Sid:Its Supernatural. We want everyone everywhere to feel so loved that they have an overflow of this love to go to other people.  And this is what’s happened to my guests Jewish Believers Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov; and Alyosha is World Class Concert Pianist but that’s not why I like his music.  I like his music because I can experience love.  And you know Alyosha you were talking a bit about when your mentor, Jack Frost taught you about experiencing God’s love but one of the major things was when a man, you weren’t use to this, a big man would just hug you and what would he speak to you?  What would he say?

Alyosha: He hugged me and then he would say, “Father just give him all the love that he missed growing up,” and then also he began to bless me.  And then I realized I never had Father’s blessing and it was tremendous because I felt that my Heavenly Father blessed me and my earthly Father blessed me as well; because I could feel His heart, I could feel his love and I was pinned against the bosom of this man Sid Roth.  And by the way, not many people know the details but in the scripture Yeshua said once, to Pharisees, He said, “I know why I where I came from and know where I’m going to but you don’t know where I came from and you don’t know where I’m going to.”  And in John Chapter one, verse 18 it says where he came from, and he came from the bosom of the Father.  So when that man gave me that hug I was pinned against his bosom.  For the first time I experienced a bosom.  Interesting in Hebrew on of God’s names is El Shaddai and shad, in Hebrew means breast so El Shaddai is translated as Almighty.  But is it possible that it is translated as Almighty because the true might and power comes from the nurture?  So I thought that it was the most powerful moment of my life because when it happened my emotions were released and I cried for I don’t know, twenty-five days.

Sid: Why did you cry?

Alyosha: I don’t even know, I can’t explain it, I just, I felt that my emotions were released, I felt God’s love.  I felt that the most powerful being of the Universe, the King of the Universe is my Daddy.  I mean, “How does it make you feel?”

Sid: Now, you have a very profound statement that I noted before, and it is you say “Love is emotion not just an action.”  What do you mean by that?

Alyosha: Well, sometimes we try to separate or section the word love and I’m not saying it’s wrong, but a lot of people teach, “Well God loves us because He had made a covenant with us and He’s faithful to the covenant, He’s faithful to His word.”  And all that is true, but it’s not the only reason why God love us.  He loves us because He has created us; He has given us birth and He has passion and feeling toward us.  He feels something to us, the same way I feel, you know have love and feeling toward my children.  I have two children, a son and daughter and when they hurt I hurt, when they do well I rejoice, it’s a feeling.  And that feeling causes me to be committed to them; and even when they mess up I will never reject them.  And so Our Father is the same, He feels something towards us; He feels this compassionate deep love.  And as a matter of fact God has a feeling you know people know the fruit of the spirit, love, joy, peace and etc.  Those are God’s emotions, Our Father is very emotional and I believe He acts out of that emotion.

Sid: I have to believe that when you play the piano now that the love in you is just poured out from your music and that’s what makes such a difference in the way you play today.

Alyosha: Yeah, it’s exactly and this is why we see so many testimonies of people getting healed.

Sid: Jody, tell me a few things that have happened recently.

Jody: Oh, we were just in China last month and it was amazing to see how, even the Chinese people who, you know, people say they are not emotional; it is so far from the truth.  But Alyosha went to the piano and he began to play and we just began to sing to the Lord.  Every single Chinese person in that room, it was a packed room, of these wonderful precious Chinese people, every one of them began to weep just in the presence of our God.

Sid: Were they changed in anyway?

Jody: Oh, we were transformed, you could see it, you could watch their faces being transformed and even afterwards people would come up.  And just in fact last week I think we were in Canada and sharing Alyosha’s music there and one woman came up and she said, “My heart was so hardened I didn’t realize how hardened it had become until I came into the presence of this love from God.”  That was incredible.

Sid: So many people are being healed physically and emotionally but tell me a bit about Jody these two CD’s were making available, “Fear Not” and “The Lord is My Healer.” – Its Supernatural.

Jody: Well, The Lord is My Healer,” was the first one and that was actually created for Jack Frost when he was battling cancer.  And we created that to minister God’s healing, God’s love to him and he actually said a profound statement to us that that actually got him through night, after night, after night.  And then this last CD that Alyosha produced, “Fear Not” we actually created it because we know the need is so profound to release people from fear.  And there is only one way through the Word and experiencing God’s love through you know the music and scripture and getting it into the heart.  So we did, we produced this last CD with that intention and while Alyosha was producing it he came down stair and he said to me, “Honey, I am experiencing the compassion of God as I’m playing this music.”  And the Lord just allowed him to experience this measure of love.  And it is a frequency, it is an experience, it is an emotion, it all that in the form of music.

Sid: And the fact that it is in Hebrew and English and its pure scripture and it’s the love anointing on the music, I don’t think you can get anything more powerful.  In China did you see many people either emotionally or physically healed?

Jody: Oh, tons.  Ha-ha, everywhere we went there were testimonials people were healed, people were…

Sid: Was there one specific one that you can think of?

Jody: Well, one lady came in totally depressed, there was actually several.  One came in depressed, one came in limping you know, couldn’t even walk and she was evidently paralyzed from a stroke and she got up and began dancing the whole roof came off the house when that happened.  Ha-ha because everybody knew she was paralyzed and couldn’t move and she began dancing.

Sid: Listen in this day that we are living in now with, I mean people are really fearful about the economy, about health, about terrorism.  I can’t think of anything more exciting than your “Fear Not” CD in Hebrew and English.  And even though many people, well the translation is there, but even though people don’t understand the Hebrew it is sort of getting into them through the frequencies of God’s Word.

Jody: That’s right.

Sid: Let’s hear an excerpt from “Fear Not.”

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