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Our Guest Eddie Rogers

Sid:  We are about ready to see an invasion of the Kingdom of heaven like no one has ever seen before and that’s why I’m so excited to be featuring this week Eddie Roger’s book “Supernatural” subtitled “Living under an Open Heaven.”  Because we’re coming into the days that the prophets just dreamt about.  But we’re coming into the days in which the average Christian will be walking in extraordinary signs and wonders, walking under what is referred to as an open heaven.  Sort of like oh, Jacob might have done when he wrestled with the angel and he saw the ladder and he saw angels coming up and down.  And my guest Eddie Rogers, because he was obedient he made a move and when he made a move there was such an outpouring of angelic activity you were telling me on yesterday’s broadcast that your children report, your family report seeing angels all over your property.  You even take photographs and you can see the lights which you call orbs.  Do you have any photographs that have a lot of these lights or are they just a few?

Eddie:  We have many that will show maybe twenty twenty-five, thirty even at one time as well as individual photographs that they will be in it as well.  Orbs’, just meaning a circle of light is what it was.  But you’ll recall that William Branham said in one of the books, that was written about him, “That often he would see the angel that would minister to him come to him as a ball of light,” and that sounds like an orb to me.

Sid:  You know Eddie there is such an increase in the presence of God I feel like it’s like it’s almost accelerating by the second as we’re speaking.  Has God shown you anything that He’d like to do right now?

Eddie:  Absolutely, He sure is as we were coming on the Holy Spirit began speaking, I began writing it down.  There is a man by the name of John Tanner that you have a neck problem, you had a problem, this in the cervical spine of your neck and accident.  I don’t know if they have done surgery on it, but if you will put your hand on the back of your neck right now you’ll feel the warmth of the power of the Lord go into that neck and begin to melt that stiffness.  You’ve not been able to turn it, you’ve been in pain when you turn to one side, “In the Name of Jesus I thank You Lord right now, You heal that,” and as you move your neck you are going to find freedom in it.  And also there is a lady by the name of Mary that you had digestion problems and the doctors have told you that there is a whole in lining of your stomach.  And right now Mary the Holy Spirit, you are going to feel a warmth come into your stomach and that hole is closing up and you’re going to able to eat without the aid of digestive enzymes and other things irritating your stomach.  Thank You Lord.

Sid:  Now I tried to understand sometimes spiritual things you can’t understand, but is this your angel whispering to you these secrets or how do you know these things?

Eddie:  You know that’s what I believe, you know it all is directed by the great Holy Spirit, He is our partner and we’re in ministry with Him, but He gives the directives to this angel.  You know Sid, it’s just like God can do all this without us but He gives us the great privilege of participating in His Kingdom and so do these angels and I believe that even while we were coming on the air was when He began speaking and I heard name and I heard the problems and ailments that He was healing.

Sid:  Tell me about that wonderful New Years Eve Service you had.

Eddie:  Oh, this was awesome.  At New Years Eve in a little town called Tallapoosa, GA which is literally right on the Georgia, Alabama border.  It was a great meeting that night Sid, we probably had a total of eighteen people there and, but God showed up and it was so wonderful there.  The Pastor of that church had his son of eleven years old had been born with a congenital birth defect; both of his feet were turned out to the side where he literally waddled like a duck.  And they had carried him to doctors and the plan was when he reached about the age of sixteen or seventeen after his bones had matured that they were going to go in and cut his tib fib bones and turn his feet straight and put screws in it.  Now the problem with it he couldn’t run or could he jump but he would just waddle like that.  He had preached his first sermon that night, the boy is called to the ministry and I believe that this is one reason God is doing this to such a young generation is that He’s calling these kids on fire now, not only are they going to be preaching, they are going to be carrying signs and wonders.  At the close of the service, they had been many people many, I say several because we only had about eighteen but that particular night there were backs healed, necks healed, shoulders healed and the Lord was just giving very detailed word of knowledge and calling the people out and telling them what their problem was.  When I said, “Okay, is there anybody else that needs prayer before we go,” as it was getting close to midnight.  The Pastor’s son who sat right in front of me on the front row the entire night, he stood up and I looked at him, looked down and said, “Son, what do you need?”  And he just dropped his head and looked to his feet and then that was when I noticed that his feet were turning toward the opposite walls.  And I well, sit down son, and not knowing what I was going to do or knowing what I was going to pray.  When he sat down, I knelt down at in front of him and said, “Just put your feet up here in my hands.”  And the moment that he put his feet in my hands Sid there was no time to pray, I didn’t have time to pray, “Lord come,” I didn’t have time to pray a sanctified prayer, I didn’t have time to say, “In the Name of Jesus.”  But as soon as his feet hit my hand his feet and ankles began shaking and trembling and they started turning upward toward the ceiling and I looked at him.  And I said, “Son, are you turning your feet?” And he looked at me with these eyes that were as big as saucers, and he said, “No, are you?”  Ha, I said, “No son I’m not turning them either.  And right there in front of his mother, father and everyone else God instantly healed him.  He jumped down, he jumped to his feet, feet pointing straight ahead as they normally should.  He said, “Can I run?”  I said, “Go for it!”  And he ran around the church twice just high speed and you know of course the mother, the father were both weeping and crying.  But the father he has since made “Supernatural Living under an Open Heaven” he made it required reading for every one of his church members.

