Sid:  The Jewish person that has crossed your path is not an accident. God wants you to demonstrate the Supernatural Kingdom to him, and love him to Jesus.  Now for you to demonstrate the Supernatural Kingdom you have to be able to operate in signs and wonders. That’s what grabs the attention of someone from another religion.  That’s what grabs the attention of atheist that is normal according to the Bible.  Instead most Christians are sick themselves and don’t know how to pray for others to be well, most Christians believe all the promises of God in the Bible, but many don’t, if not most, don’t see them happening in their life and they don’t understand and they say.”What’s a matter with me am I Swiss cheese?”  Well I have Dr. Jim Richards on the telephone and he has three Doctorate Degrees, he’s lived the miraculous, he’s seen every miracle multiple times that we read in the Bible.  And for thirty-five years he has studied health and alternative medicine and the Bible and he has…I have to tell you Jim as I hear you teach Science is catching up with the word of Jesus.  Is that fair to say?

Jim:  Finally.

Sid:  But there are blockages.

Jim:  Yeah.

Sid:  I mean I know that God’s Word is true no matter what I ever see, no matter what I ever feel, no matter what I ever experience; let every man be a liar but God’s Word is true and I live and I die by that.  However, there are blockages, help us out.

Jim:  I use to read scriptures like the Bible talks about how the words would go inside of you. When I was in my Under Graduate work in theology I would go and talk to my teachers about this and really they would just give you some kind of abstract and almost mystical answer which really meant they didn’t know the real answer.  And as science caught up with the Bible we started realizing that literally those things are true words that we hear that hurt us and cause pain in our lives have the capacity to literally go into us and create what we now know to be cellular memories. Literally imprinting the feelings, emotions and hurts that we have when we hear those words literally imprinting those into the memories of our cells and in to the sense of ourselves.

Sid:  But wait a second, when you are born again the Bible says that you become a new creation so why should we have to deal with those feeling and emotions that are imprinted into our very cells, they should all be gone.

Jim:  You know, ideally that would be how we would initially respond to that. But it was really interesting the Apostle Paul told us that even though we’re believers we need to put off the old man and put on the new man.  Through looking at many of those types of scriptures what we come to realize even though we’re born again, even though our spirit has been made new, literally we hold on to some things from our past even though we’re forgiven.  Now we could have been delivered from it if we really believed that we were a new creation it we had been nurtured in that from the very beginning, no telling where we could have gone.  But there are many things from our past that we either hold on to, or we revive even after we’ve been born again.  And so this is why Paul says now when you realize that you are holding on to any aspect of who you are outside of Jesus, who you were outside of Jesus, the moment you realize that you need to put that off and you need to put on the new man which is created in the likeness of Jesus.

Sid:  Jim I’m reminded of a woman I interviewed, Joan Hunter and she had scientific data that said that people that literally had organ transplants an amazing thing occurred; some of the memories of the people that took the organ from, the people that it was transplanted to had some similar memories.  Can you explain that?

Jim:  Right, there was actually a landmark murder case where a young girl was murdered her heart was transplanted into another child and that child began to have a recurring dream of someone killing her.  And so it all started after the transplants so they ultimately tracked it down, found out where the heart had come from and found out that the child had been murdered, and from the description that the child who received the heart, from the description that he gave of the person in his dream they found and convicted this person who had murdered the young girl who’s heart had been donated.  You see anything that we experience that’s very powerful, that’s very emotional it has the potential to be imprinted into the memory of our cell.  Now every single cell in our body knows every single thing about us and actually has an imprint of all the information of our entire being.

Sid:  Now, how far back does this go, does it go to in the womb?

Jim:  You know actually the Bible says, and this is one of those scriptures miss understand, the Bible says that iniquity, and iniquity is lawlessness, iniquity can be visited to the third and fourth generation.  We realize now and again science verifies this that if about three generations of a family experience some strong emotion or for an example a study was done that it takes about three generations of a family living in poverty by the fourth generation the children come out of the womb hard wired to have a tendency towards those beliefs and towards those emotions.  Now that’s not God making happen because God said that “The teeth of the children can’t be set on edge for the sins of the parents.”   It’s not God punishing the kids, it’s God warning the parents that when we begin to bring things into our life that are destructive it literally creates the potential to be carried forward for generations until ultimately that fourth generation comes into the world.

Sid:  Okay, that begs a question, doctors always ask “Do your mother, do your father have diabetes?  Did they have heart trouble?” They are trying to find this pattern because doctors have found if your parents had something there’s a high likelihood you’ll have something, it’s in your genes.  What do you say about that?

Jim:  You know that’s a half truth, the sad thing though is that doctors don’t realize what we know from the Bible. We know from the Bible, and from cutting edge biology, we know that the heart is the master controller of all of the cells of the body.  And so doctors think that, they don’t think this so much now, but for years they have thought that your genes were programmed a certain way you just came into the world, you were stuck with it not matter what.  But we know that if you believe a truth in your heart it will reprogram your genes and it can change any disease that’s being carried forward through your DNA.

Sid:  Okay but explain to me there is something I don’t quite understand.  Let’s suppose let’s take your case I know that you had several generations of people that night have been bootleggers.

Jim:  Right.

Sid:  How many generations, did you have?

Jim:  Man, I don’t even know how far it goes back I just know that on my father’s side of the family that was a…it’s really interesting, on my father’s side of the family there were, there was extreme alcoholism, there was extreme violence, there was extreme sin and extreme religion.

Sid:  So was it in your genes, or was it as you say trapped in your cells?

Jim:  Well, really that gets down to one and the same thing because ultimately every cell is being programmed you know by your genes.

Sid:  But is that actually passing on from generation to generation after three generations of this?

Jim:  Yes it is actually, and that’s why people come into the world.  You look at how the world is progressing…

Sid:  You know what the more that I understand the more I can’t comprehend the mercy of God. We humans are so messed up I don’t know how anyone functions.

Jim:  You know I’m exactly the same way I get overwhelmed with mercy of God when I realize how we are and what we are struggling with, but the amazing thing is and this is the thing I always go back to.  When we are willing to believe in our heart, not just our mind, but when we are willing to believe in our heart the truths about what God did through Jesus we could have a transformation of where literally the cells of our body change.  You know when I got saved…

Sid:  That’s pretty powerful I think that you need to say that again.  You’re saying the cells of our body actually can change, as a doctor you are saying this.

Jim:  Yes, as a doctor as all of these years of medical research, as working with people in a clinic.  And I had a clinic for a number of years, working with people in a clinical setting. I saw people change things that doctors had told them they would never get over it, they would never get beyond it.  And the real truth is, there is nothing beyond the possibility of change if we’re willing to believe the truth in our hearts about who we are heart about who we are in Jesus and what He did through it; and of course His death, burial and resurrection.

Sid:  I think right now I want to hear an actual story of someone that changed and what they did to change.

Jim:  Well, let me give you two quick stores, one let me just share a little bit of my own story.  You know I was born with this congenital kidney disease.  I had had spinal meningitis until the blood came out the pours of my skin and I was given up for dead.  But the time I got saved I had liver problems, I had…

Sid:  I’ll tell you what let’s hold that thought because we’re out of time right now.

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