Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah. He died on the operating table, brain surgery. He had an encounter with God in heaven that is the most amazing encounter, the most incredible encounter.  He literally when he talks about it he relives it and his wife has to jump in because when he came back he had amnesia for ten years, yet he had the scripture in his heart. That experience was in his heart although he had amnesia he knew everything that he had known previously about scripture, he knew everything about his experience in heaven.  And people were praying for him to come back to life or live. Ron in heaven you actually heard someone praying for you.  Tell me about that.

Ron:  Yes, I did and I can quote his prayer to you.  It’s a Baptist friend of ours in a city a good ways off, and when I got back to Lufkin I said I can remember everybody praying for me. They had just started recording their messages on tape.  And I told Mabry I said, “I heard every word of your prayer for me and I can quote your prayer for you.”  I quoted his payer perfectly, they had tapes of it and when we left there we both had, even myself had chill bumps, bumps all over our body because I had proof, or evidence for me.

Sid:  That’s amazing evidence that here you are dead from a medical view point in heaven and you hear a prayer, come back to life and tell the person, word for word, what the prayer was. They actually had that prayer on tape from the prayer meeting?

Ron:  On tape, I mean I think the second Sunday to tape the messages and that Sunday this man had gone up to the pulpit to pray for me, Glenda had called them on that day and said, “Please remember Ron in prayer.”  And the timing was just uncanny because they just started recording the prayers.

Sid:  There is such a meaningful chapter Ron and Glenda Pettey, it’s the title is “Tiny Members.”  Tell me about that.

Ron:  I saw entering in heaven children beyond numbers, almost like grains of sand on the sea, it’s so many and some were entering in through Jesus themselves, some were carrying, it looked like globs. When the Lord allowed my vision to be focused on the palms of their hands I realized that it was miniature adults, maybe physicians, I don’t know, just different kinds of adults, but they’re all very distinguishable.

Glenda:  When Ron first saw the children carrying something he was very puzzled what is in their hand, what are they carrying?  At first glance it looked like just a blob; there are no words to describe that blob.  And then the Lord revealed a vision to Ron to where he could actually see it was a veil was lifted to see what was in the palm of their hand and it was as if it were a miniature adult.  And the adult was dressed in it’s kind of a career suit, it was if some looked like nurses, doctors, lawyers, whatever they would have been and then maybe a teacher.  And then when Ron looked again it went back to that blob so he just had a brief vision that these were actual people, that these were infants or actually embryos maybe that were being carried into heaven.

Sid:   And actually what he could see is what their destiny had been on earth that was stopped by an abortion.

Ron:  Yes, exactly.

Glenda:  And then as they entered heaven Ron realizes that Jesus was calling each one by their name, and it was a new name, it wasn’t a name he could recognize as an English name necessarily, but a new name.

Ron:  It wasn’t like Frank or Jim or something like that, it was a different Hebrew name.

Glenda:  It may have been Hebrew to Ron, we’re not sure.

Ron:  I’m not sure but it was a different type of name, and Jesus was calling each one by their name.

Glenda:  Well, it confirmed what we already knew that every child enters heaven, children are in heaven.  And innocent children before the age of accountability are definitely in entering heaven.

Sid:  You know as you share that vision with me I just think of the millions of babies that have been aborted that had such godly destinies that this earth has been robbed of.

Ron:  That’s right, that’s right. For me to talk about it it’s very discouraging, very disheartening to know there’s children up there that were aborted, or maybe it was just simply a protective agent that the woman took before she had sex with a man.

Glenda:  Oh, okay.

Ron:  Maybe that soon, but their destiny was stolen and God said, “He would control the womb.”  So we got to take Him at his word.

Sid:  Tell me about hearing your son’s voice, your son died as a stillborn, tell me about that experience.

Glenda:  Right, our second child was stillborn at thirty weeks. As Ron was still there on that check in table and that foyer area of heaven he began to hear children voices, and there were a number of children playing like in a stream or a stream of water and one child’s voice was drawn out above the others. Ron just intuitively knew that it was our son Jason.  And he moved to be nearer to where the voice was coming from.  He couldn’t see him but he could just hear it and then a very large angel stood just between and the wall or the barrier there and held out his hand right in your face.

Ron:  He put his hand over my face, and said, you’ve come close enough, he’s fine and the angel said, “He’s fine.”  So he knew exactly what I was thinking and he said, “Move back.”  So I went back to the head table, or whatever it was, the check in table.  I’m sorry to use such earthly terms, but I don’t have any other terms.

Glenda:  Some years later one of our children said, “Daddy, how old did he sound?”  Did he sound like an infant or a toddler, how did he sound?”  And Ron knew, he said “He sounded like a three year old.  And he would have been exactly three years old.

Sid:  So the children become adults in heaven.

Ron:  Yes, they grow and mature just as they would here on earth except in a pure environment.

Sid:  Tell me about that person that just turned around and starred at you and then what the Lord told you about that person that you had never seen this person before.

Ron:  Yes, that was, I didn’t know the person but we made eye contact in a line that was going through Jesus getting into heaven.

Sid:  And that’s an interesting concept, it’s Jesus is really the door that you go through to get into heaven.

Ron:  That’s right. He is the door there is no other way but Him. This young man passed by me and for some reason we made eye contact.  And he just sort of smilingly said, I made it, I made it, I made it and you didn’t, and you didn’t.  He was talking to me, we made contact or something like that.  And Jesus met him and engulfed him and took him into heaven.  Now this is stretching my knowledge of it because I remember walking up to Jesus and walking around him and like what happened to that young man that walked through Jesus.  I did not notice all the millions of other people that were going through and I walked around Jesus.  This is unbelievable, I walked around Jesus, and realized that he was in heaven and he had made it.

Glenda:  Then Jesus made eye contact with Ron and just said two words,

Ron “Remember this.”  And from that point on I did not know that I was going to come back to earth with zero memory.

Sid:  And when he came back to earth for ten years he had amnesia, and again the only thing he knew was his experience in heaven and scripture.  Then how many years later did you go to that prayer meeting?

Ron:  Eleven years.

Glenda:  Eleven years later we were in a prayer meeting where we met this young man’s mother of all things, she had been invited to come from a town about an hour away and we had been studying a book, it was an ongoing study of Henry Blackaby’s, “Experiencing God.”  The ministers that were leading us through this asked us to pray for a young man, Scotty Henagan, and then when we came they said well, Scotty had died, he had kidney failure and had died that week and they would like to bring his mother.  Well, several weeks later she came to the meeting and after our prayer meeting Ron just asked to see if she had a picture of Scotty, now that we knew about her son.  And she said, “I normally don’t carry a picture, but I went back into my house and brought this.  And she had pulled out an 8 x 10 framed with glass and all picture of Scotty and the next thing I knew across the room Ron had dropped to his knees in front of her and he said, “That was the young man in heaven, that was the one I saw entering heaven.”

Sid:   So eleven years ago he saw this Scotty yet he hadn’t died yet because there is not time in heaven.  I mean when I read your book, heaven becomes so real I guess that’s why you gave it the title, “Heaven is Real” it literally has the atmosphere of heaven.

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