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Our Guest Hakeem Collins

SID: Hello. Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest says that prophecy is the doorway into the supernatural and he says we all can prophesy, but it gets even more outrageous. God opened up every one of his spiritual senses, meaning he can see into the invisible world. He can hear from the invisible and he says everyone can have their spiritual senses activated and open. Anyone want it? Me, too. So Dr. Hakeem Collins’ father was a Muslim. What type of Muslim was he?

HAKEEM: He was a Sunni Muslim.

SID: And your mother was a non-believer.


SID: And so obviously like any boy you want to please your father. You tried Islam. It just wasn’t for you. Then you had a praying grandmother who took you to church and at age seven, I mean, it was 30 before I knew my left hand from my right hand, spiritually. Age seven, what happened to you?

HAKEEM: My grandmother introduced me to Christ. She introduced me to a church and brought me there. At the time the pastor was a blind man and while I was sitting there at seven years old on the front row, as the pastor was talking about salvation and the messages of Christ and his love, I began to look, and as I gazed I saw an angel standing behind the pastor. And when the pastor would preach, the more the angel appeared, the more the pastor preached with passion and desire. And so at that time I knew, my eyes were opened. I see something different that I never saw before. After seeing this angel I heard an internal voice say, “I’m calling you.” And at that point I knew that it was Jesus.

SID: That is a very sovereign call. You must have had a problem explaining this to your dad.

HAKEEM: Well yeah.

SID: Understatement, yeah.

HAKEEM: At that moment because of the seeker in me, because of what I’ve experienced at seven, I wanted to have this experience. I wanted to know more about Christ. I wanted to know more about it. And so I was introduced to this book by Pastor Gary Westall [sp]. There was a prayer starter in the back of the book that said if you read this prayer and after the prayer, and you ask the Father for the gift, for the baptism of the Spirit then open your mouth and God will fill your lips with his words. And so that’s what I did. I finished the book. It was a short book. After I finished the book I read the prayer and what happened was after that I was activated into something. I opened my mouth, asked God to fill me with the baptism of the Spirit, and when I opened my mouth I began to, now these baby tongues started falling out. They started coming out and it was like I didn’t understand what I was saying, but it was something unique and something different. The power of God, this was real. This was not something, an act. This was not me playing or joking. This was something supernatural.

SID: Now you, out of the mouth of a child, how long did you pray in tongues at that time, would you say?

HAKEEM: At that time, I think I was on the floor shaking and crying, and speaking in baby tongues. I would use it for about an hour and I’d begin while I was on the floor, I literally saw a portal open up. God gave me a vision and I saw this portal open up, and I saw flashes of light moving back and forth, back and forth, and I knew that something supernatural happened to me. It was not something I initiated, but it was something that God initiated. So this is what God desires in this season for us as believers is like a childlike faith, it’s just to trust and believe, and then we can be activated in the realm of the supernatural. That’s what happened to me.

SID: Okay. I don’t even get this at 12, but three-day fast. Did your mother allow you to do that?

HAKEEM: No. I wouldn’t. I mean, I couldn’t believe I did it. I took the scripture literally. I’m 12 years old. I mean, I didn’t understand much of the scripture, but again, I just took it literally, went in the closet for the first day of fast, no food. I did drink water, but I went in there the first day and what happened when I was praying fervently I felt like there was someone else in the room, in the closet with me. I felt this heat. I felt this presence. It’s almost, it was scary because I didn’t know what was going on. This is new to me. And then I literally felt a hand touch my head and this heat shot through my whole body, and I began to weep and cry. The second day the fast I was weak and I was hungry, but I desired more, so I read the Word. Whenever my stomach started to growl I started reading the Word. I started feeding my spirit. I started just naturally, I didn’t understand, but I started feeding my spirit. The second day of the fast I went in the closet. I wanted that same experience and nothing happened until I started praying. When I began to pray literally with my eyes closed I literally, it looked like someone turned the light on in the room, in the closet, this light came. And then I opened my eyes and I literally saw this being, this figure. It was almost like a translucent being with this rainbow color array. And I began to weep and cry, and the light went out, and it became dark in the room in the closet. The third day I wanted the same experience because I wanted the touch. I wanted the vision. I sought after it, went in there and prayed, and when I was praying I literally heard a voice of my mom say, “Hakeem.” And I was kind of scared because I’m like, why I’m in the closet, maybe I’m getting in trouble because I’m in the closet. And I came out of the room, and out of the closet, and my mother wasn’t there. And I was discouraged, and so I went out later on that day. I went to the basketball court where there’s this field and I began to play, and I began to just enjoy myself, and I literally while I was playing I heard a voice of God, thunder voice, I couldn’t explain how loud it was. It was so thunderous, audible, loud, where I began to duck. I’m looking around. What is that I’m seeing, where it frightened me, where I ran back into my room. I ran back and I hid under the covers. And the Lord said, “Hakeem, Hakeem.” And I began to answer, and he said, “Hakeem, I’m calling you. I’m calling you to a powerful ministry. It is I, Jesus that is calling you.” So this thunder-like voice became now a small voice. Now I knew that it was Jesus calling me, and he said, “I’m going to call you to a powerful ministry.”

