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Our Guests Ronnie & Clarice Holden

Sid: My guests by way of telephone from their home in Shallotte, North Carolina is Clarice and Ronnie Holden. In their own words their just regular ordinary people, but Ronnie found himself fighting for his life. God began to download in his wife Clarice  how to battle the unseen world. He was literally given 3 hours to live; he was in a horrible auto accident; he should have not lived. While his wife and friend, and the church was interceding for him, he was actually in a coma for 21 days, and he had a visitation from some angels. He also had the angel of death show up, and they stopped the angel of death from taking him. What happened next Ronnie?

Ronnie: Well one night I was on the boat, they took me down to the boat…

Sid: The angels literally took him on this boat, okay.

Ronnie: I spent the night there, it was a 100 ft. schooner, I could see it from my window at the hospital. I had all this fruit to eat; I had cold water, ice water to drink because I hadn’t anything to eat or drink in almost a month. They just took care of me. Then one night, I think it was when the doctors told my wife I wasn’t going to live through that night. They came and they told me Sid “Were getting ready to leave and make a trip to the other side. If you’re ready to go we’ll take you you’ll never hurt again when you get there. The voice may get rough on the way, but we’ll pack you a whack, and you’ll never hurt again.” My wife she said she’d been hollering at me, shouting at me to fight, I had to fight I had to come out of this. I told them “My wife is at the hospital waiting for me, and she really wants me to come back and I really need to go there. So I decided not to go.” I don’t know anything about be given a choice to live or die, but I was I think, and I chose to live.

Sid: Okay, put your wife on. I’m so glad that he chose to live because I wouldn’t have this book in my hands right now. Clarice it sounds like you were not going to give up no matter what. Is that right?

Clarice: Absolutely.

Sid: What advice would you give someone that is listening to us right now who has been given a death sentence by a doctor, let’s say cancer. What would you tell that person?

Clarice: Get a hold of the word of God and claim every promise He gave you. Go into a no doubt zone. I had no doubt around me, I would not let anybody say or think another thing around me. You know several people came to the hospital to see him and to see me, but if I felt like they were not right with me I wouldn’t let them in. There was one day Sid I had gone down into the cafeteria, and this lady, a very well dressed lady and put her tray down beside me and started talking. She says “I can’t help but notice you’re in the same boat I’m in.” She said “Your husband came in about the same time mine did, and their intensive care.” I’d not seen the lady before, and she says “You know their telling me my husband won’t make it.” I looked at her and I grabbed my tray and I got up, and I said “Mam I don’t know about you, but mine is gonna make it and I just can’t sit here,” and I left. I just knew that I could not even entertain a thought of him not being well. I just know that if there’s someone out there today that’s being given a sentence by a doctor that you’re not gonna make it, remember our heavenly He is in control and He will help you through this. He did me, and I know He is not a respecter of persons.

Sid: Tell me about the day that your husband was ready to leave the hospital because he was healed.

Clarice: That was a glorious day. Our niece’s husband came and he picked him up, and we were coming home.Our sheriff wanted to have an escort, but I had asked someone if this lady I had met in the hospital if she could sing Amazing Grace, and she said she would. He was rolled out the whole sidewalk was lined with doctors, nurses, physical therapists, janitors, everything. She started singing Amazing Grace, there was not a dry eye out there. We could have had an altar call, but I know that it was only God’s amazing grace that brought us through this.

Sid: Now just out of curiosity you told me about a specific doctor, Doctor Maxwell, at first would not even agree with you that your husband would live. Have you talked with him since your husband was healed?

Clarice: Oh I certainly have. A year later he called and wanted to come down, he brought his wife to meet us, and he brought his camera. He wanted to have his picture taken with us, and he said he watched Ronnie as Ronnie moved around; he was amazed. His wife said to me “He never brought home any patients, he never talked about his patients.” She said “He talked about us every day.” He said “Honey I’m so worried.” She said “How’s Mr. Holden doing?” He said “I don’t know he’s more dead than he is alive, but his wife is who I’m worried about. I go in there at 3:00 in the morning and she says ‘Doctor Maxwell doesn’t he look wonderful?’”

