Sid: Its Supernatural.  You are going to be so excited when this revelation gets down deep because in 1977 Larry Hutton had a visitation of the Lord, the peace and the presence of God was so strong he could barely move.  And he was personally taught by God how to live in peace all the time.  I mean step by step and since 1977 he can honestly say not through…and by the way Larry, we’re not talking about through a self will positive thinking approach because that isn’t going to cut it when the things people walk into they experience.  I mean positive thinking works only until your first crisis.

Larry: Exactly, yes.

Sid: But step by step you were taught these things, but what happens, now I heard your teaching and I have to tell you, I can’t get enough of it, there is such peace, such peach of God that is in my spirit when I listen to you teach on this.  And to believe that I could walk strife free, I could walk, worry free, I could walk hurt free, I could walk depression free 24-7.  I mean it’s like you said when you were first told you could do this by the Lord.  It’s almost too hard to believe.  But I can’t think of a greater gift for a believer with the times that we’re living in right now.  Now you were teaching on Isaiah 53 that gives a lot of keys to the understanding of how you can walk in supernatural peace 24-7 forever.  Ha-ha, tell me little bit about what God showed you.

Larry: Well, in Isaiah 53 verses 4 and 5 it talks about our redemption when Jesus went to the cross, it says that He bore our grief’s and carried our sorrows and the next verses says the chastisement of our peace was upon Him. So the Lord taught me that when He went to the cross, that He bore griefs, sorrows, stress, depression, strife, hurt feelings, bad temper, all of these negative emotions that controlled us.  And He bore them so that I didn’t have to and not only did He bare them but them He bore the cause that there’s nothing that can cause me to be depressed Sid Roth.  Nothing can cause me that I have to make a choice, He showed me in that next verse when He said “The chastisement of my peace was upon Him.”  That word chastisement is the rebuke or the restraint of my peace, so there’s absolutely nothing that I can rebuke or take away my peace of stop it from operating if I learned to use it.  And I found out that Jesus gave me His peace when I received Him.  And that was such a life changing thing, in fact Sid, can I share something real quick about something He taught me?

Sid: Please.

Larry: It’s like He told me that His peace was a fruit, it’s called the fruit, one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit that He brings in when He moves into a new believer and that peace, He said, “That peace is called a fruit and He said, “It’s not seasonal fruit.”  And that just exploded in me, it’s like woe, because I was raised in Florida working in the orange groves picking fruit, and I knew that you could only do that during certain seasons.  But when He told me His peace was not seasonal, that’s when I got that revelation; what you’ve been saying over and over 24-7 365.  I realized I could live in this peace 24 hours a day 365 days a year and that was just, just awesome.

Sid: Okay, you can live in that peace; I understand that, I understand this teaching but what happens when you get symptoms of cancer?  What happens if all of a sudden you wake up one day and you find a tumor growing in your body?  That happened to you, tell me about it. – Its Supernatural.

Larry: Yeah, I actually had a tumor grow inside my back and then start coming out my back.

Sid: Oh, it sounds awful!

Larry: It was it was very excruciating pain that came up and yet because the Lord had told me; He said that when you get attacked in these areas and all those thought come of fear, and panic and depression and worry and all those things.  He said, “Take My peace and speak it, speak my peace and just kind of like Jesus did when He was going across the ocean that time in the boat and the storm arose and you know he was sleeping on the back part of the ship with his head on a pillow and His disciples woke Him up and He said, “Peace.”  He spoke peace and I remembered just speaking peace, I just dwelt on Jesus you gave me Your peace.  Sid Roth reads Ephesians Chapter Two says “Jesus is my peace.”  Well, He never leaves me nor forsakes me so therefore I have Him, I have His peace.  And I remember when I just spoke that peace and believed that that once again that peace just overwhelmed me and it was like a guard over my mind, which was so cool because then it like I wasn’t trying to not worry, I was in His rest and it was like He was just taking it from me.  It was so cool Sid, because then it was like I wasn’t trying to not it’s almost hard to explain you know.  But it was so fun to be able to stay in that peace even when that tumor had gotten painful and bigger.  And then of course when we believed for healing and that tumor ended up bursting and then my wife and I have these thoughts of gangrene and stuff because it looked terrible after it burst.  But I just knew that it was dead at the roots, that I was the healed and I had the peace of God and I wasn’t going to worry or get in fear about it all and that’s exactly what happened I can honestly say before God I did not get afraid, I stayed in peace the whole time.

