Sid:  Well, my guest this week is Grace Williams and she has a new CD called “Take Me Away” that for the last few months I have been soaking daily under and I have to tell you I have never heard music that brings such peace.  Grace, people are having all sorts of healing from your music, tell me about a few specific that come to mind.

Grace:  Yes, well we had a testimony from Evelyn and she was actually was bed ridden for years and God brought her.  She said these are her words, “She said God brought me out from being a skeleton that slept eighteen hours a day.”  And she’s had huge miracles, HUGE that she writes in caps.  In one mighty moment God took me off a duffle bag full of meds.  I take no meds now His Glory and presence are fully known in your music.”  And when I got that I thought, “Praise God, you know that she’s been brought out of darkness into marvelous light and that spirit of death has been broken over her life” how powerful.  Another just amazing one was a woman called and her nephew was actually in a mental institution and the Lord told her to bring, actually bring this CD to the hospital, to the mental hospital.  She told the staff and the nurse she said, “Whatever you do, keep this music playing continuously and she said the Lord had told her on the 20th day that He was going to be set free and walk free.”  So she told the staff, “Whatever you do do not stop this music.”  And so she went, took the CD set it to playing on repeat.  And she says, “Hallelujah as sure as the Lord said and has spoken to me and to the doctors amazement he walked out completely drug free, free, free, free she says.” So this is powerful, like I say this is strong medicine, this is strong therapy, this is spiritual CPR that reaches out to whatever.  Whatever is ailing you, whatever sickness, whatever disease, whatever has been spoken over you, “The Lord has a good report for you, He has good things in store for you.”  And I just pray right now Lord, that you would send forth that spiritual CPR Lord, I thank you that you just release life right now Lord, life, life, life over your people and love, Lord.  Your banner over us is love and God I pray you release your love over, over us right now Lord and we thank You for it in Jesus Name.

Sid:  Tell me about a selection we’re about ready to play from the take me away CD called “Healing Oil,” tell me about that.

Grace:  Yes, this song is just really powerful and we’ve actually had testimonies from this song. People said that they pray it in their prayer meetings and Bible studies and actually that the oil of the Lord has manifest when this song begins to play and so that’s like a really amazing thing.  But also, as I was recording this song and I prophetically just begin to sing towards the end of the song I say, “Breathe on Me, Overshadow Me” and I’m just crying out to the Lord.  And as I was singing this, I literally felt the Lord’s breathe just blow across my face.  It was like this huge burst of cool wind.  It was like airy like it was like this airy breath and then He began to whisper to me and it was like this face to face encounter and He was excelling into me and He was breathing His very life.  And it was then and in that moment He reminded me, and He reminded me that this is what He desires with His people, this is what He wants, a passionate closeness where we are revived by His breathe, where we are having that fact to face encounter.  And you know just like He longs for that, He desires that and so as we cry out for this, this breath of Heaven, this face to face encounter it is then that we are then that we enlivened and energized in that presence and seeing him face to face. 

Sid:  I would have to believe that your music brings such a anointing for people to breakthrough into intimacy with God, that’s why it releases so much peace.  And that’s why the people that even have insomnia, you get so many reports they play the music through the night.  But I have a better idea; it should be played 24-7 in a house.  Let’s hear the selection “Healing Oil” from this CD “Take Me Away.”

“Healing Oil” from this CD “Take Me Away.” Excerpt.

Sid:  Now you can see why I just love to just relax and soak in that kind of music it sure beats watching movies with all the violence and everything.  How would you like to go to sleep with this type of music rather than the junk you’re watching on television?  Grace, tell me what the Lord told you that this music would accomplish prophetically.

Grace:  Well, really that Psalm 91 anointing, a prophetic impartation it would not just be something that we know and we would even read, but we would have an impartation and a personal experience, a personal journey and He would open the eyes of our heart to see and experience this Psalm 91 anointing to be hidden in the shadow of the Almighty.  To be you know safe and protected in His arms, to fear nothing if you read through this, no disease would touch us, every kind of calamity would be around us; but we God’s people will stand untouched.  We will make God our refuge, even evil can’t get close to us.  It can’t come through the door Sid.  He’s sent His angels to keep us to just protect us and God says if you will hold on to me for dear life, I’ll get you out of any trouble.  So I just speak forth today any trouble, any trouble, any trouble that you are going through it may seem dark; you may be going through the dark night of the soul today.  You may be facing something that seems so daunting, but the Lord says in the Name of Jesus that He is your shelter, He will lift you up.  He will carry you, He will be your strong right arm and He, He, He will lead you and blow on you and revive you and refresh you with His presence in the Name of Jesus.  And I just also feel like the Lord is setting someone free right now.  It is almost like and inferiority complex like you felt like you are not enough.  That you’ve just, it’s almost like this voice in your head for your whole life has just been tormenting you and beating you down.

Sid:  But no more is it going to beat you down.




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