Sid:  As I’m sharing this I’m interviewing my good friend David Herzog. The anointing is so strong on him, and I mean I pick up people’s anointing when I interview them that I’m literally hearing words of knowledge of people being healed David as I’m doing my standard introduction, which makes it really difficult.  But what I heard is that anything that you need from the neck up in your head area, sinus problems, allergies, deafness, blindness, migraines, anything you need in the head, the neck healed it is yours.  David just before we went on the air we were talking about some of the miracles that you’re seeing in Asia and this is almost hard to comprehend, you saw more miracles in the first trip to Asia in perhaps years of ministry.  Tell me some of the things that you saw.

David:  Yeah, we were just amazed we got to Singapore and the very first night the first few miracles blind eyes opened up, deaf ears opened up and paralytic began to walk, tumors disappearing, just all kinds of stuff begun to happen.  And then we moved to Indonesia and it continued on in Jakarta, there were about 3,000 people and three people looked like zombies walking towards me I thought that they were demon possessed so I asked the translator “Who are these people coming toward me?”  And he said, “Don’t worry these are paralyzed people they walk funny.” So they started walking, and those were their wheelchairs and they started walking up onto the stage from their wheelchair and I said, “Wow, that’s great then bring them up.”  Just a lot of creative miracles begin to happen; the guy testicles were recreated supernatural in the meeting.

Sid:  Well, you’ve had this happen to body parts you were telling me about another meeting where thyroids were recreated.

David:  Yeah, that just happened a few days a later it just happened in Maui last week.

Sid:  Tell me about that.

David:  Yeah in Hawaii in Pukalani, they believe that is where the heavens are thinnest, that’s what the Hawaiians’ believe there is like a glory there.  And this girl came and she had her thyroid pretty much, most of it cut out by the doctors and it grew back supernaturally. She began crying and weeping she could feel it anyone could feel it and the thyroid is back.  So a lot of creative miracles are going to happen; we always see it but it just seems to be especially 2008 there is an acceleration of the frequency of those miracles.  Where instead of seeing a few every night you might see many more in one weekend of meetings.

Sid:  You told me a strange thing that happened with a man that was bald his hair grew back, but it was a different color?

David:  Yeah a guy, he wanted, actually there is two different stories, but this one his hair was white and he said, “Lord I want my new hair color.”  And I said, “Lord restore peoples’ hair colors back to the original hair color, youth renewed like the eagles.”  But he said, “No Lord, I want a different hair color, instead of black I would like brown.”  And in the meetings the first time that I had ever seen this, I’ve seen people’s hair colors change, but not to a different color than an original, it went from white to brown, his original color was black.

Sid:  Now one of the things that you’re known for teaching on is the glory, how did you first begin understand that when the glory shows up anything you believe and speak it happens.

David:  What happened when I was in a revival meeting in Paris it was a six month revival that broke out on Father’s Day, I was preaching the whole six months.  After that revival I began seeking the Lord for even a greater glory, He led me to the book of Genesis and He basically told me this is the blue print for all miracles, creative miracles.  So I began to read it and it was so simple, wow.  In the beginning the Holy Spirit or the presence or whatever you want to call it the glory hovered over the waters and then God spoke.  So if I can get the glory and the presence of God first before trying to get a good sermon before anything else Lord we need You, we need Your presence, we need Your glory without You we can do nothing.  Once that glory begins to come then I noticed how easy it was to simply wait on the Lord until you get a word of knowledge because Jesus said, “I do nothing but what I see or hear the Father do.”  So if you can hear or see God do something and simply speak it while the glory is present things are created instantly.  The old fashion way is just get into a meeting, get some good worship you know and just pull up people and lay hands on everybody and hope that some of them get healed.  And we can still do that but also I believe when you get in the glory realm and you wait on the Lord you can get more targeted pin pointed bull’s eye words of knowledge that hit and it’s exciting.

Sid:  You were also telling me last time we spoke on the telephone that this operates not just in physical healing when you are in the glory but actually and especially in the times that we’re living in operates in the financial arena, give me some examples.

David:  During Revival Week, we call it the Denver Outpouring it started June 29th there was a lady that came the first couple of weeks of revival and we had all kinds of healing and miracles.  A lady with no teeth on top, she pulled out her dentures and new teeth appeared.  But in those meetings you know we had offerings, people gave in that offering and I began to declare in the Name of Jesus that same power that’s causing physical miracles let it cause financial miracles.  And the next day a lady was in debt $60,000. Had a woman that she just met but maybe knew a little bit not that well came up to her and said, “I feel I’m suppose to give you $10,000”, and she ripped up the check and said, “no I’m supposed to pay all of your debts.  Add up all of your debts and let me know what they are”, and they were $60,000. She paid off the whole thing.

Sid:  Now is this just a fluke or does this really happen a lot?

