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Sid Roth welcomes Jonathan Cahn

Sid Roth:  The middle wall of separation between Jew and Gentile, praise God it’s finally come down to form what Paul calls in the 2nd Chapter in the books of Ephesians “The Full dwelling Place of God by His Spirit.”  And that’s where we’re headed right now, but between today and the time the Messiah comes we know from the Bible what’s going to happen.  But we as believers I believe it should not be such a big mystery that as true believers in the Messiah we should understand the times and seasons that we’re in.  And I have a friend that’s a Messianic Jewish Rabbi by the name of Jonathan Cahn and several years ago he had some supernatural experiences and he’s a brilliant Bible teacher.  And he has come up with an understanding of a pattern from the Old Testament that God used with Israel and it’s so amazing it’s even got dates and times and the deeper in God in this the more he saw that it is a pattern for the United States of America.  Here let me read from the front page of our newsletter for those that receive our Mishpochah newsletter.  “Is it possible that there exists an ancient mystery in which is hidden the secret of America’s future?”  “Is it possible that this possible lies behind everything from 9/11 to the war in Iraq; to the American housing bubble and it’s bursting to the crash of Wall Street and the global economy to the great recession and much more; even the President of the United States.”  Strap on your seatbelt we’re about ready to go for a ride.  Jonathan you know that I have wanted to interview you on this subject for a long time and you kept say, “It’s not quite the right time.”  Why did you keep saying that to me?

Jonathan:  I just, I just felt that there was a time when this word was going to go forth and it’s almost as if the word is always sought to go forth, it tends to become viral when I bring it up.  But I felt like it wasn’t the time and then things started changing and I have no question right now that this is the time.  And just when I was kind of moving ahead or praying about that I get a call I get a call from your ministry saying, “Hey let’s do the Harbinger.”  So I believe that your lead by the Spirit Sid, because that’s, I believe that this is the time.  We are approaching the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and America is fastly, or rapidly moving away from God; and this is a serious you know call, but it is something that; everything in God has an appointed the time.  He kept giving me the scripture you know. “The vision is for the appointed time,” You know write it down and it will go and now it’s just happening. – Its Supernatural.

Sid:  I believe that also so let’s start out the series and there’s two CD series that we are making available and one is called “Harbinger, the Warning” and the other is called “The Harbinger, the Shaking.”  And let’s start out with the word “harbinger.”  What does that mean to you?

Jonathan:  The Harbinger means a sign, a herald of what is yet to come.  It can be used in a good sense; but generally harbinger is generally it’s a sign of warning.   And why this links up is that God gives harbingers a warning before judgment.  You know and a good God would do that and the sake of the warning is so that there won’t be judgment.  Isn’t that correct?

Jonathan:  Exactly, exactly and He did that in ancient Israel, which is really which is really the pattern which gives us really the revelation of what is happening now.  But exactly, God’s ultimate purpose is to save from judgment.

Sid:  But I don’t believe you could have come up with this key if you hadn’t seen what happened at 9/11.

Jonathan:  Yes, exactly.

Sid:  So therefore, no one could have unlocked this before 9/11, I believe.

Jonathan:  I believe you’re absolutely right and it’s not that, you know there was things that I sensed with 9/11 came you know our ministry is in Northern Jersey were near everything.  We have people in the building at the time who got out, but you know it was a sense in America that something had happened.  There was a sense among believers that there was something deeper going on and America has been – was not right with God and there’s something for this to even be allowed, you know it means something and this is the same pattern.  Actually at that time there was a scripture that came to me and I didn’t realize it back then, but it was right – it turned out to be really one of the keys of the puzzle piece.  And I was down there in ground zero, you know a little bit after and I’m walking the ground and I saw an object it was linked to a tree and something started and mystery started unfolding.

Sid Roth:  You know I recently had lunch with a strong Christian believer and he looked me in the eye and he said, “I’m very concerned about Israel, look at Iran, and their nuclear ability and the missiles they have.”  But I said to him, “I’m not concerned about Israel, I am concerned about the United States of America.”  I see the future of Israel in the Bible, and I don’t and maybe you are one that would differ with me, but I don’t see a locked in concrete future for the United States in the Bible; I’m concerned about the United States.

Jonathan:  Well, well I believe that you are right, you know, clearly, you know there is two main things going on.  America has been blessed more than any nation has been blessed and there’s two things of it.  One is that as much as it follows God, “As a nation follows God it gets lifted up.”  We’ve been blessed from the beginning, even the early founders of America, the Puritans.  They said this was going to happen and it’s happened, but if America turns from God those blessings are not going to remain.  And the other thing is; “As America has been the greatest blesser of Israel and the principal is clear from the beginning of the Bible to the end that if you bless Israel you’re blessed, if you turn away you will not be blessed.”  And both of those factors are changing now and so we are in danger.  And the other thing is when you look at end time prophecy you don’t see America as the leader, it says all nations come against Israel.  Something has to happen between now and then and I believe you are absolutely right.