Sid: He didn’t look wonderful why would you say that?

Clarice: Because I didn’t see him as he was, I had faith. You know I had to look beyond that because I knew he was gonna be healed. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s what I saw.

Sid: Sounds like faith to me.

Clarice: It was faith, but that doctor he says “You know I will never forget you.” He had our picture taken with him. He was the chief surgeon for trauma. When Ronnie went back for a checkup one of the other doctors, one of the other doctors came in first and he looked at Ronnie he walked out. We heard him talk and he said “I gotta go get doctor so and so, he doesn’t even look like the same man.” Another doctor would come in and they’d say “Well we’ve got to go get Doctor Clancy, they’re not gonna believe this now we’ve got to go get Doctor Maxwell.” They walked in and they looked at Ronnie they said “This is not the same man,” but that was the man I saw.

Sid: Last thought.

Clarice: That is so important that you do not doubt. That you will hold tight and walk what the word of God says, and just set yourself in agreement with that word and hold on, and don’t look to the left, and don’t look to the right, look straight ahead; don’t be deterred by nothing or nobody.

Sid: Ronnie Holden I would like the last word from you.

Ronnie: Sid I would just like to share with everybody what God told me about His mercy. I didn’t deserve even to live, I didn’t deserve what I have, but God had mercy on me. All the things I’ve done in my life, as mean as I’ve been, I was a scoundrel and God took mercy on me and healed me. All we have to do is call out, it’s so simple, some people just look over it. You call out to God and God will answer your prayer, He answered mine. I’m alive and well; I’m a miracle. I know God’s power, I know God’s peace…

Sid: I’m sorry were out of time.

Our Guest Julie True


Sid:We are getting ready to mediate on the word and I’m going to tell you no matter what happens in your life if you have the word of God, the promises of God that we’re especially written just for you inside of you, when you believe it with all your heart as a result of mediating not with all of your mind but with all of your heart, then everything that you say will come to pass according the will of God. Psalm 103 verse 1 to 4 say it out loud many times this week and personalize it.  I’m using the New King James version of the Bible “Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is in within me, bless His holy name.Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all His benefits.  Who forgives all my iniquities, who heals all my diseases, who redeems my life from destruction.” And Julie True that’s what we were talking about yesterday; we were talking about you have such a passion, such a concept of God being your loving father that it exudes in everything that you do.  Now I found it interesting that you father was a worship leader but he was in a church that didn’t think it was Biblical to use musical instruments.So you got that gifting in your genes from your dad but tell me about what you call “The barn years.”  You moved out of the city with your husband and your family and there was a piano in the barn, you didn’t have room for it in the house.When you wanted to worship God you would go out to the barn but you told me that sometimes it was freezing and there was no heat in the barn.

Julie:  That’s right and I mean for a long time I did not want anybody to hear me singing so I loved being in a place where I could get away from everybody and…

Sid:Yeah, but you’re so good why didn’t you want anyone to hear you sing?

Julie:I have not ever been good at performing and it was really, you know it was just like getting comfortable talking to God myself and hearing what He saying back to me. And it was just I had to exercise my gift in the secret place you know.

Sid:Okay but that’s one thing, secret place is one thing but going out in freezing temperatures at night playing the piano what possessed you to do that I mean that’s not normal Julie.

Julie:  Well, I really… it is so fun to worship and to sing your heart to God.When you get set free from thinking that you are limited to certain templates, or certain songs, or certain parameters you know, and I love my background.  You mentioned my dad, my dad loves God.He is an amazing, has a amazing heart for God and I grew up listening to hymns and singing hymns and I love that that I have that on my background.You know there comes this time where you want to move on to Psalms and spiritual songs and you know it’s like there’s a place for each one of those things. I guess in my heart, for one thing I was going through some really difficult times and we were living very simply with very few material things and I had lots of things to talk to God about and lots of questions to ask Him.