Sid:  Well, I don’t blame him, I should make it required reading for everyone listening to us right now, but if you don’t have that desire then I can’t make you.   But tell me about that eighty-eight year old woman, Kathryn.

Eddie:  Miss Kathryn Dougroe that you are acquainted with as well as I she had been in a car accident with her granddaughter and she had broke several ribs.  And my wife and I along with another friend of ours had gone to her house to pray for her.  She had been released from the hospital.  They had told her that at her age her was nothing that they could do, they kind of wrapped her up, but they couldn’t set them, they couldn’t do anything for her.  So she was in a lot of pain, she couldn’t even move without just crying out, oh!  And we sat down at her table and we asked her if we could pray for her,  but this is when we have to be really sensitive to the Holy Spirit and do what He says do when He says do it, it is not just a matter of praying.

Sid:  Timing is everything.

Eddie:  Absolutely and we talk about that in the book that we got to do it when God says do it.  You know Jesus only did what He saw the Father do and He only did it when He said, “Do it.”  And we had to wait for the right timing in the room when the room was cleared of unbelief, and when the unbelief had left, I said, “Okay, let’s pray for her right now.”  And my wife reached over and she put her hand on her cracked ribs, her literally broken ribs and we said, “In in the Name of Jesus I command those ribs to go back.”  And Miss Kathryn let out a holler, about the same time my wife did as well, Miss Kathryn was holler for glory, my wife was hollering because she felt the bones move under her hand and they instantly went back into place and she was healed, all of the pain left.   It was just an awesome miracle of God, reversing the accident that had taken place.

Sid:  Tell me about Willie.

Eddie:  Free Willie, that’s what we called him, Free Willie.  Willie was a guy that had that was involved in some witchcraft and some other demonic stuff.  He was 6’5” and he probably weighed 400 pounds.  This was coming in a little place called Statesboro, Georgia.  I had just returned from a week in Brazil where we had been confronted often throughout that week with witchcraft and other things and it’s not that you go looking for it, you don’t go looking for it, but when it manifests it’s kind of the Kingdom of God you deal with it.  I was going back to the Pastors office when I had heard somebody call my name and I went into a room and there were three elders in the room with this guy named Willie.  When I walked into the room I noticed that one elder was on one arm with another elder on another arm and the third elder had him from behind by his belt loops.  When I walked into the room Willie looked at me and he said, “I’m going to kill you.” And you know just being tried and exasperated from the long trip to Brazil I guess it was a sarcastic answer, but I said, “Not today, you’re not.”  Ha.  And he came at me full force dragging the three elders who were trying to hold him back.  It was again it was one of those times when you just can’t pray, there is not time to pray, it’s like Peter sinking in the water.  I put up my hand and closed my eyes and I just said, “Jesus.”  And His chest hit my hand, but I felt before he came to me I felt the wind come around me from both sides, from my left and to my right and I knew that it were my angels.  It was a literal breeze and when I opened my eyes his chest had touched my hand and he was knocked back about ten feet along with those three elders, it looked like somebody had hit him with a 2×4 square in his head all the way against the wall and slid down the wall.  That was the power of God, the angels taking care of him.  And then we just jumped right in the middle of his big stomach and said, “I’m tired of this devil, come out of him.”  And he was delivered, but he was one of those people that when he would look at you there were little red beady eyes looking back at you.  But he got delivered, Free Willie wasn’t free but Free Willie got free.

Sid Roth:  And what is going on in your life, do you believe that it should be going on in every Christian’s life?

Eddie:  This is the normal Christian life, the abnormal Christian life is being satisfied with one service a week and going and listening and being a spectator.  God wants us to be participators; He wants us to live under an open heaven.  He wants us right in the throes of what He is doing, you know the secret things belong to God but He has revealed to us…

Sid Roth welcomes Steve Solomon

Sid:  My guest, Steve Solomon, another Jewish man that is red hot for the Jesus.  When he came to the Lord, he didn’t come in an abnormal fashion, he came in a normal fashion.  And you know Steve; everyone thought “I was God’s gift to the Church on the Old Testament because of my Jewish background.”  I didn’t know as much as the average Christian that’s been to Sunday School; I knew the Hebrew prayers, but I didn’t know the Bible.  But just because they knew that I was Jewish they felt I knew every…I hadn’t even read the whole New Testament and they made me a teacher, speaking in front of large groups.  And I understand that they did the same to you, and you decided to teach on Hal Lindsey’s book “Late Great Planet Earth.”  Tell me about that endeavor.

Steve:  Well, yes I went to this church and they decided for me, since I was a Jew and Israel is a sign of the last days; “Israel shall be trodden by the Gentiles” as Jesus prophesied “Until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in.”  And it was trodden down for 2,000 years and God supernaturally raised Israel as a nation back up, the homeland for our family, the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  And since I was a Jew naturally I should know everything.  Well, I was only saved about six or seven months Sid, so they gave me the book, “The Late Great Planet Earth” and they said teach this on Sunday mornings.  Well the first class was over 200 people in the Sunday school class if you could believe it; because this Jew was going to teach.  Well I started teaching it; I started reading…

Sid:  And I might add back then there weren’t as many Jewish believers in Jesus and the church made such a big deal out of us back then, but go ahead.  You and I are two of the few that survived that big deal.

