Sid Roth: We want everyone everywhere to have the chains of this world that are stopping you from having intimacy with God; we want those chains to melt.  We want them to just fall off of you so that you are free, so that you are so free that your oxygen will be worship to God.  And there are many people listening to my voice right now that hear the testimonies and say “I’d like to be that way but something is blocking me.”  And that’s why I’m so excited about my guest Dennis Jernigan.  Dennis when he sings, he doesn’t sing songs that he’s written, he sings songs from heaven and when he sings the chains that are limiting you whether they are addictions or whether they’re just the things of this world that stop you from fulfilling your destiny in worship I believe all things are possible.  I believe the best way to be physically healed; the best way to be emotionally healed is through worship.  Now, you have a song that is actually the title of this CD that we are making available Dennis; it’s called “It’s Going to Be All Right.”  I love the title, tell me about that song. Its Supernatural.

Dennis: Well, either God is in control or he is not, this is a prophetic song I received for a couple of my children when I got to the Lord in intercession for anyone, I begin asking the Lord for a song of deliverance for them.  About three years ago one of my daughters called, she had just been married a year and I heard her say Daddy, and just the way that she said, Daddy I knew that something was wrong, come to find out her marriage was struggling, she and her husband were struggling through that first year of marriage and they were about ready to call it quits.  And a long story made short we just began to ask the Lord “What is this song of deliverance for Glory and Shawn, we need to hear that, they need to hear that, so let me hear it Father.  In the meantime we begin to do warfare; we went to their home, prayed over it, just for quite a while.  Long story made short, their marriage was reconciled, there stronger than ever; they’re young men and women of faith but they had just believed some lies.  And this song is just from the Father’s perspective, I heard Father singing it over my daughter and my Son -in-law and it does have a definite anointing.  We’re just seeing people set free in the area of understanding God is in control even when it seems like the storms are raging around you, even when it seems everything is falling to pieces, He’s still on the throne.  He still rules and reign and He will use even the storms, He wastes nothing, He will use everything that we bring to Him for His glory and our good.  And so that’s the story of this song.

Sid Roth: You know Dennis if someone was listening to us right now and they heard a word from God Himself that everything was going to be all right, I believe they would believe everything is going to be all right.  But I happen to believe that you got this word from Heaven and when they hear this music everything it’s going to be all right.  Are you getting reports like that?

Dennis: Oh, all the time, all the time it just, the way that people put it is that they’ll say things like “You’re saying things that we didn’t even know how to say and you put our prayers and our thoughts into words that we can actually sing or receive from the Lord.  Another thing that you hear is that I never knew God loved me like that, can you believe that in this day and age people don’t know, even Christians don’t even believe that God loves them.  Not only do I believe that He love us, I believe that He likes being with us, because I love being with my kids.  I literally just love being in their presence, and if I do that as an earthly father, how much more does our Heavenly Father just love being in our midst.  He loves it, He absolutely loves it.  So He loves us so we just need to just enjoy and rest in being His children.  And I guarantee life will get very abundant when we learn to do that.

Sid: Now, you originally got this from heaven for your own children, they were having marital problems, after you played this, what happened to them? – Its Supernatural.

Dennis: Well, hope begins to rise up in the soul because all of a sudden when you begin to see from the King’s point of view you realize that you’ve been deceived, you’ve been lied to.  So you put he lies under your feet where they belong and my son-in-law and daughter just began to do that.  They just began to put on the truth and began to realize first of all my son-in-law believed he wasn’t good enough for my daughter and my word to him was you know what, the Lord thought you were good enough for my daughter, we would have never let you marry her if we didn’t think that you were the one.  So let’s put that under our feet where it belong and put on the truth of who God says you are; you are the chosen one for my daughter.  Same thing for her, and so we saw the marriage restored, we literally saw the marriage restored, amazing.

Sid: If you will believe right now that this is a song from heaven that this a promise to you from God Himself, no matter what you’re dealing with all things are possible.  And this is what God is saying to you right now; it’s going to be all right.

Dennis Jernigan’s excerpt, “It’s Going to be All Right.”

Sid Roth: …Now that song is from his CD of the most anointed music that he has. Dennis I want you to say a prophetic word that everyone is going to be all right.  Would you say that to them right now? –

Dennis: Sure, God is absolutely in control and one of the things that we can do to come along side and really affirm that belief in our own lives and encourage our own souls is to realize, you do not have to jump through any hoops for God’s approval or His love, He loved you while you were yet a sinner and Christ died for you.  So that means He loves being with you, love being with Him, enjoy His presence and understand that there’s nothing that you go through that you go through alone, absolutely nothing.  He is there, realize it and call out to Him, He can be anywhere you are instantaneously because He is.

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