Sid:Well there’s many of us that have lots of questions but from what I understand you started singing your questions.

Julie:  That’s right.That was an amazing discovery to me that I could just sit down and start playing a simple chord progression and asking God, you know, like one time I was singing this was the first time that this every happened to me I was just singing “Lord why do we have to cry, oh Father God, why do we have to cry?”  And then just in the rhythm of this song that I was making up in the middle of it He just said, “Because My child tears are open up your eyes to me, they open up your eyes.”  And you know I feel like that was what was happening with me that I was when you’re desperate you know you’re a lot more tuned in to what God has to say I think then when you are when everything is going great.  And so anyway it was a growing experience for me in learning how to express myself and how to be still.

Sid:But you know what you had a gift for playing the piano and being a musician, and for singing, but there was a special way of you expressing your gift.If you had just sung regular songs you would have never be doing these CDs that you’re doing today.

Julie:  That’s true yeah I laughed about the fact that it was so hard for me to release my first CD because I was like so… I felt like it didn’t sound like anybody else and it didn’t look like anybody else.Yet it’s like for all of us whatever it is that is unique to us that God has gifted us with it’s that thing that actually makes you different and gives you something different to offer than just being like a cookie cutter person.  And so you know it’s just funny I had to press through that stigma that I had or whatever that I’m supposed to sound like this and I’m suppose to sing like this and you know I should sing these kinds of songs.  And we just went with what seemed to have life in it when we listened back to the live stuff that I had done and it wasn’t the songs that I had written it was the songs in between the songs that I had written so any way yeah I think that’s a really major revelation for my life and it would apply to everybody.

Sid:Well, I want to hear one of the songs that you wrote during those barn days when you were desperate to get closer to God, “He Who Dwells.”

Julie True “He Who Dwells”

Sid:That was Julie True and I have to tell you when you saturate your home, or your car with this music there is an anointing a supernatural peace. I mean she’s literally a stress buster.  People that have problems sleeping, mothers that want their children to sleep they just play this music and next thing they know their sleeping.  People that are sick when, you know stress is the major activator of sickness of all kinds.When you’re in such supernatural peace you don’t have any stress.  So people that are sick should listen to this music.  People that are in hopeless situations, we’re getting reports of those that are listening to her music are getting heavenly visions, they’re able to hear God speaking to them.  They’re getting physically healed, their having some of these traumas that are deep deep that you don’t even think of God just brings it to the surface you get rid of the trauma and you get totally healed.

Our Guests Ronnie & Clarice Holden

Sid: My guests are red are red are hot for the Messiah. Clarice and Ronnie Holden, I’m speaking to the by way of telephone at their home in Shallotte, NC. Ronnie you were addicted to drugs and alcohol, you had a restaurant business, and things were really in trouble. Why did you decide to go, FINALLY, to a rehabilitation center?

Ronnie: Basically because I knew I was going to die. I had tried so many things to get off the cocaine, I drank constantly, and I had tried so many times.

Sid: Were you a Christian?

Ronnie: No I wasn’t.

Sid: Why not?

Ronnie: That was the farthest thing from my mind. I thought I was really a strong person. The people who went to church I thought they were weak, and the church was a crutch to them…

Sid: Wwwwwwell your wife was a Christian didn’t that mean something to you?

Ronnie: I made fun of her going to church she went to a nondenominational church.

Sid: Clarice did you have any faith that your husband would one day get off of drugs and be red hot for Jesus? Did you believe for that?

Clarice: I certainly did Sid. I hung onto that faith that one day our home would be whole.

Sid: You told me you even had a prophecy that you hung onto. What was that prophecy?

Clarice: This guy gave me a word he said “The last 3 years has been really bad, but the next 3 years is going to be a living hell.” I just…

Sid: Oy vey, who would want a word like that (Laughing)?