SID: Now wherever God shows up the devil tries to mess up. And Hakeem, you were raised in a very rough neighborhood.


SID: And you were arrested.


SID: You were taken to jail. But you heard from God.

HAKEEM: I was running from the call. I knew that the prophetic call was there, but God says, I did not call you to a prison ministry. I called you to a prophetic ministry. He said, I did not call you to be caged. I did not call you to be locked down. I called you to move in freedom and liberty, and move in the Spirit. And that’s where the Spirit of the Lord is. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. And at that place I made a decision to answer the call. I made a decision to say, yes Lord, I will obey your word.

SID: But not only did he make that decision he literally changed. I mean, literally changed. We’ll be right back.

Our Guest Judy Franklin

SID: Well Judy, you went to a meeting with someone that’s been a frequent guest on It’s Supernatural, Randy Clark. You went somewhere. Tell me what happened.

JUDY: Yes. I could feel the Lord’s presence very strongly and I thought well the best thing for me to do is lay down somewhere. So I laid down and Jesus came and said, “Would you like to go somewhere?” I said yes. And off we went and we came to this place and stood there, and a portal opened up, and behind this portal was a beautiful garden, just, it was just beautiful, and it was a big portal. And I started at the side, and I was just looking at everything as I went by, and when I got to that side I saw my dad. Nobody could have ever told me.

SID: The one that told you, you were stupid, the one that rejected you.

JUDY: Yes. Nobody could have told me he was in Heaven. I wouldn’t have believed them. And there he was. And my first reaction was, “You’re here!”

SID: Oh no.

JUDY: And he said, “Yes, I just made it.” Well he knew about the Lord, so and he knew he was dying. So any time he could have accepted Jesus, and obviously he did.

SID: So Judy, you saw your dad and you’re surprised he’s there.

JUDY: Yes.

SID: What happened next?

JUDY: I don’t know why, but I started to turn around and he called my name.

Voice of Judy’s Dad: Judy.

JUDY: And he said.

Voice of Judy’s Dad: I am so sorry. You’re beautiful. I love you very much. I am so proud of you.

JUDY: And then the portal closed.

SID: Had he ever said that to you in your life?

JUDY: Never. Never.

SID: Okay. The portal closes. Then what?

JUDY: I looked over at Jesus and my grandmother was standing beside him. Now I knew she was saved. I knew she lived out her life, the rest of her life for the Lord. And she came over to me, and she just said…

Voice of Judy’s Grandmother: I’m so sorry.

JUDY: And then it was over, and I thought, what a loving God. He could have waited until I died and saw my dad and my grandmother, but he wanted, he wants me, he wants everyone so whole and healed from the inside out that he gave me that experience before I even died to know that my dad loves me. Now I know he’s in Heaven. I know my grandmother is in Heaven. I can’t wait in a sense to see him and talk to him.

SID: Well Judy, you say everyone can go to Heaven and you speak on this, and all over people have these heavenly experiences. Tell me a few.

JUDY: Well there was a boy nine years old. His name was Miles and I went and did a session on a Saturday night at his church, and they all had really nice little trips. And the next morning he went to Sunday school and he asked his teacher, can we go back to Heaven. So she had all the kids lay down and led them the same way I did, and he went to Heaven, and Jesus brought him a piece of pizza. And because he was so allergic to dairy, if he put milk on his skin the skin would peel off, so allergic to fruit, anything acidic at all he just absolutely could not eat. His mother took an Epinephrine pen everywhere they went. He’s been air-flighted out of his city to a bigger city for hospital visits. And he, so he told Jesus, “I can’t eat that. You know I’m allergic.” And he said, “If you eat this I’ll heal you.” So he ate it in this heavenly experience. He goes home and he tells his mom what happened. She goes and gets a bowl of pineapple sherbet.

SID: I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to do it. I mean, he could die.

JUDY: He could.

SID: Because he’s allergic, you told me to the dairy and the pineapple.

JUDY: Yes, both. And she’s a woman of great faith. But she did have her pen ready, that Epinephrine pen ready, and he ate the whole bowl. He was totally healed, totally healed. And then I got an email from the pastor about three months later, and the mother didn’t tell anybody, but the child also had diabetes. And the mother said, “If Jesus healed him of that allergy I know he healed him of the diabetes also.” So she weaned him off the insulin, took him back for the checkup and the doctor says, “I don’t understand this, but he doesn’t have diabetes anymore.”

