Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to receive the end time generation mantels that are being released, and ready to be released right now if not now what good they are going to be because we are in the last of the last days.  My guest Steven Brooks has just written a brand new book, the subject is the release of mantels to the end time generation.  Steven if they’re not going to be released now what good is it?

Steven:  I tell you Sid, you are right it’s time for these mantles, these anointing’s to fall upon the end-time church and I believe the Lord Jesus has timed it just right the double portion and even a greater anointing rest on the end-time church to do the works of the Lord Jesus.

Sid:  And you made an interesting point in your book that many of the mantles that people will be receiving they’re going to fulfill what perhaps the person that originally had the mantle did not fulfill.

Steven:  That is true Sid and you know we see interesting stories in the Bible you know there’s also the story of Elijah with Elisha how in the ministry of Elijah a person can also go through the Bible and count up the miracles that were done in his ministry, and you’ll see that Elijah there’s are eight miracles recorded in His ministry.  And then with Elisha you know he asked for the double portion and you count all the miracle up and he accomplished in his life time and there’s fifteen.  And people say “Oh he fell short of the double.”  But you remember in the Bible after he died they had buried Elisha and some men were out one day, they were going to bury somebody and a band of raiders was coming on the scene they had to quickly bury this man.  They lowered him down same tomb that Elisha was buried at, he touched the bones, was raised from the dead. That is number sixteen so he got the double.

Sid:  You know I never thought about it that way, but that’s absolutely correct.  Let’s start with some basics, define a mantle.  What is a mantle?

Steven:  Sid back in the Old Testament a mantle usually was an animal skin or sometimes a piece of cloth that a holy man or woman of God would wear over their shoulders representing the authority or an anointing that God had placed upon their lives.  We see this particularly with the ministry office of the prophet because back in the Old Testament that was the only ministry office that was operating was the prophet’s ministry. You know we often think about Elijah how he had that camel’s skin over him and he was a rough type of man.  And so many times in the Old Covenant it was represented something that was physical whether it was animal skin or a piece of cloth. Of course over in the New Testament and under the age of grace we’re living, what we would refer to as the anointing or the Holy Spirit resting upon someone.

Sid:   Now one of the things that you do in your book about the mantles is that you teach on them but tell me how you happened to write this book in the first place.

Steven:  Well Sid, I had studied the subject of mantles for quite some time.  I felt like the Lord had a mantle, a special anointing for me, and you know the Lord’s called me into the ministry.  There’s many types of anointing, but I just in my heart I knew that the Lord had something special a special anointing for me, and I began to seek the Lord in prayer regarding that.  I actually sought the Lord for two years and after two years I said, “Lord I said, I’ve asked you for a special anointing and I don’t believe anything has ever happened to me that would be an answer to that prayer, but I said Lord, honestly I’m a little bit discouraged.”  And I remember that evening I went to bed after two years I prayed and sought the Lord, and nothing Sid had ever happened that would have answered that prayer.  But that night when I went to sleep later that night the Lord came to me and took me up into what we would call the second heaven up into the Spiritual atmosphere up above us about six or seven miles straight up.  I know sometimes when you see a beautiful airplane flying way up there that’s the enemies camp area up there where it says Satan whose the God of this world that’s where he has his control center.  But the Lord took me up into that spiritual atmosphere, placed me behind the large rock out cropping and I was able to look down into a valley.  Now this was in the spiritual realm up in the second heaven and Sid as I looked down into the valley I saw an enemy camp.  I saw evil spirits marching around something that they were patrolling and protecting.  These were huge evil spirits with enormous spheres eighteen feet tall and they were marching around whatever it was they were protecting and guarding.  And over the top where demonic creatures that had big huge wings, they looked like big huge bats.  They were flying over the top patrolling the airways guarding something.  And Sid as I looked at this I said, “Lord I sure would like to go down there and see what it is they are protecting.  And when I had said that Sid, two huge white angels with wings, these were angels of the Lord they flew right over might left shoulder and went down into that camp, they circled around that camp with tremendous speed and when they did that it stirred all of those evil spirits up into a frenzy it made them very mad.  And then those two angels took off with incredible speed and when they did that all of those demonic beings were chasing after those two angels.  And the Lord spoke to me and said go quickly those are my two decoy angels.  And Sid it was then that I was able to go down and see what was in that camp.