Sid:  Okay, the word harbinger as you’ve explained means “A sign or a foreshadowing of a future event” and you have found in the scriptures. “Nine harbingers,” explain what you mean.  Because if these things occurred in these steps and this is what happened in Israel then your premise is those same steps are going to happen in the country that God raised up to preserve Israel if they turn from God.

Jonathan:  Yeah, not that every situation is different, but the overall pattern is there, which is basically “A pattern of warning and coming judgment.”  Yeah, basically here’s the beginning of the key of the foundation of it.  Ancient Israel, 8th century BC Israel is founded by God or founded on His word; blessed by God, but then it departed from God.  They grew complacent they turned away from Him, they went to other gods; they turned against His ways into immorality, they actually then started coming against His people.  And now God calls them back, “He sends prophets and then He allows something to happen that was unprecedented, He allows Israel’s hedge of protection to be breached.  He allows and enemy to make a strike into the land,” and this is again as you said before, “This is not to bring judgment it is to warn of judgment,” and its wakeup call it’s an alarm.  And that’s strike, the enemy has come in; it’s temporary, it’s limited but it traumatizes the nation.  It was a sign and this is where were talking “it was a harbinger” that if the nation continues going away from God, departing from his ways it’s blessings, it’s peace, its prosperity, it’s safety it’s even defenses are going to be removed.  So the attack comes, it is short lived, but and this is the time to repent and to turn back and God gave them several years to turn back, but after a while it seemed that security had returned, but they were in danger and they didn’t realize it.  It was a grace period, the nation to choose God or to completely go away from Him and then judgment, but instead of repenting and turning to God they hardened themselves.  Israel becomes defiant they make a vow and this is going to be the key here, In Isaiah 9: verse 10 they say, and this is God telling through Isaiah; making it known what they did, they say this here is the verse, “It says, “The bricks have fallen, (that was the destruction) but we will rebuild with hewn stone the sycamores have been cut down, but we will plant cedars in their place.”  Now, it’s hard to say, “What’s that saying?”  It’s saying that you know, “No matter what God, no matter what He does to us were not going to be humbled; we’re not going to turn back; we’re just the opposite, we’re going to defy the judgment; we are going to fight back; we are actually going to turn the calamity around we are going to come back stronger than ever.  So they harden themselves and about ten years later after that first encouraging comes judgment of Israel, the same army reenters now but it’s not limited it’s a full strike and the ancient kingdom of Israel is wiped off the face of the earth.  Now what does that have to do with the last days of the ancient, what does that have to do with America?

Sid:  Right.

Jonathan:  You see and this is a specific pattern of judgment and the calling of God.  And the last days of a nation under judgment that doesn’t turn back.  So what does that have to do with America?  America was also founded on God’s principal, blessed as no other nation has been, turned away from God, has increasingly been turning from His ways, I think it’s obvious.  It’s become complacent and actually literally coming against the ways of God.  It’s rapidly so and God is calling America back; but what happened to ancient Israel?  God lifted up the hedge of protection; it was the wake up alarm so too God has lifted up the hedge of America’s protection.  The wakeup call September 11th 2001 America’s hedge of national protection is removed just as it was in ancient Israel.  It’s a strike comes in, God allows an enemy to come and strike and breach the borders, its temporary it’s limited but…

Sid:  I mean, I remember where I was, I remember exactly watching the television screen and watching those planes go into the Twin Towers and it looked like fantasy to me!  It looked like it wasn’t real, this is America; this doesn’t happen in America, it only happens in the movies.

Jonathan:  Exactly, exactly.  And we’ve had this sense that we were invulnerable and we were invulnerable as long as we were in God’s way.  But if we are not it says, “Unless the Lord watches the city the watchman watch in vain,” and clearly God allowed it.  And this the same exact thing that happened to ancient Israel and so in the same way this is the time for America to come back.  If you remember Sid, at that time there was…

Sid:  You know we’re out of time right now, but I know that our Mishpochah will be back.  I have a saying which I got from a Messianic Jew by the name of Dick Reuben at the Brownsville revival.  He says, “When the pattern is right, the Glory comes down.”  But the reverse is also true, “When the pattern is wrong, the judgment is released. – Its Supernatural!.

