Sid Roth: The devil has gone wild trying to separate Jews and Christians and the best that we can do is an ecumenical meeting of Jews and Christians where you don’t witness, you agree not to witness to the Jewish people about Jesus.  But that’s a false unity, we need the real unity and the real unity is when Jew and Gentile recognize there’s only one God and he has a name, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  And there’s only one Messiah, not a Messiah for the Muslims, a Messiah for the Jews and a Messiah for the Christians; one God, one Messiah, the Jew, Jesus and then were going to have peace.  Now my guest Gary Kah, if he was sitting in a congregation right now would be Amening me.  But Gary has worked his whole life based on a call from God to educate Christians on the entire end time anti-Christ system, the economic anti-Christ system, the religious anti-Christ system, and the political anti-Christ system.  This material is so hot that I can’t even say some of the things that he says on his three DVD’s…Now Gary a question that comes to me all the time has to do about rebuilding the temple.  Do you think that that will occur and do you think that it will occur quickly?

Gary: I do believe that it will occur.  We’ve been to Israel we were over there as a family here just a few years ago and did some research into that.  And of course just a few blocks from the Temple Mount is the Temple Institute and I’m sure you’re familiar with the preparations that have been made there.  It can actually unfold very quickly once we get to that point.  But there is I believe it’s going to be difficult for the Jews to rebuild the Temple under their own authority.  I believe that there is push underway an interfaith effort to try to make whatever is going to take place on the Temple Mount be of an interfaith nature, and there are various parties pushing that.

Sid: But wait a second now, I come from a Jewish background, and I can’t see Orthodox Jews agreeing to the Temple being interfaith.

Gary: Well now most of them would not, I believe agree to that, but here’s an interesting fact.  In fact I will give credit on this to a Christian author by the name of Joel Richardson who first broke this story; it was really historically really unprecedented in development.  And he spoke of an Islamic figure by the name of Adnan Oktar.  He actually uses the pin name Harune Yaya.  He is I believe right now the number one best selling Islamic author, over 65 million of his books are in print worldwide.  And Oktar a couple of years ago met with three representatives from the reestablished Jewish Sanhedrin and they met in Turkey and they discussed how religious Muslims, Jews and Christians can work together on the project of rebuilding the temple.  If you can believe it or not, Mr. Oktar refers to this coming Temple as the Majid or the mosque or the palace of Solomon.  This is a direct quote from Adnan Oktar, this leading Islamic figure; he says “The palace of Solomon is a historically important palace and rebuilding it would be a very wonderful thing.  It is something that any Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim should welcome with enthusiasm.   Every Muslim, every believer will want to return to those days to experience those days again and all be it partially to bring the beauty of those days back to life.”  Then he adds that the Temple of Solomon “Will be rebuilt and all believers will worship there in tranquility.”  Then he added that he believed that the temple will be rebuilt in one year.  And I quote him one last time. “It could be done in a year at most; it could be built to the same perfection and beauty. The Torah says that it was built in thirteen years, if I remember correctly, it could be rebuilt in a year in its perfect form.”  So this is coming from a top Islamic leader.  And then you also have some figures in the Sanhedrin, in fact they post this on the…

Sid: Excuse me, for those that don’t understand, what is the Sanhedrin?

Gary: Well this is a group now that has reemerged to prepare everything for temple worship in the future.  They are getting this ready and they see they see themselves as being the priests or the leaders and setting the stage for the coming worship in the temple once it is rebuilt.  And so they are moving in that direction.

Sid: And do you know what I find interesting in your literature, you talk about an ultraorthodox Jewish group that wrote in their Israeli newspaper “Children wanted for future temple services.”  I mean that is, that’s really getting there. – Its Supernatural.

Gary: Yeah, that’s correct and that was a few years back and of course these children would be getting older now and being prepared to lead in the temple.  And so this is coming together behind the scenes.  But what I’m wondering Sid and I hope that this does not take place, but where I see some of these individuals going from Islam and at least a few from Judaism is a type of International House of God or House of Prayer that could be a type of interfaith place.  And I’m wondering if that were to happen, if that were to happen that would come across as being the politically correct thing to do that the UN and other political international entities would seem to be supportive of.  And I’m wondering if that might not be part of the big deception of how to get the religions of the world on board and to go along with this.  So we’ll just have to watch and see.  I don’t know but it is very interesting to say the least.

Sid: Well, talk just a tiny bit about this movement called “Chrislamic.”

Gary: This is growing very quickly in Christian circles in the United States including in evangelical circles.  And you’ve got some of the top names, some of the top three or four names, I won’t name them here, but most people listening would recognize their names who have thrown their name into the ring on this.

Sid: This is on our DVDs you do name a lot of these people.

Gary: Yes, I do, I do but those that are trying to bring about global government, unification of the world religions have realize that their biggest obstacle and challenge has been in the area of Uniting Christianity with Islam.  And that is beginning to change now; they are pushing hard on bringing Islam and Christianity very closely together to the point where one of these individuals an evangelical Christian allegedly, actually celebrated Ramadan with an Islamic friend.  Now again, I have nothing against reaching out to Muslims in love, but when you celebrate and participate in the religious ritual of another religion to me that is interfaithism.  You are embracing part of that religion and this is very serious stuff and I believe  that it’s forbidden in scripture to do that but some of these individuals have gone that far to actually practice certain rituals with Islamic people.

Sid: And also you brought to my attention that within a few days of each other many major people called out for a two state solution in the Middle East.  People like the Pope, President Obama, Tony Blair, the only way they could have done that within a couple days is as if it was orchestrated.

Gary: Yes, in fact the terminology was nearly identical that all three of those individuals were using and so clearly they are on the same page together I believe when it comes to a two state solution in Israel and also with the internationalization of Jerusalem.

Sid: Now speaking about the internationalization of Jerusalem most people aren’t aware of the amount of money Syria is pouring into Hamas to win by military force Israel for the Moslems and you say that a lot of the damage their doing isn’t even reported in our press.

Gary: Oh, that’s right Hamas has been attacking Israel almost weekly they’re bombarding Israel with rockets and Hasbola recently has also been on the attack and almost nothing on the international media about this because it would make Israel appear to be the victim and something the bias international media does not want to do and so there is very little reporting about this.  And also very little reporting over the fact that Syria has been the bastion for most of the terrorist organizations of the Middle East, almost all of them have their main hub in Syria, although they’re being supplied largely through Iran.  Iran is shipping some of their best equipment to Syria. And Iran is getting much of it from North Korea and China so there is this funnel from North Korea and China through Iran into Syria and from there into various terrorist groups, such as…

Sid: Then you have the alliance of Russia and China, strange bedmates.

Gary: Well, that’s it too, and Syria is still a major stronghold for the Russians in the Middle East, in fact there are thousands of Russian advisors in Syria right now and they pretty much control and command the base along the Mediterranean.

Sid Roth: Gary, I’m sorry our time is slipping away.

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