Steve:  Yeah I know, Amen.  Ha-ha.  Well I had to be crushed, the Lord had to crush me to powder to get me through it, but that is another story.  So we did that and the problem was I started reading the Bible along with the book and I found out that God does not have a Gentile Bride that’s going to be taken out of the earth and leaving a Jewish Bride to suffer tribulation and wrath.

Sid:  That’s the deal, we believer’s get taken out and the Jews are left with the consequences.

Steve:  Yeah, and then I found the scripture Revelation 20 verse 6, “Blessed and holy is he who have part in the first resurrection on such the second death has no power but they shall be preached of God and of Christ and shall reign with Him a thousand years.”  So I thought, wait a minute.  If you don’t go in the first resurrection then you’re going to be in the second resurrection and that’s the second death.  So could it be that God was going to wait until every person Jew and Gentile and the Body of Christ has always been made up of not just Gentiles but Jews and Gentiles.  There has never been a Gentile Bride; it’s been the Israel of God Bride.  It’s made up of both, any way so I started thinking about this.  And well I started really praying and seeking the Lord and I started really teaching, and at the same time teaching that “You know tribulation is not a big deal because we all have to go through tribulation.  And we’re not appointed to the wrath of God; the wrath of God is on the world who denies the Messiah and not on the believers.  And the children of Israel were in the land of Egypt when the plagues came down, but in the land of Goshen not even a dog was touched.  Sid, I went to prayer one time about this and I fell asleep, do you want to hear about the supernatural experience?

Sid:  I can’t wait.

Steve:  Okay, I went to sleep.  Have you ever gone to sleep when you were trying to pray?  Lord have mercy, ha-ha.

Sid:    Ha-ha.

Steve:  A lot of times I would come out of my prayer closet and it was typical my wife knew I was sleeping, and “So you’ve been praying again.”

Sid:  Ha-ha.

Steve:  This time I went to sleep and went into a trance and this may sound weird to some people, but I went into a trance and I was talking to a man I knew was the Apostle Paul.  Now I know that some people will call me a hieratic, but I can only tell you what happened.  And so Paul was in this room and I was sitting next to him, he was kind of laying down reclining.  And here’s what I said, I said, “Paul, it looks like to me according to the scriptures that the coming of the Lord happens near the end of the tribulation period, not at the beginning.”  And I’ll never forget this and he turned and looked at me face to face, eye to eye and he said these words, I can remember just like it was today and he said, “Almost certain.”  And I woke up and I knew that it was a totally scriptural answer because no man knows the time or the hour except the Father.  Even the Messiah said, “No man, it’s in the Father’s hand.”  If Paul had given me a date it’s going to happen in 1988; it’s going to happen in 2008; it’s going to do whatever then it would have been a totally deceiving diluting spirit.  But he gave me a totally scriptural answer it looks like according to the scripture Sid.  Near the end, “Almost certain.”

Sid:  Well, you know what bothers me the most?  Is so many Gentile Christians, this doesn’t bother me, this blesses me, love the Jewish people, love the nations Israel, but don’t love the Jew enough to share Jesus because it would disrupt their fellowship.  And they figure after the rapture the Jews will get saved, so we might as well just enjoy our good fellowship right now.

Steve:  Sid, there’s only one way to be saved Sid; there won’t be anything different; it’s only by Jesus Christ as Lord!  He the Messiah, believe in your heart, confess Him with your mouth.  Only by the blood of Jesus, the blood of bulls and goats and no other temple being built in any other time is going to save anybody.  It’s the gospel, period!

Sid:  You know a lot of people say, “Show me a miracle.”  As far as I’m concerned a dead nation and Israel was dead; the Jews were scattered to four corners of the earth.  The only acceptable way to be correct under Rabbinic Judaism is to have a temple according to the Torah, “Without the shedding of blood there’s no anointment for sin.”  So without a temple, without out a homeland, persecuted in country throughout the world, God said through His prophet Isaiah “Could a nation be formed in one day?”  And in one day the nation Israel was formed, but that’s not the miracle, that’s a miracle, but the miracle is here we are sixty years later and Israel is still a nation.  Still surrounded by countries that want to totally destroy Israel; want to kill all the Jewish people; outnumbered so many times that we need a calculator to figure this out, but yet Israel survives as a nation.  You have the Riverwalk DNA which we’re featuring this week it’s a CD of music that, when this occurs in your church the supernatural breaks out, but a great deal of supernatural joy breaks out.  There’s a song that we’re going to play an excerpt of “All I Need is You” tell me about this song.

Steve:  This song is about that, you know God is bringing us all to the place, stripping everything away, every earthly crutch so that either He is going to be my sufficiency.   God is glorified, not with all the great things that I do for Him Sid, but God’s only glorified in my total and utter dependence upon Him.

