Sid: My guest is Red Hot for the Messiah, Matt Sorger.  I talked to his mother on yesterday’s broadcast, she had MS and no doctor could cure her; she went to Alternative Health that wouldn’t have helped; then she got into New Age type activities; Hinduism and Buddhism and she just sicker to the point that she was bed ridden.  Her mother takes her to church before anyone could even pray for her, the power of God hits her, threw her back ten feet from the altar and she was instantly healed.  The doctors had diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis, that had such a dramatic affect on young Matt Sorger that he became a believer in the Messiah and he would spend an hour a day worshipping God till he reached what he calls the saturation point where he would feel a tangible presence of God every time then and there after he would begin to worship God. Its Supernatural!  And Matt there was a couple of key moments in your life it felt both very important; when you were seventeen the Lord spoke to you about your real identity, explain.

Matt: Yeah, that’s right it was you know, I believe everyone is on a private journey in the Lord where God is bringing them from glory to glory and making them the person He’s destined them to be.  And one of the things I really believe is that if we are to have an extraordinary power filled anointed life where we move into our future, our future is brought into our now moment there are times where God will have you deal with issues from your past because you can’t move forward until you deal with your past.  And for me as God was raising me up and calling me and preparing me for His future work for me one of the things that He dealt with in my own heart was my sense of identity.  You know, I think because of what God was doing in my life I was not the type of kid that just fit in with the crowd.  I didn’t fit in with the crowd and as a result of that I experienced some rejection, I experienced some things in my life that were very painful and the Lord had to come into my heart and show me how even my painful life experiences distorted my sense of identity and self image and self worth.  The Lord had you know, I was going on a Young Adult Retreat, I was one of the youngest ones there and I was in prayer during the retreat and the Lord spoke to me that my identity had become an idol.  The way that I perceived myself had become an idol because it was exalted above what God said about me.  And I didn’t even realize that my perception was off, I didn’t realize it, I didn’t know it; that my identity was wrong or that there was…

Sid: Just briefly so I can understand what was this wrong identity?

Matt: It was a sense of rejection that I carried around with me, where I just felt like an outcast, I felt like I didn’t fit in, I felt like I didn’t belong.

Sid Roth: So how did He change this to have your correct identity?

Matt: Well, as I was praying the Lord through that weekend the Lord began to give me revelation.  First He spoke to me at another point in the weekend that, that my mindset that the enemy had gotten a foothold in my mindset and then another day later He said that foothold has been there so long that it’s now become a stronghold.  It’s become something ingrained in your way of thinking and you need to be set free from it.  And once I got that revelation that I actually needed to have my mindset free I went to some of the leaders in the group and we prayed together and as we prayed together this anointing came upon me and I could feel inside my heart inside my soul walls crumpling down.  Literally emotional things, walls that had been built up on the inside of me just crumble and demolish and I could feel freedom.  And the Lord began to renew my mind and began to renew the way I saw myself, the way I saw God, the way I saw other people and my whole identity began to get formed and solidified in Christ.  Who He said I was who I was in God and it totally set me free from the past so that I could be free to move forward.

Sid: And this is so important for everyone, because everyone has been wounded from the past but then there was another highlight in your life where you spent a day with God at your office at the church.  Briefly tell me about that. – Its Supernatural.

Matt: Yeah, this was when a few years past and you know God was working in my life and then the Lord called me into ministry and I was a young pastor at the church and as I was one day walking into my office in the church and as I opened up my office door the literal tangible presence of God’s glory was in my office.  And I walked in and the voice of God spoke to me and He said, “Shut the door I want to spend this whole day with you.”  So I shut the door, I sat down in my chair and the weight of glory so strong I didn’t even have to wait a minute it was just right there, He was right there.  He came upon me and it must have been twelve hours where I spent the whole day, afternoon into the night just in the manifest presence of God.  One of the strongest glories I have ever experienced in my life.

Sid: And He spoke to you about taking time with Him.

