TRACY: Sid, I just got back from being in Honduras with Pastor Maldonado and in [unintelligible]. At the time we’re doing a crusade there. God gave me a dream and He set me in a dream in China. Now, I’m aware of… I must say not everything, but in this dream God sent me to a laboratory room, a lab room and I saw the virus being created. I saw how it’s coming from—

SID: I’ve heard rumors about this but you actually saw it being created.

TRACY: I saw it being created. Now, we also got… remember now the shaking is coming because chapter three’s verses, God’s in the shaking. The enemy took that as a leverage to produce the spirit of fear and torment of the entirety of the world. God is raising the prophetic voices to give us a strategy, a plan, how to go one step ahead of the enemy. Amos 3:7 says, “He’ll do nothing unless he first reveal it to the prophets.” God would be unjust, if He didn’t give it to the prophets, He’ll be violating His covenant to the nation Israel and to the Gentile world, if He didn’t show what was going on in America and the world today.

TRACY: He took me into the nation of China and I was taken to this lab room with scientists and everything. I saw behind closed doors, it was Nancy Pelosi, she’s in the Democratic party. They said, “We could not impeach Trump.” I shared some of this in January then when I was here.

SID: But some haven’t heard that.

TRACY: Some have not heard it. God gave me a dream that they would try to impeach him but the impeachment would fall. Then they would try to… they needed leverage. Then into my dream in China, so God deals with me more like he did with Daniel in dreams. He shows me prophetic stages to what’s happening in the world. I’m in Honduras and I had this dream for two hours and I’m taken to this laboratory room. I see these scientists creating the virus and the threats of this virus would come through on the garments and the machine shooting in the air and their needles like vaccines.

TRACY: I’m not saying you shouldn’t take vaccines but that’s an antidote that’s coming, that hasn’t been presented yet. This timeframe of shaking and the introduction of fear from the enemy, it’s to deal with the landscape of the American churches and the corruption. China and… I’m very careful to say this, but God is tired of what China has done to God’s people. How it has tried to stop the church from moving forward as God’s people.

SID: They’ve been persecuting Christians.

TRACY: They have been persecuting, burning down mega churches, trying to martyr the saints. God spoke to me in a dream in Honduras. He said, “Enough is enough.” When God gets enough is enough, He’s going to start showing the prophets was coming. January, the 15th, actually the end… the first two parts… the first part was end of December 2019. The second part, January the 15th. He told me within the four months, we just got to see Him. That’ll make it April to 15th through 16. What is that to the nation of Israel, is the Passover time. We’re going to start seeing this virus and then I had a dream. The second part of—

SID: What is going to happen on Passover?

TRACY: We’re going to start seeing this virus—

SID: Diminish.

TRACY: … diminish.

SID: Okay.

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