Sid:  And isn’t that what’s going to happen in Israel when they, when Israel when it dawns on Israel that we can no longer depend on our big brother, the United States supporting us; we can only depend on God?

Steve:  As much as I would love us to always be for Israel, the Bible clearly states that all nations shall come against her.  But God says in Jeremiah 16 “If you can remove the sun and the moon and the stars from before you than I’ll remove Israel.”  God will never be removed from what He has promised in His word.  And Israel is coming to the place where all of us as believers have to come, that all we need, all Israel needs is God.  And it’s amazing Sid the sixth birthday, the Lord lately the passed few months has been having me speak on the calling of Israel, and all of these things that have been taken place and it’s amazing.

Sid:  “He that watches Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep,” and He that watches you shall neither slumber nor sleep.   And all you need is Him.

“All I Need is You” worship excerpt

Sid: …You’re in Steve’s church and what goes on in Steve’s church in addition to the oil flowing like a river.  Although I understand it stopped, why did it stop Steve?

Steve:  You know there are times, you know in the supernatural Sid there are times and seasons for God’s outpouring.  And I think that one of the big problems that we miss as Christians…You know when God sent the manna every day, it was only on the Sabbath was we were to collect twice as much, but God gives sufficient for the day and we have to understand the seasons that we’re in.  And it’s always important no matter what supernatural sign shows up that our eyes stay focused on God Himself and not the sign.  The sign draws us to Him and sure get’s our attention, but the Word of God is forever settled in heaven.

Sid Roth:  The purpose of the sign is to get out attention so that we recognize and come to our senses that all we need is Yeshua, all we need is Jesus.  But some of the thing that are going on in your church is outrages…

Sid Roth welcomes Don Dickerman

Sid:  And you know I don’t understand a backslider when you know what’s back there you’d never want to backslide.  But my guest knows what’s back there his name is Don Dickerman I’m speaking to him at his home at Bedford, Texas.  And Don has been in prison ministry for many years, he’s been in hundreds of prisons, thousands receive salvation.  But as a good Baptist pastor which he was ordained as a Baptist Pastor, he did not understand the supernatural and it was like revolving doors, someone would get saved, would leave prison and then the next thing you know they’d be back in prison.  And he said, “There’s got to be something more,” and he prayed out one night, and he said, “Lord,” he didn’t even know what he was praying but he said, “Lord make me a deliverer” and then he had a prophesy.  And the prophesy was that, “Oil would splash off his body and people would get healed and delivered,” and as he started speaking people were getting healed.  In fact Don you started getting words of knowledge; tell me about the one where you saw a rat eating the inside of someone’s colon.

Don:  You know that was my first experience with something like that and I have to say Sid, I guess it was my background, but I was always very cautious about speaking something that wasn’t from God and you know and saying it was.  But I was sitting in a prison chapel down in Huntsville and I went to that particular prison once a month and we had probably three or four hundred guys in the chapel and their little praise band was singing and I was sitting on the platform waiting for time to speak.  And I had just a mental image in my mind, but it was so clear I could see like an ugly rat with jagged teeth inside of someone’s colon just gnawing away at it; it was a very strange, obviously a strange vision.  But I did know what it was and I didn’t know what to do with it but I felt the Holy Spirit was telling me somebody’s experiencing that pain right now and I’m going to heal it.  So I cautiously when I got up I spoke that and I said, “Somebody here is going to be healed tonight of that problem.  Well a man jumped up and he just ran down the aisle he said, “That’s me, that’s me.”  Well, I prayed for him and he went back to his seat and said “He was healed and the pain had left.”  But after the service was over and the inmates were filing out back to their cell blocks an inmate came up to me and put a note in my pocket and he kind of hung around and I was shaking hands, guys were leaving.  He came back up to me and he said, “Sir, would you read that note now?”  And I opened it up and it said, “I’m the one, I’m the one with the colon problem” and he told me that he was embarrassed to come up front earlier, but that he’d just got back from the prison hospital and horrible pain And with a lump that I actually had seen that lump in the vision that was kind of hanging over his belt, a big knot.  But they told me I need surgery but since I was going to be released in a few months it could wait.  So I just put my hand on his stomach and prayed for him and commanded that to leave.  He doubled up in a knot and began to throw-up blood and bile and you know it was not the kind of thing that you want to talk about a lot, but some other inmates came with, got a towel and they cleaned up everything.  And I walked him to the back of the chapel and I didn’t know who he was, but you know he kept saying “The pain is gone, the pain is gone.”  So I left and he went back to his cell, but I didn’t know really what had happened and I didn’t know how to verify it, you can’t just call the prison.  So when I went back the next month, this man met me at the chapel door and he pulled up his shirt and he said, “It’s gone brother, its gone; I haven’t had a pain since then.”  And it was such a overwhelming thing to me, and such a confirmation of the Holy Spirit revealing something to me.  That would happen a few times after that and I learned that when that would come, when I would get some time of vision like that that would always happen, not just you know maybe, it always happened.

