Sid:  I can tell you that I want everyone everywhere to read the updated version of John McTernan new book “As America has done to Israel” because this documents every single time the United States of America has tried to divide the land of Israel, has done something anti-Jewish curses literally, or as John McTernan calls them warning judgments have occurred.  However, John what was the date that you heard the voice of God say to you “I have broken the back of America.”

John:  September 21, 2008 that’s when I heard the Lord’s voice.

Sid:  Repeat exactly what He said to you.

John:  He said Sid, “I have broken the back of America,” and it had to do about the economy.

Sid:  Well, you pin point I mean it’s so phenomenal of exact dates that things happen and what they trigger as far as judgments to America. For instance on July 16, 2007 what occurred?

John:  Sid, on previous we’ve covered how the curses began to hit America because of President Bush, Sr. speech on October 30, 1991.  And Sid I believe we crossed the red line with the Lord with in from the warnings to the destructive judgments after his speech that President Bush, Jr. made as you mentioned on July 16th 2007.  And Sid as you know, I follow events daily about what Israel, Jerusalem, the United States what in relation to Israel and Jerusalem.  And this speech that the President gave on July 16, 2007 kind of caught me flat footed Sid because things had been very quiet the previous months from the President there was very little activity and virtually, as far as I could recall no activity regarding Israel and dividing the land.  And all of a sudden on July 16, he gives this speech and when I heard this speech Sid it put like the hair on the back of my head there was this like dread hit me and I believe Sid that was the line, that was the red line that was crossed with the Lord.  And let me just quote a little bit from this speech, it was kind of a lengthy speech and this was what he says, this is what the President says.  “More than five years ago I became the first American to call for the creation of a Palestinian State,” that in of itself Sid is nasty.  “In the Rose Garden I said of the Palestinian should not live in poverty occupation, I said that the Israelis’ should not have to live in terror and violence, I laid out a new vision for the future, two Democratic States, Israel and Palestine living side by side in peace and security.”

Sid:  He really wants this to be his legacy.

John:  Yes Sid, he does, he does!  And Sid, notice he uses the word “occupation.”   To him the Israelis’ in East Jerusalem or in the West Bank which in the Bible is Judea and Samaria, and the mountains of Israel. He calls it “occupation.”  Now Sid it gets worse, it said “They must be sure that Israel is secure and then he says, they guarantee that the Palestinian State is viable and contiguous.”  Sid I think that it’s about thirty forty miles that separates because Gaza from the West Bank, you know Gaza which is under control of Hamas.

Sid:  Right.

John:  When he talks about antiques state he’s talking about a land bridge from Gaza to the West Bank, in effect of dividing Israel into two sections.  Isn’t that amazing?

Sid:  It is so amazing in light of what God’s Word says in Joel chapter 3.  I will judge nations for one sin.  You know nations are judged for the sins of abortion, they’re judged for the sin of homosexuality, we know this.  But God says that there is one sin that literally is going to be the tipping point, and He specifically says in Joel chapter 3, “For dividing up My land.”

John:   And Sid, it goes without saying, but Jerusalem is part of that land and we know what the scriptures says about Jerusalem Sid, it’s going to be a burdensome stone for all nations.  So you’ve got, I look at it as sort of compounding, it’s horrific according to the Word of God to attempt to divide the land of Israel.  But it’s compounded when you interfere with Jerusalem.  This is the President says, “And ultimately would lead to a final peace in the Middle East a permanent end to the conflict an agreement on all issues including refugees.”  And here’s the word Sid, “In Jerusalem,” and when I heard that, when I heard the President say, “A final agreement about Jerusalem.”  It like took my breath away Sid.  And then he went on in his speech the President says that “Israel’s future,” and I’m quoting directly from it.  “Israel’s future lies in developing areas like the Negev and Galilee and not continuing occupation on the West Bank.”

Sid:  So what a judgment by even using the word “occupation.”

John:  Yeah, but here he’s telling the Israelis forget about the West Bank, forget about Judea and Samaria and the mountains of Israel and look to the Negev and the Galilee

Sid:  Okay, paint me a picture if this policy continues in the United States of America, and if there is not real repentance by Americans over the sins, the three that we’ve mentioned; abortion, homosexuality and dividing up the land of Israel.

John:  Sid I don’t know how far down will go, but we will not be a world power, we will not have the freedoms and the blessings that we’ve had had here for centuries that will all be taken away from us.  And Sid America, I believe that America is going to be a horrible place of live because the curse is on us Sid right now it’s not something in the future because we have violated all the principals of God’s word.

Sid:  Why is God so concerned about the nation of Israel and the Jewish people?

John:  Well Sid He has a Covenant with the nation of Israel and we discussed that on an earlier show and His Name is attached to that Covenant.  He’s the Holy God of Israel Sid.  And in fact when you quoted from the Prophet Joel chapter 3 verse 2 He calls Israel “My land.”  That’s how identified He is Sid and He has a prophetic plan for that nation.  And that prophetic plan involves Jerusalem, it involves the integrity of the nation of Israel, not a Palestinian state, but it involves the nation of Israel as a whole.  And we know in the prophetic word when we look at chapters like Ezekiel chapters 36, Sid, and 37, 38, and 39. How important it is for the nation of Israel to be an integrity nation, and Jerusalem the Capital.  And ultimately Sid, ultimately it’s leading to the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ because we know that He’s going to return to Jerusalem.  So it’s very serious to interfere with His prophetic plan Sid.  America has been greatly blessed by Him, by the Lord, we’ve honored His word, and we have been a blessing to the Jewish people.

Sid:  I’m amazed at some of the information that you have in your updated book “As America has done to Israel” about even the American Church was involved in the creation of Israel.  Most Christians aren’t aware of that.  And also what a blessing the United States of America  previously has been to Israel, during World War I and World War II.  And that’s exactly why we’ve been the most blessed country in the world.

John:  Exactly Sid, exactly and unfortunately we’ve turned against the Lord and Sid I know that we’re running out of time but I want your listeners with this.  That speech that I mentioned and of course there was more to the speech but I’m going to cut it short. That speech that President Bush made on July 16, 2007.

Sid:  Yes.

John:  Sid that was a Monday, on Thursday the stock market closed for the first time for the first time over 14,000 it closed 14,000.41 is what it closed.  The next day was July 20th that is the day Sid that the subprime debacle hit the banks.  That’s the very day, so the President makes the speech on Monday about dividing the land in Jerusalem.  On Thursday the stock market reaches an all-time high, and on Friday the economy begins unraveling.  And Sid if you go from this day and you go back into the Spring in 2008 and you go back into 2007 you will trace the economic catastrophe that has hit America right back to July 20th.   That’s when it started, I pin pointed the date, July 20, 2007 on July 16th the President made the speech about “It’s time for Israel to forget about the West Bank, and it’s time to divide Jerusalem.”

Sid:  Well your book absolutely pin points all of these things and has history very few Christians ever read.

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