Our Guest David Yanez

DAVID: I’ll tell you that’s what God does. God not only delivered her but He provided for her instantly the needs that she had. She did not know but the spirit was groaning, the spirit was moaning and the spirit put us in the right place at the right time because that’s what God does! I was supposed to be in India preaching in December I think it was 2013, 2014, something like that but I was in Africa in Westgate Mall. When I was at the Mall I’m walking around, I’m having a meeting with these network people to try and get some internet stuff working where our camps are and stuff and all of a sudden the Lord just speaks in my spirit you need to cancel India. I’m like I love going to India but okay Lord. I follow Your lead. Amen? I follow whatever God tells me to do. So I called my team, and just one guy and let him know and he let everybody else know. Do you know that the time that they were supposed to be in that area is when India suffered one of its worst typhoons and millions of people were killed and millions and millions and millions of people were out of homes and stuff. And I looked at, I just said oh, God, thank You. I mean my team of 90 people would have been in the middle of that. That’s the exact, that’s exact ground where all these miracles I’m talking to you about India that’s where it happened, that very ground when we ministered and I’m like wow, Lord, thank You for doing that groaning. Thank you for doing those miracles for me. And a week after I got back from that trip I was in Westgate Mall and I don’t know if you remember Westgate Mall but that’s where the terrorist attack was about a week and a half after I left. And they said they were gonna do it a week earlier but they just waited. Oh man! Oh, God is good!


DAVID: I know everybody that’s listening and watching this program that you need to realize God can do those miracles for you. He can do those miracles and He’s doing them now because your life can be a lot worse than it is. He’s changing things in the heavenlies for you every day. He’s making things happen for you and He’s making sure devastation doesn’t strike. He’s trying to get you to the right point where the spirit can change things for you. I wanna talk to you about creative miracles if I could. Creative miracles are just using what you can and what’s around you and it doesn’t mean anything else than that and I tell everybody that. It’s something that the spirit deposits and you just grab it and go with it. We look at Jesus right? Jesus told people to go and put water into these big old basins or jugs and get wine. And we read the Bible, we read it now a days, oh that’s pretty cool. Think about living at that time. You want us to do what? You know this is the bride’s part, the groom and all. I can’t do that. I’m gonna get killed. They’re gonna fire me. Just go get the water out of that. You’re fine. Just pour it in there and it’ll be good. That is something that is called a creative miracle. Paul took, the Bible says that God wrought special miracles from Paul. And you can read it in Acts that these miracles, that He wrought special miracles from Paul that he took his apron that he wore and he tore it in pieces and he sent it out to villages and people that couldn’t make the service and the Bible says that there were healings and there were miracles and people were delivered. That is a special miracle. That’s a creative miracle. That’s someone that just, I mean who told Paul just rip up your shirt and go. He is the original TV evangelist. Trust me, he his. He took the same anointing that you’re getting right now in your living room and he took it all those years back and put it in people’s living room. He was the original TV evangelist. He was! And I’ll tell you this is what some of the creative miracles that’s happened that I’ve been blessed to see. I was finished preaching and you see I sweat a lot so I’m all sweating and stuff sitting down after, you can imagine India with no air conditioning (laughs). I’m like a towel, just you know,  and I’m sitting there and drinking a Spite and just sitting there relaxing underneath a little fan not even going like a whole thing, I can count to a hundred before it goes one little loop.




DAVID: And I’m like Lord I need to get back, not that the hotel had air conditioning but at least we’re moving, I got some wind blowing in my face. And I’m sitting there and this lady just comes walking in real slowly and there she has her hand like this and she pulls out her hand. It is completely crooked, bent, almost broken to the point where it was just broken, and I look at that and then Bishop Mike’s like uh, dude, you got this, David? You got this? (laughs) Like sure brother, I got it! And I cupped, I cupped  my hands like this. And as I cupped my hands Bishop Mike seen a fireball in my hands. I said put your hands through this! That was the Spirit taking over. I used what I had and just let the Spirit of God take over. And as she put her hands and it passed my hands. Crack, crack, until her elbow got into my hands and it snapped it all back. Completely straight. Completely straight. And then she just looks at me and goes (bows) and walks off.




DAVID: Amen! (laughing)



Our Guest Leif Hetland

SID: It’s hard to imagine, Leif, the way you were. You were a quiet Baptist Norwegian. I asked you a question the other day. I said, “You’ve had so many supernatural experiences. What is the most supernatural experience you ever had?” You didn’t blink an eye and you said, “When I was immersed in the love of God.” Tell me about it.


LEIF: Yes. It was a baptism of love, is what I call it, when the liquid love went into the deepest cracks of my life and the perfect love of God just took away the fear in my life. I’ve always been motivated, but I was motivated out of fear. It was something I had to do. I started then to receive his love then become love and now give love. So when I went, even as I started to travel into the Middle East and different places, I realized I have authority over what I love. I genuinely love these people, but the very love connected me to people, and then at the next moment God started to surprise with signs, wonders and miracles that gave such an openness that if I didn’t have the love and I came in fear, it’s like a dog that comes along. He can kind of smell if you are afraid. This was kind of how I operated before because there was a root fear in my life, and as a result of the reaction I got even from some of the Muslim community, that now when I had a perfect love and I started to love them with a perfect love, that perfect love started to change the atmosphere and take away fear. So it was not just that I was changed, the atmosphere around me started to change.


SID: Would you be reaching so many Muslims in so many hot spots in the world if God hadn’t shown him? And I love the way he says this. He now has the heart of a lamb, the heart of God’s love and the authority of the lion, and that proper mix causes him to become a giant slayer.


LEIF: For a long time, I tried to learn to be a lion. I went out there and I tried to roar, but it didn’t come from the lamb’s heart. So when the very lamb’s heart, and Jesus is both the lamb and the lion, and when I recognized that’s what the love did, when I got that lamb’s heart and I started to see people the way he was seeing them, feeling what he was feeling, then I started to say what he was saying, and when I roared, people started to gather instead of scatter because it came from the lamb’s heart. Suddenly you started to see there was authority in it. The atmosphere is changing because the authority came from love. And God is love, and when that love comes in place, because he loves these people, he wants them free, he wants them healed, and he wants them delivered, and that’s when that giant slayer comes in. Who is this giant that is trying to come against these people? Who is this giant that has crippled people with fear and in bondage? And that’s when that comes from the lamb’s nature because it recognizes that and feels that. Then the authority, you’re sending that on the inside, it is time to roar. It’s time to make a difference. It’s time speak to the giant instead of about the giant.


SID: And I hear you talking about, obviously you’re taking the story of David and Goliath, and applying it. How did God show you to put this together? I know you told me you were speaking for a school of students of the Spirit and they started to ask you how you could go to such dark places where it’s so life-threatening, lead a million Muslims to know the Messiah. And you started teaching on David and Goliath.


LEIF: I realized that what these people were looking for was just an encounter. Like what was the one encounter, and that is very important. But then as they looked at one of my videos, these students started to say, okay, we are interested now because we’re all facing giants. We all need a breakthrough in our life. So we are interested in how did you do it? And I didn’t even realize it was just the wisdom. As I started to say, the first thing I did, and it was kind of humorous. And I started to describe, I showed up and they all laughed. But then as we were walking in our life is [the fact] that you are not showing up. If I hadn’t taken the airline ticket, gone over there when there was a crisis, and faced that giant, I would have never saw the giant. But then we started out practically speaking in their life, if that was finances or addiction, pornography, things that they were struggling with, what are some of those areas you didn’t show up [to face the giant]. And then I went into the second, what is the next battle that you are fighting that you show up for the right battle. So I kind of just started, practically speaking. But then I started to hear it was the most life-transformational teaching they had heard. And I thought a lot of my kind of petty messages where they had encountered, they laid on the floor, had the fire had encountered, that was going to be the most transformational. Now they say, when you, instead of us watching you being giant slayers, when you showed us how to be a giant slayer and dealing with the giants in our lives, in our family, in our community, that’s what changed us. And now we have the tools on a daily basis so that we can wake up and face our giants, not just face them, but also to kill the giants. And that was my joy. When I started to hear the stories of other giant slayers and their giants coming down, and the testimonies that was being released, it encouraged me to write and say I want more people to experience this.


SID: You know, when you say, I want to look at people the way Jesus looks at people, I believe you. I believe you’re doing that. But you had a bit of a problem with this autistic kid who was drawing attention to himself, I mean, not intentionally. It’s a sad situation and you’re trying to give a talk in a large congregation. What happened?


LEIF: We had just been in Bangkok for two days and through the whole teaching and worship there was this yelling and screaming all throughout the event. And to be honest with you, it felt like the dove was leaving and pigeons was coming in. I started to sense this irritation.


SID: And you felt things dropping on you. No.


LEIF: That’s kind of how it felt. But then it was almost like, he says, Leif, when you’re looking at that boy and looking at the mother, I want you to see him the way that I see him, and I want you to think about him the way I think. So in the middle of my own irritation that still small voice whispered. And in the next moment we were going to pray and all these people came forward. He said, “I felt the Holy Spirit say, I want you just to sit down.” And I sat down, and I started to feel this mother taking the boy home at night. For all these years the boy has not been able to talk through the mother, the boy looking into the mother’s face and then in the next moment, he started to hit her. So this thing, I just captured and I started to feel, first of all, what Papa God feels, what happened to this girl and to this boy. But in the next moment I started to feel this boy and the frustration not being able to communicate and horrific things. And as I sat there, the boy started to fight himself through the mom’s arms. This is front of everybody. And he started to crawl up on my lap and he put his legs around me.


SID: You know what, I happen to believe that that love you were feeling went out of you like an arrow right into him.


LEIF: I believe the same thing. And what happened even when you watched the boy, because when I just got both the video and the picture, but when the boy first starts, he first screams and hits, but then he starts to change. He starts to look me in the face. This is in front of everybody in the room. And he starts to touch me, and he starts to look and he stares. And that night, as I was saying, he sat for an hour and 40 minutes. So it’s not just for a short minute. But the whole countenance of the boy changed. The whole nature of him changed and then his face changed, and you could see it on his face. And then later on, that’s when the mom came back that night, and it’s hard for me not to cry. But the mom came back and says, “My boy started to talk.” So the boy that night started to talk to his mom for the first time, looking her into the eyes, and she had an encounter with a boy that had just had an encounter with Jesus and with the very love of Jesus. So I just started to say, Leif, sometimes you are like a lion and you want to speak authority to this. Sometimes you need to be just like a lamb and the power of the lamb of being able to lay down and love, just started to feel what feel and sense what I sense. There is power in the lamb and there is power in the blood of the lamb. And I want you to learn sometimes like when to be a lamb and when to be a lion, and that’s so much a key to be a giant slayer. It’s just understanding the very rhythm of Heaven, because if not sometimes when we roar, if it doesn’t come from the lamb’s nature, the very compassion and the very love that God has for those people that has been hurt, wounded and been destroyed by the giant, then you do not have the authority to be a giant slayer.