Sid: Listen.  I am so excited about the people that are going to get free from your brand new book, “When Pigs Move In.”  I’ve got a picture, It’s almost, not almost it is a before and after picture of an Irish prisoner by the name of Eddie Ferncomb.  Tell me about this particular Irish prisoner; tell me about this particular Irish prisoner, what did he do to end up in prison?

Don:  Well Eddie was he grew up in the streets of Dublin, he was a gang leader, but he was also a heroin addict at an early age and pretty violent; he had stabbed I think about fifteen people before he was fifteen years old.  He wound up in Ireland’s worse prison, in Portleigh, Ireland.  But I heard about him through a man that I know you, know, David Berkowitz.

Sid:  I’ve interviewed David who was also known as “Son of Sam” and that’s another amazing, amazing story.  I understand that you wrote a letter to David Berkowitz before he got saved and he wrote you a letter back and he said, “If I ever get out of here I’m going to murder you.”

Don:  Awe yeah, he said, “I’ll kill you.”  Yeah, I wrote David because I had seen you know God’s grace applied in so many lives and I didn’t know who he was and did know what he looked like but I had read about his crimes and I knew that he was in Adica, New York so I wrote him a letter.  And basically said, “God still loves you and he will save you.”  Well, he did write me write back and he said, “Don’t send me anymore stuff like this and he said “If I get out of here I’ll kill you.”  Well, I kind of joke about that now, it stopped our correspondence, but I ran into David, I was in his prison preaching Sid, in 1987 at eleven or twelve years after I’d written him that letter.  And I didn’t know that he was even in that prison, but he came up to me after the service and introduced himself, put his arm around me and said, “I want you to know I appreciate you and I appreciated the message tonight and I thank you for being faithful and you know,” and so on and David and I became friends and he calls me fairly often.

Sid:  So he was concerned about this Irish inmate.

Don:  He had read about Eddie in newspapers as being Ireland’s toughest prisoner and so on and he related to it.  But New York inmates are not allowed to write to write to any other inmates.  So he asked me, he said, “Would you write this man and witness to him like you did to me.”  Well, you know I was glad to that, well, Eddie answered my letter and we began to communicate through the mail and eventually Eddie accepted Christ by mail and I told him that about my family and our ministry.  And he asked me if I had any tapes I could send him, and I did from prisons services here in Texas.  And so I sent him a handful of prison service tapes and now this guy, Sid he’s in the deepest part of the prison, they had four to eight officers escort him wherever he went.  He was in the dungeon, but he did have a tape player so I sent him sever service tapes and he wrote me one day and said, “I have demons that I, and he listened to one of our services that included a mass deliverance at the end, a congregational deliverance.  And he said, “While you were talking and addressing these demons” he said, “Heat came all over me,” he said “I got so hot in the middle of the winter I was splashing my face with water.”  Any way he said, “I know I have demons, he said, “I told my chaplain about and he laughed at me.”  But in the letter he said, “Would you come to Ireland and help me be free?”  Well, it’s one of those things I guess the Holy Spirit just quickened in me as soon as I read it I knew I had to go, but I didn’t know how, I didn’t know anybody in Ireland and he put me in touch with a lady that had ministered to him some.  And she made arrangements, but I wound up going to that prison and sitting down in a private visiting room with Eddie, him shackled and officers all around and Eddie, Ferncomb received deliverance and it was a classic battle in the sense that his stronghold was unforgiveness, he couldn’t forgive.  And I told Eddie, “You know Eddie, if you can’t forgive, I can’t help you and I’ve come all this way, and I can’t do anything until you’re willing to forgive.”  So I actually left the prison that day and told him I would come back the next day, but he had to release that.  Well, when I went back the next day, it is kind of interesting the officer that walked me back to this dungeon area said, “Are you like David Wilkerson?” And I knew what he meant and I said, “Yeah, yeah I am, and he said, “Well, you’re welcome here lad.  And so Eddie came in that day, he had a smile on his face and he said, “I did it, he said, “I did it I forgave.”  Well, it’s a long story in itself but I took Eddie through deliverance.

Sid:  Listen, I have the picture of the before and the after, it’s unbelievable the glow of the glory of God on Eddie’s face.

Don:  It is.

Sid Roth:  And I’ll tell you what, you’re book has such an anointing on it.

Our Guest Jonathan Bernis

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Rabbi Jonathan Bernis. And what I want to understand is, according to the Jewish historian, Neander, there were approximately a million Jewish believers in Jesus at the turn of the first century. But somehow something happened and these Jewish people weren’t identified as Jewish believers any more, and it resulted in the church losing its ability to walk in large numbers of people in the miraculous. Jonathan, tell me that scenario.

JONATHAN: Well again as you said, the church, the first church, were all Jews. They never converted to Christianity. They lived as Jews. But of course in Acts, Chapter 10, the Gospel goes to Cornelius, Paul becomes the apostle to the gentles and the Gospel quickly spread in the gentile world. And sadly, by 135, you have writings like Justin Martyr writing against the Jewish believers and saying, “He who claims to be Jewish and Christian is neither Jew nor Christian.” And sadly, the church begins—and there are reasons for this we don’t have to go into, and I think it’s important that Christians do study to understand this—begins to move away from their Jewish roots. And the second century all the way up to the culmination with the Nicene Council in 325 A.D., you have the church severing what’s now the dominantly Gentile church, severing themselves from their Jewish roots. And when that happens, Sid, the power drains out of the church. This is turning your back on your father, I believe. I think that until this is restored we’re not going to see the fullness of power coming into the church. And let me say it the other way. When the Jewish roots of the faith are restored, or the Hebraic roots, we’re going to see an outpouring of the Spirit we haven’t seen since the first century. It’s coming.

