Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah; it’s so hard for me to believe that my good friend, Rabbi Michael Zeitler went through a pass like we’ve been talking about.  He was raised in a nice Jewish home, both parents Jewish. He was Bar Mitvahed like most Jewish people.  Then he went off a little bit, we went into drugs, and sex and alcohol and rock music.  In fact you were a musician, right Michael?

Michael:  That’s correct, yes I was a singer and I played the Blues Harp, the harmonica in a Rock band.

Sid:  But then, I mean for a Jewish person, he gets involved in witchcraft, in Wicca reading tarot cards; then he goes into forms of Buddhism, he chants three hours a day.  He’s got these beads, what you do with these beads Michael?

Michael:  Well, what I did you had them in our hands and we’d rub them together and they would make this very strange noise as we were praying, were rubbing these beads together.  I have no idea what it meant.

Sid:  But as a Jew how could you do that?

Michael:  Ha ha ha ha ha, I told you, Jewish people they have a nick name, wandering Jews, and so I was a seeker.

Sid:  Okay, speaking of wandering you then wandered to Peru with your girl friend, she wants you to see her parents, it happens to be Resurrection Sunday time and you don’t want to go to church because you’re Jewish?  Why didn’t you want to go, oh I remember, because when you were eight years old you had that trauma.

Michael:  I had that going on Sid all the way up until I was twenty one.

Sid:  I mean, when you heard the name Jesus, what happened to you, when you heard His name mentioned?

Michael:  Sid, every time I would hear the name of Jesus spoken to me, all the way from the time I was eight years old until…

Sid:  That’s when you were called Christ killer and you went home crying.

Michael:  Yes, my friend had a yellow broom stick in his hand he was slamming it down in the middle of the street yelling and screaming at me, saying I killed Jesus, that I was a Jew.  After that, I would smell an infant’s vomit strongly in my nostrils every time the name Jesus was mentioned from that point.

Sid: Okay, so you are definitely not going to go to church with your girl friend in Peru for an Easter Service because you know that you are going to hear the name Jesus.  So you find you’re looking for a movie that is in English that may not be too easy in Peru to find a movie.  Did you find one?

Michael:  I found one. 

Sid:  What was it called?

Michael:  Hahahaha, Jesus Christ Superstar.

Sid:  How could you go to that?  But that was better than church I guess.

Michael:  That and also because you got to remember I was a Hippie, so this was like a Hippie thing and I didn’t want to go to any of the other movies that were playing because they were all passion plays, and I did not want to see that.  So I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar and as I said, you know God can use a donkey so he could use anything.  And during that movie supernaturally God delivered me from that smell.

Sid:  In other words every time that he heard the name Jesus he would almost get sick to his stomach and all of a sudden instantly he was delivered.  So then you decide to go to the Catholic Church, did you become Catholic?

Michael:  No.

Sid:  Why, you became Buddhist, you became a witch, why not Catholic?

Michael:  Hahahaha it was too far to go.

Sid:  Okay, but you did pick up a couple of saints.  Tell me about that.

Michael:  Yes, while I was in Lima living there for eight months in Peru and Lima is Capital of Peru I picked up the Patron Saint of Lima, St. Rose Santa Rosa.  And also the black saint of Peru which is the only black Saint in the hierarchy of saints in Catholicism, San Martin de Porres, I took them home with me.

Sid:  Statues of them

Michael: I had a big framed picture of Jesus with a bleeding heart. Hahahaha

Sid:  You go full circle, hahaha. Okay, so you go home with your two statues and your girl friend, you marry her and how did that marriage work out by the way?

Michael:  It worked out wonderfully for ten years; I had a beautiful son who is now thirty-one years old, Jeremy and a beautiful daughter Alisha who is now twenty-eight.  She was on your program a number of years ago.  And then after I came to accept the Lord a number of years later you know during the marriage, the tenth year of our marriage I was no longer the fun party animal that my wife enjoyed and fell in love with.  She felt I was like a priest around the house, and she made that statement.  And little by little she got more and more turned off to me being this on fire believer that was running around chasing all our friends away because of who I was witnessing to and why I was witnessing to them.  And eventually she decided to divorce me because she could no longer live with this zealous believer.