Clarice: “But your husband will be on his deathbed. He will be alone and he will have a divine visitation from God, and your house will be saved.”

Sid: My goodness the presence of God is on you just repeating that prophecy. Okay, Ronnie you reached your wits end, you’re suicidal, you determine you’re gonna go into a rehab program. What happened next?

Ronnie: I went into rehab, and it took over 2 weeks for the treatment to get me off of cocaine. The prescription drugs I was taking had DT’s…

Sid: Now that had… I had never been on drugs fortunately, but I understand it is really hard to get off of cocaine.

Ronnie: It’s hard to get off of it, and it’s something you can’t do on your own. Even rehabs, they help people and people who don’t have God, if God doesn’t deliver them, it’s a struggle for them all their lives. Fortunately, you know I got down on my knees one night. I have already gone to AA…

Sid: But you weren’t a Christian what were you doing on your knees?

Ronnie: Well I had come to the end of my rope. I said “Well let me try this I tried everything else.” I bought all these books on religion on Zen; I had been so many places tried to change my life. I had made changes in what I did, my routine thinking it “I won’t go out, I won’t get out with these people, I won’t go do drugs tonight,” and I still did. I would Valium and different medicines to try and put me to bed so I would sleep and not go anywhere. I got where I would get up and wouldn’t be aware of it, and put my clothes on and leave home, and wake-up 2 or 3 days later somewhere else. I didn’t know which way to turn. One night I had been gone 2 or 3 days, and I remember the sun coming up, and I felt so bad. I said “I have to go home and face my wife.” I had an idea what to do, I said “I’m just gonna kill myself. There’s no way out of this, I’ll never get off of this.” I had seen this sign it was rehab one time, it just came to my mind. I went home after a long discussion with my wife I had decided to go to rehab because I knew I had a problem. So I went there, and after a couple of weeks of them trying to get me off of the drugs. My minds clear enough to start going to meetings at AA, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Start talking about a higher power, I remember thinking to myself “We’ll you know that’s not a far stretch to know that there’s someone smarter than I am. I was the dumbest person in the world; I thought I was the strongest; I just destroyed my life. I could be so far ahead of where I am now, and now you know I’m ready to kill myself. So I got down on my knees and I said “God if your real I’m gonna die. You’re the only hope that I have I’ve tried everything else, if you’re real I have got have some help, but you’ve got to show me something. I just can’t go on a word of what people tell me, or what I read. I’ve got to see something real to know that you’re in my life.” I prayed like for 3 days and nights, off and on that same prayer. February 17th this one night I woke up about 3:00 in the morning, and I’m not really sure how it happened, I remember looking up and the whole room was completely white, like clouds were in the room. This person was standing over the bed, and to me He looked like when I was a little boy I saw pictures of Jesus He had His robe on. He had a blue robe with a white belt tied around Him. His hands were sticking out towards me, and He just looked at me and it was over with. I prayed and I went back to sleep for an hour or two. I woke up and I didn’t know what was going on. I went outside, I went through the door, I saw a tree and it was like I had never seen anything before. The trees looked different everything looked different around me. I started thinking about cocaine, about drugs. I got sick, I got nauseated, and I wanted to throw up. God delivered me of it right then of the alcohol and the drugs.

Sid: Clarice tell me what it was like when your husband told you for the first time what had happened to him.

Clarice: Well I got a call from him, and he was not able to call me. He said “I want you to bring me a Bible.” I said “A Bible?” He did, he said “I need to talk to you.” So I went down that weekend, and I took him a Bible. He told me what happened. I was just blown away I just could not believe that’s just how it happened. I still hung onto that prophecy that I had. To me at that time when I received it it was so far out there that I didn’t ever see how it could come to pass because my husband would not speak to a Christian. He did not want to be around them, and he did not go to church. I said “God how are you going to save him?” He did, He did just what He said He would do. He had a divine visitation from God. It miraculously just changed his life, and mine as well.

