Sid Roth:  The middle wall of separation between Jew and Gentile, praise God it’s finally come down to form what Paul calls in the 2nd Chapter in the books of Ephesians “The Full dwelling Place of God by His Spirit.”  And that’s where we’re headed right now, but between today and the time the Messiah comes we know from the Bible what’s going to happen.  But we as believers I believe it should not be such a big mystery that as true believers in the Messiah we should understand the times and seasons that we’re in.  And I have a friend that’s a Messianic Jewish Rabbi by the name of Jonathan Cahn and several years ago he had some supernatural experiences and he’s a brilliant Bible teacher.  And he has come up with an understanding of a pattern from the Old Testament that God used with Israel and it’s so amazing it’s even got dates and times and the deeper in God in this the more he saw that it is a pattern for the United States of America.  Here let me read from the front page of our newsletter for those that receive our Mishpochah newsletter.  “Is it possible that there exists an ancient mystery in which is hidden the secret of America’s future?”  “Is it possible that this possible lies behind everything from 9/11 to the war in Iraq; to the American housing bubble and it’s bursting to the crash of Wall Street and the global economy to the great recession and much more; even the President of the United States.”  Strap on your seatbelt we’re about ready to go for a ride.  Jonathan you know that I have wanted to interview you on this subject for a long time and you kept say, “It’s not quite the right time.”  Why did you keep saying that to me?

Jonathan:  I just, I just felt that there was a time when this word was going to go forth and it’s almost as if the word is always sought to go forth, it tends to become viral when I bring it up.  But I felt like it wasn’t the time and then things started changing and I have no question right now that this is the time.  And just when I was kind of moving ahead or praying about that I get a call I get a call from your ministry saying, “Hey let’s do the Harbinger.”  So I believe that your lead by the Spirit Sid, because that’s, I believe that this is the time.  We are approaching the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and America is fastly, or rapidly moving away from God; and this is a serious you know call, but it is something that; everything in God has an appointed the time.  He kept giving me the scripture you know. “The vision is for the appointed time,” You know write it down and it will go and now it’s just happening. – Its Supernatural.

Sid:  I believe that also so let’s start out the series and there’s two CD series that we are making available and one is called “Harbinger, the Warning” and the other is called “The Harbinger, the Shaking.”  And let’s start out with the word “harbinger.”  What does that mean to you?

Jonathan:  The Harbinger means a sign, a herald of what is yet to come.  It can be used in a good sense; but generally harbinger is generally it’s a sign of warning.   And why this links up is that God gives harbingers a warning before judgment.  You know and a good God would do that and the sake of the warning is so that there won’t be judgment.  Isn’t that correct?

Jonathan:  Exactly, exactly and He did that in ancient Israel, which is really which is really the pattern which gives us really the revelation of what is happening now.  But exactly, God’s ultimate purpose is to save from judgment.

Sid:  But I don’t believe you could have come up with this key if you hadn’t seen what happened at 9/11.

Jonathan:  Yes, exactly.

Sid:  So therefore, no one could have unlocked this before 9/11, I believe.

Jonathan:  I believe you’re absolutely right and it’s not that, you know there was things that I sensed with 9/11 came you know our ministry is in Northern Jersey were near everything.  We have people in the building at the time who got out, but you know it was a sense in America that something had happened.  There was a sense among believers that there was something deeper going on and America has been – was not right with God and there’s something for this to even be allowed, you know it means something and this is the same pattern.  Actually at that time there was a scripture that came to me and I didn’t realize it back then, but it was right – it turned out to be really one of the keys of the puzzle piece.  And I was down there in ground zero, you know a little bit after and I’m walking the ground and I saw an object it was linked to a tree and something started and mystery started unfolding.

Sid Roth:  You know I recently had lunch with a strong Christian believer and he looked me in the eye and he said, “I’m very concerned about Israel, look at Iran, and their nuclear ability and the missiles they have.”  But I said to him, “I’m not concerned about Israel, I am concerned about the United States of America.”  I see the future of Israel in the Bible, and I don’t and maybe you are one that would differ with me, but I don’t see a locked in concrete future for the United States in the Bible; I’m concerned about the United States.

Jonathan:  Well, well I believe that you are right, you know, clearly, you know there is two main things going on.  America has been blessed more than any nation has been blessed and there’s two things of it.  One is that as much as it follows God, “As a nation follows God it gets lifted up.”  We’ve been blessed from the beginning, even the early founders of America, the Puritans.  They said this was going to happen and it’s happened, but if America turns from God those blessings are not going to remain.  And the other thing is; “As America has been the greatest blesser of Israel and the principal is clear from the beginning of the Bible to the end that if you bless Israel you’re blessed, if you turn away you will not be blessed.”  And both of those factors are changing now and so we are in danger.  And the other thing is when you look at end time prophecy you don’t see America as the leader, it says all nations come against Israel.  Something has to happen between now and then and I believe you are absolutely right.

