JERAME:  And I’m telling you I was in Jacksonville Florida about two months ago sharing the same thing. And it was amazing because as I shared it there was a fragrance that came right through the right side of the room and I mean it filled the whole place like ten minutes after I started sharing. And I’m telling you I took one look at the pastor, he took one look at me and we all hit the floor. And you know what happened that night? There was at least, 4 different testimonies of people in a small church that had face to face encounters with Jesus. See sometimes when these senses open up there is a reality or an invitation from God that opens up for you to experience more. See anytime God does something supernatural it’s an invitation. Who wants to have an invitation from the Father?


JERAME:  Who wants to know more? Because He wants us to know more. And He wants to heighten our spiritual senses so, so that we can begin to recognize His voice when He speaks. And, you know I’ve been in meetings, we do a lot of healing ministry, I’ve been in meetings where if there’s a fragrance to the God side of things there’s a fragrance to the not-God side of things. And I’ve been in meetings where I walked to the right side of the room and I smelt a fragrance, that it, it just smells like you know, something that’s rotting and every time I’d walk over there I’d go What is that? And the Lord said somebody needs a miracle from cancer on that side. Just call a word of knowledge out. And I, I don’t necessarily say Hay, I smell the fragrance of something rotting.

I just say is there someone with cancer over here and they raise their hand and then they get healed. And so sometimes, you know, it’s, it’s like God is heightening us and He’s, He’s trying to get us to be aware of things so that we can pray about ‘them. Right? How many of you know we should always be praying? Right? We should be quick to listen, slow to speak. Right? And, and always be praying about the things of God. And, and what God wants to do is, is God wants to train us up into walking in the things of the spirit. Now let’s talk about taste. That’s an interesting one. But the Bible’s full of stories. I mean you have Ezekiel in chapter, you know in Ezekiel 3, 1 through 3 you have a commissioning that Ezekiel goes through. Now I want you to understand something.

Does God always do things that totally make sense to the mind? Not really. But what we got to look for is fruit. If there’s no fruit in someone’s life I don’t care what kind of encounter they had, if it hasn’t transformed their life then it’s not God. But if there’s a fruit and an evidence of His nature and His purity, His power, His, His goodness, His glory that’s reflected through the encounter into that person’s life or through that person how many of you know that’s of God. And so you’ve got Ezekiel. You know he’s probably hanging out and praying and an angel shows up and feeds him a scroll. I don’t know about you but that’s kind of strange. I mean if who’s ever been like Lord I love you and then, you know a scroll goes down your throat. Ha! I mean that’s kind of strange but you know what? I don’t mind strange as long as there’s the fruit. You want to know what the fruit was? He was a prophet of God from that moment on.

Every word that he spoke forth we’re still seeing them come to pass today. And there was, there was, an activation of a gift and of an anointing that came in his life as a result of that encounter. I’m telling you today that can happen to you. You know we’ve, we’ve done activation times, in every time that we’ve taught this and we’ll do it corporately, we’ll get people to lay their hands on their eyes, and their tongue, and their nose, and their ears, and their hearts and it’s been amazing because we’ve had several people that have actually gone into open visions, of scrolls that open up with a life scripture on them. And they’ve testified to God giving them that scripture and then weeks after that they see it manifest. How many of you know that’s amazing, right? See if we’re really hungry to see and to hear and to feel then, then all we have to do is say God, please, I want to see, I want to hear, I want to feel, I want to know more. And, and it’s amazing because some of us are having encounters that are the same as others but we just don’t know it.

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