SID: But do you know how easy, going back to that boy, or how 99.9 of the teachers or evangelists in America would have said, lady, will you take your son out of this auditorium, please, and smile, instead. That’s not what Jesus would have done. That child would have been able to start talking. And because you saw him the way Jesus saw him, he got healed. Okay, now you talked about picking the right battle. How do we know what is the right battle?


LEIF: I think it’s very important for us to know what we are called to do. First of all, we need to know who we are, the identity. And the second also is what are you called to do? Like for myself, I have some people that are asking me all these different questions, what’s going on in the Middle East or what do you believe about this and that? I sometimes stay away from those topics because it is outside my area of assignment. As soon as I start to move in that direction I move away from my anointing.

SID: And you know what, it’s like with me. There are many things I can do, but I have chosen my whole walk to be a specialist in what God himself has called me to do and I know, Leif, I would have never accomplished what I have had I tried to have done everything.


LEIF: And it is, if you are looking at you, Sid, everybody, what is your special sauce? What are you called to do? And we know that you are sharing the supernatural story who Jesus is and the Jews, and believers all over, Jesus is being glorified because you are staying in your lane. That’s what I am also doing in my life and I’m trying to help other people as who are you and what are you called to do. What is your destiny? Because often the very giant where the serpent has bitten you is where you have the greatest authority. So the giant often stands between your identity and your destiny. And the key is to get back into the identity. This is who you are. This is how I see you. But to do that you need to know who God is to you. And then when you see him, you see yourself, and then you look at the giant and now you can speak to the giant instead of about the giant, because you have the clarity of the authority that comes from the identity. This is who I am, this is what God has called me to do and I am one with him. I’m in covenant with a covenant-keeping God, and this giant is not the problem. It is actually a promise from me when I stay within my lane and I don’t get distracted.


SID: There is another thing you talk about. If you want to become a giant slayer, hang around giant slayers.


LEIF: I think this is another thing that has become so important for me to recognize. Even like last night I had dinner with some of your guests that are very prophetic, and I started to sense something prophetic going on among one of your guests that dreams at nighttime. Now I saw the dream during last night this hanging around the giant slayers. When I’m around Heidi Baker, I was just in Mozambique, it was just the lamb’s nature in me is just becoming so aware and I want to go lower. I did want to go deeper and just seeing people from a different perspective. So when I want to be a lamb I’m hanging around Heidi Baker. If I want to go in my healing anointing I’m hanging around giant slayers like Randy Clark that has faced the giant in the sense of sickness and disease over and over again. So the different people around my life is all giving me an upgrade. I’m going to be myself, but even as I’m honoring the different giftings that is around me that is around me and other giant slayers, I’m also realizing what I honor. I also have access to it.


SID: You know what, I think a lot of people want to be able to walk in that delicate balance between a lamb and a lion, between love and authority. And I believe that they can hang around you by just sitting under your teaching. That’s the same thing. That’s what’s going on right now. So when we come back I’m going to have Leif pray for you for the lamb and the lion anointing. Be right back.

Our Guests Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale

SID: Okay, Adrian, I had one awful dream and I don’t want to empower it by even talking about it on the air. But I believe it was from God. What do I do with it?


ADRIAN: What we need to realize is that as believers, Jesus has ascended and he’s raised us up to be ascended as well. We’re seated in heavenly places, which means that we have authority. And when we see a negative, we can speak a positive into being. So if we see death in a situation, if we see sickness or if we see a family breakup, we have the authority through receiving that revelation to speak the opposite into being, to speak life.


SID: All right. Let’s make something up. An elderly woman sees her son and daughter-in-law in a dream splitting up, getting a divorce. What should she do?


ADRIAN: She should speak about the unity of the marriage and she should bind anything that’s causing distraction or division between the two of them.


ADAM: Can I say that it’s a blessing for God to give us the heads up, a warning. So we get a warning. A nightmare can be a warning. It all depends what we’re focusing on. But this is different with you, Sid, where it’s a warning. You shared the dream with us and they’re blessings because it gives us, God gives us a heads up like the Magi in the Book of Matthew, when the Lord gave them a warning and a dream not to go back to Herod.


SID: What I’m hearing you say, Adam, that it’s when you’re a believer, in other words, even if the devil is up to something, you can stop him in your tracks.


ADAM: Absolutely.


SID: And that wasn’t a bad dream, that was a good dream. I mean, you’re going to give the devil a nervous breakdown.


ADAM: Amen.


SID: Adrian, you had something happen in real life. You thought you were going to die.


ADRIAN: I did.


SID: Tell me about that.


ADRIAN: You know, I was getting chest pains. I could hear the pulse of my blood going through my head as I laid my head on the pillow. I used to stay up studying in the Word to try to get focused and to bring my focus back on the Lord. What I did is I went into the bush. I took, I was fasting at the time. I would take a chair out into the Australian bush, my Bible and a notepad, and I was seeking God about breaking this thing. But I was also seeking God about a ministry tour that I was about to go under, go on. And so, I was reading the Bible and the Word jumped out at me. It says, “He who finds his life will lose it and he who loses his life will find it for my sake.” The last part of that jumped out at me, and I went, God, even if I lose my life, I’m going to find it in you. And I don’t care if I die. I’m going to hand my life out to you preaching the Gospel. That very moment, in the sky above me—


SID: Excuse me. You just gave us another clue. As you’re just reading your Bible that could be a sign of God speaking to you. That’s what you’re telling me.


ADAM: Yes. But at that very moment as I made that declaration and that decision in my heart, in the sky above me the cloud formations were abnormal that day. I saw a black cloud in the middle of my vista and it was in the shape of a dragon. And as I looked up, I went, well that is a dragon, and I went, is this any coincidence? Maybe it’s not. And I started to rebuke this cloud. Nobody else around me. I’m miles away from anybody. And so I started to rebuke, and I started to get louder and louder. And it was almost like the other clouds were morphing and changing as this cloud stood there in defiance of what I was saying. But I stood my ground and I went, “In the name of Jesus, I rebuke you. The blood of Christ rebukes you,” and so on. And it did eventually break up, and in its place a man, as God as my witness, a man on a cross, a cloud shaped as a man on a cross came into its place. God witnessed through the shape of those clouds with me, that day, and the decision that I made.


SID: Okay, but in the meantime, you’re dying from a heart condition. What happened?


ADRIAN: Things got better. My blood pressure went down, the whole thing abated and I went on tour, and we came into America at that time.


ADAM: It was a miracle.


SID: So you’re saying to me, when the scripture jumped out at you and you saw something that you knew was a story in a cloud, it triggered a healing in you.


ADRIAN: It did. And you know, I’ve been reluctant to tell it in churches because I believe that most people would think I’m coo-coo, but really that’s what took place. Adam will verify. I’m probably the most logical person in this room.


ADAM: He’s very conservative.


ADRIAN: Very conservative, very cerebral-based, and that’s what took place that day.


SID: Adam, there was a shift in the Spirit just a few minutes ago. You’re a seer. What’s going on?


ADAM: I actually do sense angels here right now. When you start talking about Yeshua and start talking about the One New Man, and you start talking about angels, it does actually, even testimonies, it does open a realm. It opens a realm.


SID: Even the atmosphere changed.


ADAM: Yes. It opens up a realm and I can see there’s a lot more beings in this room than there is in the physical.


SID: So, would both of you pray right now.


ADAM: Heavenly Father, we just decree right now whoever is watching this, whoever is the audience out there, Lord, we thank you that the eyes of understanding are opening up. We thank you that the spiritual senses are opening and we prophesy in Jesus’s name you giving the spirit of wisdom and revelation, spirit of wisdom and revelatory knowledge, and the understanding for them to discern what the Spirit is saying, discern the mysteries of Heaven. As they become intimate, Lord, with you, we thank you for revealing the mysteries of the Kingdom in Jesus’s name [speaking in tongues].


ADRIAN: Father, I thank you that for those that are being sensitized to the things of the Spirit right now, I pray that you would indeed open the eyes of their understanding, Lord, and that you would give them wisdom what to do with that. Holy Spirit, I pray they would become sensitive to your voice so that they can develop and become stronger in that prophetic gifting that you’ve given them, in Jesus’s name.


SID: The Bible says, Jesus says, “My sheep, hear my voice.” You’re his sheep and you, hear me now, you hear his voice.

Our Guest Shawn Bolz

KYNAN: Amen. This is so exciting. Shawn, before the break, we had a little chat and I wanted to ask you something. Do you speak Spanish?




KYNAN: So how can you explain to me how God gave you a Word in Spanish? You want to talk about that a little bit?


SHAWN: I told you, my best friend is Spanish. He used to make fun of me whenever I’d try, so I stopped trying. He’s from Guatemala and he’s like, he was brutal with me and so I never try and speak Spanish. And I was in Vacaville up in Northern California, and I was praying before the meeting. A lot of times before a meeting I’ll pray like on the spot with people if I’m in a coffee shop or whatever, God shows up and I take the risk. A lot of times before a meeting I want to pray because I want to bring a model of what the prophetic would be like in a meeting. So I was praying and had this phrase hit me, and I had to type it as fast as I saw it. I literally saw it written now, so I can say it. It wasn’t like I heard.


KYNAN: So you actually saw this.


SHAWN: I saw it written out. And it was Spanish phrase. It was like two and a half lines, and I was like, I hope this is real, like I have no way to know if this is real. One of my good friends said why don’t you use Google Translator to figure out. And I’m like, I didn’t think of Google Translator. I didn’t even know this could be real. And so I went to the meeting, and all the prophetic words turned out so well that I said I’m going to try this. I don’t know if this is going to work, but I have two names and this Spanish phrase. And so I said, “Does anybody here speak Spanish?” And this man came up, and he read the phrase. Now it had colloquialisms and it had like a certain way to say things. You’d have to be from the region she’s from to even understand it. So it’s not like Spanish you couldn’t just use Google Translator or something online. It actually had slang. And it basically, like this woman had given up her business career. She married this white man and she gave up her business career and had like a bunch of kids in a row. And she just, there was a part of her that was going through that mom thing, and going, is this significant? I know it is. I know these kids are amazing, but I’ve given up everything. Part of the Word was I said I feel like you’ve rubbed shoulders with John Maxwell, you’re a business woman, but you gave it all up for raising world champion leaders, and you’re kids are going to say, at the end of the day this phrase. And the phrase was, “You are like a totally charged, amazing mom.” It was like this certain phrase that you’d say.