Sid Roth welcomes Gary Kah

Sid Roth: The devil has gone wild trying to separate Jews and Christians and the best that we can do is an ecumenical meeting of Jews and Christians where you don’t witness, you agree not to witness to the Jewish people about Jesus.  But that’s a false unity, we need the real unity and the real unity is when Jew and Gentile recognize there’s only one God and he has a name, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  And there’s only one Messiah, not a Messiah for the Muslims, a Messiah for the Jews and a Messiah for the Christians; one God, one Messiah, the Jew, Jesus and then were going to have peace.  Now my guest Gary Kah, if he was sitting in a congregation right now would be Amening me.  But Gary has worked his whole life based on a call from God to educate Christians on the entire end time anti-Christ system, the economic anti-Christ system, the religious anti-Christ system, and the political anti-Christ system.  This material is so hot that I can’t even say some of the things that he says on his three DVD’s…Now Gary a question that comes to me all the time has to do about rebuilding the temple.  Do you think that that will occur and do you think that it will occur quickly?

Gary: I do believe that it will occur.  We’ve been to Israel we were over there as a family here just a few years ago and did some research into that.  And of course just a few blocks from the Temple Mount is the Temple Institute and I’m sure you’re familiar with the preparations that have been made there.  It can actually unfold very quickly once we get to that point.  But there is I believe it’s going to be difficult for the Jews to rebuild the Temple under their own authority.  I believe that there is push underway an interfaith effort to try to make whatever is going to take place on the Temple Mount be of an interfaith nature, and there are various parties pushing that.

Sid: But wait a second now, I come from a Jewish background, and I can’t see Orthodox Jews agreeing to the Temple being interfaith.

Gary: Well now most of them would not, I believe agree to that, but here’s an interesting fact.  In fact I will give credit on this to a Christian author by the name of Joel Richardson who first broke this story; it was really historically really unprecedented in development.  And he spoke of an Islamic figure by the name of Adnan Oktar.  He actually uses the pin name Harune Yaya.  He is I believe right now the number one best selling Islamic author, over 65 million of his books are in print worldwide.  And Oktar a couple of years ago met with three representatives from the reestablished Jewish Sanhedrin and they met in Turkey and they discussed how religious Muslims, Jews and Christians can work together on the project of rebuilding the temple.  If you can believe it or not, Mr. Oktar refers to this coming Temple as the Majid or the mosque or the palace of Solomon.  This is a direct quote from Adnan Oktar, this leading Islamic figure; he says “The palace of Solomon is a historically important palace and rebuilding it would be a very wonderful thing.  It is something that any Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim should welcome with enthusiasm.   Every Muslim, every believer will want to return to those days to experience those days again and all be it partially to bring the beauty of those days back to life.”  Then he adds that the Temple of Solomon “Will be rebuilt and all believers will worship there in tranquility.”  Then he added that he believed that the temple will be rebuilt in one year.  And I quote him one last time. “It could be done in a year at most; it could be built to the same perfection and beauty. The Torah says that it was built in thirteen years, if I remember correctly, it could be rebuilt in a year in its perfect form.”  So this is coming from a top Islamic leader.  And then you also have some figures in the Sanhedrin, in fact they post this on the…

Sid: Excuse me, for those that don’t understand, what is the Sanhedrin?

Gary: Well this is a group now that has reemerged to prepare everything for temple worship in the future.  They are getting this ready and they see they see themselves as being the priests or the leaders and setting the stage for the coming worship in the temple once it is rebuilt.  And so they are moving in that direction.

Sid: And do you know what I find interesting in your literature, you talk about an ultraorthodox Jewish group that wrote in their Israeli newspaper “Children wanted for future temple services.”  I mean that is, that’s really getting there. – Its Supernatural.

Gary: Yeah, that’s correct and that was a few years back and of course these children would be getting older now and being prepared to lead in the temple.  And so this is coming together behind the scenes.  But what I’m wondering Sid and I hope that this does not take place, but where I see some of these individuals going from Islam and at least a few from Judaism is a type of International House of God or House of Prayer that could be a type of interfaith place.  And I’m wondering if that were to happen, if that were to happen that would come across as being the politically correct thing to do that the UN and other political international entities would seem to be supportive of.  And I’m wondering if that might not be part of the big deception of how to get the religions of the world on board and to go along with this.  So we’ll just have to watch and see.  I don’t know but it is very interesting to say the least.

Sid: Well, talk just a tiny bit about this movement called “Chrislamic.”

Gary: This is growing very quickly in Christian circles in the United States including in evangelical circles.  And you’ve got some of the top names, some of the top three or four names, I won’t name them here, but most people listening would recognize their names who have thrown their name into the ring on this.

Sid: This is on our DVDs you do name a lot of these people.

Gary: Yes, I do, I do but those that are trying to bring about global government, unification of the world religions have realize that their biggest obstacle and challenge has been in the area of Uniting Christianity with Islam.  And that is beginning to change now; they are pushing hard on bringing Islam and Christianity very closely together to the point where one of these individuals an evangelical Christian allegedly, actually celebrated Ramadan with an Islamic friend.  Now again, I have nothing against reaching out to Muslims in love, but when you celebrate and participate in the religious ritual of another religion to me that is interfaithism.  You are embracing part of that religion and this is very serious stuff and I believe  that it’s forbidden in scripture to do that but some of these individuals have gone that far to actually practice certain rituals with Islamic people.