Matt: Yeah, because you know what happens is that I think this happens with a lot of people, they start to pray, they start to set time aside with God and then their mind goes in all these different directions of what they have to do and just things of life and that is what started to happen to me that day.  And I felt guilty actually for taking time to pray, because I knew that I had other things that I had to do in the natural.  But the Lord spoke to me so clearly that day, and it shifted my whole life.  It literally set a plumbline for my walk with God Sid Roth.  And He said, “If you don’t have this time with me now, you’ll not be able to walk into what I have for you in the future.”  And at that point as a Pastor I had no idea that God was going to launch me into a worldwide healing ministry, prophetic ministry where we would see thousand saved and healed.  I did not know that that was in God’s plan for me back then.  But alls he told me was you have to have this time with me now, it’s vital if you want to move into what I have for you in the future.

Sid: And you know, it’s like I can see how God is preparing you for what you would do in the future, but there’s an area where most ministers that have a tremendous presence of God fall.  And when you were a freshman in college, God spoke to you about the importance of character.

Matt: Yeah, it was the very first prophetic word God ever spoke to me.  I was a freshman in college and there was a word that the Lord gave me.  He said, “The top of my list for you is the bottom of your list and the bottom of your list is the top of my list.”  And the Lord said to me, “The top of my list for you is the refinement of your character, not the fulfillment of your ministry.”  He said, “I want your roots to go so deep in Me that when the day of success comes to you you’ll not be moved, but you’ll be solid and strong.”  And the Lord showed me that day that His agenda for my life was the refinement of my character and building that firm foundation and having my personal roots go so deep in Him that when He would use me in the future that it would not move me at all; all the glory would go to God and there would be a depth in my spirit.

Sid: You know Matt, one of my concerns is there are so many young people in many new Bible schools that are getting moving in the prophetic, moving in signs and wonders, but it seems as though they’re deficient in the character, they dress like the world, they talk like the world, they go to the same entertainment as the world.  And I have a great trepidation that with all that power they’re still going to self destruct.

Matt: Right, and you see the power of God is access by faith, so you can be saved one day and by faith begin to access the prophetic, access the power realm, access miracles, but yet you’ve had no time for character development or that refinement.  And I think that it’s so important that we teach people that you don’t have to be perfect for God to use you, but let it be a priority in your heart for God to really refine you so that you can carry whatever anointing God chooses to give you for the long haul it’s not something that’ll be temporary or momentary, but they’ll be a real firm foundation and it does take years to develop character.

Sid Roth: You know Matt, just kind of a PS on what’s you’re saying in the forty’s it was called the Great Healing Revival and hundreds of men and women, it’s just the presence, they got saved, the presence of God went on them and the next day they were in a tent.  And just about all, and they accomplished good from the view point that people we healed, they accomplished good from the viewpoint people were saved, but all of them self destructed; not all but most.

Matt: Yeah.

Sid: And that is so important, why do you believe that God told you to write your new book, “Power for Life” and the four CDs “How to Pull Your Future into the Now?”

Matt: Well, I believe that God wants people, His people to live an extraordinary life in His presence.  You know God wants our lives filled with power.  Not just power to heal the sick or power you know to walk in signs and wonders, but also power to live victoriously over sin, power to have joy, power to have peace.   So I really…

Sid: Matt with the times we’re moving into you don’t have to be a prophet or a mental giant to see that unfortunately you US economy is on the downward rollercoaster roll, but if people don’t understand what God has taught you over the years even though they know the Lord I don’t think they are going to stand.

Matt: Yeah, we need to know in these days, in this time that we’re living in with everything being shaken we need to know God is our source, we need to know how to plug into His power and presence, how the sustain it and then release it through us to help other people.  And I think it’s such a vital time right now for people to really know for themselves how to do it.  You know it’s one thing to see somebody else moving in the power or moving in anointed life, but you want to know the behind the scene stuff.  How do you personally in your day to day life not just in a church meeting, but no one else is there and you have to go your secular job or you have to take care of your family or you just have to live your life, how do you it with the power of God in every area of your life.

Sid: And you do such a masterful job, you really are a God ordained teacher. – Its Supernatural.

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