KYNAN: In Spanish.


SHAWN: Only in Spanish that they’re going to say you are the ones who made our lives possible, basically, and you are this kind of mom. And because you’re this kind of mom, we’re these kinds of kids. And she’s like weeping, just couldn’t believe that, she knew I didn’t know that Spanish. She knew immediately, oh my gosh, this is so like only God could have given her this because it’s what kids so would say. So it’s not only a word from the Lord, it’s a word from the Lord of what her kids would say one day.


KYNAN: Wow, that’s something. You know what that means? Get ready for God to speak to you in a foreign language. Just FYI. You say that God can speak to us in all kinds of ways. What are some of the ways that God speaks to us? Because I know a lot of times we think of “Thus says the Lord.” It has to be in the audible Charlton Heston voice. It has to be that kind of thing.  But you say he can speak to us in different ways. Give me an example. What are some of the ways God can speak to us?


SHAWN: I think the number one way when we train people is just the impression, just the download of thoughts, or just, I wasn’t thinking of this before and now it’s in my head.


KYNAN: Is that a feeling?


SHAWN: It could be a feeling. It could be a sense. It could be like the same realm your daydreams are. You might get a picture. Whenever you think of something, you’re like, that reminds me of this person. That could be the same kind of experience you’re having with God. So a lot of cerebral ways that people hear from God are the most common ways, and the most discounted, because it’s almost one step past your own thoughts. It’s already in your own thought realm. And we don’t expect that, but the Holy Spirit is relating God’s thoughts to our thoughts constantly.


KYNAN: Now how would you distinguish between, I know a lot of believers have this question: How do I know when God is talking to me? How do I know when it’s my flesh? How do I know when it’s the devil talking to me?


SHAWN: We say it’s either God or it’s your hormones. So many young people go, I know I’m going marry you. I heard it from the Lord. No, you heard it from your hormones. “It’s the devil” is usually not as much as a factor, but it could be your own desire and it could be your flesh like you’re saying, I think you have to go on the journey of saying, God, I’m looking for your heart to manifest and I’m learning what your heart is. And you have to trust God’s heart to lead you more than the enemy can mislead you or you can mislead yourself. And that’s a hard part where you’re like it’s trial and error for a while until you get it. But once you get it there’s a foundation of when you’re adding the biblical virtues of the fruit of the Spirit and the character when that’s all driving you. It’s all love that you say character base is driving you, you won’t go very far off.


KYNAN: You know, according to you, Shawn, you say that a word of knowledge can restore destinies. Tell us how a man’s destiny was restored.


SHAWN: Are you talking about in the northeast when I told you that story?




SHAWN: I love this story because I was praying about it again, racism in America has just been one of my buttons right now, just prayer. And I was up in the northeast and there’s a very diverse crowd. And I called up this woman, an African-American woman, and I said, “Hey, is there somebody named this in your life?” And she said, “Yes, that’s my son.” And I said, “When he was a teenager, did he get violated by white cops?” And she said, “Yes, he did.” And he was brutalized and it was totally, it shouldn’t have happened. And they got held responsible for it, but it created a moment in his life that was really hard. I said, “Did it happen again?” And she said yes, and it didn’t get justified. There was no justice for. And she said, “Yes.” I said, “Well you go home and tell your son,” who wasn’t there at the time. “You go home and tell your son, who is now in his 30s, that these policemen were not a representation of God and this is not God’s justice. This is a man of justice. Your son has leadership in his life to restore justice and you’re going to tell him. Because he has purpose confusion now because of what happened in those two incidents that it actually tried to steal his destiny from him. So go home and tell him that God is going to restore him to this one word.” She went home and told him that she never knew this, but his whole life from the time he was little he wanted to be a police officer. And when he was violated by these two different groups of cops he decided that all cops are bad and he’s not working at the police force. When he heard the Word he had this purpose depression lift off his life and immediately enrolled in the police academy, and is now a police officer.


KYNAN: Wow, that’s awesome. Now Shawn, I want you to pray. I believe there are people watching right now that they need a Word, but more importantly, they need to be activated to be able to hear God. Would you pray for them right now.


SHAWN: Yes. I pray right now that God will release in you that, not just the faith, but the connection, the intimacy and relationship with him that you deserve, he paid the price for it, that you could have fellowship with his thoughts and his mind, and I pray that he would unlock in you right now the faith to have that kind of connection. John 17:24. He wants this connection more than you do. Jesus prayed that you would be with him where he is, that you’d see the Father in his Glory. And I pray over you right now a release of words of knowledge, words of prophecy, his original design over you, your family. I pray that you would see what was in his heart in the first place. Even as you’re watching this, I pray that there would be a breakthrough, a moment of time where everything is different because God is speaking to you in a different way than you ever anticipated hearing. I pray he would blow you away, Ephesians 3:20, beyond what you can hope for or imagine, in Jesus’ name.


KYNAN: Wow. I believe. That’s right. I believe that God has a plan for your life. I believe, according to Jeremiah 29:11, he knows that thoughts he thinks towards you. But more importantly, I believe that you are going to know the revealer of secrets and your life will never be the same. Shalom and God bless you.


Our Guest David Hernandez



DAVID: And so I recognized in that moment that you can’t demand worship!


AUDIENCE: That’s right.


DAVID: Worship cannot be demanded. It’s cultivated!


AUDIENCE: Oh, that’s right!

DAVID: It’s only by the Holy Spirit. All true worship comes from revelation, not from information. Information makes you think. Revelation makes you worship. And when revelation comes from the Holy Spirit it’s not that you have to be coached into worshipping. It naturally overflows because of the revelation you’ve received. So He says true worshippers are going to worship me in spirit and in truth. Not by tradition, not by mandate, not by demands, not by structure, though structure has its place. But He is saying that true worship is going to overflow because of what the Holy Spirit does in our hearts! You know the scripture talks about holy beings flying around the Father 24/7 singing Holy, holy, holy is the Lord! You often notice in the scripture that whenever someone cries holy it’s because the Lord has revealed Himself. Do you realize that these beings for all of eternity are flying around Him singing holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy? That for all of eternity each time they come full circle they capture new revelation of God?




DAVID: And it brings out a response. They have, people say how can they worship for all of eternity? It’s because for all of eternity they’re receiving revelation. Worship moves the shift, it takes shift from your needs to focusing on Jesus. There’s a song, now to me it’s old, I apologize if it’s was one of the new ones back in your day for worship, but Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus?




DAVID: Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. It’s poetic, it’s beautiful, it’s true. And you’re looking at Jesus the light of His face is so brilliant everything else goes dim. So the prayer request removes the inner chaos, allows you to focus on the revelation which moves you into worship. Much easier than the way I was doing it. And then I won’t spend too much time on this one cause I want to, I want more time for the last one here. The third one is resisting. This is spiritual warfare. Now many of you know about spiritual warfare. But I will say this. Anything that sin and the devil does in this earth can be undone through prayer! When you’re praying in the spirit, when you enter that realm of intercessor you become an agent of God’s dominion and authority in the earth! And you, when you speak, you may be over here but someone over there can receive. You know the thing about prayer is it’s impossible to accomplish nothing in prayer. For every moment you are praying you are growing! For every moment you are praying you are accomplishing something whether you see it immediately or not! We’ll be praying for somebody and we talk to them and they seem so resistant to the Gospel. The truth is despite the facade that they place before your eyes, because of the faith that you have you can know with certainty that when you’re warring for somebody’s soul, when you’re warring for a situation that you are making impact!




DAVID: That’s spiritual warfare. John chapter 6, Jesus is talking in verse 53. Remember the fourth one is reading.       Let me show you something very powerful that happens when you’re reading the Word because it’s not just reading a book. It’s not a biography. You’re experiencing a Person! He is the Word and Jesus Himself says that this is a supernatural thing. I know the binding and the pages and the ink are of our earth but this is a supernatural experience every time you open the Bible! Okay. So verse 53. This is Jesus talking. Is this blessing you?



DAVID:    Okay. This is Jesus talking. I tell you the truth. Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood you cannot have eternal life within you. But anyone who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life and I will raise the person at the last day. What’s He talking about in the last day? He’s talking about the resurrection. Before that He says I’m the bread that comes down. What is that? That’s the incarnation. When He comes down to earth that is the incarnation. Say it with me the incarnation.


AUDIENCE: Incarnation.


DAVID: When the flesh and blood are mentioned that is His crucifixion. So He’s already painting a picture here. He’s talking about a journey and we go on a similar journey. I won’t have time to go into that. But He goes from incarnation to crucifixion. The incarnation is when the Holy Spirit took the unknowable God, as far as can be comprehended by the human mind, when He took the limitless God, when He took the eternal God, the   incomprehensible God and made Him a man, and Jesus was everything of God in the flesh. I can’t even comprehend that but when you see Jesus you see the Father. Incarnation: God becoming man. Spirit becoming flesh. Carnal. Meat. Carnivore. Same thing. Incarnation. Incarnation. Crucifixion. Then He says: I live because of the living Father who sent Me. In the same way, anyone who feeds on Me will live because of Me. What’s He talking about there? That’s the very next breath. He’s talking about His resurrection. So Incarnation. Crucifixion. Resurrection. Now watch this. He goes straight into the other one. And Jesus was aware that His disciples were complaining. They’re like what is He talking about cause none of this has happened yet. So He says does this offend you? Then what will you say or think if you see the Son of Man ascend to heaven again? Are you seeing it? Incarnation. Crucifixion. Resurrection. Ascension. Now this is what, this is where it really takes a strange turn. So He’s talking about this process. Okay? And I’m reading this and going okay, this is good. And then He makes a sudden switch. Just like that! And He says: The Spirit alone gives life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words, the very words, I have spoken to you are spirit and life.  Okay, there’s a lot here. Incarnation. Crucifixion. Resurrection. Ascension. What do you think this is talking about? You know Jesus said I can’t send the Holy Spirit until I go to my Father. Now why is that? I wondered that. Why is it Lord You had to go up before He could come down? And the Holy Spirit by the way is literally down to earth which is why He can work with us so well. I said Lord, why is that? Well, look at my I-Pad. I’ve got a lot of sermons on here. But if I were to ever misplace my I-Pad, my sermons, my pictures, my audio they’d all be gone! But there’s something amazing about my I-Pad. There’s something amazing about your phone. That the information you have gets stored in what we call a cloud. Jesus ascended on? A cloud.


AUDIENCE: A cloud.


