Sid: Its Supernatural! My guest Don Heist is Red Hot for the Messiah, he blows God’s instrument and there is such an anointing on this.  Don briefly tell me about one church plays you CD with the shofar blowing all the time except when they are having a service.

Don: Yeah, I received an email from a pastor that was telling me about how they received the CD back in December of 2010 and from that point on they have been playing the CD in their church sanctuary 24-7 except for when they were having service.  They just had a disk player there and it just kept playing it over and over.  Well, they did that in an effort to sanctify the sanctuary a little more and to keep demon spirits at a distance and away.  Shortly after this the pastor said that there was several people at different times came into her office and made the comment that, “I just went into the sanctuary to sit and pray and I became under the power of God and when I was able to pick myself up again from praying I was healed.”  So they were, people were being healed in this church without anyone actually laying hands on them and actually praying for them because they were praying themselves but the sanctuary of the Church was so demon free and the enemy did not want to stay around because of the constant shofar playing.

Sid Roth: You like to say that when people are under the anointing of your shofar it’s a cancer free zone.  What do you mean by that?

Don: Well, what it does is when we sound the shofar, the molecular structure in the room and of the bodies of the people in the room actually changes once again because it is the voice of God, it is the power of God.  And by that, it changes molecular structure so that people are healed and by prayer not just the sounding of the shofar but by prayer and pulling in God’s presence and allowing to do His own, what He does best by being Our Father and Healer and Deliver but through that prayer as well as sounding the shofar people are healed.

Sid: Tell me about the woman that was stooped over her whole life.

Don: I was in a Bible study at this ladies house and at the end of the teaching I did a teaching on the shofar and history and what not and at the end of the teaching time we had a time of prayer.  And I could remember very clearly that she was wearing a fairly tight knit sweater and in the back you could see and in fact I ran my hand down her back and I actually could feel it, touch it, that several inches, around about her hip area a little higher about the small of her back it protruded out much like a letter s if you were looking at it from the side.  And we prayed for her and prayed some more and I sounded the shofar, started at that lower end of her back and as I raised the horn I could see this lump in her sweater going behind my view out of my view because it was being blocked by the shofar and as I kept raising the shofar and as her back came back into view, below where I was playing her back was straight; there was no lump.  And I just talked with her recently and she is still healed and claiming that healing and passing the word about the Messiah that has healed her.

Sid: And some amazing healings are happening Mishpochah, there was a person who came into his meeting with a built up shoe about three inches and when he left because of that anointing that changes the molecular structure he could even wear his built up shoe because his legs were perfect.  And tell me one healing of cancer briefly.

Don: We have received an email and a call from a person that’s retired from the navy and he explained to me that he had just been diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer and he was wondering if Sue and I would come over to his home and pray for him and then blow the shofar.  So we arranged a time and we did this and we were with him for a little over an hour and when we blew the shofar and prayed for him.  He said that he felt warmth of God coming over him and he was just very excited about that.  Well right after that he went to cancer centers of America in Philadelphia and when he went in to get his forty plus treatments of chemotherapy that they had prescribed for him he asked them to retest his body because he said, I’ve had people praying for me.  I’ve had people blowing the shofar over me and into my body and I just believe that God has changed things.  So they retested him and when they found out the results of all these tests his cancer was gone all but just a very tiny little speck which by now how been gone because as he said, God took it all away and what didn’t disappear the chemotherapy of one or two treatments took out of his body.

Sid: Tell me about the people that see angels, tell me one person that saw angels when you blow the shofar. – Its Supernatural.

Don: Well, it was a evening of worship and I was feeling really week and down that particular night and I really struggled with even going to play.  That particular evening and we started playing and many of you know, many of you have heard the song “Lord God of Abraham” by Paul, recorded by Paul Wilbur and we started out, the worship service with that song and the first time I played I actually was embarrassed because it was not very good, I was struggling spiritually, I was struggling physically to do what God was calling me to do that night.  So at a point where I was not playing, I said, I stood on the platform and I just prayed, I looked up and I said “Lord please help me get through this I’m not prepared for this, I’m not in the right frame of mind for this, but you need to be glorified and I want to do this well but I’m not just there are the moment.”  So the next time I started playing, unbelievably I was very strong and I played very well to my own liking.  And then later at the end of the service this lady comes up to me and she says, “You know at the beginning of that song you were standing there by yourself, but after about the second time you played I saw an angel standing behind you holding a shofar and he was dressed in a turquoise gown with gold sparkles on the sides.  And every time you played shofar he played.”  And she said, “This was just amazing that her friends didn’t see the angel but they heard the angel was playing.”  So that’s what happened at that particular evening and really she just confirmed what happened with me that suddenly I felt this incredible power and strength behind my playing which I can take no claim for at all, but it was was just I prayed and I asked the Lord to help me.  He sent an angel and that angel played with me or for me and supported me through it all.  I believe people are going to hear angels playing the shofar with you as we take a selection from your CD “Take Me In.”  Let’s here “Take Me Into the Holy of Holies.”

Don Heist’s selection from “Take Me In” 8.37.5-11.19

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