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Our Guest David Herzog

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. It’s so good to have a studio audience. My guest, David Herzog, his father is Jewish. And at 13, he had a Bar Mitzvah like no Bar Mitzvah you’ve ever seen. It wasn’t fountain pens. It wasn’t all a big party. He had a visitation from the Messiah of Israel and he was commissioned to teach on the Glory. He understood by going to Heaven what the Glory or the manifest presence of God, is—when God invades a place. He got revelation of this and he’s known, it’s interesting. It was…the word “glory” was mentioned in his visitation and that’s what he’s known for teaching throughout the world. When he teaches on the Glory, and I can tell you I’m an eye witness to this, this isn’t second hand. I literally was sitting in front of a woman with grey hair and all of a sudden I saw brown hair start just radiating from her. Throughout the course of the night it was turning browner and browner. I have seen people lose weight instantly in this glory realm. People, now this I haven’t seen, but I got reports of people that did not have hair, hair would come out. People that had metal in their body, the metal would turn to bone. David Herzog, now this is absolutely ridiculous. We have in the studio audience a man that had a meeting just a couple of weeks ago, invited you to speak and they kept adding up the total of the offering they took. And the reason they kept adding it up is it kept getting larger. This should not happen.

DAVID: It’s a great problem to have when you have to keep counting.

SID: I mean, how would you like to count your money every night and see it multiply. Are there any accountants out there? That will blow your mind. So David, tell me this encounter you had at Bar Mitzvah age.

DAVID: I was 13 years old at this youth camp and they said, “Who wants the Holy Spirit?” I said, “I do. I do.”

Man 1: Alright then, guys, let’s get up and walk this way.

DAVID: I ran up there, waiting in the line. And this guy in front of me starts crying before we got to the front to get prayer. And I said, “Why are you crying? Does it hurt?” He goes—

“No. It feels great.”

DAVID: I thought it hurt because he was crying.

Boy: It feels great.

DAVID: Why would a guy cry unless it hurts. So I waited. Suddenly this warmth came on my body and I started crying, and I felt this pure liquid love. And suddenly I was taken to Heaven and I saw the thrones of God, I saw the Father, the son. And suddenly this voice came out and said, “You’re going to travel for my glory.” And I was just, I think all night I was praying in tongues, which is a foreign language from Heaven, and I couldn’t stop praying. And I knew from that day something changed my life when I saw Heaven.

SID: Tell me the first miracle of note that occurred after this experience.

DAVID: I was asked to teach a little group of young people. They were like maybe seven or eight years old on a Sunday morning. So I taught them from this manual that they gave me. I got kind of bored teaching from the manual. So I kind of went off the script. And I said, “Listen, kids, let’s just pray for someone that’s sick. Don’t tell the pastor because I might get in trouble. But let’s just pray and see what happens. Don’t tell him I didn’t follow the weekly thing because they might not like that.” And so a little girl comes out and says, “Look at my leg, it’s so short compared to the other one. I’ve got scoliosis.” And I said, “Sure, let’s pray for that and see what happens.” And I closed my eyes, and my first miracle, and her leg instantly began to grow out, and the kids began screaming, “Look at her leg!” And I opened my eyes and her leg had grown out, but I had missed watching my first miracle.

SID: That’s okay. You’ve had many since. So David literally goes to Bible school and then he hears God tell him to go to France. Now I have to tell you, if I was picking countries, no offense for those watching us right now in France, I would not have picked France. That is a graveyard for people that talk about God. And so David, no one knows him, would you believe he had the longest standing revival move of God’s spirit in France in 50 years. But he had to get a revelation from God on how to have this move of God’s spirit in this graveyard, so to speak. What did God tell you?

DAVID: I remember when that revival hit right before I said, “God, I’m so desperate. I’m so hungry.” I took time off. I began to seek the Lord, to pray. But one of the things God showed me when I was in France, I said, “Lord, how do we touch this country? It’s so hard.” He said to me, I went on a fast, and He said during the fast, “Here’s the secret. You do what Paul did.” Paul was the expert on touching the Roman Empire, which is Europe. He said, “He went to the Jew first.” And He says, “I go to the Jew first to make them jealous and win some of them.” And in return God would magnify His ministry to the gentiles. It says it right there: “I magnify my ministry to the gentiles by making the Jews jealous and saving some.” So I went to Israel. I led 13 people to the Lord. When I got back I had non-stop revivals for the next five years every single week.

SID: What types of things did you see happen?

DAVID: Crazy things. In that revival a girl was picked up off the ground 13 centimeters, lifted and floated in the air. During the revival she was weeping for souls. She flipped over like a pancake and she was heavyset, too, a heavy-weight girl, so it was even a bigger miracle. And she stayed there for a few seconds, went back down on the ground. At that moment—

SID: Wait a second. If she was 90 pounds that would have been a big miracle.

