SID: Woah, I could sure feel that. Now you pray.

ADRIAN: Amen, and together with that it’s partner, of course, is the Spirit of understanding. And one of the 7 Spirits of God so that you can see beyond the picture or the story that God is giving you. So that you can peel away the onion and see what’s at the core of what it is that God wants to say to you. So what we have in the gift of understanding, we impart to you right now. So touch that screen again, and Father, right now I thank You for impartation. And I can sense the presence of God as it were ministering right now to you, and imparting to you, a gift of understanding. Release it right now, in Yeshua, in the mighty name of Yeshua ha Mashiach, Amen.

SID: Whoa, is there anything else either of you wants to impart? Wow, there’s such a flow of God’s Spirit.

ADAM: I just feel for visions.

SID: For visions?

ADAM: yeah.

SID: Go; go for it!

ADAM: Father, I just prophesy Lord. There’re some people out there very hungry and one of the inspirations in my life that God has used for a ministry was a man called William Branham. And there’re so many people out there who are believers, who are hungry for that same type of mantle, and I believe it’s going to come into such a great, in a great way, on a corporate level, for this End Time revival. And I prophesy, even the unbelievers out there. Lord, they’re going to see visions, they’re going to have visions of Jesus, they’re going to have encounters of Yeshua. In the name of Jesus, I prophesy this in Jesus’ name; Lord, visions, encounters. Put your hands on the screen right now, put your hands on the radio, and I prophesy, Holy Spirit there’s an impartation where they have visions, in the night. There are visions of Jesus, the revelation of Jesus Christ, there are visions of words of knowledge that You are showing some of these believers for their unsaved families. For years, some people that I’m getting words of knowledge now, there’re some people here for years. Their finding their families so hardened, and they’ve been persecuted, but these visions, what takes is a few visions of the secrets of one person’s heart. And crack open their heart to receive the impartation of the Holy Spirit, and I thank You for revival that’s breaking out, in the families of America, and worldwide. I prophesy this in Jesus’ name.

SID: Wow, I tell you what. I was saying, half of your life is in bed.

ADRIAN: [laughs]

ADAM: [laughs]

SID: Well, no, a third of your life is sleeping. But what if it’s not wasted time beyond restoring your body. What if it’s a time that God can get right into your heart, and no filters, and be able to warn you of things that are about ready to happen, be able to show you the good things that he has for your life, be able to change the bad stuff. I mean you don’t want to see the bad stuff just to see the bad stuff; you want to change. Well, this book; did God tell you to do this or was it just a rational thing to do based on what was going on?

ADAM: Well, what happened with me. I was a businessman, but I went through a financial meltdown. I was quite well off, and I was in this castle. I lived in this castle, and all my finances went crashing. I mean we had some assets, but the cash flow was completely stopped dead and I wanted, I needed to have money just to have food on the table. So, every Monday night and someone kept leaving food at the end of the table, and food at the end of the door at the house. Someone kept leaving a parcel of food. And every Monday night, I’m thinking, “Well, who’s doing this?” I said to my wife, “Is the raven been yet?” (Laughs)

SID: [laughs]

ADAM: But it turned out, it was this guy, and I haven’t seen him for years. And he—

SID: Why did you do that?

ADRIAN: I don’t know, it was just a God thing. It was a God thing.

SID: I mean, it had to be God. I wouldn’t put a food bag next to someone that I thought was wealthy. [laughs] you knew, you had too.

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