BRENDA: I say in Jesus’ name that your body begins to receive life afresh. It begins to receive new zeal, new life, new soul in life from the spirit of God. I prophesy wholeness now. I prophesied healing now. I say that you begin to experience the quality of life. No more lying in bed, no more aches, no more pains. We speak against aches, pains, ailments, every manner of condition in the body that would try to take away from your joy, that would keep you from living life afresh.

BRENDA: In fact, I say renewed energy comes upon you now in the authority of the name of Jesus that you’ll begin to run again. Dance again. Do things, come on, that you couldn’t do. You’ll begin to step out in a new way and even exercise again, for there’s a new life and an energy coming upon you now in Jesus’ name. And there are people that you are… I just see somebody. Your marriage is in trouble. You feel like your whole relationship. Everything you’ve tried to do, you’ve been to counseling, you’ve been to… out there to get help and your marriage is in trouble.

BRENDA: I speak right now over that spirit that is tried to come into your home, that striving spirit of contention. We speak against misunderstanding. We break the power of every demon spirit to come in that would be a divider and that would be a severer, that would bring a confusion and a lack of peace. We bind that warring, demonic spirit that has come in to divide one against the other and create great chaos. We say in your household, “Peace, you return. Peace, you return.”

BRENDA: We prophesy that the unity of God begins to descend in a supernatural way. So much so, in fact, I feel the Lord say even now, “You watch what takes place over your marriage relationship,” that you will see in the months to come ahead of you as this is being spoken that you will say, “I don’t even know what we were so upset about. Why were we fighting? What was all of this issue?” Because the spirit of God is about to bring a whole new piece into your home, “And it’ll shock you,” says the Lord, “And you will love one another greater than you ever have before.”

BRENDA: Now, I want to speak another thing that I feel by the spirit of God. Those of you with prodigal children that are away from the Lord, we speak over them and we say that every seducing spirit, every lying spirit, every child that is suffering from a rebellious, stiff neck resistance, we speak over your prodigal sons and daughters, and we say right now, “Satan, you take your hands off of them.”

BRENDA: We break up that hardheartedness and we say it’s replaced with a soft heart, an open heart, a heart that sees truth and sees life and sees blessing. We say that they come back into right fellowship with you and fellowship with God in the name of Jesus, and we say, “Demo, get off of them.” And we loose the spirit of God upon your prodigal children, and we say they are coming home now.

BRENDA: In fact, I feel by the spirit of God. I hear the Lord say, “Begin rejoicing mother and father. Begin dancing. Begin running again. Get the feast ready for the prodigal child is about to come home in Jesus’ name.” Hallelujah. Just receive that right now.

SID: If you confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord, out loud, and believe in your heart that he rose from the dead, you shall be saved.

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