SID: You know, your faith level just soars when you have an experiential knowledge of God. In every area your faith level soars. But tell me about the person that asked you to bring a note to Heaven.

JUDY: Yes. Our senior associate, Chris Vallatton, it was getting around that I was having these trips and all. So he brought a napkin to me where he had written a note to God. It said, “Dear God, this is your son Chris Vallatton. I need some money. Love Chris.”

SID: He really had faith for you to take it to Heaven.

JUDY: I don’t know if he was teasing me or what, but I’m going, oh Chris. And so that night I’m just with the Father, and the Father said, “Where’s the note?” And I went, and it was in my hand.

SID: But you can’t bring anything to Heaven.

JUDY: You can’t.

SID: So how was it in your hand?

JUDY: I don’t know.

SID: I know you don’t know.

JUDY: So I went and gave it to him. And he started reading it, and he threw back his head and started laughing, and he says, “I love Chris so much. He makes me laugh.” And I thought, do you realize when we do funny things he laughs. That just so tickles me that he can do that. And so after it was over he didn’t say anything except that. But the next week, during the next week somebody gave Chris a thousand dollars. I do not take notes. Do not send me your notes!

SID: I was just going to say, any of you want to give her a note to take to Heaven? Oh I see some hands going up. How about you? I believe that there is going to be great miracles that are going to happen as you pray for people to be free of lies and to experience this heavenly visitation. And it is for everyone. You’re sure?

JUDY: Yes, everyone. Father, I pray right now that everybody out there that’s listening to this.

SID: Can I get in on this?

JUDY: Oh yes.

SID: Okay.

JUDY: Everybody out there and in here would have a real experience with you that would experience your love that as they’re sitting there right now, including that lady that’s sitting on her couch in her living room watching this that’s at the very end of her rope, she reminds me of the cat that’s hanging on, that God is going to touch you right now, all of you, with his peace and with his love. And he’s going to give you an invitation, come up here, just like he did John the Revelator. He’s winking his finger at you saying, “Come up here because I want to love you. More than anything I want to love you. I want you to know my love. I want you to be healed on the inside from all the lies that the enemy has told you that are not true.” Even if you have what you think is evidence that it is true, it’s a lie. You are totally, completely loved by God and right now I just release this on all of you. Amen.

SID: This is the beginning of the rest of your life walking in love.

Our Guest Judy Franklin

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest was such a broken, wounded woman. She spent 50 years, 50 years not knowing that God loved her and most of that time was in church. Then she went to Heaven, was hugged by God, sat in God’s lap and found out that she can teach you how to go to Heaven every time she prays and found out she can teach you how to go to Heaven. Anyone interested? You know, many of you as you grew up, you had imperfect parents. You know why they were so imperfect? They had imperfect parents. But it has to stop somewhere. But Judy, you always felt you never measured up. I think it kind of started with the fact that you had a learning disorder. But in your family, the thing that really, really got you, almost sabotaged you from the beginning is you believed a lie.

JUDY: Yes.

SID: Tell me about that.

JUDY: Well my mother was painting our living room and in the kitchen she left a cup down and it had turpentine in it. And I got up from a nap.

SID: How old were you?

JUDY: Oh about three or four. And I drank the turpentine and almost died. They took me to the hospital, pumped my stomach. But after that my grandmother was taking care of us and she put me on her lap, and she told me.

Voice of Judy’s Grandmother: Your mom left the turpentine on purpose because you’re no good.

SID: Why would she say that?

JUDY: She wanted my father to take me away from my mother so my grandmother could raise me.

SID: So you had to live with that lie.

JUDY: Yes.

SID: And I understand you had so much trauma in your life from the learning disability, the special classes, the fact that you think your mother wanted to kill you, which wasn’t true. But you wrote a letter to Dear Abby. What did you write?

JUDY: I asked her why my dad didn’t like me because he treated me so mean. And it didn’t matter what he did, he just didn’t like me. And I asked her why doesn’t my father love me because I try so hard. And my mother found the letter, and she took it to my dad. I honestly thought he’d say, oh I do, she just does dumb stuff. But instead, he bellowed out.

Voice of Judy’s Dad: Maybe I could love her if she wasn’t so stupid.

SID: Whoa.

JUDY: And that was a maybe if she weren’t so stupid. So I didn’t even have, well if you’re not stupid I could love her, but maybe if she weren’t so stupid I could love her.

SID: So she does what everyone else does. They get married and they think it will be like Hollywood and one of the first things her husband says to her, “Look, I only married you so you could cook for me and you could bear my children.” Just out of curiosity, what affect did that have on you?