Sid: And also you brought to my attention that within a few days of each other many major people called out for a two state solution in the Middle East.  People like the Pope, President Obama, Tony Blair, the only way they could have done that within a couple days is as if it was orchestrated.

Gary: Yes, in fact the terminology was nearly identical that all three of those individuals were using and so clearly they are on the same page together I believe when it comes to a two state solution in Israel and also with the internationalization of Jerusalem.

Sid: Now speaking about the internationalization of Jerusalem most people aren’t aware of the amount of money Syria is pouring into Hamas to win by military force Israel for the Moslems and you say that a lot of the damage their doing isn’t even reported in our press.

Gary: Oh, that’s right Hamas has been attacking Israel almost weekly they’re bombarding Israel with rockets and Hasbola recently has also been on the attack and almost nothing on the international media about this because it would make Israel appear to be the victim and something the bias international media does not want to do and so there is very little reporting about this.  And also very little reporting over the fact that Syria has been the bastion for most of the terrorist organizations of the Middle East, almost all of them have their main hub in Syria, although they’re being supplied largely through Iran.  Iran is shipping some of their best equipment to Syria. And Iran is getting much of it from North Korea and China so there is this funnel from North Korea and China through Iran into Syria and from there into various terrorist groups, such as…

Sid: Then you have the alliance of Russia and China, strange bedmates.

Gary: Well, that’s it too, and Syria is still a major stronghold for the Russians in the Middle East, in fact there are thousands of Russian advisors in Syria right now and they pretty much control and command the base along the Mediterranean.

Sid Roth: Gary, I’m sorry our time is slipping away.

Our Guest Dennis Jernigan

Sid Roth: We want everyone everywhere to have the chains of this world that are stopping you from having intimacy with God; we want those chains to melt.  We want them to just fall off of you so that you are free, so that you are so free that your oxygen will be worship to God.  And there are many people listening to my voice right now that hear the testimonies and say “I’d like to be that way but something is blocking me.”  And that’s why I’m so excited about my guest Dennis Jernigan.  Dennis when he sings, he doesn’t sing songs that he’s written, he sings songs from heaven and when he sings the chains that are limiting you whether they are addictions or whether they’re just the things of this world that stop you from fulfilling your destiny in worship I believe all things are possible.  I believe the best way to be physically healed; the best way to be emotionally healed is through worship.  Now, you have a song that is actually the title of this CD that we are making available Dennis; it’s called “It’s Going to Be All Right.”  I love the title, tell me about that song. Its Supernatural.

Dennis: Well, either God is in control or he is not, this is a prophetic song I received for a couple of my children when I got to the Lord in intercession for anyone, I begin asking the Lord for a song of deliverance for them.  About three years ago one of my daughters called, she had just been married a year and I heard her say Daddy, and just the way that she said, Daddy I knew that something was wrong, come to find out her marriage was struggling, she and her husband were struggling through that first year of marriage and they were about ready to call it quits.  And a long story made short we just began to ask the Lord “What is this song of deliverance for Glory and Shawn, we need to hear that, they need to hear that, so let me hear it Father.  In the meantime we begin to do warfare; we went to their home, prayed over it, just for quite a while.  Long story made short, their marriage was reconciled, there stronger than ever; they’re young men and women of faith but they had just believed some lies.  And this song is just from the Father’s perspective, I heard Father singing it over my daughter and my Son -in-law and it does have a definite anointing.  We’re just seeing people set free in the area of understanding God is in control even when it seems like the storms are raging around you, even when it seems everything is falling to pieces, He’s still on the throne.  He still rules and reign and He will use even the storms, He wastes nothing, He will use everything that we bring to Him for His glory and our good.  And so that’s the story of this song.

Sid Roth: You know Dennis if someone was listening to us right now and they heard a word from God Himself that everything was going to be all right, I believe they would believe everything is going to be all right.  But I happen to believe that you got this word from Heaven and when they hear this music everything it’s going to be all right.  Are you getting reports like that?

Dennis: Oh, all the time, all the time it just, the way that people put it is that they’ll say things like “You’re saying things that we didn’t even know how to say and you put our prayers and our thoughts into words that we can actually sing or receive from the Lord.  Another thing that you hear is that I never knew God loved me like that, can you believe that in this day and age people don’t know, even Christians don’t even believe that God loves them.  Not only do I believe that He love us, I believe that He likes being with us, because I love being with my kids.  I literally just love being in their presence, and if I do that as an earthly father, how much more does our Heavenly Father just love being in our midst.  He loves it, He absolutely loves it.  So He loves us so we just need to just enjoy and rest in being His children.  And I guarantee life will get very abundant when we learn to do that.