Sid:  Okay, you get invited while you are still married, you get invited to an organization that I actually started speaking for almost the moment I became a believer and that’s the Full Gospel Businessman’s Fellowship International.  It’s a group of businessmen that have a luncheon or have a dinner and they invite people and you were invited and at the end of the meeting were you surprised when a Jewish man walked up to you and started talking to you?

Michael:  Yes, very much.

Sid:  Tell me about that.

Michael:  He introduced himself as Joe Cohen.

Sid:  And Cohen, you come from the Cohan’s which is the priests of Israel.  But go ahead.

Michael:  I didn’t know that there were Jewish people that believed in Yeshua.  I was shocked.  I thought everybody was Gentile that believed in Yeshua and when he came up to me after I had been asked by the person who was the President of that chapter to give my testimony of what I’m telling you now on the phone and this interview to 150 people public speaking for the first time in my life.  And after I gave this whole story, he came up to me at the very end of the dinner.

Sid:  But wait a second, why would they ask you to share, you weren’t really a believer in Jesus?

Michael:  I don’t know?  I have no idea to this day I don’t why Norman Sherry asked me to give my story, because it wasn’t really a testimony, you know to have a testimony you have to have a test.

Sid: Okay, so this Cohen fellow comes up to you and what does he say?

Michael:  He says that was a nice story, but do you know Jesus?  And I said, no.

Sid:  Now, we Jewish people, we cut right to the quick, do you know Jesus?

Michael:  Hahahaha.

Sid: Okay, you said no, then what?

Michael:  Then he proceeded to take me outside, because they were closing up and we were in the parking lot for over an hour till about 1:30 in the morning and he told me his testimony about being a gambler, about being involved in drugs and all of his life and how he changed and after he explained everything, it made perfect sense. And so he asked me if I wanted to accept Yeshua and I said yes, and I prayed with him that night and accepted the Lord for the first time.

Sid: Okay, and then he tells you you need to go to a congregation to get mentored and disciple and you need to be immersed in the Holy Spirit.  It didn’t take long, you got rid of all of your charms and amulets and statues ha-ha, and you renounced your sin and then tell me about your immersion in the Holy Spirit.

Michael:  Well, after I called up Norman Sherry the next day, I was so excited and on fire for the Lord and this change…

Sid:  Do you know what every congregation in America needs, a brand new Jewish believer like Michael Zeitler, am I right Michael?

Michael:  Yes.

Sid:  I mean this would cause that life from the dead resurrection power in your congregation.  Okay, you called him.

Michael:  Okay, I called him up and said is there anything else to the Full Gospel Businessman.  And he enticed me by coming to a free dinner that was the only reason why I went honestly because he was inviting me to a free dinner.  I didn’t know what it was about.  So I said, is there anything else going on, he said yes, there is a breakfast this Saturday; so all of this is taking place so far in a week’s time.  So Saturday I go and they say to me tell the people that you are Jewish and you accepted the Lord, well I was afraid, because I thought that maybe they would be persecuting me because of that.  And then the president of this other chapter said, “Do you have the baptism of the Holy Spirit?”  I said no, I didn’t even know what he was talking about.  And at the end of the meeting he invited those that wanted to receive the baptism to come forward.  I came forward; a number of men laid hands on me, he’s saying there it is, there it is, I’m like, there is what?  All of a sudden a bubbling going on in my stomach and a stirring, I feel something coming out of my throat and the next thing I know I’m speaking in another language and I can’t stop for two your hours and I’m shaking like a leaf.

Sid:  Two hours?

Michael:  Couldn’t stop, I tried to close my jaw and it would pop open and I’d keep going.

Sid:  I’ll tell you though that when you receive the anointing for miracles, we’ll pick up right there on tomorrows broadcast.  But Mishpochah something so wonderful is happening in Rabbi Michael’s ministry now, I’m speaking to him by way of telephone, he is in Peru and the most outrageous miracles are happening when he talks about the miracles of Israel it’s like God is so pleased the presence of God just radiates.  Then for some reason, I shouldn’t say some reason, the shofar, the rams horn is a supernatural instrument when he blows that rams horn so many miracles have happened in the last few months?

Michael:  Over a thousand.

Sid:  Over a thousand and how many people have been saved?

Michael:  Over two hundred.

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