DAVID: The Word becomes flesh. Crucified. Resurrection. Ascension. Translation. Now the Lord is Spirit. Why does it say now? Because then it wasn’t. But now the Lord is Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Adam was one thing but Christ, the scripture says, became a life-giving spirit. This is His translation. What am I saying to you? I’m saying just as my information, because you know you think about Jesus and all He had to touch and all He had to do. Think just for an example when Jairus’ daughter was dying and they come for the Master and He goes to Jairus and on His way there this woman with the issue of blood stops Him in the middle of the tracks. I’ll tell you if I was Jairus I’d be angry and furious with this woman who stopped Jesus! He’s on His way to rescue my daughter and you stop Him? Can’t, you waited 12 years, can’t you wait a little longer?




DAVID: That’s what I would have thought. Jesus was somewhat limited in a physical body. But when He ascended He became the life-giving spirit. The Holy Spirit is Jesus on the cloud! How then does Christ become one with you? The very words I speak are spirit and life. When you read the Word the Holy Spirit takes from the cloud a download and puts it in you!




DAVID: When you read the Word Christ becomes incarnate in you! See Christians say I don’t believe in reincarnation! Yes, you do. Christ is re-incarnated in you!




DAVID: So then prayer is not an upload. It’s a download. You are Adam 2.0. You got a software upgrade!




DAVID: And we experience that download when we read the Word! Did that bless you?




DAVID: Okay!

Our Guest Ron Phillips



RON: Hallelujah. Hallelujah! You won’t need to come up. But the Lord’s healed me of sugar diabetes. I had it when I had open heart surgery. I don’t have it now. Ah, it’s gone. My sugar is – I know I’m big but my arteries, I just had a, I just had a cart cath. My arteries are clear. I just had a lung, I have no problem with my lungs. But I do need to lose this weight cause my knees hurt. I’ll pray for that in a minute too. But if you’ve got sugar stand up. We’re just going to declare it gone right now. Hypoglycemia sugar right now in the name of Jesus. Now listen to me. Look at me. Now you could ask anybody in this room that has eaten with me today I’ve had no sugar. Last night I ate some fish. I’m trying to eat right. Now me praying for you isn’t going to do any good if you head for the Dairy Queen as soon as you leave here!




RON: Cause that’s what I’d do. Get one of those cones dipped in chocolate. You know what I mean.




RON: Or Lord heal me after I go through the Krispy Kreme.




RON: You know where it says that brethren I wish above all that you may prosper as your soul prospers?



RON: That’s not talking about your salvation. Souls is psyche. It’s your mind. Your thinking. You’ll prosper when you’re not stupid anymore.




RON: So we got to, we got to do what our good Christian physicians tell us to do. Now there’s some forms of this that people are born with and I believe God’s going to heal that so I’m not picking at anybody. But I’ve been there. I know about met form and insulin and all the drugs. Amen? And I really believe right now let’s hold our hands up and let’s – I’m going to pray this with you. Lord, I’ve suffered with this myself. I know how it saps your strength and how it bounces up and down. You feel like you can’t move one minute and you’re high energy the next. And Lord these good folk are like me. I ask you to balance their bodies, Lord, like the Garden of Eden. But Lord I pray as You do this you’ll bring people into their life and knowledge into their mind and heart to help them to obey Your laws to get their bodies in line with the Word of God. In Jesus’ name! Amen!




RON: Say I’m healed in the name of Jesus!




RON: Well let me go and get to it. And I’m not going to ask you the rest of you to stand up but if you struggle with weight issues like I do hold your hand up. O Lord!




RON: Paul said I beat my body to bring it into subjection. We got to, we got to decide that we’re going to cooperate with the Holy Spirit but you need to understand that I know that you got a girlfriend and she can eat a half-gallon of ice cream every night and she’s this big around.




RON: You go to the donut place you eat one, she eats six!




RON: Or a buddy. He’s drinking a six-pack and eating fried onion rings and weighs a 130 pounds.




RON: But the fall of Adam created a lot of this too, you know, the imbalances that we have. But how many of you will agree with me for the next 12 months we’re going to let God do something about it in our lives?




RON: But we also know that we need some correction in our hormonal balances and that He’ll give us directions about that in our life. Father, we pray right now, we confess, Lord, that we’ve allowed some of this. Lord that we haven’t done and made the right choices in our lives all the time. So Lord we bring ourselves before You and pray, Lord, we want to live longer! In Jesus’ name. Amen!




RON: Now I’ve got a knee replacement on my right knee. They want to do it on my left knee. And I don’t want it! I think this time God’s going to heal my knee!


AUDIENCE: Hallelujah!


RON: Is there anybody else here that’s got knees? Stand up if you have knees.




RON: I know you got knees. I mean knees that hurt. You know what I’m talking – I heard them!




RON: My wife says I have this angel with me now because I can’t remember stuff so – how many of you have had a replacement and have at least one replacement hold your hand up? All right. I want to tell you something. In Psalm 22 when Jesus was crucified He said all my joints are out. So I believe He died for our joints. So let’s just claim it together right now. Lord, we pray you’d restore our joints, our knees. You’d heal us of osteoarthritis and bursitis and all the things that come with this age. Lord, we want to serve you! We want to be able to walk Your walk and talk Your talk! So Lord we pray that You’d speak to the lame and that they’d be healed as You promised in Hebrews and Lord that Your healing grace and power would come upon our joints in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Amen and Amen!




RON: You may be seated. This is a little bit tougher and then I’m done. I’m going to quit. I’m done. The Lord’s revealed to me that there’s probably a younger woman here and you’re really worried about your marriage. Really worried about it. Everybody close your eyes. If that’s you just throw your hand up and put it down real quick. I don’t want anybody – Okay, God bless. God bless. God bless. The Lord wants me to speak this into your spirit. You be the person you’re supposed to be whatever that mate, your mate’s doing. You do the right thing. Father, in the name of Jesus these men they’re praying for right now need a wife, not a preacher. They don’t even know it some of them. And these are good woman who’ve lifted their hands in this room. And some of them are dealing with a bunch of hell right now so I claim Hosea chapter 2 around their mates. That you’d put a hedge of thorns around those men and cause any wrong influence to turn from them right now in the name of Jesus. That they would open their eyes behind that hedge of thorns and realize as Hosea’s wife did that it was better for them with their mate than where they are now. And you have turned them back and when they come home to their wife and God, and I know they’re still there, but Lord when they really come with all their love and all their heart back that you’d give that wife, these women grace enough to speak comfortably to them, to see them restored, their marriage restored. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus. There’s someone here who’s already been forsaken and probably already rode through a divorce. Nothing you can do about it at this point. Some of you even the fellas done and remarried somebody else. The Lord’s telling me to tell you this is not a lack of love but put a tombstone over the past. Cut the chains of hatred and anger away and walk into your new life right now in the name of Jesus. Now Father I pray for each one of these and the churches they represent and the ministries they represent and Lord even when they get home Sunday to that place you’re calling them that they’ll feel the mercy drops falling and then the Latter Rain. Lord, let us hear the thunder of the Latter Rain. Let us live long enough, Lord, to see our children and grandchildren in a revival, Lord, a real awakening. And Lord we expect the third day that this time it’s not only going to be a revival of the Church but You going to exalt the Church and raise up her prestige and her nobility in this nation and in this Western and Eastern civilization that the Church, the real true Church of Jesus, the One New Man Church, the Zion Church will rise! And that, Lord, You’ll raise us up in power to have a Last Days harvest before You raise us up in the Rapture! And Father we give You praise and honor and glory for Sid Roth, for the team here. We pray every financial blessing and resource they need to get done what You want to get done here. We pray health and strength and extended years in his life. We pray Father for blessing and favor to be upon everyone who blesses this ministry. Help them to know, Lord, if they’ve got seed through this ministry especially into Israel they are in line for the Genesis 12:3 blessing. Let them receive it, let them believe it in Jesus’ mighty name! Amen! You’ve got to shout!



Our Guest Shawn Bolz

TERRY: That is my username. TerryBishop911@cs.com.


SHAWN: That?s amazing! What is it? Is it Psalm 91?


TERRY: No. Actually someone gave me that way before the 911 happened.


SHAWN: Okay. So I felt like, I?m so glad you?re a real person. I felt like the Lord says –




SHAWN: ?you live in a pleasant place. What does that mean to you? Have you lived in a pleasant place? Is there a pleasance or anything


TERRY: I live on Pleasant Hill Church Road.


SHAWN: Come on! There you go! You live in a pleasant place.




SHAWN: Wow! Well God knows you. I felt like God said you?ve done a lot of Christian TV?




SHAWN: Have you done other projects, like other big projects?


TERRY: Uh, yes. I?ve worked for Christian TV in PTL years.


SHAWN: Oh for years?


TERRY: Yes. I worked there.


SHAWN: I just felt like you need to know that God?s going to honor you for your years of service and that the honor actually has a manifestation on this side of eternity for a blessing of resource. And I don?t know how He?s going to do it but He?s going to bless you and your family in a way that –




SHAWN: You need to understand like God?s seen the faithfulness. So you like you?ve given so many man-hours and if you had done this in like a secular television way you would have had a compensation for it that?s different than doing it for the Christian television world for all these years. And I feel like God is saying I want to show you what your sacrifice paid for here and in heaven. I want to show you the souls, like I saw Him saying one for this network and one for your treasury in heaven. One for – like you?re going to be counted so much treasure in heaven for what you?ve done but also on the earth God is saying you?re going to see His pleasantness in the land of the living. You?re living on Pleasant Hill. I think the Lord is saying that you?re going to –




SHAWN: You?re going to see His pleasant pleasure in the land of the living. And so something?s going to shift. And even as a sign of this you?re going to have some sort of vacation sown into you over the next 12 months as a signpost that God?s going to sow into your rest and He?s going to sow into your pleasantness, you?re having pleasant seasons and He sees you.


TERRY: Amen!


SHAWN: Amen! Bless you!




SHAWN: That?s awesome! Thank you.


TERRY: Thank you.




SHAWN: Wow! Is she here? Okay, so tell me is this DBLASS07?


LINDA: Yes, sir. It?s my email address.


SHAWN: What?s your name?


LINDA: Linda. Diane.


SHAWN: Linda Diane? I put Diane Linda so that makes sense.




SHAWN: Did you work for a bank at some point?




SHAWN: And so did you transfer straight here after a bank?




SHAWN: Okay. So you worked for some other stuff first?


LINDA: Yes I did. I worked for a bank 23, about 25 years.