JUDY: I gave up. I really thought that if I could get married somebody would love me, but that was kind of like the final straw for me that well nobody could love me and I just thought with the help of the enemy telling me more lies that I was just a person that couldn’t be loved. And there was just something about me that nobody could love me, so I lived like that.

SID: Then she had an encounter with what she calls pure love. Tell me about that encounter.

JUDY: Well we had just gotten back from Toronto and I had an experience there.

SID: By the way, Toronto was having a revival-led time and people that went there were overcome with the Spirit of God, had experiences that were life-changing. So you just came back from this life-changing, did you have an experience there?

JUDY: Oh yes. I was worshiping one night. I had my face up and I heard a voice say, “What are you looking up for? I’m right here.” And I looked down and Jesus was standing in front of me and he had his hands out. So I took his hands and I just kept singing to him, and I put both of his hands in mine and then just was caressing his, and I felt the nail scars. And as soon as I recognized what it was, he leaned forward and said…

Voice of Jesus: You see this? I did this for you.

JUDY: Personally, he did it for me. You know how we can all think, oh yeah, he died for everybody, but he personally did it for me just like he personally does it for everybody. So I had come back to Redding and Benny called me up to share, and I have always been afraid of people, so afraid because I didn’t want them to know I was stupid. So if you don’t talk very much then they can never find out. And so she called me up. There were 800 people in the audience and I was walking up there, and I thought, I’m not scared. I’m not scared at all. And I got up there and they were setting up, and I’m looking at all the people, and I thought, that was really strange. But at that time I was delivered of my fear of man of being in front of people, talking to people. So I got done sharing and I would suppose that it was Bill and Beni praying for me. I don’t really remember, but I was down on the floor. And I thought, well, hmmm, what do I do now? I’m down here on the floor on the stage and they’re going on with the service. And I’m thinking, well do you just sit up? Do you stand up like nothing happened? And then I thought do you roll off? And I thought, oh would I be a holy roller then? So I thought, oh I’ll just sit up, but I couldn’t get up. And then at the end I was just relaxed and I happened to open my eyes, and I saw his Glory. I don’t know how I knew what it was, but I knew it was his Glory and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And I kept saying, look, look at it, it’s so beautiful.

SID: Now we read about his Glory in the Bible, but it’s one thing to read about it, the other, I think what you’re saying is it’s an experience.

JUDY: Yes. God doesn’t want you just to read the Word. He wants you to experience the Word. Every time we experience the Word we have more faith. It adds faith to our lives.

SID: So he was holding something in his hand. What?

JUDY: A rock and he was knocking on it, and it started cracking like an egg and it all fell off. And inside the rock was a heart and it started very slowly beating again. And he said, “This is my church and this is what I’m going to do to my church.”

Voice of God: I’m going to take the rock from off its heart and it’s going to come alive again.

SID: Now you had this encounter you told me about with the Glory of God, with the love of God. You became almost a changed person. One day you’re laying across your bed and you see a door. Take it from there.

JUDY: I see this door and it opens about a foot, and something comes out and it lands on me, and I stopped praying and started worshiping God. But I’m thinking this is so strange. I feel so good and I’m worshiping God in a way that I had never talked to him before.

SID: So you had a degree of a breakthrough and this door keeps showing up. And one day the door opens and what happens?

JUDY: I moved into this place. I saw two figures. They were shadowy figures. One I knew was the Father and one was Jesus, and I just talked to them. We talked. I thought I was making it up. I thought somehow in my imagination I was making it up, but in order to imagine anything you kind of have to think of it first and then you run with it and put things in.

SID: Of course.

JUDY: I wasn’t imagining because this all surprised me and every time I’d lay down and start to pray that’s where I would be with them and I’d talk to them.

SID: Tell me about the time that Jesus hugged you.

JUDY: When I see him a lot, he hugs you and he, I can feel his arms around me.

SID: I haven’t had this. You’re provoking me to jealousy. You know, you’re doing what the Bible. The Bible says the gentile is to provoke the Jew to jealousy. Okay, so you’re normal. But tell me, I kind of get a little of it just from you telling me. What is it like for God to hug you? What is it like to feel his love?

JUDY: It’s the best. It took me a while to learn, quite a while to learn that when I go to him and I can sit on his lap any time I want to, and I just take in all of this, and then when it’s over I’m back, and it’s like I’m full of peace.

SID: I have to tell you, as you’re telling me what occurred and occurs quite often I’m feeling that peace come off of you into me. You know what I believe? I believe that in just a little bit I’m going to have you pray for everyone that wants this prayer in our studio audience and watching, and I believe that something tangible is going to happen to them.

JUDY: Yes.

SID: In fact, when we come back I’ll have her pray for you.