Sid:  Now, you were red hot, but not for the Messiah Dennis Walker when you broke your toe.  Ouch, that must have really hurt.

Dennis:  Ha-ha, I was dancing.

Sid:   I’m sure.  Tell us what happened.

Dennis:  You know how it is in the early morning when it is dark, you get up and you are walking and not totally awake, well I hit my toe against a real heavy piece of furniture. 

Sid:  Yes, I have done that and ouch is right.

Dennis:  Yeah, it was and so you dance awhile and in the dark I continue to get dressed but about the middle of the day this thing just started throbbing; every beat of my heart it was just intense pain.  And so I finally took off my shoe and saw that it had swelled up really big and turned black and blue all across the front of the foot.  And so I laid on my bed waiting for this thing to kind of subside but it just got worse and worse.  And I kind a figured at that point I had broken bones before; I kind a figured I had broken my toe, two days before I have to travel to another country.  And my wife came in and she looked at my toe and she said, oh you poor thing, and I said listen; I don’t want pity I want an initiative from Heaven!  And so she called a couple of our friends, Dennis needs healing, let’s get quiet, hear what God says to do right now.

Sid:  And by the way, that’s what he means by initiative from Heaven, not your formula, not what you’ve seen happen on TV.  Not even the person that thinks well maybe I need to put the tent in my living room like Dennis did.  No, an initiative from Heaven is unique at that moment by God just for that person.  What did God have unique from Heaven just for you?

Dennis:  Well, my friend John was there and he said I just saw to do something, but it really looked stupid and my wife said, good that’s the kind that really work.  And so he said, what I saw was simply to pour water on his toe.  So we took a bottle and opened the top and poured some water on my toe and it did look, very stupid.  It looked very powerless, but it was an initiative of Heaven directed from Heaven to bring healing on my toe.  Almost instantly, in fact instantly the pain started subsiding within a few minutes all the pain was gone.  I actually went out to watch the news on TV, turned on the TV and propped up my feet, and I looked down about ten minutes later, fifteen minutes later and all the black and blue , all the swelling everything was gone.  My toe and my foot was 100% healed and I actually got up and started walking around testing it.  There was absolutely no pain. 

Sid:  Now, there is something called the power of the testimony, I believe as Dennis shared this if you have a broken bone or if you have pain of any kind, I believe Dennis could pray for you right now and it would disappear.  Some it won’t be until tomorrow, but most it will be instant, would you pray for people right now Dennis?

Dennis:  I will, in fact I am already getting something, that there are people listening to this radio broadcast who you have had serious problems going on with your liver to the point where your life is at risk and I believe God wants you to know right now how much He loves you.  See that’s the big message, through all of these things, is God is pouring out His love on people and He wants you to know that he cares for you and He loves you.  And I proclaim over those people with problems in the liver whether it be sucrose of liver or whether it be damage through some disease or some virus, I command healing on that liver.  I command every duct of the liver to open up and begin to flow and for the liver to function, come back to 100% functionality.  And I believe right now that even inflammation and swelling throughout your body, water retention and other things is absolutely being turned around because of this liver functioning the way it’s caused your spoken by God to function.  Somebody right now, you have been having a problem with one of the valves of your heart and I see almost like it functions but not to its capacity, it’s almost like a lazy valve or some sort or a valve that isn’t closing all the way and I command right now for a recreation of the way that valve functions, the muscles and the way they control and valve and I proclaim right now absolute healing.  Anyone with congestive heart failure, I  proclaim right now that the congestive nature of that heart is being turned around and for the fluids that have been building up to go in Jesus name.  I proclaim the veins in all the different parts around the heart are absolutely refurbished, he-he restored by the hand of God in Jesus name.