Sid: Well you were just getting by because you were doing most of the work in the restaurant from what he told me. It seems as though the flood-gates of heaven opened over both of you, and you were blessed in everything you touched, especially in the business arena. What was going on

Clarice: It was as dry as it could be. You know when Ronnie got his head straight, and we got our life together straight, and we started going to church together, and listening to the word of God. Getting ahold of the word, where we need to tithe, and we started doing that. A guy came to our church, I never forgot this, and he told us “You pray for God to give you ideas in business.” Ronnie caught hold of that word and he just started praying for ideas. He just started changing things in the restaurant, and it just started changing overnight. It was wonderful and it has been good ever since.

Sid: According to my notes it was better than wonderful, you had 2 yachts, 4 planes, an estate, your business was doing wonderful. Clarice you even opened up a boutique

Clarice: I did, and we did that in 85. We built a shopping center, and I opened up a boutique and God’s blessed us there.

Sid: And everything is going so fantastic Ronnie, but then I’m going to speed you forward a bit to May 8, 2000. What was going on in your life Ronnie?

Ronnie: Well I was at the restaurant it was on Sunday night the year 2000, and we had closed. I had started home and my home was like 12 miles from the restaurant. My wife was in New York, she had gone on a buying trip for the clothing store. I drove through an intersection and I don’t remember what happened. They told me this drunk driver was going like 80 mph, and he ran through a stop sign and hit me in the driver’s door. He hit me with such force that he broke the seatbelt from the back of the seat and threw me the passenger window. The car rolled, it was an SUV, and it rolled over and stopped on its side right before it rolled over on top of me. My neck was broken, my leg was crushed…

Sid: It sounds to me like it was a miracle that it didn’t roll on top of you, and that would’ve been the end of Ronnie.

Ronnie: Absolutely it was.

Sid: What stopped that car from rolling over on you?

Ronnie: Well I imagine it was the angels stopping it.

Sid: Well that it was I would believe too. Clarice what did the doctor say about your husband, what chance did he of surviving?

Clarice: Well at the beginning he had a fairly good chance because they didn’t know everything that was wrong with him because him; yes he did have his neck broken in 2 places, and he had all the damage to his stomach and liver, and spleen and all of that. His leg was broken in 15 places, but they thought that he would survive it. Then after 7 days of being in the hospital Ronnie got progressively worse. They said to me you know he got irrational. I would be talking to him, and he would make good sense then all of a sudden he would not make any sense. Finally I said “There is something wrong, somebody has got to do something.” It was Mother’s day Sunday morning, and I had dosed very early that morning, and I just woke up and Ronnie is out of the bed with this halo on and he is going home. I knew something terribly was wrong, so I immediately called the nurse and I said “You have to get the doctor in here, something is wrong.” They wanted to tell me Ronnie had brain damage, but I would not accept that. They finally got a doctor there and he came in and I said “Somebody’s got to an MRI, a CAT scan or something.” They said “Well we did that,” but they finally did another one. When they did the doctor comes running down the hall, he says “We’ve got an emergency; we’ve got to operate on him right now. He has a crack in his intestines and he is septic. His whole body is being poisoned and he will not make it unless we do the surgery.

Sid: Listen the results were even worse after the surgery.

Our Guests Ben and Brenda Peters


Sid: We want everyone everywhere to have the same passion for the Lord that my guests have. My guests are prophetic, and they have an anointing that others can move in the prophetic. Ben and Brenda Peters, I’m speaking to them at their home in South Beloit, IL. I have Brenda on the telephone, and Brenda you move in such accurate and wonderful gifts of words of knowledge, and prophecy. I want to find out what you feel… your husband told me what his turning point was, but your turning point it appears to me was when you spent time going to one place every day for a couple of hours. If I remember right you said you were just soaking and worshipping in the presence of beautiful worship music, and just being still before God. Being still is that important?