DAVID: And at that moment all these young people ran up to be saved and demons are coming out of them. And that launched that six-month revival, which was the longest running in 50 years in one place.

SID: When we come back you’re going to find out how everything speeds up in the Glory. You’re going to find out, as a matter of fact, I believe that some of you are going to actually, and I’m hearing it, are going to get gold teeth from Heaven. Has this happened in many of your meetings?

DAVID: It happens almost every week.

SID: Hold that thought. We’ll be right back.

Our Guest Walid Shoebat

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here and I’m with Walid Shoebat. And he told me things that I’ve never heard before, such as, tell me the correlation between Allah and the crescent moon.

WALID: When most westerners read in Isaiah 14, where it talks about Lucifer, look at the English translation: Lucifer. I go to the Hebrew. The Hebrew says [Hebrew], “How art fallen from Heaven.” [Hebrew]. “Hillel” is the word for brightness and it’s also the Aramaic, Hebraic, Arabic word for “crescent moon”. So you read it in context. “How art that fallen from Heaven, o crescent moon, sun of the morning star.” So there’s the crescent, there’s the star, there’s the symbol of Islam itself as in the name of Lucifer. Let’s not forget in Isaiah 14 it continues to say, “When he’s captured,” this Lucifer, this Hillel Ben Zohar, he’s judged. People will look at him and say, “Is this the man that made the earth tremble?” They say this is the rebelliousness of Lucifer in Heaven. When did Lucifer become a man? The anti-Messiah, the Antichrist, no question.

SID: Okay. What about Allah? What are the various names for Allah? What is he called in the Koran?

WALID: He’s called many names.

SID: Tell me a few of the names that we’re interested in right now.

WALID: The interesting names of Allah is [Arabic] [Arabic] in the Arabic. In the English it means “the greatest of all deceivers.”

SID: Really?

WALID: Absolutely. In fact, there are prayers in Islam of having Allah give you the gift of cunningness. So some of the names in Allah in the Koran is also [Arabic], “the most proud one”. So this is what I’m trying to say.

SID: So who’s going to be the Antichrist?

WALID: You mean his name?

SID: His name or where will he be from?

WALID: Everyone who tried to figure out his name was wrong.

SID: For sure.

WALID: I think I know which country he comes from.

SID: Which country?

WALID: He comes from the country of Turkey, no question.

SID: That begs the question, we are taught that the Antichrist is going to rule the world. You say different.

WALID: No. He can’t rule the world. Because if you look at several places in the Bible he fights against other nations. In Daniel 11, Daniel 11 gives us the best description of the Antichrist. He declares war on the what? The strongest of all fortresses. Well the strongest fortresses or the strongest military minds in the world is not the Antichrist, it’s someone else. In fact most Westerners hardly if ever study how the Antichrist falls. When you ask a typical western Christian, how does the Antichrist get destroyed? Well Jesus breathes on him and that’s it.

SID: Why?

WALID: Well there’s more to it than that. That’s the command by the way of battle that the Messiah orders. But the destruction of the Antichrist is in Ezekiel 28. He’s number one there, the Prince of Lebanon, the prince of fire. His destruction, in Verses 8, 9, you can continue on, it says, that “God will raise nations and those nations are the most terrible of the nations militarily, and they will destroy him, and they will throw him into the pit.” In Micah 5, God raises seven shepherds and eight principal men to fight against—

SID: Who are these seven shepherds and eight principal men?

WALID: Well no one knows them yet. But they are definitely mentioned in the Bible. Let’s not forget, even the Antichrist has basically seven horns, 10, three plucked out of the root. What remains? Seven. So you have seven good leaders versus seven evil ones. Seven will stand with God. Seven will be against God. So in this essence, Micah, Chapter 5 is a mystery to people today. But it is seven nations that God will raise. They will rule the most powerful nations militarily, in the world. Let me maybe suggest, how about America, while many people think America is doomed.

SID: Is America going to survive?

WALID: I believe so. It’s such an edifying message when I hear America is doomed, America is finished. We’ve been through a depression before. We’ve been through all kinds of things before.

SID: Just briefly, because I want to know the answers to these. Is oil mentioned in the Bible?

WALID: Absolutely. How can anyone deny Isaiah, Chapter 34, in which God destroys Edom Let’s not forget.

SID: What is Edom?

WALID: Ezekiel 25.

SID: Edom is what, what country?

WALID: Arabia. Absolutely. Because Ezekiel 25 tells us, Edom is from Teman to Dedan.  These are biblical cities that are in Arabia. And then in Isaiah 34, it says about this place in Arabia, it becomes, “what a burning pitch. It will burn forever and ever.” I mean, Arabia will burn literally. It will be destroyed. Even the Bible tells us what nation destroys Arabia.

SID: What nation?

WALID: Iran.