Sid: Now, you originally got this from heaven for your own children, they were having marital problems, after you played this, what happened to them? – Its Supernatural.

Dennis: Well, hope begins to rise up in the soul because all of a sudden when you begin to see from the King’s point of view you realize that you’ve been deceived, you’ve been lied to.  So you put he lies under your feet where they belong and my son-in-law and daughter just began to do that.  They just began to put on the truth and began to realize first of all my son-in-law believed he wasn’t good enough for my daughter and my word to him was you know what, the Lord thought you were good enough for my daughter, we would have never let you marry her if we didn’t think that you were the one.  So let’s put that under our feet where it belong and put on the truth of who God says you are; you are the chosen one for my daughter.  Same thing for her, and so we saw the marriage restored, we literally saw the marriage restored, amazing.

Sid: If you will believe right now that this is a song from heaven that this a promise to you from God Himself, no matter what you’re dealing with all things are possible.  And this is what God is saying to you right now; it’s going to be all right.

Dennis Jernigan’s excerpt, “It’s Going to be All Right.”

Sid Roth: …Now that song is from his CD of the most anointed music that he has. Dennis I want you to say a prophetic word that everyone is going to be all right.  Would you say that to them right now? –

Dennis: Sure, God is absolutely in control and one of the things that we can do to come along side and really affirm that belief in our own lives and encourage our own souls is to realize, you do not have to jump through any hoops for God’s approval or His love, He loved you while you were yet a sinner and Christ died for you.  So that means He loves being with you, love being with Him, enjoy His presence and understand that there’s nothing that you go through that you go through alone, absolutely nothing.  He is there, realize it and call out to Him, He can be anywhere you are instantaneously because He is.

Sid Roth welcomes Bill Ligon

Sid Roth: We want everyone everywhere to understand what the Jewish Patriarchs understood about the power of the blessing, to understand what Jesus understood about the power of the blessing.  I have Pastor Bill Ligon who has devoted a great deal of his life understanding this mystery that has been stolen from the church.  He went back to the Jewish roots, he studied with was it a reformed Jewish Rabbi?

Bill: No, he was a conservative, Rabbi.

Sid Roth: A conservative, oh well, that’s Jewish; my Father used to say reformed wasn’t even Jewish.  No, he was Jewish.

Bill: He was conservative and kosher.  He was kosher.

Sid Roth: When I became a Messianic Jew my Father said, “Reformed looks pretty good.”  Ha-ha.  So, he’s made it a point to really study and as far as I’m concerned he’s the pioneer in understanding imparting the blessing.  And Jesus understood this; I mean he understood it, because it hadn’t been stolen from the Jewish people; it was just stolen from the church.  How did Jesus use the power of the blessing? -Its Supernatural.

Bill: Jesus began his ministry by speaking a series of blessings over his disciples.  Now consider who those men were; they were fishermen, they were called Galileans, they were considered unlearned, untrained in the rabbinical schools, one was a tax collector.  And yet Jesus took these men and he formed them into apostles, they had apostolic statue now eternally in the church and it all began when Jesus started speaking a series of blessings over them.  We call them the beatitudes.  He blessed them with everything that they needed to fulfill their destiny and purpose as successful men in the kingdom of God.  But then in Matthew chapter 5: 13 & 14 He said something unusual to them; now this is at the beginning of His ministry with them.  He said, “You are the salt of the earth and you are the light of the world.”

Sid Roth: But at that point they weren’t.

Bill: They were neither, they had no evidence of it, they were rowdy men, they were jealous with each other, they would argue with each other.  The fact is before it was over; Peter would deny the Lord three times and even curse the third time.  But Jesus said to them, “You are and they became everything that He said that they were.  Now that becomes a model for us, so that we are to pray and ask God to show us not only with our children, but with our husband, with our wife, the potential in them with our employees, and with our employer, with other people.  All people show me the potential in this person that I’m going to speak blessing over.

Sid Roth: Now you are talking about loving people the way Jesus did and seeing them not as they are, but what they are destined to be.

Bill: Exactly, and then Jesus then taught them the Biblical principles of blessing; He showed them how to do it.  Even showed them how to bless children, when in Mark chapter 10 He lifted children up upon His lap and he blessed them; the scripture says that He blessed them.  You know the last thing that Jesus ever did Sid is found in Luke 24:49 when he was ready to lift up into heaven as he was going up into the cloud the scripture says that He lifted His hands and blessed the people.  Now I attended, my wife and I attended a Jewish Bar mitzvah for the grandson to some Jewish friends of ours one time and afterward we went to a nice dinner with them and I was seated with a Rabbi who was a visiting Rabbi and I found him to be a very congenial man.  And I said, “Rabbi, I said, you know in Luke 24:49 when Jesus was ascending into heaven he lifted his hands and blessed his followers; what do you think he said over them?”  And this is what he said Sid? “He said, Jesus was a Rabbi,” I said, I agree, a teacher that means teacher.  He said, “In order to fulfill his rabbinical Judaism, among other things he had to be saying the high priestly blessing.”  He said, “I agree with you fully.  “I believe that when Jesus was ascending into Heaven that he was saying over his people, May the Lord Bless you and keep you; may the Lord cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you, may the Lord let the light of His countenance on you and give you His peace.”  The Rabbi said, “I agree with you, I believe that he had to be saying that when he was ascending into heaven.”  And I said, “Yes and I believe that at that point he released upon them special favor that was followed not to many days after that with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon their lives.”  Now Jesus did that and that becomes our model and that’s the way that we are to live.  Were to all the people, we to whom we relate, we are to do the same thing Sid.  And it makes a tremendous difference in our lives.

