a lightning bolt come out of heaven, and it just hit me right here. And I fell on the floor, and I was screaming in the power. And I just felt so empty. I felt like—

SID: Why were you screaming?

JAMES: Because I could feel the surge in my body. It was like a feeling I’ve never felt. I was powerless. I was on the floor yelling as I felt this fire inside of my heart. And I started crying. I started saying, “Jesus, you’re real. Jesus, you’re real.” And I just knew that he was real. And he was telling me, because my whole thing I said to him was, “If you’re real, then I’m going to give the rest of my life to tell people who you are. Show me if you’re real. I don’t want to live on this Earth if you’re not.”

SID: You teach and demonstrate the fire of God. You’ve been baptized in water and fire, in the spirit in fire. What is the fire of God? And what are the benefits of it?

JAMES: Absolutely. So when I got saved, I started reading that Bible I had. And I immediately saw in Matthew 3, there was a spirit, water, and fire. And I began to cry out for what the fire was. I was baptized in water. I was saved, but I wanted that fire in my life. And so as I began to read, I realized that we weren’t meant to live without it as Christians. Every day of our life, the Holy Spirit needs to be with us and empower us to be parents, to be children, to work at our jobs everywhere we go, that that fire would burn in us. And an appetite got created in my life. And I was convinced I wasn’t going to live anymore without the fire of God in my life. I wanted it all. You mentioned Kathryn Kuhlman. She said, “Why settle for a cup full, if the whole ocean is ours?” Man, I want the whole ocean. I want it all.

SID: What do people miss if they don’t operate in the fire of God? What are they missing?

JAMES: Yeah. I think we’re living underneath the privileges. I think a lot of the attacks that we go through, it’s interesting. We just had a famous basketball player, unfortunately, die in a helicopter crash. They said the pilot had something called spatial disorientation. That means you actually can get to a point, the fluid’s out of your ear, you don’t know which way is up, right, left, down. In faith, if we’re not plugged into the source with the presence, with faith, then we’re going to go through things in life and be confused. We’re going to be spiritually disoriented, and we’re not then able to know which way is up. Discernment, I believe, is the greatest thing we need.

Our Guest Katie Souza

KATIE: Amen, in Jesus, right now. You know, actually, do you know a blood song, honey? Let’s do a blood song to wrap up this part. Do you have a blood song, like ‘O the blood of Jesus?’ or something like that? C’mon let’s sing this before we go to Step Two, amen? Let’s honor the blood, hallelujah. [singing begins] As you sing it picture it going into your soul.


O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. It washes white as snow. O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. It washes white as snow. O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. It washes white as snow. O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. O the blood of Jesus. It washes white as snow. It washes white as snow. It washes white as snow.

KATIE: Yes, praise him for His blood. C’mon. Praise Him for His blood. Yes. We thank you for Your blood, O Jesus. Washing away our sins of offence, Lord. We praise You, we praise You. We praise You. We praise You. We honor You and we glorify You, God. Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord. Ohho! Yes, Yes, Lord, Yes, Lord, yes! I hear words of knowledge coming. People are going to start losing weight. You’re going to see some pounds coming off you. God’s going to do it for you in the name of Jesus. I hear headaches are already lifting. Somebody who had a gastrointestinal issue is being healed of that right now in the name of Jesus. Somebody’s right knee is being healed, there was a crackling or a prickling as you would bend the knee and Lord says that that pain is leaving- AH!! SHA!! Jesus, hallelujah, hallelujah! Lord, we praise You for Your miracle power. You are a mighty God. You are awesome, Creator, Redeemer, Salvation! You are everything, Lord. We give you the honor and the praise and the glory. Hallelujah, Savior! Hallelujah! Hallelujah Jesus! Hayay, Hayay, Hayay, Jesus! Thank you Jesus. Thank You Jesus. Thank you God. Okay, now we’re going to do Step Two because you know what, honestly, this is the Step we haven’t been doing and that’s why we’re still sick.

Bottom line is, you know and Sid said this to me years ago you know, he said it really should be all about just being able to say ‘in the name of Jesus.’ But it doesn’t seem like it works that way does it? Like we’ll say ‘in the name of Jesus’ and it doesn’t happen. I think that’s because we didn’t understand everything about Jesus that we needed to have. And when we have all of that Jesus is and all that He did for us, then when we say ‘in the name of Jesus’ it will actually happen. Somebody’s getting healed of a wound in their soul that came from gambling, the sin of gambling and you didn’t realize that it was hindering your prosperity. And God is healing you of that right now in Jesus name. There’s a woman in a blue shirt with pearls around her neck and there’s a deep heartache that has been in your family line for a long time you’re being healed of that. A spirit of witchcraft is leaving now in Jesus name. SHAAAS!! Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Check that ankle, it’s not swollen anymore. Somebody’s backbone is straightened up, I think Sid had that word of knowledge.