SID: Wow.


SID: This is making sense now.

WALID: Yeah. In Isaiah 21, Isaiah 21, you look at the reference. “Babylon has fallen, has fallen.” That should ring a bell. That’s the same reference in Revelation 14, Revelation 18, regarding the mystery of Babylon. Who destroys it? “Arise O Elam.”

SID: What’s going to happen to Iran?

WALID: Iran will eventually be destroyed.

SID: What’s going to happen to Egypt?

WALID: Egypt, the Messiah is going to come down and fight for the believers in Egypt. There will be persecution of the believers in Egypt, Christians.

SID: They already have persecution in Egypt.

WALID: No. I am talking about major persecution. I am talking about persecution like you had with the Jewish people in Auschwitz. I’m talking about major massacres in Egypt. I’m talking about crucifixion, amputations. In fact, how many Americans are aware, one of the bills they’re trying to pass in Egypt in the parliament is what is called [Arabic]. Look it up. Look up my name and look up what I talk about it. The idea of passing laws on crucifixion and amputating of the right hand and the left foot.

SID: You know what the most important thing is? I believe that you’re going to hear revelation about End Times that you have never, ever even thought about. It’s never even been addressed. But what is important than what the order of events will be is, where are you going and whether you have intimacy with God right now. And the way you have intimacy with God is if someone was to die for your sins. Jesus already did. Believe the blood of Jesus washes away your sins, and with your mouth say, Jesus you are my Lord.

Our Guest Craig Hill

Sid:  This week I’m talking with Craig Hill and Craig is Founder of “Family Foundations International” from Littleton, Colorado.  And I had the privilege of speaking for several meetings that Craig has had. I found out about his series that he’s a God ordained teacher; anything he teaches is wonderful.  But there is such a need coming in the world; in the financial arena.  Why?  Scriptures says, “Yet once more I’m going to shake this earth and those that are not on a firm foundation they’re going to fall.”  Well, when this shaking occurs there’s going to be a transfer of wealth, and this wealth is to fund the greatest move of God’s Spirit in history. I want you involved, better than me you want yourself involved.  Better than you, God wants you involved; Craig tell us a bit about this transfer of wealth.

Craig:  You know I got a revelation a couple of years ago Sid from a very simple scripture in Mathew 5:5 what we call the Beatitudes.  And here Yeshua said, “Blessed at the meek for they shall inherit the land.”  And I began thinking about that what would that mean and I looked up the word meek in my Vines Bible dictionary, and a couple of other sources and I found a very interesting definition.  Meekness was defined this way it’s not weakness, but it’s power or strength but it said, “Having great power or resource and using a percentage of it.”  So in other words a meek person is a person that doesn’t run their life all the way to the margins of the page, or in finances meekness would be not using 100% of available resource.

Sid:  Rather than what most people today use 120% or 150% of what is available.

Craig:  What you just defined is the opposite of meekness, right?

Sid:  Correct.

Craig:  So if meekness is living on 60, 70, 80% of your income and the opposite of meekness would be living on 140, 150, 180% of your income we call that debt.

Sid:  I know, actually listening to your description I could call it pride and arrogance.

Craig:  Well, that would be true, and the interesting thing is the opposite of that then if we just look at the scripture, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the land.”  Well, what would be the opposite then, what about the indebted who are the opposite of the meek?  Well, two things would be true, they would apparently not be blessed and if the meek will inherit the land then the indebted will lose the land.  And you know when I looked up that often times we say, “For they shall inherit the earth.”  It’s actually the world “land.” I began thinking back to things that I heard people say who went through the great depression in the 30’s in the United States here and people would say “You know my grandfather lost his farm or my uncle lost his house or my friend’s uncle lost his business.”  And I thought and “What do you mean lose?”  It wasn’t like they came home one day and they couldn’t find it; it wasn’t that it was gone, what they lost was possession of it.  So if a person in the 30’s lost the possession of a farm that means a person on the other end of the equation gained possession of a farm.  So I began thinking, who lost land, houses, businesses, farms in the depression of the 30’s?  And the answer is it was people that were indebted.  The reason that they lost that property was they couldn’t pay for it; couldn’t make the payments and who got it?  The interesting thing is usually the bank repossessed it held an auction and sold it to somebody who had a little bit of extra cash.  And often times those properties were purchased for 10, 20, 30 cents on a dollar.

Sid:  You know at times like that you hear the expression cash is king.

Craig:  Exactly. I suddenly got a revelation from the scripture that you know often times we think “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”  And we think that something in the sweet by and by in the future in heaven somewhere and I suddenly realized “No, this actually happened in 1930’s“.  What happened the meek people, those that had some extra cash, those people were able to purchase for 10, 20, 30 cents on a dollar property, land, houses, businesses, farms, and they purchased them from the people who were indebted.

