Sid: Its Supernatural. My guest A.J. Jones is a little epistle of the love of Father God, as you understand her story you’re going to get a revelation of how much God really loves you.  And once you get that revelation no one will ever take that away from you again.  And we found out that AJ was contemplating suicide; overdosing on medication; audible voice of God stopped her; friend forced her to go to a Vineyard Church; wasn’t her style.  The very first song was “Father I want You to Hold Me” and her own father had recently committed suicide.  Just a horrible story and she went to pieces; just sobbed and cried and then John Arnott had a word of knowledge, what was that word and what happened to you AJ?

AJ: Well, I was at the very back of the sanctuary and I had cried through most of the service and he said, “There’s somebody here that needs to know that Daddy loves them.”  And I remember thinking in my head I’m not going up there, there’s sixty people here watching me, but it was literally like angels were pushing me or something, because I got up out of my seat.  Even though I had no intention of doing it and I walked to the front and I walked into his arms and I literally cried all over John for over about forty minutes, I mean snot, tears, the whole thing.  And John closed out the service; he was supporting most of my weight Sid Roth, I think I was crying to hard and he closed out the service and at the end of the service he introduced me to Jeremy Senate who was our worship pastor and another man named Ian Ross.  Those three men and between John and Ian and Jeremy started fathering me really and loving me back to life.

Sid: Now, how in the world did you get free of your anorexic condition; your suicidal condition; your severe asthma; how did you get free of those things?

AJ: Well the anorexia and the suicidal was all the same night it was a number of months later it was in ’92 the beginning of ’92 and it was a Sunday night and we were doing like a Sunday night service where they invited all the different churches together.  And I was sitting there and in the midst of the service the guy that was speaking he stops and he started prophesying over me so he turned to my friend next to me and he said, “Sandy, who is this sitting next to you.”  And I didn’t really understand prophesy so in my head I was kind of mocking him.”  Well, like “If you’re a prophet why don’t you know my name that kind of thing.”  And any way he told me to stand up and he said, “He started by saying, AJ your father’s dead and he’s not coming back.”  And that really shocked me, because nobody knew, nobody knew I was hallucinating.  I had been removed from a mall that week, I had convinced myself that even though I cleaned up the suicide, I identified his body in the morgue, and I picked his casket.  I didn’t want to deal with life and so I had convinced myself that “No, he’s not dead and he’s on a trip somewhere, he’s going to be back,” you know whatever.  And now I was hallucinating and seeing him in this mall and so I had run through a mall screaming “Daddy wait,” and when I couldn’t find him, I dropped to my knees and started bawling in this department store.  And the mall security had come and got me and so he started with that and I knew right away, I don’t know how he knows this but somehow he’s hearing from God you know.  And then he walked back through my life, and he as just like, “You know when you were seven you tried to kill yourself and when you were thirteen you tried to kill yourself,” and he went through all this stuff.  And he said, you know he came to the end of it, he went on for about ten minutes and he said, “You don’t want your life now,” which was accurate, I had written suicide letters and I was planning my escape you know.”  And you know I was still having trouble and he said, “If you don’t want your life, why don’t you give it to God and see what He can do with it.”  And at the end of that service he called me out into the aisle and I came out and he came over and he prayed for me and I ended up on the floor.  I had no idea why I was on the floor, this wasn’t part of what I understood church to be about, but I was on the floor and I started laughing.  And it was the first time I had laughed since before my Dad had died and I didn’t know why I was laughing and I couldn’t stop laughing.  But when I got up off the floor from that day on I never struggled with eating disorders again, I never struggled with suicide again.  I mean it was just like all this stuff…

Sid: Well, you know the Bible says that a merry heart is good medicine, you had about forty-five minutes of intense medicine and you literally were set free.  But what about the severe asthma briefly tell me. – Its Supernatural.

