SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Chuck Pierce. Chuck, I love the gift of prophecy, the true gift of prophecy. And I have to tell you, I have a problem. My problem is, coming from a Jewish background, reading the prophets in the Old Testament; reading about Samuel; reading that not one word fell to the ground that he stated; and after all, if there’s no time in eternity, and God knows everything, He’s not going to make a mistake. I hear too many cop-outs today on prophecies. Well people didn’t pray enough. I hear these excuses. I just want to see someone prophecy like an Old Testament prophet, and we have even a better covenant.

CHUCK: A newer, a new covenant.

SID: Ok. Now in 2005, God told you something that you had a lot chutzpah to say; that there would be an African-American president. In 2008, you received a word of what this president that will be in office; obviously it’s now, it’s Barak Obama; would do that would dramatically affect our nation three years later, in May of 2011. Tell me about it.

CHUCK: Well see, Sid, what was happening was, he had yet even been nominated. And yet, I knew, because of what God had said, who was going to be nominated. But that wasn’t the issue. Because remember, God was going to heal this issue of the division from racism in our nation. But it was going to actually get a little worse for us, because we were going to have to go deeper, and deal with anti-Semitism. And what God showed me, He caught me up. He gave me an incredible vision. We were at the Liberty Park. I was doing a big meeting there. I was the guest speaker. It was a meeting of1500 people. And the Lord caught me up, and began to show me three years in advance, what would happen; and how He would start looking at America based upon how America would align with Israel. And that this President would then come back, and start pulling Israel; and be a tremendous advocate, to pull Israel out of its current progression and restoration; back to the state of where it was, before it actually began its new boundaries, and new progress.

SID: So in effect, when President Barak Obama made the proclamation…

CHUCK: …in May

SID: …In May, which you knew three years from then. – Its Supernatural.

CHUCK: It was very specific. It would be May 2011.

SID: And the proclamation was Israel should go back its pre-’67 borders. When President Barak Obama made that proclamation, what happened in the invisible world to America?

CHUCK: It pulled us back into the progress we had made spiritually. See, when you make a declaration like that…

SID: Could it affect racism even?

CHUCK: It will cause racism to rise up – back to 1967.

SID:  Whoa!

CHUCK:  See, it’s going to cause things. But see, God saw it in time, so it will be in this age. It won’t look like it was pre-1967. It will cause our nation to begin to have to process this age with that demonic structure; that we’ve already warred through, in measure. See, covenant, all nations reconcile around Israel. So if you’re attempting to bring; and being the proponent or voice, to bring Israel back into a place where it is not progressing, but back where it loses a lot of what it’s already worked for; you’re going to do the same thing in your own freedom.

SID: Do you see a correlation of the following events? Right after President Barak Obama made that statement, in Joplin, Missouri, we were hit with the deadliest tornado; the deadliest in 70 years. Do you see a correlation?

CHUCK: Well see, actually you had Alabama. Again, we’re back to Alabama. Then you had Missouri. Both had deadly, deadly tornados. Alabama, I just came from there last weekend, here. Alabama went into, it lost almost 400 people, and then Joplin lost a whole city. I mean, almost a whole city wiped aside. Do I see a correlation? Yes, I see it releases a spiritual force that brings; because I believe God controls the wind; and I believe biblically from a prophetic standpoint; we see that winds can be adverse and controlled by the enemy, or winds can be sent by the Lord. I believe the enemy structure came into this land. And now what God is going to ask us to do now; we’re coming into a place where we’re going to have to war for our covenant alignment; and the roots of the covenant of this land, coming back into alignment with the God of Israel.

SID: You have so many revelations. Do you see a correlation, right after President Barak Obama released those words into the atmosphere; that Israel should go back to the pre-’67 borders? Do you see a correlation with what happened to the president of the IMF, International Monetary Fund? – Its Supernatural!

CHUCK: Absolutely. Absolutely.

SID: And by the way, this was the man that was caught attacking a maid in a hotel room, and lost everything as a result of it.

CHUCK: See, I see all of a sudden. And it just wasn’t Barak Obama. You can go back to President Bush, when he made certain statements that created a movement in the atmosphere, during the time of Katrina; the hurricane that hit America, and came up through New Orleans. You’re going to start seeing a correlation. Why? Because there’s certain scripture that talks about how we are in the process, when we won’t listen to the voice of God, He has ways of speaking. He has ways of getting our attention.

SID: Now here’s some good news. There are ways that you can be like the children of Israel, when they were slaves; and the curses came on the Egyptians, and they bypassed the Jewish people. And there’s ways of…you can get out of the mess that’s coming. In fact, Chuck Pierce saw what will happen over the next five years, in the United States of America. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word. – Its Supernatural.

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