SID: When you said that, did you believe God was going to do it?

KYNAN: Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt. He has to perform His word. You see, we have to say what He has already said. He said that He is the healer. He said that His word will not return void. When we come into agreement with God, watch this, we qualify for what Matthew 18 says, “Where two or more shall agree, they’ll have what they say.” When you agree with God, that’s two or more people right there. When you and God agree, that’s the majority. What happened was this young man, when we said God can fix it, to everybody’s surprise, it was totally reversed in two weeks. It’s totally gone. We have the pictures, we have everything. It was totally gone. Now, one of the reasons-

SID: Now, just out of curiosity, if she’d gone to a doctor, would she have had some medicine to cure that?

KYNAN: No, absolutely not.

SID: No?


SID: Well, that’s a real miracle.

KYNAN: Yeah. You see, a miracle is when God interrupts the natural course of human operation. It’s when God invades our natural course of events.

SID: You have an explosion of miracles in Australia, creative miracles. Tell me about one.

KYNAN: Yeah, I’m preaching in this meeting in Australia. It was very powerful. Preaching in this meeting, and as I’m preaching, I just of stopped, but I had a word of knowledge. I said, “Somebody’s eyes opening right now,” but what I didn’t know is that one of the guys in the tech booth had a very severe accident where his eyeball was actually detached from his brain. There was no tissue connecting the eye and it was total blindness. For six years, he suffered from this condition.

SID: Was that medically treatable?

KYNAN: No, that’s not medically. They can’t go and just reattach that. He was totally blind. There was no fixing it and all of a-

SID: It was either God or be blind.

KYNAN: It was God or be blind. And so in that moment, literally, like a snap, this is the way he described it. There was a snap and something popped, and his eyeball reattached to the brain supernaturally. And watch this, he starts shouting and he starts screaming, and he starts jumping up and down. He says, “My eye, my eye, my eye,” and his wife thought he was going crazy or something because he’s like, “My eyes,” just pointing. He’s like, “Look, look, look, my eye.” And he has sustained that miracle till today.

SID: When Kynan prays, and this is, it’s not just him, it’s for all of us. When Kynan prays, there is the glory of God and he speaks God’s word. Anyone can speak God’s word, but in that glory, miracles erupt. When we return, I want Kynan to pray for miracles to erupt in the glory of God. Be right back.

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