AJ: Well, that happened a couple of years later, or I guess it was about; well it was New Year’s Eve going into ’94 and I was away with WYAM.  And my asthma had sort of stepped up a level in the last two years where my lungs were collapsing and they didn’t know why and I could just be talking, not over exerting myself or anything and my lower lung would collapse and that would single a start of a very severe attack.  So it would be like countdown to getting to a hospital and I always had medication and crazy stuff with me.  Anyway, that particular evening we were all taking communion as a team, we were going to fly out  the next morning to go to Honduras and my specialist in Toronto had asked me not to go; he said, “That I believe if you go to Honduras you come back in a body bag; there is no way you are going to survive it.  And I said “Well you know I believe that the Lord has told me to go and so it’s His plan, not my plan and I just want to go with what I’m supposed to do”.  So he had phoned my Mom and said, “You let her go and she comes back in a body bag.”  And so I went back with insurance to have my body shipped back, and I’m sitting there and my lung collapses and so I left the group and I went into the room to find my medication bag because I had an oxygen machine I travel with.  And my medication bag was missing and that was very very bad.  And so I started ripping apart everybody’s bags even though we were leaving in six hours and couldn’t find it anywhere.  My cousin came in because she came to YWAM with me and she looked at me and I said, “Call an ambulance.”  And so she called an ambulance and the leaders of the school came in and they said, “Can we pray and I said, “I don’t care, as long as you called an ambulance.”  Because I’ve had prayer like thirty times and never been healed and in that moment didn’t have faith, my faith was more in line with this could be very very bad you know.  And so they said, “Fine, we’ve called it and can we pray and they prayed and as they prayed they actually did deliverance more than healing prayer.”  And as they did that all of sudden my lung re-inflated;  the asthma attack just stopped dead and I haven’t had one since then and it’s now been over twenty years.

Sid:  You got a letter from your doctor, what did it say?

AJ: It said, well when I went back in to see him, he didn’t believe that I was standing of him and so; you know we had gotten kind of close because he saw me every week and so he was like, “You didn’t go.”  And I said, “No, I did go do the tests God’s healed me.”  And so he did the tests, he did all these pulmonary function tests that I had to do on a regular basis, I mean they had so much information on me because they didn’t know why my lungs were collapsing and he did them.  And when the information came back he said, “Your lungs are more than three times the size of the capacity that they have ever had on a very very good day.”  And he wrote me a letter that said, “I can’t not explain this than anything other than an act of God.”

Sid: Was this doctor a Christian?

AJ: No, he wasn’t, he was lovely Jewish guy.

Sid: Ha-ha, even better!  You know with all the experience that you’ve gone through, with the understanding that you have now…your teaching is so amazing, for instance your revelation when Jesus said to His disciples, “I’m not going to leave you as an orphan,” what is God showing you about that?  That’s in John 14:18.

AJ: Yeah, “I will not leave you as orphans,” well I mean Jesus there is actually, He’s not speaking to speaking to physical orphans he’s speaking to actual disciples and we know who some of their parents were.  But he’s actually speaking about a spiritual condition and the revelation that sort of goes along with that is just that most of us are, even though we are loved by the Father, and it’s a positional truth that we are children, you know we are His children, we are not living like we are.  We are not living like we are fully loved, we are not living like we’re accepted, we’re not living like we have an inheritance we’re still living like orphans.  We are still living like we still living like we have to fight for everything we can get like, you know we’re in it on our own instead of Him actually being Our Father and helping us live our lives and live them to the fullest.  And what He meant was you and I are designed to live 24 hours a day seven days a week in the Father’s presence.  That’s the place that we’re designed to live, and we’re not actually meant to live any place less than that.  And most of aren’t, most of us aren’t living in the Father’s presence.

Sid: And you know what?  As you with all you’ve been through as you live in the Father’s presence you’re seeing the most outrageous miracles.  Tell me about the time when you prayed for eight deaf people.

AJ: That that was awesome we were in Iceland and we were just having a meeting in Iceland and there was eight deaf people in one service just during like the worship and ministry time at the beginning that all got completely healed.  And probably my favorite ones within those eight were this couple that were in their sixties and had been deaf their whole lives.  They were married and they came up on the stage and they heard each other talking for the first time with us standing there and they just were bawling and everybody was bawling and I mean it was amazing.

Sid Roth: What’s it like to be; to know you’re not an orphan you’re living in God’s presence 24-7 and you have the pure love of Father God.  What is like for you A.J?

AJ: It changes everything, I mean it enables you to deal with the stuff that you’ve been through and trust that God’s going to get you through it.  It enables you not to be defined by what you’ve been through, but to be defined by who God says that you are.  It changes absolutely everything; you can go out and be His representative, be His kid and see His Kingdom come wherever you go because you know that you’re his.

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