SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Kerry Kirkwood. And Kerry, you received a revelation. It was a revelation to you, but it was an ancient revelation. It’s in the Jewish Scriptures. It’s the power of the blessing. Give me an example, like the pastor that would go by the topless bar and curse it every day; and he’d go by it everyday, every month, every year, and nothing would change. Nothing! Tell me about him.

KERRY: Well he thought he was really doing what God wanted him to do, to curse. And so he’d go by and he would just say, “I command that place to burn down” or “I command those people to feel the fear of God upon them.” So nothing happened. In fact, he actually saw the parking lot get more full. And so we began to talk about this. And I said, “You know, the will of God is speaking what is on the heart of God; and you’re just cursing the very thing that God wants to change in their lives.” And so he said, “What do you mean?” And I said, “Well just consider: the Bible says that it’s not God’s will that any should perish; but all shall come to the knowledge of the Son of God. So why not get on the same page as what God is for those people.” So when he started going by, he said, “I bless them to come into the knowledge of the Son of God. I bless them to have a revelation of the Lord himself.”

SID: That’s really a different thing coming out of his mouth. It’s a different spirit.- Its Supernatural

KERRY: Exactly. He felt empowered by the cursing. But now he began to see that it really was; he was in agreement with Heaven itself. And so when he started doing that, after about a week of this, he came by one day and there was a For Sale sign in the parking lot; and the place was for sale, and they moved out. And it wasn’t for a lack of business. But he saw things began to change because he came into agreement with the Word of God.

SID: Explain to me briefly, what the power of the blessing is, as you understand it.

KERRY: Well we all understand and we use the word “generally”. But blessing is not just about material things. But it’s actually a prophetic declaration. In the Old Testament the word, “barach;” in the New Testament: “eulegeo.” Eulegeo is the idea of “speak well of”. We get the word “eulogy from it. People have a eulogy at a funeral.

SID: And they usually speak well of someone even if he hasn’t been such a good guy.

KERRY: That’s exactly it. But when you begin to see things from the perspective of God and you’re beginning to bless them, not for where they are, and here’s really the difference. Blessing is not reporting to God the way things are, but declaring the intentions of God, the way He intended for them really to be; and cursing means to declare for something to be in a lower place, lower position than what God really intended for it to be.

SID: So it’s really Hebraic understanding. How does that comes from the Jewish Scriptures?

KERRY: Well you look in Genesis 49, where Jacob is laying hands on his sons, and he’s prophesying over them their destiny; not just of their past reporting of their experience. But he says, “Joseph, you shall be a fruitful bow.” Well what happens to Joseph? He’s moved into Egypt, and now he is exactly that, a fruitful bow who’s there to save his own race. And, so you see that blessing is a prophetic destiny; that can release people into what God intended for them all the while.

SID: How would you like to feel the pleasure of God? How would you like your mouth; which God says has been called to bless and not curse, and change everything around you? Kerry, you told me even generational curses are broken when you do this. How’s that work out?

KERRY: Yes. Well for years, people have reported the facts around their life. They just talk about how bad things are Sid Roth. They talk about how bad the economy is. Their family is negative in a sense. And so I’ve seen families where they begin to reverse that curse by declaring God’s intention for their family; and blessing their children, and speaking over them. Isaiah 54 is that: “That your children shall be blessed of the Lord.”

SID: So rather than reporting, “You never pay attention! You’re never going to amount to anything! You’re going to end up in prison!” What should they be saying?

KERRY: Well all they have to do is say, what the heart of God in this? As a parent, what would you like to see happen for your children?

SID: How about your children? Tell me what you did with one of your children.

KERRY: We started targeting a particular blessing Sid Roth. I have a son that began a general contracting business. So he began to bless the contracts and the people that he was going to do business with that day. I bless them that they are given by God as an effective tool to bless me, and I bless them. And his first contract out, he made $80,000 and never saw the people, never saw the work. It was done through the Internet.

SID: And it was done by the power of the Jewish blessing. When we come back, you’re going to find the power that can occur in your marriage; the power that can occur in your job; the power that can occur…Believe this or not. Someone took; a pastor, took this teaching to heart and started blessing their body; and new arteries, after a quadruple bypass occurred, started growing. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word. – Its Supernatural.

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