Sid: You know plaque can’t stand against the blood of Jesus, that’s what he just prayed, if you have clogged arteries he just prayed that for you that those arteries are going to flow like a river, just like the river of God that is flowing the this studio right now.  Just like the river of God that is flowing throughout your body right now, it’s opening up those clogged arties, right now in Jesus name.  And as a matter of fact, the spirit of pain, you’ve been had, when Dennis shared his testimony about his broken toe, you don’t need water on you, the word of God is enough.  And the word of God says that pain must bow under the name of Jesus.  So in the name of Jesus I command pain to bow and to leave right now and backs are being healed, I mean this is so amazing.  Any pain that you have in your body, whether it be in your back, whether it be in your neck, whether it be in your shoulder do something that you couldn’t do before and watch what God has just done.

Dennis:  Oh, and God’s love is evident to you, this is His love reaching you, He wants to give you the clear message I know you and I know about you I know your pain and I know your situations.  Someone has been having difficulty in relationships with children.  These are grown children, I have seen grown children that have absolutely come to not forgive and be at odds with the parents.  God says I know your condition, that this has made you miserable and I proclaim that I am about to bring transformation into the family.  You are going to have the family healed and touched by the power of the Messiah.

Sid:  And isn’t that what God really wants, God wants Christian homes to be the head and not the tail and doesn’t want these long chronic misunderstandings to just fester and have poison come.  I mean did you hear that, he has just set your house free?  God just set your house free, so you can have a real Mishpochah, a real family, set in God’s order, the Heaven order.

Dennis:  Yeah, the Messiah has come to this home today; I’m just hearing the words of Zaccheus being echoed throughout history.

Sid:  You know what?  You’ve got to share that lady in Peru where you had a picture of someone with a hand and with a scar below the fingers.

Dennis:  This was amazing amazing encounter, I was in a meeting in a church in Oc Alta, Peru one of the bigger jungle cities and at the end of the meeting I got quiet.  Lord what do you want to do right now.  And it so clearly in my mind, I saw a hand with kind at the palm, the heel of the hand and the small finger was not functional any longer.  And so I held up my hand is there someone here that has a scar in this part of the hand and this finger doesn’t function and there was a lady who was standing in the back door of the church and she raised her hand, that’s me.  And I said come and let me see it; it was exactly what I had seen in my mind.  This was it, so I got quiet again, Lord what do you want me to do right now?  And the Lord gave another word of knowledge and that was this woman has just had a fight with someone she loves.  So, and so I asked her, did you just have a fight with someone you love and she just began to weep and cry and she said, I just had a fight with the man that live with and he threw me out of the house.  I was walking down the street, I saw people standing in this doorway, I put my head in to see what was going on and you asked if there was someone with this on their hand?  This woman wasn’t even part of the church; she was just walking down, contemplating what to do with her life after having this explosion.  So the Lord said, she needs to receive salvation, so I just simply asked her, “Would you like to receive the Lord Jesus Christ, His Spirit to come live in your heart so that you can have His help, the help from Heaven for every need you have and she said yes.  So I prayed with her and she asked Jesus to come and live inside her, she is still weeping and then I got quiet again.  Lord, what do you want to do next, and the Lord said, simply place your hand on her head and bless her.  So I asked her if I could do that, she said, yes, I laid my hand on her head and I wasn’t able to pronounce even three words before she started jumping up and down and speaking in tongues and after about five minutes of that she got quiet she  looked at me and said, what was that?  I told her that you need to sit with the pastor over here on the front row; he is going to tell you everything that just happened.  So he went through scriptures and showed her what had just happened and the following day she came back for the next nights’ meetings with twenty some people that she had been talking to about all that had happened and all of them gave their heart to the Lord.

Sid:  Do you realize what he’s saying right now?  That if you are a pastor if you have a house congregation;  if you start operating under the initiatives of Heaven you won’t have a building large enough to contain all of the people that are going to flock there.  But what is going to be even better than you operating that way, how about every member of your churches operate that way.  We won’t have coliseums big enough to hold all of the people… because when you hear from God and do it you never miss.  I like it that way…


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