SID: I did. Someone’s knee, you’re getting a new knee or the pain is leaving your knee right now. And I was telling Katie once the healing of God is manifest in a room you don’t even need a word of knowledge. All you need is knowledge Himself. Yeshua, Jesus. He is made unto you wisdom. He is your knowledge. I’ve heard this again. Arthritis in the fingers, it’s gone, in Jesus name. KATIE: Jesus. The healing power is here. So if you haven’t heard a word of knowledge for your particular affliction right now, I want you right now, we’re going to have Toni play one more song, if that’s okay with Sid, and I want you to just come before the Lord and say, ‘Lord, go inside me, inspect my soul, go in the midst of my heart, which is your soul and find the wounds that are connected to this affliction that I can’t get the breakthrough for.’ And that should be your focus. Just say, ‘Lord, go right at those wounds right now that are connected with this thing that I can’t seem to shake and fill them with your blood and your “dunamis” power.’ I just want everybody now, this is how you’re going to go home and get healing in for yourself, for your family members and everything else, you’re going to go right at that, right at those wounds that are causing that problem, with the blood and the “dunamis.” Amen? So while Toni sings again, let’s really do that, let’s really go after that. And you know and before we do that, I want to do one last thing here, as far as my part. I want to give you the anointing of “dunamis.”

Our Guest Aliss Cresswell

See if that’s spiritual. Okay? Just always do that. And then you have to ask the Holy Spirit so what are you telling me? What was—think laterally. It’s not always obvious. You got to keep digging. Keep asking the Holy Spirit. He’ll show you the next thing cause He wants you to know. Cause He wants to, you know He wants to extend His kingdom, doesn’t He? The Lord wants to extend His kingdom but He’s going to do it through you. We’re waiting for God to come and to start revival but He’s waiting for you to start revival everywhere that you go. Cause you carry revival on the inside of you. The kingdom of heaven is within you so you’ve just got to let it out! So anyhow, yeah, these 2 woodpeckers come in the tree.

So when I get to the meeting that night I said is there— I told the woodpecker story like I just told you— and I said is there anybody here who has similar symptoms to the ones I had when this evil spirit came, you know it was like headaches, dizziness, deafness, disorientation. And I said I think it might be two people cause I’d seen two woodpeckers. So those are words of knowledge. Okay? And it usually happens— kind of you got to just keep thinking what is that? Is God trying to show me something? Because if you ask the Holy Spirit to tell you something He usually will tell you straight away. It’s usually the first thought in your head or the first feeling you have is usually the Holy Spirit. So two women came out and they’d had those symptoms for a long time. But when I said well it’s just an evil spirit they let go! Well that’s all right then!

So we just tell the evil spirit to leave. What I’d like to do is when somebody’s got an issue it’s like a demonic thing or it’s caused by an evil spirit I normally— I will get them to say Father God, please will you forgive me for allowing this thing a place in my life, for coming into agreement with it. Because you know when that happened with me I could have thought well I’ve got this illness now. I could have gone to the doctor and got medication for it. And sort of come under it and lived under it for a very long time. I wondered why when I pray I’m not getting better. All it was was an evil spirit. So we’ve got to see in the spirit realm just like Jesus did. He only did what He saw the Father doing in heaven. He spoke what He heard being spoken in heaven. So anyhow these people got completely set free. We prayed for them. The evil spirits come out and they get completely healed by Jesus. That’s good isn’t it?

AUDIENCE: (CLAPPING) ALISS: Something similar happened. You know it’s I just like to teach people and help them to understand the evil spirits are nothing to be scared of. They are scared of you. When you realize who you are, who lives within you, the enemy is so, so scared of you. He’s trying to stop you coming into all that God has for you. And I tell you what. It’s time. Oh yeah! C’mon. You’d better believe it. NOW is the time. You know God’s been getting you ready all these years for such a time as this! The things that you’ve been going through, it’s like the Lord showed me recently that after years and years and years and years of being in the wilderness, going round and round and coming under stuff and being attacked by the enemy and all this stuff. That now after all these years we have now come into the Promised Land. But you know what? The Promised Land is very different from the wilderness. Very different. We need strategy. We need tactics. And that’s why we need God to show us what we need to do. We’ve got to do everything that the Holy Spirit tells us to do. We must be so obedient to the Holy Spirit. But this one time I was in the cafe and there’s a lady she’d been healed of deafness. Like she was completely deaf in one ear. We prayed. We had to pep her up. You see we had a photographer in there all week because he witnessed a miracle and he asked could he come back for a whole week and take photographs. So he did. And so he’s taking photographs and she’s got completely healed in her left ear.