Sid: Sid Roth here. My guest Ruth Fazal is red hot for the Messiah, she’s a violinist and I love the sound of the violin.  Ruth, what is it about the violin that just penetrates inside of an individual, can you answer that?  I don’t know it you can, but this is what I sense.

Ruth: I think part of it is that its strings, that it’s a string instrument and so it’s so it’s very close to the human voice in that way, maybe more than some instruments are.  I mean so from that point of view you can really, you can really express things in a very, in a very deep way.  But a beyond that it must be a God thing I think.

Sid: Well, there is something about music that penetrates in amazing way.  Like for instance for those that tuned in for the first time, I explained that you went to the Toronto Airport Church and you started out with really I guess when they started.  Because it was Randy Clark’s meetings and that must have been a phenomenal time.  That was when the outpouring really erupted there. – Its Supernatural.

Ruth: Yeah, that’s right, I remember going home after about three weeks of kind of going back and forth to these meetings, I remember driving home one day and I was thinking, “How long can this actually just stay you know here in Toronto like a secret, you know in the corner in this little nothing place?”  And of course, you know within a few weeks after that everything had broken loose and it was all over the papers and all over the place but.  Yeah, there was an amazing sense that something very very different and beyond anything I’d ever seen before was going on.  It was so fresh.

Sid: Yes.

Ruth: It wasn’t religious, it wasn’t…it was laid back and the power of God was so strong because nobody was trying to make it happen.  That’s what I loved so much.

Sid: And several years later Jesus came to you and He said, “It’s time for you to have a new bow for your violin.”  And He would grant a gift as you played of healing, of righteousness and of forgiveness.”  And people were being healed emotionally and physically.  There is a CD were making available, the title is “Joy in the Night.”  Tell me about that CD.

Ruth: Well, “Joy in the Night” is kind of it’s the songs that the Lord gave me during the time that I was actually writing this other piece called Oratorical Terezin” which is poetry of children from the Holocaust, woven together with the scriptures.  And that was kind of a three year journey of writing this piece and going so deep into God’s heart, and so consequently, you know while I’m creating this big old orchestral piece of Orchestra and Choirs and all the rest of it, there is you know songs that are just coming out of me that really express the intimacy that’s found with God in the most difficult places in our lives and the most difficult times Sid Roth.  And I began to realize that the darkest times in our lives are actually God’s greatest invitation into intimacy with Him.  But so often we miss it because we’re so busy trying to get ourselves out of the dark place and out of the difficult place and we don’t realize that He’s actually inviting us into this intimacy with Him that’s beyond anything that we can experience in any other way.

Sid: So we can get the devil coming and going.  When things are bad we get closer to God, and when things are good we get closer to God.

Ruth: Exactly, I love that.

Sid: Tell me about the song “Marantha.”

Ruth: Awe!  Marantha, Marantha it’s a song of longing, it’s crying out, it’s saying, you know, I’m waiting for the coming of my Lord, I’m waiting for the coming of my King.  It’s the sense of being the Bride that’s waiting with her lamp full of oil because she spent the time in intimacy with Him and so she’s ready for Him to come.

Sid: Let’s hear this selection by Ruth Fazal.  (Excerpt from Joy in the Night)  Ruth, what’s going on inside of you when you’re playing that?

Ruth: A deep connect to the longing, the longing in my heart for Him and I think the longing in His heart for us. You know that He so longs for us; He, longs to be with us to draw close to us.

Sid: Tell me about some of the amazing healings when you play over people or when they listen to your CDs.  Like the person with the heart failure and cancer. – Its Supernatural.

Ruth: Yeah, well that was pretty amazing, I have a friend that was in heart failure because of the cancer, there were these protein deposits on her heart.  And really she should be the one telling the story, but of course there were many other people praying for her too, so I can’t say it was specially from me playing, but I know that it was part of it.  And I was playing over her and I just felt the Lord saying to play just one particular note and it was an F sharp and it was the strangest thing because I’m thinking, well I said to Pamela I said, “I’m just going to play an F sharp you know and so I did, and I just landed on this one note and then I would move off it a bit and then come back to it.  I just felt like the Lord saying, “This is about the heart, this about the heart.”  And so a couple of weeks later, she was pronounced as no longer being in heart failure and the things that had deposited themselves on her heart had actually dissolved and that they don’t do that.

Sid: Why is it that our bodies respond to music frequencies?

Ruth: I think God’s made us that way, I mean we know don’t we that every living thing has a frequency, I’m not in any way scientific, but I do know that much that anything that is alive does vibrate to a certain frequency.  So presumably the same thing in our body, so I’m wondering if there is some kind of connection where if we actually, if we were to find the frequency that is specific to that part of our body, and then infuse that with the presence of the Holy Spirit you’ve just got this incredible combination of power going on.  You know I haven’t experimented with it that much, but I’ve certainly, I mean any time any time I play over anyone or any place, because sometimes I play over places, I do get a very distinct sense of what I’m supposed to, of what I’m suppose to play.  And so I trust that presumingly God probably gives me the key and probably gives me just the focus of the particular notes He wants.  I don’t, I don’t really know how it works.  It’s just coming to Him and playing before Him and just trusting that He’s doing the rest because I certainly don’t understand it.

Sid: Now, I have to tell you something, I have been listening to the instrumental, the one where you’re not singing and I’ve been using it for soaking and I read the story about when it was a dark time in your life and as you went to bed, you felt someone stroking your forehead.  Tell me about that.

Ruth: Yeah, that was incredible, I was…

Sid: Oh no were out of time but I do promise to really start here on tomorrow’s broadcast of Its Supernatural.

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