SID: I believe that, and that’s what I call the One New Man, when the middle wall comes down between Jew and gentile, to form one new humanity, which will result in the full dwelling place of God by His spirit. Now Jonathan has told me about a heresy that I understand, too, that so few understand. It’s the difference between you being in the blessings of God or the curses of God. Tell me about this heresy.

JONATHAN: I’d have to set it up by saying this. Genesis 12, “I will bless those that bless the children of Abraham and curse the one that curses the children of Abraham,” I believe is just as true and powerful, and real today as when it was written. And that’s the danger here, because we can be under the blessing of God, based on how we treat the Jewish people, or the curse of God. And the heresy is called replacement theology, or Cessationism. And very simply again, in the beginning of the second century this erroneous teaching that the church has replaced Israel. In other words, the Jews killed Jesus. They were responsible for his death. They committed deicide, and now God is through with them, He’s given up with them, they’re under His curse. And so now the new people of God, the new Israel is the church. Now the truth is that Christians become spiritual sons and daughters of Abraham and receive all the blessings given to the Jewish people, or given to the children of Abraham. But they join; they’re grafted into the natural olive tree, which is Israel. Replacement theology, most Christians don’t even know the name, still has vestiges and there’s residue that affects every Christian, and it cuts out the blessing of God.

SID: In Romans 11, that deals so clearly with it. Give me a couple of verses.

JONATHAN: Very simply, “Boast not against the natural branches,” because if God cut them off, how much easier to cut you off. And if he can graft a wild olive branch, which is the Gentile believer, how much easier to re-graft back in the Jewish person and bring them to faith. So it’s very clear. Paul says three times in Romans 11, God has not rejected Israel. It’s so clear, Sid. And we have to come against this heresy if we want to see supernatural outpouring of God’s spirit return to the church.

SID: Well I believe that it’s time for the greatest favor of God to hit Bible believers. It’s time to move from the curse to the blessing. And we have a mezuzah that we’ve designed for the people that we mentor. It’s got millions of Jewish names that do not know the Messiah in this mezuzah. We’re instructed in Scripture to put it on our door. And Jewish people kiss it when they enter their door or when they leave their door, and they pray for God’s blessing over them when they’re in their house and when they leave their house. How much greater blessing when we pray for the salvation of millions of Jewish people. Jonathan, I want you to agree in prayer with me, as we pray over this mezuzah, and I want you to agree in prayer with me as we pray that these millions of Jewish people come to know their Messiah, and you will walk under the blessings of Genesis 12:3, the favor of God. We agree in Yeshua’s name that the spiritual scales will come off the eyes of Jewish people. We agree in Yeshua’s name the spiritual scales will come off the eyes of Christians to be able to share the Good News with Jewish people. We agree in the name of Yeshua’s name that there are modern day Paul the Apostles in these names that will lead the world in righteousness, and yea, once again, the Word of the Lord will go out from Zion. And I am so excited when these Jewish people become one with Gentile Christians and the middle wall of separation is finally coming down.

SID ROTH: Next week on It’s Supernatural. Is it possible that there is an ancient mystery that holds the key to America’s future? Could this same mystery be behind current events from 9/11 to our economic meltdown, to even the war in Iraq?

Sid Roth welcomes Grace Williams

Sid:  Now for those that aren’t familiar with Grace Williams I have interviewed her before but tell me just briefly Grace, about your great, great, great, great, grandfather.

Grace:  Well, Sid he was a circuit rider preacher and he use to actually travel up and down the coast of California and he operated in healing and the fire of God was upon his life.  And there was actually magazine, newspaper articles written about him that his eyes burned with the fire of God.  And his face like just had the glory literal, the tangible glory shining and glowing on his face, they would call him like the man that burned in the pulpit.  And so that is my spiritual heritage you know.

Sid:  Well, he actually prayed that he would have relatives that would carry this mantle.  Tell me about that prayer.

Grace:  Yes, and he prayed that his you know his descendants would know God and he even prayed to be careful of the rearing of your sons and daughters.  And it was pretty amazing because my Mom was really the first in her family, she was kind of the breaker that…

Sid:  Well, you wouldn’t have even been here if she wasn’t because you shouldn’t have even lived.

Grace:  Yes, yes exactly and so she actually found out about him through a cousin or something and oh yeah everybody thought that he was kind of crazy.  And she had always been seeking God but didn’t know anybody in her immediate family that even knew of God and then she found this book and thought oh my gosh he was praying for me.  And so the power of like the generational prayers and blessings and just an amazing heritage that we you know that I am walking in now that I’m in California and we have a church here and I’m able to lead worship and carry really this wave of glory that God is pouring out here.