Sid:  And what was there?

Steven:  It was interesting I ran down that hill as fast as I could and I came up to my surprise what was a stack of clothing.  Sid the clothing was stacked up about five feet high, about eight feet long and it looked like it was stacked in a rectangular block.  And I looked at it I saw hats and gloves and scarves and boots, and all types of pieces of clothing and I said, “Lord, what is this?”  He said, “These are unclaimed mantles.”  Then He began to talk to me, he said, “My Saints that have come home to be with Me,” He said, “Many of them did not transfer on their mantle, they did not pass on their mantle.”  And so many of the great mantles of people in histories past that belong to the Lord they went over into the enemy’s camp because they were never used or never passed on.  And it was a remarkable experience, that’s actually where I received my first mantle.  Sid I took my right hand stuck it into that big pile of clothing and pulled out the mantle that the Lord had for me. It was amazing it was a blue sweatshirt.

Sid:  Now just out of curiosity did you just reach your hand into a pile or did He direct you to a particular one?

Steven:  No, it is very interesting Sid because in the Spirit realm knowledge comes very very quickly especially when the Lord’s there.  It’s like revelation knowledge is flowing so I somehow knew exactly where the mantle the Lord had for me was at.  So I just reached right into the right spot and I reached in so far I stuck my arms so far in I could feel the clothing pushing up to my shoulder.  But I yanked out the mantle and when I pulled it out and looked at it and held it up it was a blue sweatshirt.  But Sid you have to understand that blue is my favorite color and it also represents the prophetic ministry, it represents the open heavens.  And Sweatshirts are something I just always loved and enjoy to wear when I’m not ministering, when I’m traveling on an airplane or going to a meeting it’s always nice to be comfortable.  And I pulled it over my head, pushed my arms through the sleeves and it was a perfect fit.  And then the Lord told me exactly who use to wear that mantle, He said, “The person that use to wear this mantle was one of my trusted prophets.”  He told me where he lived at which was over in Europe, He told me when he lived in history, which was hundreds of years ago and He even told me His name.  And a few weeks later I was actually able to find old books written about this man, he’s actually recorded in church history.

Sid:  Now just out of curiosity these mantles that are being protected by the enemy was it the fault of the person that had the mantle for not transferring it?

Steven:  Sometimes it can be Sid because maybe there’s jealousy, maybe a person wants to keep it to himself, maybe a person thinks nobody else could do it like I could do it.  And sometimes they fail in raising up somebody to carry on the legacy. So sometimes people they want all the attention, they want it to be all about them and so they never raise up a successor.  But there are other situations beyond that persons control where that person would not be at fault and that’s the case when there’s somebody who’s not qualified.  So if there’s nobody qualified to receive the mantle it’s going to lie dormant and can lay, it can lie dormant for hundreds of years and we see that happening with Elijah passed the mantle to Elisha, but we wonder who got Elisha’s mantle.  But because Gehazi was next in line but Gehazi ran after money after the healing miracle of Naaman tried to tell Naaman to give him money and he actually took it the wrong way and he lost the opportunity to walk in that prophetic mantle that  had rested upon Elisha.  And the next time we see that mantle which originally started with Elijah is all way down the line with John the Baptist, and that’s 800 years later.  So that mantle had lied dormant for about 800 years before it fell on a person that was qualified to wear it; and that was John the Baptist.

Sid:  And what change occurred in your life from this specific mantle that you received?

Steven:  Sid, what happened is that when after this experience happened everything was normal for a few days and then I an angelic encounter. I began to see angels, the Lord began to open up my spiritual eyes and I could see and hear into the spiritual realm. This had never happened in my life before, and so it was tremendous shift for me.  And I didn’t even tell people things but I would go out and minister in meetings, the gifts would operate in my ministry like never before, and people would say without even me asking they would say “Steven there is something different about your ministry now; it’s at a much deeper level and the words of knowledge that you are operating in you certainly something has changed with you.”  But you know Sid when I found this book, and actually several books written about this man that actually record the history of that man’s ministry whose ministry I received I found out that he was known for having have angelic visitations; and being able to see into the spirit realm.  So that’s what’s wonderful about a mantle or anointing, it will fit for the calling and the purpose that the Lord has assigned for that individual.

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