Sid:  My guest red hot is almost an understatement for him. His name is Dr. Vitaliy Fishberg.  I’m speaking to him at his home in Staten Island, New York; and Vitaliy you were born in Russia.  Is that Moldova?

Vitaliy:  Yes, Moldova.

Sid:  And your big goal in life was to be the best most recognized doctor in the world, tell me about that.

Vitaliy:  Ha-ha-ha I was very good Jewish boy; I was proud of myself to be a very intelligent, very wise and very gifted Jewish boy.  And my mother was very famous doctor in Moldova, and my grandfather was very famous scientist. So I decided in my mind to go through them and so I became medical student and I was the best student on the faculty, and I was highly favored in the eyes of most of the medical school professors. And I knew what I would become medical school professor, and I will win the Nobel Prize in medicine.  This was my goal, but the Lord Jesus, Yeshua, came to me; He invaded my life when I never heard about him even.

Sid:  As a matter of fact I want to understand this a bit because most of those that are listening to us probably don’t understand that although your parents are Jewish you probably didn’t have any relationship with God.  Did you have relationship or knowledge or even knowledge of even Judaism?

Vitaliy:  Actually received the most Jewish atheist; we was proud.

Sid:  That was hard for people to understand, but there’s too many of them; he was a Jewish atheist.

Vitaliy:  We was communist and actually we hated Jews.

Sid:  You hated Jews?

Vitaliy:  Actually many Jewish people in Russia they was Jewish, but they hate the Jewish people and when people asked you, “Are you Jewish?”  They said, no, I’m Russian.

Sid:  You know, I had that happen to me in a taxi in Moscow, I looked at the man face and I said, and I knew that he was Jewish.  So I said, “What is your religion?”  He said, “Russian.”  And I said, “No, what religion were your parents?”  And he said, “Jewish.”  I said, “No, you’re Jewish.”  He said, “No, I’m Russian.”

Vitaliy:  You know what Sid, the problem is most of Jewish people in Russia was so much persecuted because they are Jewish so they became how to much protected.  So they will tell you “I am not Jewish, I’m Russian.”

Sid:  Now speaking of being persecuted I want to take you back. The devil knew there was a call of God in your life.

Vitaliy:  Yeah.

Sid:  From even inception in your mother’s womb, tell me the experience that your mother had when she was pregnant with you.

Vitaliy:  Actually, mishpochah I want to tell something that Satan gets people that are coming by reveal over Lord in these last, over last days.  And I mean, I’m not only one, thousands and thousands of people are coming with a special mission you know.  So Satan wanted my mother to have abortion, these many times, but my mom was a good Jewish woman; she will never do abortion not because of her religion, but actually because of her education.  So many times my mom was afraid, one time she was in a car accident, another time somebody pushed her by accident, but all these moments actually my mother said she felt the supernatural hand was all the time protecting her.

Sid:  Now, how does an atheist put together a supernatural hand of God?

Vitaliy:  You know what it’s so funny, actually she you know did not believe in God before Mosha read your book, but I will tell about this a little bit later.  But she helped with power and literally when she was in car accident this supernatural hand was protecting her stomach, her womb you know and another time.  Oh, actually let me share with you before I read before my mother was to give birth this me was in hospital and where obstetrics department and it was very very difficult labor for many many hours.  And my mother became even like unconscience and at that moment she left her body, actually her soul left her body and she saw a man.  This man was clothed in rainbow, and she said that it was the most most handsome the beautiful man and this man was given her a baby.  And he told my mother that he will not die but you will birth to a baby, and in the hands of this man was baby boy, me.  You are special gift from God but also I was so special I have some my own issues and character as a Jewish boy you know.

Sid:  You know Mishpochah you don’t know the notes that I have in front of me of what a supernatural encounter Dr. Vitaliy Fishberg had.  But while you were in medical school in Russia you received a bible, tell me about that.

Vitaliy:  You know what, just give me one second ha-ha, I forget to tell one more detail and this will shock you beautiful, it will shock you beautifully.  Actually in the hospital where my mother was giving her birth it was huge rainbow and all the medical doctors in Yosus was shocked you know because we all was atheist.  We all were unbelievers, but we understood that something happened.

Sid:  That’s amazing that rainbow was inside the hospital building.

Vitaliy:  Okay, let’s go to medical school.

Sid:  No, no, no I just remembered I want to go back to some of the anti-Semitism you experienced.  There was a time when you were in high school where they were going to kill you because you’re professor was teaching anti-Semitism and they found a Jew and they wanted to kill him. Tell me about that.

Vitaliy:  Yes, you know what, in high school actually you know what, I don’t know how the situation was better but in the Soviet time folks many Jewish boys was killed in high schools.  Nobody was saying this in public, in newspapers, on TV, or radio but this was the truth.  So in high school we had one teacher who really evil possessed man; he hated Jewish people so much so he pushed many high school students and they tried to stone me to death.  And basically the way it was throwing out stones at me and I became unconscious, and I very clear saw the wounds.  Now you have to stand up because they will come and they will kill you, and I said, “I cannot stand up.”

Sid:  Now let me get this straight.  You’re being stoned to death, you’re almost unconscious you’re weak you’re laying down there and you hear a voice that says, “If you don’t stand up you’ll be stoned to death.”

Vitaliy:  Yes.

Sid:  But you can’t stand.

Vitaliy:  Yea.

Sid:  Because you’re too weak.

Vitaliy:  Yes, and so when I heard this voice and when I asked myself, I did not know about God at the time or anything. I asked myself thinking but it was my voice from my mind.  So when I asked this question “How could I stand up I don’t have any power,” immediately energy invaded me, it was the Spirit of God and I was able to stand up.  And we was continuing, to throw stones at me but it was something like a power force and we were not able to throw stones…

Sid:  Are you saying that when they would throw stones it would not hit you?

Vitaliy:  Yeah, when I stood up by faith it was not only a force it helped me to stand up, but also I was encircled with power force.

Sid:  My goodness, now that’s protection!


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