Sid:  I feel the wave of glory right now.  Just for the, again for those that aren’t familiar with you when you were three you spoke in tongues.  At three I didn’t even know what it meant, at four you played the piano, you reached over towards the piano and you started playing the piano; at twelve you were a worship leader; at six you even got a vision for your life, briefly tell me about it.

Grace:  Yes, yes well I did I saw these music notes and music literally encircling the earth and going around the world like this beautiful almost like a ribbon of these you know if you ever, anybody that reads music or know what music looks like, it was these music notes and this beautiful ribbon of music just encircling the whole earth.  And that was like one of the first, it was the first you know vision I saw and at such a young age and I was just so overwhelmed and thought, this is what the Lord has called me to to sing forth His praise and to just worship Him and fill the earth with His glory.

Sid:  I mean at age six to know what your purpose was, I mean there are people listening to us that are in their sixties and they don’t even know what their purpose is.  Now of all of your songs my producer says that the one that she loves the most is “Beautiful Place” and she gets up in the middle of the night and just worships to that song.  There are people that take your music and literally they get so deep in the Spirit that they have trips to heaven.  Tell me about one.

Grace:  Yes, well we received this one testimony and it was actually a Director of a School of Supernatural Ministry and they listened to my music and soak and just wait on the Lord and use it for their worship time and they have had just many heavenly encounters.  And like you said, the testimony was like they’ve actually taken trips to heaven listening to your music and he was just saying thank you so much, that it’s been such a blessing and really just he was saying thank you for your heart and for your obedience and dedication that it’s really pouring out on this next generation you know.  And so that really blessed my heart because that’s really my heart to see young people walk in their destiny and calling because I have walked in that and so it’s really my heart to just give that impartation to this next generation that they would carry that torch an like you said, walk in their destiny and calling.  And it’s never too late, you know, its never too late so I just want to encourage people that God has an amazing destiny, an amazing calling for each and every person that’s listening and so I just want to release that right now Lord.  That every single person that’s listening to this right now would walk in their destiny and their calling Lord.  That You’ve called each and every person to something wonderful and great Lord, there’s greatness inside of each and every person Lord, and I just pray that they would step into that and walk into that Lord.  And I pray that even as they listen to this music Lord that you would just open up the heaven’s Lord and reveal Lord Your will to each and every person that they would see, that they would see themselves Lord in what you’ve called them to in the Name of Jesus.  Thank you Father, thank you Father.

Sid:  Tell me the story of “Beautiful Place.”

Grace:  Well, beautiful place, one of my most favorite scriptures in Psalm 24:9 and it’s actually the message translation and it says “Worship God if you want the Best.”  Because worship opens doors to all His goodness, and I love that because all His goodness I think, I mean that’s so amazing.  Through worship Sid, through worship we have a powerful opening to all His goodness.  I mean that, that’s as good as it gets for me you know so that’s how powerful worship is.  But this…

Sid:    It’s, it’s almost like Jacobs ladder when you worship.

Grace:  Yes.

Sid:  And the angels come up and down and they bring things to you.

Grace:  Yes.  All his goodness, Amen that’s so, that’s so true so “Beautiful Place” this was just really my heart’s cry and also Psalm 84 talks about it.  “One day, one day spent in Your house, this beautiful place of worship beats thousands elsewhere.”  And I can just attest to that and say, “You know when I’m just, all these songs come out of my personal time of worship and soaking and just prayer unto the Lord and so it’s really like just an overflow of my personal worship experiences with the Lord.  And I always you know pray and I say “God if this is resonating in my heart and my spirit I pray that that would resonate to your people.”  You know “I want that intimacy, I want that secret place anointing” and that’s really what’s on this song.  And I actually had a vision when I was working on this song of this bubble and it was encapsulating me surrounding me with His glory and beauty it was like this iridescent beautiful like huge bubble.  And there’s one part in the song that talks about He’s bringing us, the Lord’s bringing us to this place of intimacy with the Lord and that secret place and that’s where His Devine protection is Sid, His peace, His safety, that real tangible place in the chambers of God’s heart where we can find complete satisfaction and delight.  And I think especially in the times that we are living in right now, and there’s so many people that deal with you know with being anxious or just being unrest and there’s so much you know just turmoil in the world we live in.  And if we can just take time and set aside that time and worship Him and go to that beautiful place.

Sid Roth:  Let’s do that right now Grace, let’s go to that Beautiful Place.”

Grace worship excerpt “Beautiful Place” excerpt:

Sid Roth:  You see what I mean when I say that that’s the oxygen of heaven, worship is the oxygen of heaven.  Do you realize that you’re so dehydrated that you don’t even realize that?  And when you worship God you get totally hydrated from the heaven and doors open and vision comes to you.  People that have stress are being set free, people that have had curses against them, curses are being broken.  People with addictions are being set free; people are going to great intimacy with God.

Our Guest Jonathan Bernis

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Jonathan Bernis. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Rabbi Bernis and I go back, what is it, 28 years?

JONATHAN: Twenty-eight. We’re closing on thirty.

