Sid Roth: Family with a Jewish Heart, made up of Jewish and non-Jewish people where the middle wall between Jew and Gentile it’s finally come down to form One New Man, one new species of being that will form a complete dwelling place of God by His Spirit; and devil, watch out.  It kind of reminds me of the new book by Chuck Pierce called “Time to Defeat the Devil,” and it us time to defeat the devil.  Now Chuck on yesterday’s broadcast we talked about in 2005 and this has been recorded, you had an extremely accurate prophecy that there would be a black man in the White House.  And then you had a vision of what would happen in May 20011.

Chuck: Well see Sid, the Lord showed me three years ahead from May 2008 and he showed me this like a transition period as we were making a transition in history as a nation.  But this is really what He showed me, that in May of 2011, this President, the new President which was in 2008 we really didn’t have President Obama then, would make a decree that would start dividing our nation.  And this decree would be linked around Israel and some people might even say “Well, you know we always hear about Israel, we always hear about the Middle East and we don’t see how anything can divide our nation just because President Obama says we really don’t want Israel to have its present borders to go back to 1967.”  No, that’s where we don’t understand God, the God of Israel and how God the God of Israel would look at our nation if we take a stand to try to produce that.  And so the Lord specifically said, “That would happen in May 2011.  I wrote it, I’ve shared it, I’ve shared it.

Sid: Alright, what repercussion does it have on the United States of America by that statement by President Obama? – Its Supernatural.

Chuck: I think what it does is it starts a dividing process just as God plans Jew and Gentile to be one in days ahead, One New Man.  And that wall as you said yesterday to be down, that is God’s plan of fullness, when you come against that plan of fullness, now I’m talking about both spiritually and naturally; when you come against that plan of fullness Sid, what happens is you start becoming unfull yourself.  And so what happens is when you start decreeing against the plan that God has for fullness and you quit aliening yourself with His ultimate plan over His land, what will happen then with this is that all of a sudden we start seeing walls come up in this nation.  And what God showed me was there would be twenty-one states that would stand with Israel in this nation.  There would be two states that would hang in the balance; there would be one state that would produce a turning point and the other states really they would, there would be such havoc in those other states because they chose not to follow the God of Israel into the future.

Sid: Well, I for one would not want to live in a state that will not be pro-Israel because I happen to believe Genesis 12:3 is still in reality today which says, “I God will bless those who bless the Jewish people and I God will curse those that curse them.”  So could someone be in a state that’s pro-Israel, but yet the nation is, or at least the administration is anti-Semitic and still be blessed?

Chuck: Well see, I think we’re so religious from old religious structures, that sometimes we are not even aware of the decrees that are being made, we’re not aware of what’s going on around us and what will happen then is what happens is, economically you stop being blessed, and you start seeing states start going bankrupt.  And do you remember in David’s time Sid, when it took him three years before he asked, “Why are we in draught?”

Sid: Right.

Chuck: I think that’s this three years ahead.

Sid : So, do you see three years of draught for the United for the United States of America, is that what you’re saying?

Chuck: Well, this is what I’m saying because look what’s happened in May already with Joplin, MO and with Alabama and other places like this with the atmospheric tornadic condition of this nation.  This is what I am saying; I think you’re going to start seeing such a division in this nation.  Certain states will come under certain structures and it will take them three years before they really say, “What happened to us?”  And I don’t think every state; I don’t think every state will.

Sid: Okay, again, and you don’t have to be a prophet to find out what’s going to happen, all you have to do is see the position of the administration of your state to know what’s going to happen.  For instance, I am so optimistic about Canada right now because of such a healthy stance they’re taking on Israel.  I mean at the G8 they came out so strong against a Palestinian State that I believe that God is going to bless that country, have you seen anything for Canada?

Chuck: Oh, my I went with Kenny Blacksmith, he’s a native leader and matter of fact I tell you Sid Roth what, Canada has done two things. Canada went back and reconciled over their native issues, over the issues of the first peoples of their land.  Governmentally they made a decree to ask forgiveness and reconcile with the First peoples of their land.  That was one step and I was with Kenny Blacksmith and I began to tell him the nation.  Because see God, took me beyond the states Sid and showed me One Hundred and Fifty-three nations that would begin to rise up and move toward Israel throughout the world.  Canada was the leading nation and so I told Kenny that, we were in a meeting so we had that recorded.  We were in New York, the very upper part of New York right next to Canada, on one of the native reservations and then I went to Red Deer and I shared this very specifically, “Canada will stand with Israel, therefore you will have a healing outbreak and the sick will come from all over to be healed in Canada.

Sid: I can just picture that right now.  You know Chuck; you don’t have to be a mental giant to figure out what God’s going to do in the last days.  Tomorrow I want to talk about how you had a revelation about Israel as an eighteen year old, but before we do that, why in your heart of hearts did you write the book, the brand new book that we’re making available this week called, “Time to Defeat the Devil?” – Its Supernatural.

Chuck: I felt like Sid people needed to understand the concept of timing and the times that we are living in and in it I really thought Charisma was going to call this book, “A Time to See.”  But when they started reading the book and getting ready to publish the book I write in this book about how our spirit can be vexed in the times that we’re living in; I’ve got two or three chapters on it.  Therefore they named the book, and I thought it was very bold, because you know how compromising we are in the Body of Christ.  They named the book “A Time to Defeat the Devil” because in a world that we live in and the chaos of the world we live in, your spirit can become vexed just like Lot’s spirit.  Lot, who was righteous, his spirit became vexed.  And this book is about how to protect your spirit man from being defiled by all the changes of the atmosphere that’s going on around you and make the most of the time we live in to defeat your enemy.

Sid: Some of the things that you teach on are keys to live in victory, even in tough times, which obviously we are about ready to enter into.  If you think it’s tough now, you don’t know what’s coming.  How to live in the cycles of blessings, how to stay in Devine health, how to break the power of trauma of your life and that’s what Chuck you were alluding to, how to break off bareness; how to break off a spirit of poverty, how to enter into the new season that has begun in your life; how to hear the Spirit of God.   Can you see the difference it would make in your life when you have this revelation?  And Chuck, I’m kind of in awe of the gift that God has given you; and especially the tie in with Israel and the Jewish people.  There are so many Christians today that don’t understand this distinction; they don’t have a clue about it.  For instance there are many people involved in walking in miracles and the healing movement that have not come into this revelation.  How come God’s blessing them so much if they haven’t come into this revelation?

Chuck: Well, God is God first of all and you know that and I know that and He loves His people and He will use those who respond to Him; and many of those people they just love Him, they devote their life to Him, they enter into childlike faith and they start operating in childlike faith and they start demonstrating that faith in miracles Sid Roth.  And I think they move forward for a season but notice something about wineskins, because Jesus talks about wineskin; what’s going to happen is eventually that wineskin that their moving in makes a shift.  It becomes more formed and you have to embrace other revelation to keep moving, I don’t think you can keep moving without understanding the covenant God has with Israel.

Sid: So you believe they will either make the shift or fossilize, is that what I’m hearing you say?

Chuck: That’s what, that it in a nutshell.

Sid: Okay, Chuck we’re running out of time right now; the thing that I love about your book; it shows how to restore everything that was lost.

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