Brenda: That’s very important because all of us have backgrounds where we have issues of fear, panic attacks; often times people have fear of being in front of the public. And God was asking me to stand in front of people and encourage them with His heart. I knew that I had to hear from the heart of God, it couldn’t be everything that I had learned and studied about the Bible. It had to be the heart of God because people know the difference. So…

Sid: Now what would you say to someone that says “Well for the last year I’ve been spending an hour, or half hour everyday being still before God just soaking in His presence, and He hasn’t told me anything. Should I just quit?”

Brenda: No you should begin to ask Him, ask Him for a word every time you come in front of a person. You should begin to say “God what do you want to say to this person?” We often times just don’t give Him the opportunity to speak and we’re His vessels that He wants to speak through. So it’s actually an opportunity every time you meet somebody; walking on the streets everywhere you go. Say God “What do you want to say to this…”

Sid: Does it have something to do with the scripture that says “You have not because you ask not?”

Brenda: Definitely.

Sid: Tell me some experiences that you’ve had as a result of spending quality time with the Lord.

Brenda: I’d like to backup first. Before we started full-time in the prophetic and that was… I have a daughter at that time who was 16. She was actually very sick having an asthmatic attack. We brought her home, and when she got home her lungs collapsed. As we were getting her out to the car preparing to race to the hospital I began to call out the prophetic. The Holy Spirit began to remind me of prophetic words that had been spoken into her life over the years, and I began to speak those words into her life in between resuscitating her. She also had a cardiac arrest; we didn’t get to the aide car for about 10 minutes, but the prophetic words were calling down from Heaven her destiny refusing the death experience that was taking place. She was gone by the time we got her to the hospital, but God sent her back as I was crying out to Him and praying. That triggered a new level of understanding in my heart that if I would go after more of the presence of God if I would call down and use the authority that was given to me as his daughter that I could bring to life others in different ways as well.

Sid: I would like you to put your husband Ben back on for a moment.This is Ben Peters and Ben I’m wondering if you do the same thing your wife does and that is spend quality time, I know that you did this in college, but do you still spend time in God’s presence and tell me about it.

Ben: We try to live in His presence and give the moments that God gives us like most people…

Sid: Out of curiosity is it possible to live in that tangible presence 24-7?Is it possible?

Ben: Oh yes, oh yes He’s always there we just…

Sid: Well I know He’s there, but I know when I consciously or sometimes His Spirit will come on me but like for instance when I speak I could be sick; I could have a pain in my body and when I’m in that tangible presence I am not sick, when I’m in that tangible presence I do not have a pain in my body.  So my peanut brain logic says “If I could be in that presence 24-7 good-bye doctors.”

Ben: Yeah ha-ha, yeah that’s good logic, that’s good logic I agree with that.  It’s easier said than done of course.He’s always there He’s available and He really wants us to…

Sid:Okay, I want you to be a coach right now; I would like you to coach me and everyone that is listening, but let’s start at basics.  Everyone has to start somewhere, someone that doesn’t experience the presence of God give us some advice coach.

Ben:  Okay I love that one scripture in Proverbs “In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.”  And we use the word acknowledge often in a public setting as somebody comes in that’s well-known and we’re having a meeting someone would say I’d like to acknowledge the presence of so and so.We say who they are, we acknowledge that they’re with us and we tell a little bit about them.  And when we acknowledge the Lord in all of our ways wherever we are whatever we’re doing we’re acknowledging that He is with us and we’re saying who He is.  And when we say to Jesus “You’re with me, thank You and You are Lord, You have control, You have the right to tell me what to do.  You have the right to put thoughts in my mind; You have the right to direct me in my day and steps.”  And He says “Trust in Him with all your heart and lean not on your own understandings.” which is a cerebral thing that you were talking about earlier.  But if we acknowledge Him that He is the Lord and He will be there and He will guide our steps and we will hear His voice, we acknowledge that He is the God that speaks; He’s the God that loves to communicate with His people; He hasn’t changed, Jesus is the same, the Father’s the same.  He’s a communicating God He created us for fellowship and what kind of fellowship happens without communication?