Sid:  Okay, the word harbinger as you’ve explained means “A sign or a foreshadowing of a future event” and you have found in the scriptures. “Nine harbingers,” explain what you mean.  Because if these things occurred in these steps and this is what happened in Israel then your premise is those same steps are going to happen in the country that God raised up to preserve Israel if they turn from God.

Jonathan:  Yeah, not that every situation is different, but the overall pattern is there, which is basically “A pattern of warning and coming judgment.”  Yeah, basically here’s the beginning of the key of the foundation of it.  Ancient Israel, 8th century BC Israel is founded by God or founded on His word; blessed by God, but then it departed from God.  They grew complacent they turned away from Him, they went to other gods; they turned against His ways into immorality, they actually then started coming against His people.  And now God calls them back, “He sends prophets and then He allows something to happen that was unprecedented, He allows Israel’s hedge of protection to be breached.  He allows and enemy to make a strike into the land,” and this is again as you said before, “This is not to bring judgment it is to warn of judgment,” and its wakeup call it’s an alarm.  And that’s strike, the enemy has come in; it’s temporary, it’s limited but it traumatizes the nation.  It was a sign and this is where were talking “it was a harbinger” that if the nation continues going away from God, departing from his ways it’s blessings, it’s peace, its prosperity, it’s safety it’s even defenses are going to be removed.  So the attack comes, it is short lived, but and this is the time to repent and to turn back and God gave them several years to turn back, but after a while it seemed that security had returned, but they were in danger and they didn’t realize it.  It was a grace period, the nation to choose God or to completely go away from Him and then judgment, but instead of repenting and turning to God they hardened themselves.  Israel becomes defiant they make a vow and this is going to be the key here, In Isaiah 9: verse 10 they say, and this is God telling through Isaiah; making it known what they did, they say this here is the verse, “It says, “The bricks have fallen, (that was the destruction) but we will rebuild with hewn stone the sycamores have been cut down, but we will plant cedars in their place.”  Now, it’s hard to say, “What’s that saying?”  It’s saying that you know, “No matter what God, no matter what He does to us were not going to be humbled; we’re not going to turn back; we’re just the opposite, we’re going to defy the judgment; we are going to fight back; we are actually going to turn the calamity around we are going to come back stronger than ever.  So they harden themselves and about ten years later after that first encouraging comes judgment of Israel, the same army reenters now but it’s not limited it’s a full strike and the ancient kingdom of Israel is wiped off the face of the earth.  Now what does that have to do with the last days of the ancient, what does that have to do with America?

Sid:  Right.

Jonathan:  You see and this is a specific pattern of judgment and the calling of God.  And the last days of a nation under judgment that doesn’t turn back.  So what does that have to do with America?  America was also founded on God’s principal, blessed as no other nation has been, turned away from God, has increasingly been turning from His ways, I think it’s obvious.  It’s become complacent and actually literally coming against the ways of God.  It’s rapidly so and God is calling America back; but what happened to ancient Israel?  God lifted up the hedge of protection; it was the wake up alarm so too God has lifted up the hedge of America’s protection.  The wakeup call September 11th 2001 America’s hedge of national protection is removed just as it was in ancient Israel.  It’s a strike comes in, God allows an enemy to come and strike and breach the borders, its temporary it’s limited but…

Sid:  I mean, I remember where I was, I remember exactly watching the television screen and watching those planes go into the Twin Towers and it looked like fantasy to me!  It looked like it wasn’t real, this is America; this doesn’t happen in America, it only happens in the movies.

Jonathan:  Exactly, exactly.  And we’ve had this sense that we were invulnerable and we were invulnerable as long as we were in God’s way.  But if we are not it says, “Unless the Lord watches the city the watchman watch in vain,” and clearly God allowed it.  And this the same exact thing that happened to ancient Israel and so in the same way this is the time for America to come back.  If you remember Sid, at that time there was…

Sid:  You know we’re out of time right now, but I know that our Mishpochah will be back.  I have a saying which I got from a Messianic Jew by the name of Dick Reuben at the Brownsville revival.  He says, “When the pattern is right, the Glory comes down.”  But the reverse is also true, “When the pattern is wrong, the judgment is released. – Its Supernatural!.

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