Sid Roth: Now, you’ve pointed out if people sit under your teaching get this revelation you pointed out that marriages, husbands and wives bond together in their spirit; that children start fulfilling their destiny and honoring their parents.  What about businessman, how does the blessing affect them?

Bill: Tremendously, we had one man move to Brunswick with his wife and a little girl and he worked very hard in his company, but he couldn’t seem to get ahead everything always seemed to fall apart for him.  He secured a copy of this material on “Imparting the blessings,” studied it carefully.  And then it dawned on him, my problem is my father raised me under verbal curses.  He always spoke negative to me, he didn’t talk to me accept when I was doing something wrong.  And you know a study was made that determined that the average father speaks to his child five minutes a day and that’s only when he’s misbehaving, speaking correction over him and warning him that he needs to change his ways.  Now that’s what that father has been doing to him.  Not only that, but the Father had never said, “Son, I love you.”  He had never heard his father say that, so he got in his car, drove to Atlanta, where his father lived, about a five hour drive from here.  And when he reached his father’s home walked into the house, his father gave him a stiff arm hand shake, with a manly hello son, “How are you?”  And he said, “Pastor I didn’t let go of his hand that time, it’s the first time I’d ever done that.”  He said, “I pulled him to me and I said, “Dad I want you to know something, I love you.”  He said, “My father turned away from me,”  He said, “I grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him back toward me, looked him in the eye and said, “Dad, I said I love you and she said, my father turned his head away from me and mumbled.”  And I grabbed his cheeks and turned his face back to me and I put my nose up against his and looked him in the eye and said, “Daddy I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.  And he said, I said it until finally my Dad broke and he said, Son I love you too.  And at that point when he fell into my arms he said, and he said, we just hugged and hugged for a long time.  When he regained his composure I taught my Dad the principals of blessing.  And I said, “Dad you never received blessing in your life, you never heard your Dad say, I love you and now you’ve told me that you love me and I knew that you loved me I guess, all the time, but I didn’t feel it within me.  I was struggling under that curse, now would you reverse that and speak blessings over my life?” He had them written out, he said, “I’ll do it son.”  So he got down on his knees in front on his daddy and his daddy laid hands on him, and spoke blessing over him.  Sid he came back to Brunswick and the only challenge I had was that he became so successful with his company they promoted him and moved him out of town.

Sid Roth: Oh, you got to watch this blessing teaching though.

Bill: That’s right to the national headquarters.  And several years later my wife and I were in Birmingham speaking in a church and I looked and he was in the congregation.  After the service he came up and said, “Pastor would you go home with me?”  So we followed him to his house, went through a guard gate, up a mountainside, up a hillside to a home, beautiful home up on the mountain side and we sat in his beautiful library.  And he said, “Pastor, thank you for what I learned on the power of the spoken blessing; when I went to my Dad it changed my life,” he said, “Everything you see here is paid for,” he said, “I’m active in my church, I’m more than a thither.” And he said, “It all came about because of the power of the blessing,” that’s what God did.”

Sid Roth: Bill, tell me the areas that you cover in your course.

Bill: Well, first of all we talk to people about the value of their children; they need to understand that first of all.  Or the value of your wife or the value of your husband, they have to get that in their mind first.  Employers, they need to understand the value of their employees; or the employees, the value of their employer; that’s so important.  Secondly we talk to them and give them a biblical overview of the principals of blessing.  And then we teach them on why they should bless their children and then we teach them what the patriarchs knew, how the patriarchs imparted blessing.  And then we show them the redemptive power of the blessing.  There is tremendous redemptive power and it’s all played out in the life of Jacob in the Old Testament, we show them how that is done.  Then we have a chapter on how to bless your children showing them how to impart blessing to them and then a chapter on how to break the curse, the spoken curses over their lives.  You see there are two types of curses in the Bible.  There is the curse of the law that’s broken by the blessing of the Blood of Jesus, of Yeshua.  And then there is spoken curse that can only be broken by the spoken blessing, we teach them how to do that.  And then in the last chapter in the book we show them how to plan a special blessing service just like a Birthday Party and to have that service one at a time for each member of the household.

