SID: And in that glory, what happened?

RODNEY: And in that glory she got set free.

SID: You told me something else that’s very important. As this gift developed in you to set people free, you began to … Well, I had a thousand people that got set free, you began to look at them as individuals, not a corporate or just a job to do, put a bandaid, goodbye. Tell me that difference.

RODNEY: When I first started ministering in this area, I had a job to do and I didn’t see the person as a person. I had a job, I’m going to cast the demon out. And so that was my agenda, and I would have even sacrificed you on the altar of my agenda to get that thing out. Then the Lord began to show me people as he sees them.

RODNEY: So there’s a heart of compassion that began to rise up within me that I shifted from just having an agenda to see the person is the priority. The person is what’s important. So their freedom needs to be a love encounter with Jesus and so I had to shift how I did it, and the Lord did it by letting me see the person as he would see them. Every person has value. Everyone has significance.

SID: Well I’ll tell you what, many believers have, and it’s through ignorance, opened doors to the demonic. Rodney will expose the open doors when we return.

SID: You know, Rodney, are you afraid of demons? You’ve prayed for thousands to be set free. Are you afraid of demons?

RODNEY: The demonic uses the same strategy; it’s fear, it’s intimidation and it’s deception. They want you to fear them. They actually do things so that you will be afraid. For example, if somebody manifests, that thing is simply manifesting so you’ll back off, so you will be afraid. And so people come into an agreement with that. Oftentimes that fear that that person is feeling is not their own fear. It’s a fear that’s being projected on them by that spirit. So they’re feeling this sense, I got to get out of here, I got to run, this is scaring me, because they don’t recognize they’re not experiencing God’s authority. They’re actually experiencing that.

RODNEY: One of the things I think that’s important is that when we’re ministering in this area here, that we need to pull out the authority that’s inside that believer. In the book of Acts, and in the gospels, there’s a process in which a deliverance happens where I have the authority of Jesus and I’m bringing the kingdom of God into a place. So therefore the way that … This modality is me with the authority of Jesus, advancing the kingdom, bringing his kingdom to a place, demons manifest, and we’re casting them out.

SID: So what do you do when you feel fearful?

RODNEY: Well, basically that, to me that’s a sign that you’re history, because you just showed me that, you just played your cards. You’re there and now I know you’re there.

SID: Many Christians through ignorance have opened doors. Tell me about these open doors.

RODNEY: Well, Ephesians chapter four verse 27 says, “Do not give the devil an opportunity,” and he’s talking to believers there. That word opportunity sometime is translated as a foothold or a place, “Do not open the door to the enemy.” So what happens is that the enemy is looking for legal loopholes, for legal rights, for legal inroads into a person’s life. So he will simply just, he just can’t jump on you anytime he wants to, he’s got to have a legal right, and he will stretch it if he can. Even though it’s not quite a legal right, he will simply go for that.

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