Sid:  Now several years ago I got the thought there are so many Jewish people trapped in the New Age.  There are so many Christians that are in mixture and they don’t even know it, trapped in aspects of the New Age.  Perhaps one of the most exciting evangelistic and/training books I can do is to the same format I did for Jewish people “They Thought For Themselves we followed that format in which I took the testimonies of Ten Jewish people that thought for themselves and became believers in Jesus with commentaries at the end of each of the testimonies.  Maybe I should do that same thing for the New Age and of course I knew my friend, Mike Shreve and Mike had a background before he became a believer as I did also in the New Age so I brainstormed with him a little bit and I said, why don’t I take some of the people that I have interviewed and some of the people that you know and do a book?  And let’s come up with a title and the title we came up with which is brilliant for people in the New Age “Truth Seekers” subtitled “Ten Amazing People Who Found It.”  And Mike was the editor and put it together and I am so excited, what am I excited about?  Because of the potential, now for starters for some of you that really don’t know what the word New Age means, “What does it mean, Mike Shreve?”

Mike:  Well the term “New Age” actually stems back to astrology, I’m sure some of the people listening to this broadcast remember that song that was so popular in the latter ‘60s “The Age of Aquarius.”  Well, that was talking about an astrological age; in astrology they believe the sun passes through houses as it goes around the earth.  Of course that’s an old way of viewing the solar system and that each of those ages last about 2200 to 2400 years.  And we happen to be according to astrological teaching in the Piscean age; which is an age of knowledge and reason and we’re about to enter into what they call according to that worldview the Age of Aquarius. Which is supposed to be an Age of great enlightenment where the human race walks in self realization and god consciousness and wars end and many of the problems and crisis’ that are going on in the world right now are solved; and we’re lifted to a whole new level of existence so it is a very hopeful optimistic way of looking at the future.  And that’s where you get the word or the phrase rather, New Age; it’s an anticipation of an Age to come that will be a beautiful and harmonious and peaceful Age here on the earth.

Sid:  You know as I hear you describe that it sounds like it is a perfect counterfeit of the Kingdom Age of God!

Mike:    Absolutely.

Sid:  I mean it’s a mirror perfect counterfeit of it!

Mike:  It is, because in a very qualified sense you could call Christians “New Agers” because we do believe a new age is coming, but we do not believe in the way that it will evolve or come about as taught in “The New Age Movement.”

 Sid:  Also, as you share that I think about some of the other related movements on planet earth like the people that are after peace, no war and they have these bumper stickers, is that tied in with it?

Mike:  Well, of course one of the basis tenants of the new age movement is the belief that all religions are different paths to the same god and you see a lot of bumper stickers promoting that idea that we can all live together having all the different religious symbols on the bumper sticker.  And I do believe that we need to tolerate one another’s’ difference of opinion to the degree that we still respect the person even if we don’t embrace the beliefs.  However, I do not believe as a Christian that you can synchronize or emerge all of these belief systems together.  But that’s a basic fundamental idea or concept in New Age.

 Sid:  Now what about disarmament, is that part of it in your opinion?

Mike:  Well certainly that will be part of the platform of the…

 Sid:  I mean, I remember when I interviewed you several years ago you you had a prophetic word that during the Obama administration there would be such a  proliferation of nuclear weapons and it such looks like that’s true and yet there’s a move for disarmament which means if you could trust everyone, everything would be fine.  But if you are dealing with liars as we are with many of these other countries I don’t think that it’s smart to disarm ourselves.

Mike:  Not that we would ever want a nuclear war or that God would want a nuclear war, but to disarm ourselves is to place ourselves in a vulnerable position.  I agree with you and the irony of the matter is that Obama has promoted, as part of his platform ridding not only our nation but other nations of nuclear weapons and thus hopefully making the world a safer place.  Yet what God told me is that during his administration that will increase; but see there’s three things Sid that are moving us toward a one world government.  Three forces that will provide the platform for the anti-Christ; one is economic, one is political, and the other is religious.  And the first is comprised of the elite banking societies that want a one-world currency and so forth, they want control of the world through finance.  The second, we can see that happening right before our eyes, individuals even in our government that are trying their best to dissolve our national sovereignty to blend us in with this new world order and that’s on both sides of the political spectrum, republican and democrats are working toward that end.  But the new age movement is that third leg or that third pillar that is pushing us toward a one world government because it provides the philosophy necessary to synchronize all these religions; because in the new age movement it pulls Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, all together into one.  And it says we are all in essence worshipping the same god and we are all basically saying the same thing.  Which sounds beautiful to the ear, but when you really inspect the doctrinal base of different religions you see how impossibly, illogical such a statement is.

Sid:  Well, you know Mike my heart in doing this book is I see it as so hugely evangelistic but I began to realize there are so many Christians that are involved in mixture and they don’t even know it.  For instance, your background before becoming a believer in the Messiah was in the area of yoga.  You taught at I believe it was four different universities; you had a couple a hundred students.  Today, knowing what you know about yoga would you be involved in it?

Mike:  Absolutely not!  Half of yoga is the most basic simple physical form of exercise in yoga but there are many reasons why I no longer do it.

 Sid:  Tell me a couple of major ones.

Mike:  Well, one of the major reasons is its spiritual roots are in Hinduism and it’s inextricable from Hinduism.  The main purpose for Hoffa-yoga is to prepare a person’s body and soul for something they call the awaken of the kundalini.  And the kundalini is a supposedly a coiled energy at the base of the spine and once it’s awakened it travels up through the spine and brings a person to enlightenment and is called, and now hold on to your seat, it’s called the serpent power.  That’s what kundalini means.

Sid:  But but but wait a second Mike, I have read that the exercise portion of yoga is very very healthy for an individual.  What if someone is that their goal…they’re not interested in these spiritual things, they just want health?

Mike:  Well, they’re putting themselves in a dangerous place though, if you walk into a studio where the statues of Buddha and Charisna and Shiva and pictures of gurus’, you may say well when they meditate, I’ll just say the Lord’s Prayer.  When they chant ohm, I’ll just think about the name of Jesus.  However, you are in an atmosphere which is impregnated with a demonic influence and you are positioning yourself in a very vulnerable place.  I have people call me all the time desperate for me to pray for them that got involved in just Hoffa-yoga but they started having these arousals of energy of suddenly surging through their bodies.

Sid:  But what if what if the teacher is even a church person?

Mike:  Well, this is something people don’t realize Sid, and I know it because I’m very much in communication with leaders in the industry, in the Christian fitness industry.  Most people don’t realize to be a Certified Yoga Teacher, even if it’s just plain old Hoffa-yoga, to be a Certified Yoga Teacher recognized by the yoga community you have to spend a certain amount of hours, I don’t remember what it is maybe a hundred, possibly two hundred hours studying under people who are given over to that far eastern mindset and studying Hindu scripture – debadas and so forth.  And in order to receive your certification you have to be immersed in Far East philosophy.  Very few people could do that without being tainted and what I warn people about is that if that yoga teacher is in any way given over to a New Age World view, even if they profess to be Christian, they believe all religions are different paths to the same god ect. ect; then by sitting underneath them and letting them dictate what you do and when you do it and yoga class you are submitting yourself to whatever spirit is in that room and whatever spirit…

 Sid:  And some of the articles that are in this book, I believe every Christian in America because I mean this is part of Satan’s end time strategy…

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