Sid Roth: Well, you know when in Jewish circles that’s a time for presents too, so I mean that sounds better than Christmas to me, our Bar Mitzvahs.  Well, you’ve been to Jewish Bar Mitzvahs, those are happenings.  So it’s got to me a happening when someone has opened up to the blessings of God and the name of God is invoked on them; what a blessing, better than a fountain pen.  Ha-ha.

Bill: We were at a Bar Mitzvah for one of our own church members.  One of the boys in the church Sid, while we were in that blessing that boy the parents were there, the grandparents, the friends and neighbors with their pastors the Lord spoke and said to my wife, “Well, you are finally doing what I wanted you to do all the time.”  And that’s why God put it on my heart in 1973 to be a part of restoring the principals of the spoken blessing to the church and to the families in America and other places in the world.

Sid Roth: Missing, missing, missing, but no longer will it be missing for you.  What the Jewish Patriarch knew… – Its Supernatural.

Sid Roth welcomes AJ Jones

Sid: Its Supernatural. My guest A.J. Jones is a little epistle of the love of Father God, as you understand her story you’re going to get a revelation of how much God really loves you.  And once you get that revelation no one will ever take that away from you again.  And we found out that AJ was contemplating suicide; overdosing on medication; audible voice of God stopped her; friend forced her to go to a Vineyard Church; wasn’t her style.  The very first song was “Father I want You to Hold Me” and her own father had recently committed suicide.  Just a horrible story and she went to pieces; just sobbed and cried and then John Arnott had a word of knowledge, what was that word and what happened to you AJ?

AJ: Well, I was at the very back of the sanctuary and I had cried through most of the service and he said, “There’s somebody here that needs to know that Daddy loves them.”  And I remember thinking in my head I’m not going up there, there’s sixty people here watching me, but it was literally like angels were pushing me or something, because I got up out of my seat.  Even though I had no intention of doing it and I walked to the front and I walked into his arms and I literally cried all over John for over about forty minutes, I mean snot, tears, the whole thing.  And John closed out the service; he was supporting most of my weight Sid Roth, I think I was crying to hard and he closed out the service and at the end of the service he introduced me to Jeremy Senate who was our worship pastor and another man named Ian Ross.  Those three men and between John and Ian and Jeremy started fathering me really and loving me back to life.

Sid: Now, how in the world did you get free of your anorexic condition; your suicidal condition; your severe asthma; how did you get free of those things?

AJ: Well the anorexia and the suicidal was all the same night it was a number of months later it was in ’92 the beginning of ’92 and it was a Sunday night and we were doing like a Sunday night service where they invited all the different churches together.  And I was sitting there and in the midst of the service the guy that was speaking he stops and he started prophesying over me so he turned to my friend next to me and he said, “Sandy, who is this sitting next to you.”  And I didn’t really understand prophesy so in my head I was kind of mocking him.”  Well, like “If you’re a prophet why don’t you know my name that kind of thing.”  And any way he told me to stand up and he said, “He started by saying, AJ your father’s dead and he’s not coming back.”  And that really shocked me, because nobody knew, nobody knew I was hallucinating.  I had been removed from a mall that week, I had convinced myself that even though I cleaned up the suicide, I identified his body in the morgue, and I picked his casket.  I didn’t want to deal with life and so I had convinced myself that “No, he’s not dead and he’s on a trip somewhere, he’s going to be back,” you know whatever.  And now I was hallucinating and seeing him in this mall and so I had run through a mall screaming “Daddy wait,” and when I couldn’t find him, I dropped to my knees and started bawling in this department store.  And the mall security had come and got me and so he started with that and I knew right away, I don’t know how he knows this but somehow he’s hearing from God you know.  And then he walked back through my life, and he as just like, “You know when you were seven you tried to kill yourself and when you were thirteen you tried to kill yourself,” and he went through all this stuff.  And he said, you know he came to the end of it, he went on for about ten minutes and he said, “You don’t want your life now,” which was accurate, I had written suicide letters and I was planning my escape you know.”  And you know I was still having trouble and he said, “If you don’t want your life, why don’t you give it to God and see what He can do with it.”  And at the end of that service he called me out into the aisle and I came out and he came over and he prayed for me and I ended up on the floor.  I had no idea why I was on the floor, this wasn’t part of what I understood church to be about, but I was on the floor and I started laughing.  And it was the first time I had laughed since before my Dad had died and I didn’t know why I was laughing and I couldn’t stop laughing.  But when I got up off the floor from that day on I never struggled with eating disorders again, I never struggled with suicide again.  I mean it was just like all this stuff…

Sid: Well, you know the Bible says that a merry heart is good medicine, you had about forty-five minutes of intense medicine and you literally were set free.  But what about the severe asthma briefly tell me. – Its Supernatural.

