Sid:  We want everywhere to experience what it’s like to be taken away into the presence of God, into the arms of God.  And I do this just about every day, I carve out an hour and I just close my door and I just soak in the presence of God.  And my favorite soaking music is Grace Williams new CD “Take Me Away.” And Grace one of the selections is called “Wings of Love” tell me about that.

Grace:  Yes, this is one of my favorite’s songs and I was actually playing and singing this song in a prayer meeting and we were all just worshipping and praying and it was really an awesome time; and I had this vision and I literally saw myself again, that Psalm 91 anointing in the shelter of the Almighty and I literally saw these feathers and a huge outstretched wings begin to cover over me and they begin to expand and create this arch dome.  It was almost like this igloo it was round and it was completely incapacitated me and every way I would look, up or down and to the side there was no place that I could go that wasn’t covered and …

Sid:  And so there was no room for fear or worry.

Grace:  Exactly, no room for fear and that’s what the Lord was speaking to me about, this song “Wings of Love.”  It was like as God was saying as they make M, there dwelling place no evil can get close to them, no torment, no terror is welcome in this Holy place.  It is only here that we are safe and we are covered and so it was really a call to let the Lord carry us on His wings of love, carry us on the Wind of His Spirit.  And then at the end of that song it’s really a freedom song, it says “Fly fly, free to fly, fly, fly, fly lifting up your wings to fly.  To those that have felt discouraged or just overwhelmed with fear or sadness or grief and God’s calling them up saying “Come, fly with Me, come soar with Me and be free, you know like a bird.  A bird can’t fly if it’s in chains or if it is caged up or it’s held in bondage.  But God’s saying I’ve opened the door, I have released the captives and set them free come fly with Me and be free lifting up your wings to fly.  So I really feel like this song is a call to freedom and God is setting people free even now.  He’s setting people free in the Name of Jesus.

Sid:  “Wings of Love.”  Excerpt

Sid:  That was “Wings of Love” from the new CD take me away by Grace Williams.  And we cut the song in the middle and the last words were He will carry on His Wings of Love.  Grace what does that mean to you?

Grace:  Well, that is the most beautiful place to be Sid, hidden in His wings, hidden in His presence and it’s really that heavenly embrace and being covered, being surrounded encapsulated in His amazing love and that love is stronger than anything.  It’s stronger than fear, it’s stronger than worry, it’s stronger than any tormentor, anything the enemy could bring against it.  That love is stronger than anything.

Sid:  And we also have on the telephone line Jerry Williams, Grace’s mother.  And Jerry God has been telling you something that happens to be music to my ears about this next generation.  Explain, especially these young people.

Jerry:  Yes, God is shifting, He’s starting a movement among the children and the young people liken to the prophet Samuel.  And we know that Samuel, his heart was groomed in the midst of the smoky fragrant perfume of the incense of worship in the Holy Place.  He would lay down beside the burning flame of the lamp in the Holy Place.  And these young prophets that God’s raising up they’re fiery passionate type that they have to live close to the Glory and it’s only there that they can kindle their divine destiny.

Sid:  They are not going to settle for your normal Christian churches.  They want more; it won’t be satisfying this new generation.

Jerry: There is also a Spirit of Caleb coming upon this generation, I just say by the Spirit of Lord, because Caleb said “Give me the land of the giants.”  There was no fear in this generation, they said; let me dispossess the enemy in these dark mountains that have been held by the enemy.  They will be these amazingly seasoned worshippers and warrior’s who follow wholly after the Lord, completely and totally given over to God.

Sid:  But they’re going to need some Fathers, Spiritual Fathers and Spiritual Mothers to help mentor them to move into this type of thing.  And actually isn’t that what you and your daughter do two generations in ministry?

Jerry:  Yes, definitely we know, we’ve seen in the life of Samuel that His mother Hannah actually brought him every year these handmade garments or robes, typified the anointing that she was decreeing over him that he would break off the Eli Spirit of the darkness and the traditional church and that he would be a reformer.  And so she through her declarations and through her prophetic eye she began to see him as a reformer and she would cloth him and cloak him in these generational anointings just like Joseph’s robe that was multicolored and His father gave to him, that was a type of anointing; the passing of the generational anointing.

Sid:  Jerry, I’m just kind of curious when you see the type of presence of God that comes out of your daughter’s music and the changes that happen to people what do you feel like as a mother?

Jerry:  I feel just so overflowing, overflowing with this anointing that’s permeating these sounds of Heaven and the heavy midst that’s overflowing into people’s lives.  And you know that in Ezekiel when he looked into the Glory clouds and he saw this overshadowing power that would come on the saints in the end time and I just feel like that this is a fulfillment of the desire of God’s; heart that he would bring many sons into glory.  And that this glory cloud that overshadowed Peter, and creative miracles happening is what’s happening today with these prophetic young people that have eyes to see in tandem with what God is saying and God is just asking will someone agree with me?  Will someone open their eyes wide and see into the supernatural and see the glory that already resides in you?

Sid:  Grace are many people getting healed when they listen to your CD take me away?

Grace:  Yes, we’re having so many people healed.  Healed of past hurts, healed of abuse, set free from mental illness, just flooded with peace like you said earlier.  A woman recently was healed of scoliosis, people being set free of suicidal thoughts and spirits of death.  Just amazing, we had a young woman that was set free, she was a cutter, and lot of young people have gotten trapped into this really demonic self mutilation where their crying out to feel something and so to feel anything they end up self mutilating or cutting themselves and she emailed me and said,” When I heard this sound, when I heard this sound and she was not even a believer, she just happened to randomly come across my music and she said “I heard this sound and I have not wanted to harm myself since. 

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