David:  It’s happening a lot like every week, as often as there are miracles there are financial miracles.  So if you are seeing a lot of physical miracles in meetings simultaneously God is doing financial miracles. Another lady came, she is a young girl, well I say young, but she’s in her early twenties.  She bicycles to work, she has no car, barely pays her rent and she gave whatever she had in the offering while the miracles are moving, I mean she didn’t have much, it was like the widow’s mite she gave whatever she had.  I didn’t know that, in the meeting I said, “There is someone here that needs a car, stand up.”  She stood up and then I proceeded to say, “Does anyone want to give her a car?”  Well no one in that meeting gave her a car, but the next day a lady gave her a car, a person that she just met.  She barely knew the person gave her a car, and about two weeks later gave her a second car.  Now that was a month ago but I just came back from Denver last week and the Pastor told me, you don’t understand, someone just gave her $200,000 and a brand new house.  I mean she’s like totally, and she was super totally no car, barely getting to work, and she said too “She wanted to be blessed to be a blessing to help other people.”  So it’s amazing, especially those that are really really poor struggling barely making it.  It’s back in the Bible the widow with Elijah God can turn everything around very very quickly if we just obey His voice.

Sid:  David, I’ve been excited about your books in the past, but your latest book literally it’s seems as though we are interviewing  people where the book is just literally right off the press, we’re the first people to be offering these books.  But I’m very excited about your latest book it’s called “The Ancient Portals of Heaven.”  How did this book come into being?

David:  Well the Lord told me to write a book about the gateways into heaven.  Originally I was going to call it supernatural wisdom of the ancients basically it’s about what did the ancient peoples know that we lost?  The patterns of the supernatural, how did Elijah just get transported almost at will it seems?  How did Enoch get so close to God that he just was not?  How did these, you know what are these ancient patterns and pathways to the heavens that is supernatural to, what did the ancient Israelites know, and Solomon the wisest man on the earth. What do they know that maybe we lost in our modern day era?  So I go back and research this and it’s just amazing, amazing things that you find out how to retap back into the ancient paths.  The Bible says to follow the ancient paths, go back to the ancient ways.

Sid:  When you use the word portals of heaven explain what you mean by that.

David:  Yeah, basically gateways to heaven, just like I don’t know if you know this, but a lot of people know that in the demonic realm for instance which is only a copy of the real, they have witches, I’ve never been one so I’m not going by experience, but I know from talking with people that people have that they transport themselves.  Let’s say a witch wants to go from here to there they do that all the time there’s these demonic gridlines that connect in the demonic realm but Satan is only a copier.  In the Spirit realm it’s the same thing, there are pathways that open up the glory realm, there are seasons of time where things open up, there are geographical locations on the earth where there are like direct portals to heaven.  The Celtics’ used to say that the air would be thinner in some places on the earth than others, meaning there is like an open heaven.

Sid:  And when you can find a place like this what difference does it make in say your ministry?

David:  Oh yes, well when you are there if you are in a place where the heaven are already opened or it’s very easy to open you go there to pray and you hear from God, you get visitations and you get experiences from God that are life changing.  One experience from God or one visitation from God can alter the next twenty or thirty years of your life.

Sid:  Now some of these ancient portals have to do with not just the physical location and I’ve never seen this before but the minute I saw it I said, “Why haven’t I seen this before?”  It has to do with the Biblical festivals.  And over certain times, certain seasons are there portals to heaven.

David:  Exactly, well it says in the Bible also many times when there as a visitation I was in the Spirit of the Lord’s day, that’s a code for certain patterns and times where God promises to visit more than in other times.  Well, the feasts for instance there is the Passover feast, there is the Feast of Tabernacles, Succot, there’s Pentecost.  For instance we do our conferences in Sedona purposely during the feasts.  We do one at Esther’s feast at Purim, we did one at Passover and we do one at Pentecost and now we’re doing one at Succot.  And at Pentecost just to give you an example, and we live in Sedona which is known as a town supposed darkness and there is some New Age things over here. So it’s known as a hard town to open up and yet we did it during the feast, the glory came, the awesome praise and worship, we worship God and literally everybody in the room suddenly began to hear angels singing into the room suddenly began to hear angles singing into the room.  No one was playing keyboard, the keyboard player didn’t have his music on, and it was so supernatural the unsaved people from the hotel and waiters and the workers they ran in, they could hear the noise from far away. This very interesting angelic sound was coming out of somewhere and you just felt like your hair went up on the back of your head. So something opened up in the Spirit realm because we hit it during a feast time and God promised to visit during those feasts He said, “I’ll visit my people.”  And so a lot of people don’t realize that you don’t have to be Jewish to be His people.”   We’re all grafted in. If you’re not Jewish you’re grafted into the commonwealth of Israel so you’re also God’s people.  Anyone can tap in to these seasonal portals if they’re a believer.

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