AJ: Well, that happened a couple of years later, or I guess it was about; well it was New Year’s Eve going into ’94 and I was away with WYAM.  And my asthma had sort of stepped up a level in the last two years where my lungs were collapsing and they didn’t know why and I could just be talking, not over exerting myself or anything and my lower lung would collapse and that would single a start of a very severe attack.  So it would be like countdown to getting to a hospital and I always had medication and crazy stuff with me.  Anyway, that particular evening we were all taking communion as a team, we were going to fly out  the next morning to go to Honduras and my specialist in Toronto had asked me not to go; he said, “That I believe if you go to Honduras you come back in a body bag; there is no way you are going to survive it.  And I said “Well you know I believe that the Lord has told me to go and so it’s His plan, not my plan and I just want to go with what I’m supposed to do”.  So he had phoned my Mom and said, “You let her go and she comes back in a body bag.”  And so I went back with insurance to have my body shipped back, and I’m sitting there and my lung collapses and so I left the group and I went into the room to find my medication bag because I had an oxygen machine I travel with.  And my medication bag was missing and that was very very bad.  And so I started ripping apart everybody’s bags even though we were leaving in six hours and couldn’t find it anywhere.  My cousin came in because she came to YWAM with me and she looked at me and I said, “Call an ambulance.”  And so she called an ambulance and the leaders of the school came in and they said, “Can we pray and I said, “I don’t care, as long as you called an ambulance.”  Because I’ve had prayer like thirty times and never been healed and in that moment didn’t have faith, my faith was more in line with this could be very very bad you know.  And so they said, “Fine, we’ve called it and can we pray and they prayed and as they prayed they actually did deliverance more than healing prayer.”  And as they did that all of sudden my lung re-inflated;  the asthma attack just stopped dead and I haven’t had one since then and it’s now been over twenty years.

Sid:  You got a letter from your doctor, what did it say?

AJ: It said, well when I went back in to see him, he didn’t believe that I was standing of him and so; you know we had gotten kind of close because he saw me every week and so he was like, “You didn’t go.”  And I said, “No, I did go do the tests God’s healed me.”  And so he did the tests, he did all these pulmonary function tests that I had to do on a regular basis, I mean they had so much information on me because they didn’t know why my lungs were collapsing and he did them.  And when the information came back he said, “Your lungs are more than three times the size of the capacity that they have ever had on a very very good day.”  And he wrote me a letter that said, “I can’t not explain this than anything other than an act of God.”

Sid: Was this doctor a Christian?

AJ: No, he wasn’t, he was lovely Jewish guy.

Sid: Ha-ha, even better!  You know with all the experience that you’ve gone through, with the understanding that you have now…your teaching is so amazing, for instance your revelation when Jesus said to His disciples, “I’m not going to leave you as an orphan,” what is God showing you about that?  That’s in John 14:18.

AJ: Yeah, “I will not leave you as orphans,” well I mean Jesus there is actually, He’s not speaking to speaking to physical orphans he’s speaking to actual disciples and we know who some of their parents were.  But he’s actually speaking about a spiritual condition and the revelation that sort of goes along with that is just that most of us are, even though we are loved by the Father, and it’s a positional truth that we are children, you know we are His children, we are not living like we are.  We are not living like we are fully loved, we are not living like we’re accepted, we’re not living like we have an inheritance we’re still living like orphans.  We are still living like we still living like we have to fight for everything we can get like, you know we’re in it on our own instead of Him actually being Our Father and helping us live our lives and live them to the fullest.  And what He meant was you and I are designed to live 24 hours a day seven days a week in the Father’s presence.  That’s the place that we’re designed to live, and we’re not actually meant to live any place less than that.  And most of aren’t, most of us aren’t living in the Father’s presence.

Sid: And you know what?  As you with all you’ve been through as you live in the Father’s presence you’re seeing the most outrageous miracles.  Tell me about the time when you prayed for eight deaf people.

AJ: That that was awesome we were in Iceland and we were just having a meeting in Iceland and there was eight deaf people in one service just during like the worship and ministry time at the beginning that all got completely healed.  And probably my favorite ones within those eight were this couple that were in their sixties and had been deaf their whole lives.  They were married and they came up on the stage and they heard each other talking for the first time with us standing there and they just were bawling and everybody was bawling and I mean it was amazing.

Sid Roth: What’s it like to be; to know you’re not an orphan you’re living in God’s presence 24-7 and you have the pure love of Father God.  What is like for you A.J?

AJ: It changes everything, I mean it enables you to deal with the stuff that you’ve been through and trust that God’s going to get you through it.  It enables you not to be defined by what you’ve been through, but to be defined by who God says that you are.  It changes absolutely everything; you can go out and be His representative, be His kid and see His Kingdom come wherever you go because you know that you’re his.