Sid: Now this supernatural peace it works two ways, 1. It keeps you in tremendous… it keeps your body working in the way that God wanted it to work and not working the way the devil want to work.  But I happen to believe that it works in another way, I think that you when you walk into a room and you’ve been walking 24-7 in supernatural peace, I happen to believe the atmosphere must change in that room.  You know, you tell me.

Larry: I mean how many times when you bring that peace into a situation people, they can’t even put words to it until maybe later on they said “Man when you came in and when somebody else may have had that same revelation walked into the room it was like wow, you know it was just okay, everything is going to be all right.  You know it just brings that rest, that peace into situations and along that same line Sid when people learn to live this way it brings it into their marriage, it brings it into other relationships.  So it makes me and you and those of us who learn to walk in peace, it makes us more enjoyable to be around you know.

Sid: Well, let me give you a real life illustration and assuming this was you how would you handle it.  I have a friend that’s an evangelist and one day his wife walked up after twenty years and marriage and three children and says, I’m sick of this life, I don’t love you I’m leaving she not only left him, she not only left the children, but she left the Lord.  And she went into a life of sin, and he did everything he knew, he believe she would come back, he prayed in the Spirit for hours at a time; he did everything, he confessed God’s word and every time he’d reach out to her she would not physically, but literally slap him in the face and says get on with your life.  Well he didn’t want to grant her a divorce because he’s believing for the restoration.  Its Supernatural. How can he walk in supernatural peace?  If that were you how could you walk in supernatural peace?

Larry: Yeah, that’s when it seems like you know you can’t lean unto your own understanding because I’ve had friends that exact same situation Sid happened to them as well.  And that’s when you know it comes down to trust in the Lord with all of your heart and not lean to your own understanding; you have to really have confidence in God that he’s going to take care of me.  Because one of the things that he spoke to me about walking in supernatural peace is He said, “Nobody can make you feel anyway, it’s a choice that you make.”  And so no matter what, even if my wife does that and walks away, I mean as hard as it may sound, I still have Jesus on the inside, I still have His peace on the inside; and I can actually use that to overcome the feelings of depression and discouragement that try and overwhelm.

Sid: Now, what about let’s take a particular case where that occurred in you know, people have free will, and the wife never comes back and they get that divorce, there’s a lot of hurt.  There is a natural process called the grieving process.  How does that fit in with this supernatural peace?

Larry: Well, I watched one of my friends go through that and he realized  you know, when God said “He bore my grief, that means okay, so I’m going to have this natural thoughts, like what’s this, it like God grieves when something doesn’t go good.  I’m going to grieve that this didn’t go the way that God wanted it, but God has a bigger plan and a bigger purpose.  And I remember watching my friend that had the exact same situation happen to him, the wife left, she went out and lived a world of sin and all of a sudden because he decided you know what God, You are my source and You’re my life and my peace, and that peace guarded him and put him in a position where God brought another lady into his life that was so wonderful and they ended up being married and they’re in the ministry today doing more than they ever did for God and so ecstatic and so happy and such peace in their marriage.  He just never thought it could be this good.  So you know there’s light at the end of the tunnel for people that face those things and that’s why we have this peace that can change the situation.

Sid Roth: Well, I just got back from a trip in New York and talk about a testing ground, Manhattan.  I mean I was listening to your material, but I hadn’t mastered it yet, so I repent publically.  I am convinced that I can live that way, and you are living that way and so many others are.  I’m convinced that you can live that way and that is that you have no more down days, you’ve not involved in strife, in hurt, in depression, in anger, and now that doesn’t mean you won’t get angry, but that means that you’re not going to lash out at people and stay that way all the time.  I mean, what a way to live, can you imagine how much more you’ll accomplish for the Lord.

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