SID: I remember some of those early years, I would go up to Rochester, New York where he had a Messianic Jewish congregation and we used to pray all day in supernatural languages, and we were zooming. But you know what’s happening right now, and I have never seen you, Jonathan, so excited about this new thing, the restoration of Hebrew with the promises of God on healing. And why is Hebrew so important?

JONATHAN: Well Sid, Hebrew is the language of the scriptures. The very nature of God, the promises of God, are all given to us in the Hebrew language. It just stands to reason that to go back to the Hebrew language will give us the most accurate, powerful means of confessing God’s Word. I believe God answers in all languages. It doesn’t matter. But the Hebrew language, there is some kind of a restoration of the Hebrew language going on, and there is an anointing on Hebrew, actually a glow on the Hebrew language, the L’Shana Kodesh, Tongue of the Prophets.

SID: I believe that every letter of Hebrew has a meaning and when you can break it down, it’s sort of like the regular Bible and the amplified Bible. Its Supernatural.  It’s just so much fuller. In fact, what did the ancient rabbis tell us about Hebrew?

JONATHAN: Well the ancient rabbis believed that it was better to pray or to speak in the holy language, L’Shana Kodesh, the Holy Tongue, even if you didn’t understand it than any other language. And I don’t want to get too mystical, Sid. But the ancient rabbis, even the rabbis today teach that the Hebrew has certain harmonics.

SID: Sounds.

JONATHAN: Sounds that actually create, that, when the Lord created the world, the heavens and the earth, He created them by the spoken word. And that there’s power, we already know there’s power in the spoken word. But in the Hebrew language in particular it is considered the holy language. And there’s just tremendous power, I believe, both in confession and when you go back to the original Hebrew. I’m very excited.

SID: I know you are. Actually, you found out how important it is to confess or meditate on God’s Word when you were a rabbi in a congregation. Tell me about one of the members it helped.

JONATHAN: You were actually commenting on it at the beginning of the program. The Lord really dealt with me about bringing true change. I had so much counseling with a small congregation, just repetitive sessions where nothing changing, and the Lord really spoke to me clearly about dedicating weeks aside for fasting and prayer. And you actually used to come…

SID: I looked forward to it.

JONATHAN: …to Rochester and experience these times of fasting and prayer. The problem is we’re either fasting or praying and we don’t couple them together. And I took these times, where I, designated times where I asked people from the congregation to actually take vacation time and we devoted nine hours a day to corporate prayer and worship. And it was out of those times that the power of confessing the Word of God became reality to me. I finally saw it. Finally, that coupled with going to meetings together sponsored by Kenneth Hagan. Kenneth Hagan was a tremendous influence in my life, and the power of confessing the Word of God. And one story I will tell. I had this woman who had been suffering from depression for 20-plus years. She had gone, just like the woman with the issue of blood, she had been to doctors and therapists, and you could see the visible depression all over her. And I told her after counseling ineffectively with her, “I want you to start to confess the Word of God. I want you to take an hour a day Sid Roth, or in the beginning a half hour a day.” And I gave her scriptures: “He who the Son sets free is free indeed.” “Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world.” Those kinds of scriptures; “We’re more than conquerors through Him who loved us and strengthened us…” And it only took her a couple of weeks. She came back to me. I knew she didn’t have to tell me she had been delivered of depression. As far as I know, she’s been delivered ever since. It was a whole new life for her because she had confessed the Word of God. “Faith cometh by hearing…hearing by the Word of God.” It had finally seeped into her spirit and brought life.

SID: Tell me about the meaning of the word “meditate”.

JONATHAN: Well if you look at the word “meditate” in Hebrew, it’s a difference concept than the Christian idea of meditation. It’s the Hebrew word “hagah”. In Christian meditation we’re reflecting on a scripture. We’re contemplating that scripture, silent contemplation with our mind. But “hagah”, the Hebrew concept, is contemplation with the mouth. Hagah literally means “to talk, to utter, to mutter”. And that’s what God said to Joshua. In Joshua 1:8, Joshua is being prepared to take the children of Israel into the Promised Land, the baton is being handed from Moses, the great leader Moses, to Joshua, and God exhorts him and says, “Joshua, be strong.

Be of good courage. Don’t worry. I will be with you. But if you want to succeed you need to meditate on my word day and night. You need to utter it, keep it always on your lips, hagah. And so he tells Joshua that in order to be successful and prosperous, that’s what it says in the Hebrew, if you do this, if you hagah, if you confess my word, keep it on your lips, you will be prosperous and successful. And I’m wondering how many watching want to be prosperous, want to be more successful. Well the clue is in Joshua 1:8, hagah. The Lord tells Joshua and He’s telling us today, if you want to be prosperous, if you want to be fruitful, if you want to be successful, you need to get the Word of God into your heart. How do you do that? By keeping it on your lips, by speaking it, uttering it, muttering it.

SID ROTH: What Jonathan is teaching is so fantastic, the power of confessing God’s Word, especially His promises. But how about confessing His promises in Hebrew? Jewish people had a problem when they came to the United States of America. Most of them did not speak Hebrew. So the reform movement developed the most simplistic way of people being able to speak the Hebrew language. We’re going to have a demonstration of it when we come back, and you’ll be speaking Hebrew. Don’t go away.