Sid:  And I have to tell you something, I look forward everyday and lately I have a big confession I haven’t been able to do it the last few days because things have just been so hectic, but do you know what when things are so hectic that’s even more reason to spend time with God.  But, I just take about an hour and I close my door, I put a little sign “in prayer” and I put a CD on and I soak in the presence of God.  And see the soaking in the presence of God is accumulative and the more I soak the more the presence of God that is released through my life.  And one of my favorite soaking CDs was by Grace Williams and it’s called “Fire Fall” and then she sent me a gift of her second CD.  And I have to tell you that normally when someone has a top music CD, when they come out with a second one it usually doesn’t, to me it is not as good as the first one that was the hit.  Well, this new one is called “Take Me Away” and I have to tell you from my perception it out does “Fire Fall” and so I was so exciting that I invited Grace Williams and her mother Jerry to be guests again.  And Jerry for those that did not hear our first interview, I am very very intrigued at your ancestry; your great great great grandfather was someone I wish I had met.  Tell us about him.

Jerry:  He was a preacher on holiness that was mantled with a tangible glory of God.  He went up and down the coast of California, right before the Civil War.  And it was written of him when he was in San Francisco, which was a very debauched outlaw, sailor town at that time.  When he sent in and preached he glowed in the pulpit, he burned, his words poured forth in a mouton flood and his face shone like he had a furnace heated within.  And it was so amazing that they said that you could feel the mighty blast of God’s blowing breath.  He was actually transfigured before the people as he preached holiness.  He actually traveled on horseback up and down the coast of California into Oregon and in his journals that God has been entrusted into me his fingers were frozen almost too stiff to write and he had to reach the military post by night or else he would be attacked by the Indians and he was a great man of courage. 

Sid:  Abraham Lincoln visited his church.

Grace:  Yes, he did.  He was at one time a Methodist circuit rider preacher up the east and Abraham Lincoln actually came to his church.  So you know he wasn’t religious because I know that Abraham Lincoln was not a religious man but a godly man that loved Spirit and Truth.  So…

Sid:  Well, I have some notes here about this great, great, great grandfather of yours and the prayer for his sons and daughters of which that’s you and that’s your daughter and the prayer was “The fire that burns within me will be their heritage.”

Jerry:  Yes.

Sid:  And now let’s talk about your daughter, Grace.  She had an attack on her life from the very beginning, she should have died.  Tell me about that briefly.

Jerry:  Yes, she was born premature and there was water on her lungs and her chest would concave inches, one or two inches just to breath.  And she was given up that she would not live and then miraculous the Lord came in and breathed on her and she was made whole and divinely healed.  And her lungs today she uses her lungs for His Glory, so He’s so amazing.

Sid:  Isn’t it amazing though here she is a singer and where is the attack?  On her lungs!

Jerry:  Yes.

Sid:  I mean, you don’t have to be a mental giant to see that the devil tried to snuff her life out.  And then the other thing that intrigues me immensely about her is that when she was just three years of age she was filled with the Spirit and spoke in tongues.  How’d you pull that off Jerry?

Jerry:  That was an amazing encounter which is God’s grace because I was rocking her older sister and trying to encourage her to be filled with the Spirit and I just heard these little melodies from heaven laughing over in the corner, it was Grace.  She was just a toddler cruising around and the first thing I knew she was singing and praying in the Spirit.  She just picked up from the atmosphere in the room.

Sid:  Why did you call her Grace?

Jerry:  I called her Grace because when God did something that we were incapable of doing ourselves with His grace, that which we cannot do and He alone can do.  So how he saved her and…

Sid: Now did you have the name Grace before she was born or after?

Grace:  After she was born because I was not particularly a believer at that time and I know after He healed her we literally felt the presence of God, the atmosphere of Heaven come in.

Sid:  Speaking of the presence of God in the atmosphere of Heaven, let’s hear that selection from this new CD “Take Me Away.”

CD “Take Me Away” worship excerpt (about 4 minutes)

Sid:  Grace tell me what was going on inside of you when you were recording this CD “Take Me Away?”

Grace:  Well as the Lord was shaping my newest CD “Take Me Away” He spoke to me that this would be a musical revelation, a prophetic impartation of Psalm 91.  And that Psalm is so beautiful because it talks about being hidden in God and being hidden in the shelter of the Almighty.

Sid: It also talks about every conceivable problem a human could have in this life.  So if someone could get that impartation from music, wow!

Grace:  Yes, the overall theme is fear nothing, you know God is with you His outstretched arms are there to protect you, you are safe.  And exactly what you said, there’s going to be, there’s wolves and there’s going to be snakes, but we through you know God’s protection we are going to trample on these snakes.  No evil, no evil can even get close to us when we have His angels to guard us and keep us and protect us and it is such a safe place being hidden in the shelter of the Almighty.

Sid:  Well, I can tell you one thing, since I personally use this and this is my favorite soaking music I can tell you that my office reeks of peace.  Has anyone said to you, “They feel such peace on your music?”

Grace:  Oh yes, we have testimonies all the time.

Sid:  Oops, our time is up.






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