Sid:  Why is it when we get raises we seem to be spending everything that’s in our raise in just a short while yet we got a long just fine spending what we had and living just fine before that raise.  What would happen if someone was to bank, or invest their raise rather than squander it.

Craig:  Well, that’s exactly right and we live unfortunately in a culture of debt where everybody around us is doing that.  And I suddenly realized back in the 30’s the meek did inherit the land, and the indebted or non-meek lost it.  And I saw a principal; whenever economics and political shaking comes to a nation there will be a transfer of wealth, and scripture tells us there will be.  And but that transfer will go from the indebted to the meek and I think the reason the Spirit of God has been telling us probably in the body of Messiah for over ten years get out of debt is because we need to be the meek so that when the shaking comes we’re the people that are in a position to be able to help others.  To be able to purchase things that indebted people are losing possession of.  We need to not be the people that are ourselves are in trouble and losing possession of those things.

Sid:  Would you speculate, a sanctified speculation, as to when the shaking might come.

Craig:  I think it’s already started, we just read the newspapers and we see all kinds of problems with mortgages, all kinds of problems with banks and people that have incredible amounts of debt that they can’t pay and it’s already starting to unravel.  We’re already starting to see the housing market decline in many cities in the United States and I think we’ll see a lot more of it in 2008 and probably 2009.  So I think now would be a great time for people really to take some serious steps at eliminating debt in their own lives.

Sid:  You have a saying and I love it; most people say “They’re working to make a living,” but they should be saying “Their working to make a giving.”  Comment on that.

Craig:  Well, I think that’s a paradigm shift where we need to first of all understand; what is my purpose on the earth? Because really when you look at finances coming to a person, finances are provision and there are two words, two parts to that word.  Pro and vision; pro means for and vision; so pro-vision comes to me for the vision.  So if I don’t have a vision, the Bible also says I will perish, but if I don’t have a vision why do I need pro-vision?  So if my vision is to fund the kingdom, my vision is to be an obedient steward to what God is wanting to do on the earth then that changes everything for me.  Instead of me working for money, I’m working to accomplish kingdom purpose. So now my purpose in spending time and energy is not just to make a living. Because I have in my heart a revelation that that comes to me supernaturally by God because I’m His son or I’m like one of the birds how we talked about sparrow faith, having at least as much faith as the birds.  So now my purpose in generating income is so that I can give into the Kingdom of God; so that I can invest and accomplish Kingdom purpose not just accomplish or accumulate something for myself.

Sid:  Help me out; I don’t want to be judgmental because the Bible talks about not being judgmental but as I said to you before I went on the air I’m really troubled that the same people are on all the different Christian telethons using the same methods to raise money and it seems as though the middle word of everything that’s being done is greed.  What am I going to get out it even though it’s not said that’s the implication.

Craig:  I think what actually happens if the truth were known the way that you sell anything is identify a need and then propose a solution to meet the need.  So if you tap into the huge need that people have in the United States, Christians and many people that need is “I don’t have enough money, I’m strapped, I’m in trouble financially.  I have a lot of debt and then if you propose the solution “We’re going to use God and His principals to fix that.”  Then what’s really end up doing is again making God a means to an end.  We’re going to use God to fix your problem. I think really the paradigm shift that needs to occur is “I’m not here to use God to do anything.”  This whole show on planet earth is His; I’m here to serve Him for Him to use me; not for me to use Him to accomplish my goals; but for Him to use me to accomplish His goals.  And I think when that paradigm shift occurs that’s life changing for people.  So when we hear those kind of things coming out of the television I think really bottom line it’s a marketing strategy that’s probably developed and works pretty well if you can tap into that need.  But I think as you said, “We’re not to judge what others are doing what we need to do is just make sure in our own hearts that our purpose is not to use God to accomplish our purpose but that our goal is to find out His purpose for our life and make ourselves available to Him to accomplish His vision.”  And I found that pro-vision follows vision.

Sid:  Craig, why did you want me to make available to our listeners your book “Wealth, Riches and Money,” subtitled “God’s Biblical Principals to Finance,” and your CD “Sparrow Faith.”

Craig:  I think Sid what people will gain from that is an understanding of finding what God’s vision for them is and actually making that paradyne shift from instead of trying to use God to accomplish my goals, finding out what His purpose is for me.  And as I plug into the vision God has for me pro-vision is a natural byproduct for that and that eliminates so much stress, fear, worry that people have over finances.

Sid:  And Craig there’s so many testimonies of people whose lives have been changed by getting a hold of this teaching, but the thing that I love is part of the teaching is relying on the supernatural, not just formulas, but the supernatural. It seems as though God has supernaturally given an explosion of wisdom to people when they sit under your seminars or read your books.

Craig:  I think that what you said is true that God never intended for us to live as natural people, He always intended for us to live as supernatural.