Sid:  My guest, Grace Williams has just come out with a new CD called “Take Me Away” we’ve had her on before with her first CD “Fire Fall” and I was so impressed with that, but as far as I’m concerned the CD that I use for my regular soaking time daily is “Take Me Away.”   And we’re finding out some very supernatural things.  I mean the devil tried to snuff her life out just as she was born and I kind of think that’s even though her mother Jerry wasn’t even a believer at the time, she knew enough to know to call her new born baby Grace.  And at four years of age, as some children will do, they see a piano and they walk up to it and they make a lot of noise, Jerry tell me about age four when Grace first saw a piano, what happened?

Jerry:  Yes, we did not have a piano in our home and she had never seen one, we went to a neighbor’s house for a Bible study and they had a rickety old piano that was missing a few keys and she walked over to it.  She reached up and put her pudgy little hands on those keys and she looked at me and said, “Momma I want one of these!”  So her little spirit man…

Sid:  Now, Grace can you remember that at all?

Grace:  Yes, I do it’s really awesome because basically my first memory as a child is being filled with the Holy Spirit that was the first memory.  And then the second memory I remember, I mean vividly, it’s like I remember as if it were yesterday; this friend’s house, I could picture it today and this piano and me going over there.  And it was literally like my spirit was so drawn to this object I had never seen before, but it was like I had found my calling, I had found my destiny at that young age and something inside of me just leapt and I knew that that was part of my destiny and part of what God had planned for me.

Sid:  Well, and then you really got a clue from God when you had an angelic visitation at age seven, tell me about that.

Grace: Yes, and I really believe it was a destiny dream; a destiny vision that God you know gives us very often in our life and that was really my first destiny dream I had had.  And I literally saw my music circling the world, it was going around just in these beautiful, for those you that read music you know how it’s like a long, the musical notes and the staff I could literally see them like this beautiful ribbon encircling the earth and touching the utter most parts of the earth.  And these music notes were like bursting forth and they were just shining forth with God’s love and it was almost as if they were exploding and going into you know these different regions and they were releasing God’s love, God’s glory, God’s healing whatever people needed, it was like bursting forth in these musical notes which are the Heavenly songs, the sounds of Heaven.  It’s not something I do it’s something God pours forth and I just say yes Lord, just flow through me, do what only you can do so.

Sid:  What does “Take Me Away” and that the title of your new CD, what does that mean to you?

Grace:  That means take me away into the presence, take me away into the secret place, because we know I’ve discovered in my journey, as a daughter of God, as a worshipper that one moment in God’s presence can change everything.  And that’s what’s so powerful about being in that presence.  Being in that secret place, you know it takes one moment to shift mine sets to shift into a healing to shift into a breakthrough.  And it’s so powerful, I like to think of it as strong medicine, you know.  It’s like we only need small moments in His presence to reshape and change everything.

Sid:  Well, you know doctors say that stress is like a common denominator for the roots of just about every sickness under the sun and I can’t think of anything that would put you in a stress less environment than your music saturating someone’s home.

Grace:  Yes, yes its powerful Sid when you talk about that the physical body actually retains stress.

Sid:  I know and do you know what happens, I don’t believe it I drive a car, I feel as calm as can be and I get out of the car and I take my blood pressure and it’s high.  So my body doesn’t know what my mind thinks is going on.  Somehow the body reacts to all the stimulus that’s going on all around it.

Grace:  Yes, because we were made to worship Him Sid, we were created to worship Him so our physical body responds to that presence, it responds to that worship.  And that’s why it’s so awesome when we soak in His presence you know, it’s like sometimes when you have stains on your laundry or whatever, you have to put it into the soaking sink for a little bit and put some detergent on there and I think about that as the presence of God.  You know when we have stains, when we have issues, when we need healing we have these things that need to be removed and only the presence of God and soaking and spending that time in His presence can remove those stains and take them away and bring us that freshness, that newness.

Sid:  What do you want to be taken away into His presence?  Do you want to be taken away into the secret place?  Let’s have the title song of the CD “Take Me Away” lets have a selection from that.  “Take Me Away.”

“Take Me Away” excerpt

Sid:  That was from the brand new CD “Take Me Away” the title song actually called “Take Me Away.”  Take me away into the presence of God and you know in your last CD Grace, you had so many testimonies of people that insomnia that were able to sleep through the night by just having this music quietly in the background, but I think that this CD will do even a better job of that.  I know that it’s new, but are you getting any reports along those lines?

Grace:  We are, we are getting reports of people having that overwhelming peace, you know it’s a very turbulent and stressful time for so many people.  And I just got an email in fact from a woman and she said, “This past year she said I’ve gone through everything imaginable and then some and I stumbled across your music and she said this CD, she downloaded some songs and she said this CD has brought me such incredible peace.  She said the it’s the only CD that I listen to now because I just keep it going in my car, on my computer and in my home because it brings such incredible peace and such incredible presence she said, I know that this has been a tool that God has used to sustain me




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