SHAWN: Okay. I?m just going to grab your hand. And Holy Spirit You showed me this because You know how to get to her and You know how to speak to her and she hears You very clearly already. But I pray, the Lord is saying that He showed me this because He?s about to speak to you another installment and you left the financial world and you left some of the other careers that your aspirations were high but then you met God in a kingdom way and your aspirations became higher and He?s about to fulfill part of the greater destiny word that He gave you over 12 years ago. He?s going to fulfill some of that word. He?s going to start to bring it back up again like this is one of the first points of bringing it back up. He?s going to speak to you in some prophetic ways. Then He?s going to give you a word of wisdom like a map on how to walk it out and I?m seeing you like getting so energized so there?s something in your body that?s been, have you had like a physical energy problem lately? Have you been like?




SHAWN: There?s a?


LINDA: Extremely tired.


SHAWN: Yeah. And so God is going to heal this. It?s an exhaustion that hits you. But there?s something, there?s an imbalance in your system but we don?t have to worry about it cause God?s going to correct it.


LINDA: Amen!


SHAWN: And it?s not been serious but it?s been enough to steal time. So I pray over you right now that there be no more time stolen, that you would feel invigorated right now! That you would wake up tomorrow as if you had the full sleep that you had. That you?d go to sleep but you?d have full energy all the way until you?re supposed to sleep. That there?d be no more problem. Lord balance out her system in Jesus? name. And your next season?s going to be totally different than all of this! All of this! And the Lord says you paid a price for it. You?re going to get it in Jesus? name!


LINDA: Amen! Amen! Thank you.


SHAWN: Bless you. You got called out of your office. How cool! Wow!




SHAWN: Is there a, is there a June?? Are you June?? Hi June. All of a sudden I see, do you look familiar to me. Have we ever met each other?? No?? Are you from Vermont??


JUNE: Yes.


SHAWN: Okay, maybe that?s why because my wife?s from Vermont and I saw her face and I thought maybe we?d met. Okay, so my wife?s from Vermont which is crazy. Whatever you grabbed I saw your hand. The Lord says you have heavenly hands. What does that mean??


JUNE: That?s the name of my massage business.




SHAWN: Oh come one! This is getting crazy. God is so good! He knows you.




SHAWN: Umm, Fairhaven?? I wrote that one more word. What is that??


JUNE: That?s where I lived.


SHAWN: That?s where you lived??




SHAWN: So do you live here in the region now in Charlotte??


JUNE: I do.


SHAWN: And so I feel like God is saying that He?s finally going to place you for why you came here. I feel like you came here and you?ve done a lot of different types of things and it?s been really hard. It hasn?t been easy. And I feel like God is saying I know where you come from. I know what I?ve given you and I?m going to place that deep gift of bringing heaven through your hands which is your works, I?m interpreting it now as if it?s a vision, bringing heaven through your hands which is your works. You?re a powerful woman and you?re a powerful friend and I feel like God is saying I?m going to place you now. You?re going to feel like your roots go so deep, you?re going to feel like your connections all come, like your favor all comes to what it?s for. I feel like you keep getting like this favor, it?s almost like charming, like where people just like you but nothing ever comes from it. The Lord is saying you?re about to land in the favor of heaven and you?re about to have such deep roots in this land. I feel like He?s saying I?ve called you here. Now you?re going to know why you?re called here. And I saw Fair Haven. I feel like this is going to be a fair haven for the favor in what you walk in. It?s been unfair how you?ve been treated here and I feel like the Lord is saying it?s going to be so fair so something must have happened that was wrong here but the Lord says I correct everything. I work all things for your good and even better! So bless you. Bless you, June.


JUNE: Thank you.


SHAWN: That?s awesome! WOW!




SHAWN: Can I try one more? We got to, we got to switch. Can I try another one? Is that good? Are we good? Okay. I?m having fun. Those of you watching this is what you get to do. And you just about, you guys this has been about three years of development so this isn?t like 20 years of development. Three years of developing the word of knowledge. And I feel like this is baby stuff compared to where God?s going to bring us all in to. And I remember I went to one of the schools of ministry and there?s like 1500 people and I started to teach this and I said now you guys break up into groups and you guys get words for each another. And one of the guys goes ?I got a phone number!? And then another girl goes ?call it!? And I go I never thought of that.




SHAWN: I was just carrying them around hoping I?ll meet the person that it belongs to and they called it and prophesied over a woman on the phone who?s not saved and began to tell her things about her body and pray for healing over her and she came to church that Sunday and I just thought I never thought of it! I?m so stupid! Like I?m so –




SHAWN: My imaginations not big enough for what God wants to do. So God wants to do some crazy stuff and who knows if we call them it?s not going to hurt you. Umm, is there, umm, oh I don?t know, another, maybe it?s another lighting person, Rachel, because I saw a lot of lights. Rachel?


PERSON: That?s our lighting person.


SHAWN: Oh my gosh! So we have two lighting. So this is cool.


PERSON: Let her tell you what she studies in school. Ask her.


SHAWN: What are you studying in school? Oh, you got a mic.


RACHEL: I just finished my second year of my MFA in lighting design. [laughing]


SHAWN: OH, COME ON! I want to meet with you in the future. Okay. So I saw Peter and there was that time when he was up on the roof and he goes into a trance and in a vision and a sheet comes down.

RACHEL: Um-huh.


SHAWN: And I felt like God was saying that He?s going to give you things to do that are outside of your current box and He?s saying that like He?s bringing that kind of encounter, like a sheet encounter to you to show you something that would be completely that you didn?t know you were prepared to be doing.


RACHEL: I should tell you my last name is Sheets. [laughing]






SHAWN: Come on! That?s amazing! Only God knows our language! He?s so good! So He?s even using your own name as a parable to you!




SHAWN: That He?s going to give you something that?s outside of your box and sort of some of the project?s going to be outside of the box of the current Christianity. I feel like there?s almost like you?re going to teach or do something that?s going to be involved in some live events and you?re going to be involved with some things that have never been done before, have never been thought of before. And I?m seeing like immersive experience around people and I feel like God is saying ?get ready? because I?ve such an important and valuable destiny in front of you. You can?t miss it! Go ahead.


RACHEL: Okay. I?m leaving on a year internship that starts July 5th at a theater. My background isn?t in theater.


SHAWN: Oh come on!


RACHEL: But I suddenly I just started doing it and getting this degree and all of this. You know ?


SHAWN: I?m telling you God?s –


RACHEL: I want some experience!


SHAWN: He is confirming to you and I feel like He is saying thank you for being my friend and listening to me this far. It?s My joy to give you the rest!




SHAWN: Bless you, Rachel Wow! God is so good! Wow!



Our Guest Donna Schambach

DONNA: Sit down a few minutes. Now you’re going to find a little bit how old school I am because I believe there’s a secret hidden right here in chapter 1 of 1st Samuel that we need to get back to as a Church. Because not only did Hannah go to the house of God, but the Bible says that she began to pour out her heart to the Lord in prayer. Darling, this is a lost art in the Church of Jesus Christ! We have become a thumb-oriented group of people! We want instant answers to our deepest questions. We want miracles that come through the internet. And they can come that way. But I’m going to tell you if we want to see God move on this generation there’s no exchange for getting’ on our faces before God! There’s no exchange for time spent in the presence of the Lord! And I believe that this is part of the reason why we’ve suffered and we’ve seen backslidden children, children that are having babies out of wedlock and they’re getting hung up on drugs. It’s because parents have looked to the ministry gifts to be all the answers! I remember when I had a Christian school. There were some parents that wanted to just drop their kids off and have me magically infuse them with Christian values and they’d just go off scot-free! And I’d say Hey! I can only reinforce what you’re teaching in the home! If you’re not teaching it and living it before the kids there’s not one thing I can do!




DONNA: And it’s the same thing with prayer! You know a prayer is our communication with the throne! That’s how we get access to all those things that God wants to give to us. And the Word of God reveals something. When Hannah began to pray something happened to her prayer! I want you to see the change that happened. She went from saying Oh God, I’m barren. Oh God, I’m so sad. Oh God, You’ve forsaken me. Oh God, I just want a kid! Oh God, I’m so embarrassed! O God, me, me, me, me, me, my, my, my, my, my. I want, I want, I want, I need, I need, I need!




DONNA: Where a lot of Christians that’s where they end their prayer! But while she was on her face, while she was in travail, while she was in that place where she would not be denied suddenly her prayer changed and she said God, if You’ll give me a son, I’ll give him to You. And God said That’s it!




DONNA: That’s what I was waiting for! I just wanted permission. I wanted you to release him to me. I’ve got an agenda for this generation! I’ve got a plan and I needed a holy woman of God that would know how to pray, know how to connect with me, and know how to submit her will to My will! That’s why you’ve been barren, Hannah. Not because you’re backslidden but because you’re holy and you know how to pray! Hallelujah! Some of you don’t know how close you are to your miracle!




DONNA: You’re one prayer meeting away, one prayer meeting away from your miracle! Stop looking to everybody else to give it to you! Just get on your face. Now let me show you proof of this. I’m going to read from chapter 2 where God said it. Now you have to read this in your personal time, in your own devotions because the first four chapters gives a real clear description about what was going on in the church, I mean in the nation of Israel. The Bible says that there was no widespread revelation. That Eli’s eyes were going dim and I believe that’s in the spiritual too. But God still had a plan. He was waiting on Hannah to pray because in verse 35 of chapter 2 He says this: Then I will raise up for Myself a faithful priest who shall do according to what is in My heart and in My mind. I will build him a sure house and he shall walk before My anointed forever. You see unfortunately there’s been a subtle twist to the Gospel where we feel like the world is waiting on our ministry gift. You know we’re God’s next great answer to the world but what God’s waiting for are men and women of God who are willing to say God, wherever You send me I’ll go! Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it, God! I want to do what’s in Your heart! I’ve got a lot of things in my mind, things I think should be done a certain way. But God I want only what You want because when I’m in alignment with You all of my needs are met!




DONNA: Isn’t that what the Word says? Before I even called He’ll answer me? Heh! I don’t even have to tell Him what I need. All I have to say is Lord, Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Amen?




DONNA: You see this is what Hannah found the secret and it was in that praying through. And we used to have that expression in the church. You know the mothers of the church always knew how to pray through. Sometimes it was a three-day fast. Sometimes it was two hours in the prayer closet, right?