Sid:Let me take you back to when you were in Bible school and you were getting up 2 hours early. You were even missing breakfast, if the Lord didn’t release you and His presence was so strong. Did you ever miss a class because of this?

Ben:No, I don’t remember missing classes, but I did go to extra prayer meetings; because when I’d leave that place the joy of the Lord would flood me even as I’d been filled with weeping all of a sudden joy flooded my soul and I walked through the rest of the day kind of like floating on Cloud 9 as they say. I’d look for prayer meetings. We were involved in prayer bands. The first prayer band I chose was my first quarter in Bible school was the Middle East. Which is interesting because we now have more interests in the Middle East and Israel than we’ve ever had before.And…

Sid: The Bible’s real clear that Israel will be front and center stage, and be a problem for the whole world in the last days. So…I mean everyone sees what’s going on.

Ben:SoI would go not only to our prayer band, but I’d go to prayer bands that were taking place at different times of the day. I’d go to every prayer band that I could go to. I was in prayer…

Sid:Did you have time for anything else besides school and prayer? Well there was a young woman named Brenda of course.

Ben:She was hungry for more of God. She hadn’t known much about church and about God before then. She’d been taken to a Baptist church and got saved there, and with influence of Billy Graham on TV. She didn’t know that much about the Holy Spirit, and she was hearing something’s about healing and the Holy Spirit. We connected, and I was so full and she was so hungry I was just pouring into her and our dates were Bible studies and prayer meetings. It was pretty awesome; it was really reallyspecial. Then God began to speak to me, and the way I started to hear God’s voice was through the Bible itself. God would take a scripture and He’d bring it to life and speak to me and one morning I was in my prayer time Brenda had shared some burdens, and I was praying for her and I opened the Bible I asked God to speak to her and give her something from the Word and the verse that my eyes fell on was “She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.” And it was like the Holy Spirit said she’s the one and up until then you know I didn’t know I just thought…

Sid:But she knew the moment she looked at you she told me yesterday.

Ben:Yes, that’s right so…

Sid:But she operates in different gifts than you; you operate primarily in God speaking to you through the word; she has visions if you will.

Ben:   Right, right we both exercise prophetic gifts, but hers flows in a way that mine doesn’t.  I respond to the scripture where Paul told Timothy, stir up the gift that’s in you which was giving you at the laying on of hands in prophesy and so on.  So when I have an opportunity I’m asking God to “Stir it up Lord stir it up.”Then He gives me something.  He gives me a word, a vision or something that I can feed into their spirit and that’s a powerful thing.Brenda’s anointing is much stronger in this area where she walks into a room and she starts to sense things and feel things and see things; and she gets this burden within her that she has to release it.  It’s like the prophets in the Old Testament they say “Your word is burning in my bones up you know and I had to release, I could not be silent” that’s how she operates.

Sid:  I asked Brenda this question I want to ask you this question.  Do you believe everyone that is a believer can prophesy?

Ben:  Everyone can hear God voice everyone can prophesy. Jesus said “My sheep hear my voice.  And Paul said “You may all prophesy one by one that all may be encouraged and all may learn.” Yes I do everyone has the potential; some will take it to higher levels than other and their definitely different levels of prophetic ministry.  But at the least we can receive a burden for someone and let them know that we have a burden for them that God gave to us and we’re praying for them.  Or we may just feel like their having a hard day or something like that.As we develop as we’re faithful with what God give us God will give us more.  The very important thing is that we minister out of a pure spirit and a pure heart not with ideas of showing off our gift, but with idea of this is part of the Body of Christ, or this is one that needs to be part of the Body of Christ.They need to know that God loves them.  And so we’re asking and listing for God’s voice and listening…

Sid:   Ben I’m sorry we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrows broadcast.