DONNA: And I used to try to find a scripture for what it means to pray through and I think Hannah is about the closest I could find to it. But I don’t have to have a scripture for it. I just know when I have! Amen? And I believe this is where God’s getting the Church so that He can raise up for this generation leaders that will do everything that is in His heart! I have a pastor, a minister friend who’s an evangelist, he’s a very close friend of mine, and God has given him a mighty healing ministry. And he told me this story in private. He said Donna, when I first started out in ministry you know he said I was being invited to big churches and he said I was young. He was 16, 17, 18 years of age and God was giving him great miracles. And he was in South Bend Indiana and he was actually preaching at Lester Sumrall’s church that weekend but somebody had invited him to come to a church in the area and I think it was on a Wednesday night. And when he got to the church on Wednesday night there was only a handful of people there. Maybe 12, 13, 15 people and he got mad. He got cocky. He says why in the world am I in this church? I’m packing them in by the thousands over at the big church! Why’d you send me here, God? I’m not going to get much of an offering here tonight.




DONNA: Now he, you know this is pretty humbling for him to be telling me this but he told me with tears in his eyes that when he got back to the room Jesus met him in the room.




DONNA: And he said I didn’t see Him but I felt His presence and I saw the light come into my room and the Lord said to me If that small group of people is not too small for me to show up, who are you?




DONNA: Huh! See Jesus isn’t necessarily looking for the crowd. He’s looking for faith! And Church this is what we have to do. We have to get back to the place where we’re going to believe God for a change not only in our life but a change in our generation! How many of you know this generation needs it?




DONNA: You know we spend so much time looking at the news and trying to decide who’s the next president that’s going to be, that’s going to make us great again. I’m going to tell you. No man, no woman ever going to change this nation! There’s only One’s that’s going to change it! And that’s the living Christ!




DONNA: And it’s time we learn to get back into relationship with Him! Amen?




DONNA: There’s one more point that I want to make and this is something that really is an instinctual part of when we have prayed through. When Hannah got an answer from Eli the priest that God had heard her prayer, this is what Hannah said, what the Bible says about her. She said let Your maidservant find favor in your sight. So the woman went her way and she ate and her face was no longer sad. What did that mean? She had come in there depressed but when she received that Word witnessed by Eli that God had heard your prayer she didn’t hold a baby in her hands yet but she had the witness of the Word in her spirit and it immediately changed her countenance! Hallelujah!




DONNA: It immediately relieved her depression! It immediately caused her to stand up and the next verse said they went and worshipped! Hallelujah! I kind of picture Hannah as a person. She was so excited about that baby in her womb that for the next nine months she was just walking around the house with her hands raised! Blessed be the name of the Lord! He doesn’t forget His children but He’s honored His handmaid and hallelujah, and before she cradled Samuel in her arms she had expectancy that God was faithful to answer her! And that’s how I want to encourage you today. I know what it’s like to pray and trust and quote scripture and still not see an answer to prayer! I know what that’s like! Sometimes we feel I’ve sinned and then we repent of every sin we can think of! Sometimes we feel like God has rejected us. We begin to listen to that little voice in our ear. Or that maybe it wasn’t God’s will for us and we have that tendency to want to give up on hope. But I want to tell you today I’ve come to encourage your faith! That your miracle is not just about you! God has His Church in a place right now to break through as we’ve never broken through before! We’ve got to set in our sights what He wants to do in the lives of our children and in our grandchildren. What He wants to do in the government halls in this nation. What He wants to do in the school systems. What He wants to do under tents and in coliseums. What He wants to do in the arts and the entertainment. We’ve got to start having a vision that comes from heaven! We need to say God, I’m going to rise up and finally obey Jesus! There’s only one prayer that You taught me to pray and that is this: Lord, let Your kingdom come, let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven! For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory! Can you imagine if we walked the streets saying that? Let Your kingdom come God! Yours is the kingdom and the power of the glory! Let Your kingdom come, God, right here! Stand to your feet and let’s just begin to release that faith to the Lord. Just begin to talk to God in your own way. Would you do it? Thank You, Jesus!

Our Guest Kevin Basconi

KEVIN:  Remember, when we decree Gods word we release Gods angels to go forth and to minister for those who will inherit salvation. I believe that some of you are going to have angelic visitations and angelic encounters TONIGHT!




KEVIN:  So just believe to receive. Amen? Now quickly. When God opens up your spiritual senses and you begin to recognize Gods angels and understand that you can co-labor with them there are three things you need to do. Hallelujah. So you get the revelation. And any angelic encounter that you have must line up with the scripture. Amen? Gods angels will not violate the canon of scripture. So an angel may appear to you and give you some type of directive. Well that could be visionary. You could see it or it could be an audible message or it could be a knowing that you have which we call the unction of the Holy Spirit. Thats called the revelation. This could apply to any supernatural experience by the way, but for the sake of this mentoring session were talking about Gods angels. Amen? So you get the revelation. The next step that you need to understand is interpretation. And then the third step is implementation. Im going to give you an example of this. As a new believer I was entertaining Gods angels and I had an encounter on a place called Killick Island in Newfoundland and the Holy Spirit visited me and He encouraged me. He instructed me to go to Africa and preach the gospel to the poor people there and to minister healing to the sick and deliver people from demonic influence. That was my worst nightmare. But I began to pray and what happened was God began to allow me to release an angel of provision to go forward and in short order I got a passport. I got all the inoculations and with less than 24 hours after I released this angel of provision all the money for that trip to Africa came in, over 4,000 dollars. Can somebody give Him a handclap of praise for that?




KEVIN:  Now how many of you would like to have an angel of provision that you can release like that? Well I want to decree over you that theyre available in Gods kingdom and you can begin to learn how to co-labor with them. Amen? So now Im in Africa and Im in a place called Murchison Falls Uganda in a mud hut and in this mud hut the glory of God manifested. Phew. Hallelujah! Kind of like its comin now in Jesus name! And at 11 oclock they cut off all the electricity because it was in a game reserve. There was no electricity there. They used a generator.     And I begin to pray in the Holy Spirit according to the scriptural principle of Jude 20: Build yourself up in your most holy faith by praying in the Holy Spirit. (prays in tongues) I was prayin in the Holy Spirit and as I was praying in the Holy Spirit I had the understanding that I was praying with knowledge. I was praying with a purpose for God to release His angels to protect those people who were on that ministry trip and there were circumstances that came up that we needed that protection. But after Id prayed in the Spirit, now this is a key for you, if you pray in the Holy Spirit it will accelerate your ability to discern Gods angels and to learn how to co-labor with them. Hallelujah. So shandai. Okay? And as Im praying in the Spirit what happened was the glory of God came into the room about 2 am and I had a candle lit and I could literally see the flame of the candle and it was flickering in the wind. And all of a sudden God opened my spiritual eyes and I saw these four powerful angels which had come into the bungalow. Big guys like 8, 9 foot tall. They looked like you know weightlifters with you know shields and swords  and these beautiful white robes. And at first I was astonished but I continued to look at em and in that atmosphere I got a revelation that I was to move from West Virginia to Kansas City and to submit to the authority of Christ Triumphant Church. Well Id only been to Kansas City once. Id never been to Christ Triumphant Church. I didnt know anything about that church. So what I did was I took that revelation to my spiritual mentor at that time which was evangelist Omega Dow. I told that to her. We evaluated it. We prayed about it. So theres keys to interpreting the revelation. Theres prayer, fasting. You want to submit it to spiritual authority and if youre going to stay up into this aspect of Gods kingdom you need to be submitted to spiritual authority. Can someone say amen to that?




KEVIN:  So my mentor told me, Kevin, I believe this is the Lord and when the time is right God will open up the door for you. In fact two years later God opened up the door for me and I travelled to Kansas City and I actually met the pastor of that church in Pasadena California, hallelujah, a year later, and what has ended up happening was by the unction of the Holy Spirit I realized that the revelation and the interpretation was right but I needed to wait on the implementation of what I had got from angelic ministry.  And so it took 4 years and after 4 years God opened up the door for me to move to Kansas City and I submitted to the authority of Christ Triumphant Church. Pastor Alan and Pastor Carol Koch, wonderful, spirit-filled pastors in the Kansas City area. In fact theyre still my pastors, hallelujah, 11 years later. Can somebody give God a handclap of praise for that?



Our Guest David Herzog

SID:  Sid Roth with “Something More” and Dr. David Herzog.  And uh David, –




SID:  people’s lives are being literally transformed when they get your revelation on the Courts of Heaven.  Uh, explain wh – where did – uh tell me how you got this.  What were the circumstances?


DAVID:  Yeah, I was in this situation where the first time it happened, I was in a meeting, and miracles were happening.  And this woman was crying, and I said, “Why are you crying?  Uh, things – uh great things are happening tonight!”  She goes, “Well my son here, who is setting next to me, is going to go to court Tuesday” it was like a Thursday or a Friday night, –


SID:  Um.


DAVID:  “and he’s probably going to go to jail for a very long time, because he was caught with child pornography.”


SID:  Hm.


DAVID:  And in the State of Arizona I think he  – at that time you would get like 5 years in jail per thing.  And they  – they got his computer, and he’s in big trouble.  I think he was 17 or 18, and so he was in big trouble.  SO I said to the boy, “Is that true?”  He goes, “Yeah, I messed up.”  I said, “Well do you want to repent, and get saved?”  “Yeah.”  So he comes up; he gets saved.  Then I say to him, “Wait; um, it – let’s take it to the Court of Heaven!”  And I just thought well there’s got to be a court in – I had never heard a teaching on it at that point.  It was kind of by – the Lord just said –


SID:  Um hm.


DAVID:  “Take it to My Court, before he goes to the earthly court; ‘… on earth as it is in heaven.'”  If we can get a heavenly verdict on it, then hopefully we can match it with – on the earth!  So I just went by faith, and I said, “Okay, close your eyes”, and he closed his eyes; I said, “Let’s go, by faith.  Now imagine you see the Judge, because there is a Judge in Heaven.”


SID:  Right.


DAVID:  “Let’s present our case, and I’ll help you, and I’ll come with you.”  And I said, “Now Jesus is the Lawyer, His dad is the Judge, so it’s kind of rigged.”




DAVID:  “So you got a good Jewish lawyer, and you got a Judge who – who’s His Father!”  And I said –


SID:  You have a good Israeli lawyer!


DAVID:  Yeah, Israeli lawyer!




DAVID:  Israeli Jewish lawyer!




DAVID:  And – and I said, –




DAVID:  “So here, Father, we present this boy to You.  He just got saved.  He deserves sin -”


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Oh Father in Heaven,


DAVID:  uh I mean, “he deserves death and punishment.”


VIDEO:  BOY SENTENCED TO JAIL:  I want to be used of God.


DAVID:  “But because of the blood of Your servant Yeshua, Jesus, he’s been forgiven.”




DAVID:  “We ask You know, Father God, that You would take care of this court case on Tuesday.  Whatever Your will is, he is okay with it, but we want to present it to You first.”  Then I – something came to my mind, then I said, “Wait a second!  Do you have a call on your life?”, and the boy said, “Yes I do.  My mother told me since I was little I have a call to ministry, and this and that; and that’s why the enemy’s been attacking me, and I fell into sin.”  And I go, “Oh, okay”, and I go, “Time out!” as if I was in a court case.  “Time out.  Let me talk to my client,” you know.




DAVID:  Even though Jesus is the lawyer – Yeshua.


SID:  Right.


DAVID:  I said, “What if we presented to the Judge that you want to serve God also?  You want to do your calling?”


SID:  Interesting.


DAVID:  “Maybe that can affect the court case?  I don’t know.”  And he goes, “Yeah, I’ll do whatever!  I’m happy I’m saved!”  So then we go back, and I said, “Your Honor, Judge of Heaven and Earth, uh he wants to be used in ministry because he has a call on his life.”  And he said, he even told me, “Even if I go to jail, I don’t mind as long as God uses me.”  So you know it wasn’t a “get out of jail card”; he was just like, “I just want to be right with God.”


SID:  Um hm.


DAVID:  So we presented that, and I heard the Father say – the Judge, “Forgiven, and cleared.”  And at the time, the pastor was saying, when he walked by and he overheard it, and I think he mumbled something like, “Well he can be forgiven, but he’s going to have to pay for that,” you know.




DAVID:  And so again, which is the normal res – earthly response.


SID:  Right.


DAVID:  Then he – then he came the next few nights beaming – like glowing – just so happy.  Then he goes to the court on Tuesday, and the judge and the lawyer happen to be Christians.  They took him out to talk to him, and then – before it started, and they said, “Listen.” the opposing lawyer said, “Listen, we have so much evidence -”




DAVID:  “against you, there’s no way you can win.  You’re going to go to jail for a long time.  You want to -”


VIDEO:  OPPOSING LAWYER:  You’re going to go to jail for a long time because of all the evidence we have against you.


DAVID:  “make sure you’re a Believer before you go, because you’ll need it.”  He says, “I already am a Believer.”


VIDEO:  BOY SENTENCED TO JAIL:  “That’s okay.  I’m saved.”


DAVID:  “I just got saved.”  Gave the whole testimony; told them he doesn’t even mind if he goes; he’s fine –


VIDEO:  JUDGE:  I understand.  This case is closed.


DAVID:  because he’s saved, and God’s going to use him in jail.




DAVID: And they were so moved by his testimony that they threw the case out.  And this happened.


SID:  That’s where you realize –




SID:  that you are on to something.


DAVID:  Exactly.


SID:  It – it’s uh, you know, “there is “nothing new.” It’s – but it’s new to our generation.


DAVID:  Exactly.


SID:  Uh now, that would – the – we could call that an – an amazing coincidence, but is this happening many times to you, and to many people when they get this revelation?


DAVID:  Well I – I had a – some people that owed us a large amount of money, in a faraway country, and they just decided not to give it!  They just –


SID:  Um hm.


DAVID:  They only gave a fourth of it, which they told me it was everything, but then later I find out it wasn’t; the Holy Spirit told me it wasn’t.  I pressed them, and find out it wasn’t, so I said, “Well send it!”  And they go, “Nope!  We’re just not going to send it.”  And I was like “Wow, that’s a bummer!  How am I – I cant do anything about it.”  And the Lord reminded me, “Take it to My Courts!”  “Aah!  I can go to the Court of Heaven!”  So we decided to fast and pray that day, just to – just to pray, with fasting, just to be more focused; so my wife and I went to the Court of Heaven and did the same thing!  “Here’s our case.  Now Lord, if we’re wrong,” you know.  And you know, when someone does you wrong, sometimes you get a little angry, or you say stuff you shouldn’t say, like “Oh, those people are jerks”, or –


SID:  Um hm.


DAVID:  so then the enemy – you go to the court.  There’s the opposing attorney – the devil – he’s “the accuser of the brethren”; the Bible says he’s there “day and night”.  So he uses anything that you do wrong against you in the court.  But the Lord told me “If you repent of anything you’ve done wrong before you go to the court, the enemy can’t use it as evidence against you in the court”!


SID:  You know we think about that in just your personal life, but we don’t understand that it affects everything you touch!


DAVID:  Thats why your prayers get blocked.  It’s not just God’s mad at you; the enemy uses it against you in the Court of Heaven, because He says, “he … accuse[s] … the brethren … day and night.” So “the accuser.”  So I said –


SID:  Makes sense.


DAVID:  so I said, “Okay; Lord, I repent of being mad that they kept all this money from – even though it was f-for ministry stuff.  Uh, I repent, Lord, for saying ‘Oh, they shouldn’t have done this.  They were jerks.’  I repent of it.  Now here’s my case:  They – this is what should have – I should have received; this is what they kept back”, and it was for something in Jerusalem we were doing actually – the project.  And in fact, the Holy Spirit was more bothered by it than I was, because at first I said, “Well, whatever Lord.  I just – I forgive.  I finally – I forgive them.  Whatever, you know, I trust You.”  He says, “No; but take it to My Court.  I want you to -,” and when I did, I presented the case, and then I felt at peace by the end of the night.  We’d prayed all day till night; at night I felt the Holy Spirit say, “It’s done”, like dont’ pray anymore, you feel a-a lifting.  And when you feel –


SID:  Mm.


DAVID:  that peace, you know okay, it’s settled.  Two days later, they wired like $86,000 back into your account which they’d kept back.  And I said, “What happened?  You guys said you weren’t going to do it.”  It was a really faraway country; they emailed me back and said, “We can’t tell the details, but there was suddenly today an emergency meeting, and everyone unanimously voted to send it back to you,” so I don’t know WHAT happened.  And another time in Russia!  I was detained at the airport because I had all these Russian books – my books in Russian – and they opened it; and they said, “Oh you can’t bring this in here”.  And there – they got really upset, and “You can’t come in the country; your books can’t come in the country”, and they got really mad.  And for a – about an hour and-a-half they detained us, kept our passports; and you could FEEL like something not good is about to happen.  You could really sense in the air like, this is – this is really not good, more than when you –


SID:  Was this at a time where they were throwing people in prison without even –


DAVID:  Um while Ed – Edward Snowden was still in prison, we’re still in the airport, um, being held at the time.


SID:  Okay.


DAVID:  And at that time, it was September – what, about 2 years ago?


SID:  Okay.


DAVID:  2012?  2012?


SID:  So – so it wasn’t that far back.  Okay.


DAVID:    2012 or 2013, the Lord told me uh the relations with Russia and the U.S. will also start to shift, as far as Americans easily going in and bringing the Gospel in to Russia.  It was like kind of a sign, and I –


SID:  Um hm.


DAVID:  so the ca –  I see where the cameras are; we’re in this room.




DAVID:  So I told my – my wife reminded me –


DAVID:  DAVID’S WIFE:  Why dont we just go to the – Court of Heaven?


DAVID:  “Hey, let’s go to the Court of Heaven, honey!”  She’s great, you know – Stephanie.


SID:  Hm.


DAVID:  I say, “Oh, yeah!”  Duh!


VIDEO:  DAVID:  You’re right!


DAVID:  By faith, though –




DAVID:  we go up to the Court of Heaven.


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Thank You Father.


DAVID:  We present our case, –


VIDEO:  DAVID:  We come before You in the Courts of Heaven, –


DAVID:  and they don’t know what we’re talking about.


VIDEO:  DAVID:  seeking justice.


DAVID:  Five minutes after that, they RUN back and go, “Please, you can leave now.”


VIDEO:  RUSSIAN SECURITY:  You are free to go to.


DAVID:  Here’s your passports.  Go.


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Why did they do this?


DAVID:  “Can I bring my – my books with me?”  “Yes.”  I said, “Why did you detain us, then?”


VIDEO:  RUSSIAN SECURITY:  Don’t ask; just go.


DAVID:  “Don’t ask; just go.”




SID:  Hm.


DAVID:  So it like – so I don’t know; and again, sometimes you don’t need to know the details.  But I think Paul had some revelation on this, because he had – he got out of jail MANY times – “get out of jail cards.”  Um, he knew how to go to the Throne; he knew how to go to the Father.  SO MANY situations where it’s just amazing.


SID:  Well you go into a lot of detail about the Court of Heaven –




SID:  in here, but uh, in so many other uh ancient secrets.  Speaking of ancient secrets, –




SID:  you’ve learned how to tap into the portals of God.  What – what is a “portal”, and what do you mean?


DAVID:  Well a “portal” in Latin, “port” just means “door”; so it’s not something weird.


SID:  So a “door”.


DAVID:  Yeah.


SID:  You – you know how to open the door.


DAVID:  And some Christians say, “I believe in open heavens, but ‘portal’ sounds demonic or something”, –


SID:  Hm.


DAVID:  which is uh ridiculous, because “portal” [CHUCKLES] just means “door” in Latin, and in –


SID:  Uh huh.


DAVID:  in French, or Thai.  So open the “doors” or “windows” of Heaven; how do you – you know, so there’s different ways.  Of course there’s praise and worship, there’s repentance, there’s fasting, there’s giving; but then theres also SEASONAL portals, like being in the right place at the right time, like when I was in Israel during the Feasts, worshipping God.  It’s like everything was lined-up because God does promise to visit also at certain SEASONS and times when you show up and praise Him.


SID:  Uh He calls them “set appointments.”


DAVID:  Yeah!  So when He shows up, the glory’s there – the “portal” is there – and He promises to show up at certain times if we show up.


SID:  And uh, huh, you have gone to Heaven.  Tell me the first time you went to Heaven.


DAVID:  First time I went to Heaven I was in Bethel, Israel, and we were there with a tour group.  We rented a bullet-proof bus.  Nobody wanted to go; the tour group didn’t want us to go.  You know the tour agency.


SID:  Um hm.


DAVID:  They said it’s  –


SID:  Right.


DAVID:  It’s “meshugganah” at the time; 2003.


SID:  “Crazy.”


DAVID:  2003; you have to rent a bullet-proof bus; you have to have a security guard with a machine gun.  You’ve got to pass Ramallah, go to the checkpoint, and you want to lay down there and try to get – okay, that’s crazy.  And I said, “Yeah!  I want to do it.”  They said, “Well this is going to cost you more money”, and they tried to really discourage me.  I said, “Okay, I’ll do it!”  I was so desperate, because Genesis 28, this is “the gate of Heaven”, Bethel!  I want to go check it out!  Didn’t say “it was”; it said it “is the gate”!


SID:  You didn’t care whether it was Palestinian or what!




SID:  You just wanted to go to that uh doorway.


DAVID:  Yeah!  Sometimes you’ve got to risk your life to get the glory!  [CHUCKLES]


SID:  Okay.


DAVID:  So we went over there; we laid on the ground.  Someone played guitar, and I said, “Everyone close your eyes,” find a rock like Jacob did, “and just see what God shows you!  Maybe you’ll have a vision; maybe you’ll get taken to Heaven!  I don’t know what’s going to happen, but we’ll – we’ll have interviews afterward.”




DAVID:  So we laid down.  I saw Jesus – Yeshua.  I was taken up, and I saw the crystal sea.  I saw the Messiah, Yeshua; His eyes were flaming like fire.  I got closer and closer to Him.  He looked at me, and He said, –


VIDEO:  YESHUA:  Thank you for touching Isaac, My people.


DAVID:  “Thank you for touching Isaac, my people.”  He said two things to me:  “I want you also to touch Ishmael, and the Muslims, –




DAVID:  because theyre crying out for Me”; and number two, He said, “Please organize a conference for Me in Jerusalem”.  So I came out of it, and I thought, “Well, that could have just been my mind; it could have been my imagination.”


SID:  I understand.  A lot of people get talked out of the supernatural.


DAVID:  But then a few days later, a friend calls me and says, “Hey, we want to organize a – a conference in Jerusalem -”




DAVID:  “and in Bethlehem.  We’re going to reach all these Arabs and Palestinians at Bethlehem, but we also -“, or at – they’re actually, at the time, uh, oh, I think they were Palestinian by that time, but Arab-Israelis, “and we’re going to reach the Jews in Jerusalem.  But we want YOU to organize the conference in Jerusalem, because you have more of the Jewish connection.”  And I said, “That’s so crazy.  I would normally say ‘No’ because I don’t live in Israel, but the L-  Messiah just asked me those exact words, ‘Could you organize a conference in Jerusalem’!”  And then that – and then that week – the following week – all the doors opened to the Arab-Muslim world.  I was invited to Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain; within a few months I was in all those countries!  Uh, Indonesia opened up, –


SID:  So you did not doubt.


DAVID:  Abu Dhabi –


SID:  You did not doubt that it was God, –


DAVID:  I mean you –


SID:  and you did not doubt you were in Heaven.  Y-you said something interesting to me.  You said that once you have your first visitation to Heaven, it like it makes it easier if you want to go to Heaven again.


DAVID:  Exactly.


SID:  But let me ask you this:  Is it do you want to go, or is it only as God so wills?  I mean when Paul said he was in “the third heaven” –


DAVID:  Um hm.


SID:  uh, do you think he had something to do with it, or it was just a sovereign – uh your first time it was really a sovereign thing.


DAVID:  Yeah, but it was faith, too, because I really wanted to go to Bethel, because I wanted to see what Jacob experienced.


SID:  Right.


DAVID:  So I think it’s partly, like it says, “By faith Enoch … was not”, so uh, even that.  So I think a lot of it is faith; you have faith and hunger for the supernatural.  Some people just get it; they die, and then went to Heaven; and they don’t – they get in a car accident; they weren’t asking for it.  But others that don’t have to die; I think you can ask, because it does say you can “come boldly to the throne”, “the veil [has been] rent”; we have access to Him.  So I was just hungry for – there’s gotta – maybe there is something to this.  Well in my case, I asked the Lord.  But if you’ve been to Heaven – a lot of people will tell me, “I’ve been to Heaven 20 years ago; never been back.”


SID:  Hm!


DAVID:  “How do I get back in?”  I said, “It’s really simple.  Just lay down – you lie on your bed and just start to remember that time you were in Heaven.  Just imagine it, remember it, what it was like.”  And your mind is a gateway, you know.  Your – your words are a gateway, but your thoughts are too; “[As a man] … thinks … so is he.”  And as you start to think and remember, many times that gate will be [SNAPS FINGERS] instantly wide open immediately, and you’re – and before you know it you’re back in!  Just like if you talk about the glory, suddenly the glory shows up.  You start thinking about and remembering what happened; many times it opens it right up, just by doing that.


SID:  Now let me ask you a question.  Have you – uh obviously I’ve been to your meetings, and you’ve found that uh many people get healed of many unusual things at your meetings.


DAVID:  Um hm.


SID:  Uh, but from a distance, can someone be healed?  Like we’re – we’re in –


DAVID:  Sure.


SID:  t- uh, internet now with this.  Uh, can – can someone be healed just watching us right now?


DAVID:  Oh yeah!  They can be healed; even raised from the dead!  We’ve seen both from a distance!  Um –


SID:  Give me an example of uh one person.  Uh, in fact, the one that comes to mind that we were talking about earlier is where you knew someone’s name –


DAVID:  Yeah.


SID:  when you were speaking.  Tell me about that.


DAVID:  Yeah.  So I was moving in the prophetic, and the word of knowledge, and I said, “Theres someone,” I forgot the name now, but I – I was in Hammond, Louisiana.  I gave the first and last name of a man.  It’s wonderful when you get accurate like that.  Only problem is –




DAVID:  nobody lifted their hand that was for them.


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Is there anybody by that name?


SID:  Hm.


DAVID:  So I go, “Is anyone here by that name?”; nobody raised their hand!  And I said “oh, great”.


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Is there anybody by that name?


DAVID:  And finally a woman comes up and says, “Well that’s my husbands name, but he’s not here.”  She didn’t tell me what was wrong.


VIDEO:  WOMAN:  My husbands not here.


DAVID:  She stood up, raised her hand.  I said, –


VIDEO:  WOMAN:  He’s been in a coma for 4 days.


DAVID:  “Well, we’ll pray for you, for him.  We’ll -”


VIDEO:  DAVID:  We’ll stand in proxy for him.


DAVID:  “you’ll stand in proxy for him.”  And I just said, “Come back”, three times.


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Come back.


DAVID:  She fell out in the Spirit.


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Come back.


DAVID:  The next day, she came to the meeting –


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Come back!




DAVID:  and told me, “You didnt know this, but my husband was in a coma for 4 days.”


SID:  And you called his name out.


DAVID:  Called his name, and I said, “Come back.”


SID:  Hm!


DAVID:  But in my natural, I thought, “Oh maybe he left her”, or something, and –


SID:  Um hm.


DAVID:  no; he was –




DAVID:  gone.  Like, his –


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Come back.


DAVID:  he was in a coma!  And the hour –


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Come back.


DAVID:  that I called his name and she fell out –


VIDEO:  DAVID:  Come back!


DAVID:  in the Spirit, he came back too.


SID:  Uh, and, –




SID:  like, in a little while, if we pray what do you believe is going to happen to people that are just watching this?




DAVID:  Well I believe the presence of God is already here; it’s in their homes.  And if theyll believe when we begin to pray, the moment we pray, things will begin to happen.  They can believe if I give a word of knowledge.  Even if I don’t give them a specific word, while they’re listening, they can just begin to get in the Spirit and start to declare their miracle, and they’ll also see miracles.


SID:  You know, a lot of people miss this, because let’s say David or myself function in the word of knowledge, which we do; we may not say the condition that you’re believing God for, so well don’t miss what David just said.  He said whether he says it or I say it or NOT, it’s yours, in the glory.  Now, tell me uh, you’ve been teaching on these subjects.  Tell me about uh, it’s –




SID:  actually the uh “Aligning With Heaven” package.  It’s uh, it’s the book and the 3 CDs.


DAVID:  Um hm.


SID:  Uh when you teach on this, –




SID:  when you – people read the book, tell me the feedback you get.  Whats going to happen to someone that goes through this “Aligning With Heaven” package?


DAVID: People tell me they wish they had this information and revelation 20 years; their whole life would have been different.  They’re SO thankful, because they’re seeing prayers that they’d never seen answered in 20-, 30-years get answered within hours, days and weeks.  There s- – realizing there’s a – an acceleration.  “My people perish for lack of knowledge”, the Bible says.  Because we don’t KNOW that we have the right to GO that way TO God, we don’t get the results; so it’s a HUGE revolutionary transformation over people.


SID:  Uh tell me – tell me uh, a few of the more popular teachings they get from the CDs and they get from this book.


DAVID:  There’s another teaching about how to activate your DNA into God’s DNA, because the blood of Jesus is very powerful – the blood of Yeshua.  And in your bladder – your DNA – there’s memory; you – there’s memory of your sins, –


SID:  I know this; yes.


DAVID:  and that – your past sins; but there’s also memory of blessings down your family line.  And a lot of us only break the curses on our family line, but we don’t liberate the blessings off our family line.  Even if they weren’t saved, you can ask the Lord to –


SID:  You know, I’ve never HEARD of that before.  How did you?


DAVID: Well the Lord [CHUCKLES] began –


SID:  How did you even know about that?


DAVID:  the Lord began to show me stuff, and I said, “Well let me test this out!” And I started testing it on myself.  And on my Jewish side I had relatives that were scientists, and they knew 12 languages, and they were in business, and government; and I started asking God –


SID:  I’ll take a little of YOUR DNA!  [LAUGHS]


DAVID:  I asked – [CHUCKLES] – I asked – I want some of yours!




DAVID:  And I said, “Lord, cleanse my DNA.  Show me, you know, my mind, my -“, even my – even your I.Q. can go up.  Daniel – it said that – that suddenly he was “ten times [wiser]”, smarter “in all matter [of] wisdom … understanding and learning than his peers]”; it didn’t say he studied ten times more, in Daniel 1!  And so suddenly I’d be waking up for like 6 weeks of doing this, of asking God to cleanse my DNA with His blood, and cleanse my bloodline.  Not just break the curse, but open up the blessings down the line, that’s encapsulated IN your DNA but it’s blocked.


SID:  Hm!


DAVID:  And when you ask Him to OPEN it, you can know things you never learned!  It’s AMAZING!  And suddenly I wake up, and I’m getting quantum physics, I’m getting um understanding of time travel, space travel.  I start picking up languages on this app, and I was learning Finnish, Russian, [SPEAKING RUSSIAN].  I was just picking up just Russian –


SID:  I thought you’d never say that!  No –




SID:  I’m just teasing!  [LAUGHS]


DAVID:  A-and I was like, “WHOA!  My God!  THIS IS AMAAAZING!”  It – and – and it was like synching with my spirit, my mind, my body; everything was like going up another level!


SID:  Uh, uh okay.  Uh [CHUCKLES] Now th-this is fascinating, but he has heard prophetic words that are about ready to happen on planet Earth; I – I want to find out about that.  Uh, don’t you want something more?  [CHUCKLES]  We’ll be right back for “Something More”, and I’m going to tell you something.  I’ll also have David pray, and – a back was just healed.  That was a freebie.  [CHUCKLES]




SID:  We’ll be back for –




SID:  “Something More”.