Sid:  You know many years ago I was a stock broker in Merrill Lynch and we were taught that it’s really wrong to get inside information, you can get in trouble over that and you could lose your license as stock broker.  But guess what, we have a book called the Bible that gives us inside information about what’s going to happen from today till the return of Jesus and even after.  For instance, I can tell you what’s going to happen to many nations in the world.  And my guest he’s put together a book so that you will finally finally understand end time Bible prophecy called “God’s War on Terror” Islam prophecy in the Bible.  His name is Walid Shoebat, and Walid tell me about some of these nations that are in the headlines today, what’s going to happen…let’s take the one where the revolt really started, Egypt.  What’s going to happen to Egypt, what’s their fate?

Walid:  Well, you could have a civil war in Egypt, because in Isaiah 19 “The Lord comes riding in a  swift cloud that is coming into Egypt.  When He comes to Egypt it is clear, it says an Egyptian will go against an Egyptian, brother against brother, neighborhood against neighborhood; so it’s clear Egypt is doomed to basically self destruct as this revolution will collapse be basically taken over in the future.  It will be taken over by the Anti-Christ because even Daniel tells us Egypt, Libya and Cush, which is Sudan and Somalia will follow at his footsteps will follow him in submission.  Islam literally means submission.  They will follow the Anti-Christ.  It is very difficult to have a European Anti-Christ with all of these Islamic hordes following him.  It doesn’t make any sense so the fate of Egypt is clear; also the fate of all the Islamic countries are clear if you want me to share…

Sid:  Tell me about Syria.

Walid:  Well, Syria Damascus will cease to exist in one day and that is a believe in Isaiah…

Sid:  Well, if I were a stock broker I wouldn’t be buying any stock in Syria right now.

Walid:  It wouldn’t be a good idea, in fact Isaiah tells us from 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 you know it’s amazing including in Isaiah 21 that God will destroy Arabia the burden against Arabia.  So it’s pretty clear.

Sid:  So Saudi Arabia has some problems too.

Walid:  That’s correct, it’s going to get nuked because Elam, which is Iran, Persian will arise and destroy it.  Saudi Arabia is that Harlot that the Bible talked about and the beast must burn the harlot, they must burn their holy place.  It is not farfetched.  God says I will put it in their heart to do such a thing.  God will burn Arabia with the oil with it by the hands of the Muslim nations.  If you think that this is farfetched then we need to ask the question in the 1st gulf war, how was it possible that the Muslim world was silent when Saddam Hussein lobed scuds at Saudi Arabia? 

Sid:  Speaking of that, I don’t want to digress too much, but I was recently talking to a man that watches the news and in particularly CNN and he said, how can Israel be so inhuman, how can most of the press be supported of Israel when they murder innocent women and children?  When they attach the Palestinians and the people you know that are having the scud missiles?  It’s horrible to scud missiles, but how can they kill these innocent children and women?  What would you say to him?

Walid:  Well, we are looking at only one part of the equation, Israel retaliating.  This kind of analysis is a faulty analysis, because we have to understand that every day in Israel buses blowing up, cafés and restaurants people being murdered.

Sid:  Well, I’m told many of the Palestinians put the woman and children out as human shields to protect their scud missiles.

Walid:  Well look, I know the subject very well because my cousin Irene Shoebat was a famous suicide bomber who was behind the operation of Rezone Letdowns (?) in which three Israeli’s died and of course when the Israeli’s retaliated they will always position their terror factories, their bomb factories amidst a major population.  You look at Mohammed Ambout a very well wanted terrorist in my village in which when he was finally executed by Israel the entire walked into the ceremony of the martyr; which mean the people themselves are very much imbed with the terrorists and support the terrorists and allow the terrorists to set camp in their midst. This calls for high casualty which is not the fault of Israel but the fault of the cowards who are murdering their own children by the hands of Israel.

Sid:  Well why, if it’s unequal, unjust waste which it is why doesn’t the world see it?  Why is the world on the Palestinian side? 

Walid:  Because the world hates the Bible, because the Bible declares that that land belongs to Israel.  And the world who don’t want to believe and reject the Bible; reject Israel because of the hatred to God.  It’s really a war on God and this is why Christopher Hitchens author a book is “God is not great.”  I dare him to author a book “Allah is not great.”  No such thing will ever happen.

Sid:  Okay, what about what we’ve talked about a lot about these Muslim countries and your book goes into detail, I mean you will know what is going to happen before it happens, what about Israel?  What’s going to happen to Israel with all this money and all of these nations have aiming their guns at Israel and their bombs?

Walid:  Well, eventually a war will commence coming from Turkey, holding hands with Iran against Israel in which Jerusalem will be invaded.  In fact the Bible tells us half the city shall go into captivity.  In other words not even all the city is occupied by the armies of the Anti-Christ.  Which tells me that the Anti-Christ doesn’t rule the globe; he only occupies half the city to Jerusalem.  The women will be raped in the old city of Jerusalem in which will cause jealousy among the Jewish population in which the Bible tells us and the feeble amongst Jews that will fight like King David.  That’s when the Messiah will land on the Mount of Olives.

Sid:  So the Jews will become super warriors at that point.

Walid:  Absolutely, absolutely it will be a tremendous day, the day of the Lord, in which we will all join with Christ in that battle.

Sid:  Okay, now out of just curiosity it seems like all the action is the Middle East.  What’s happening to us in America?  Are we going to survive?  Are we Swiss cheese, what’s going on?

Walid:  No, we will survive, because it says in the Bible in Daniel chapter 11 that the Anti-Christ declares war on the strongest fortresses.  The strongest fortresses in this case will be the west, will be the might of the United States of America.  Some might argue and say well that means he will defeat America.  No such thing is written in the Bible; in fact the Bible tells us the opposite is true; that the most powerful of the nations will defeat the Anti-Christ.  It is basically the wrong message when we tell people America will go down.  It’s not true.

Sid:  Okay, they are going to get your book but tell me about…I was amazed on your understanding and of course I shouldn’t have been amazed because of your background; of the crescent moon, explain that to me.

Walid:  Well, the crescent moon is called in Arabic language or Aramaic language, Hay ell.

Sid:  That’s the symbol of Islam?

Walid:  That’s correct it’s the symbol of Islam, but biblically it’s also the symbol of Lucifer.

Sid:  Really!

Walid:  Hosea fourteen, how aren’t thou fallen from heaven oh Hillel bin solar.  Look at the Hebrew, not the word Lucifer, which is a Latin word, the Hebrew word says, Hillel which means brightness, it also means crescent moon.  In fact the nick name of Lucifer in the Bible is always been crescent moon.  It is the Bel, the Bel was the horns, the two horns resembling the crescent moon.  In fact every knee will bow; every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord in the New Testament.  We must also look at the Old Testament in Isaiah 45 and 46, Bel bows, there’s Bel, the moon god, Bel bows, Nebo stoops.  But when it says every knee will bow, every tongue will confess, Bel bows, it’s pretty clear.  Even Arthur Jeffrey who is one of the greatest historians on Islam said that Bel is the moon god.  In fact even Christ will take the moon god and He will cast it down to the ground in fulfillment of Psalm Chapter 83 in which he will be like Gideon fulfilling Judges Chapter 8:21 when he casts the crescents to the ground. 

Sid:  What goes on inside of you with your background, Walid when you hear our politicians on television saying Islam is a peace loving religion?  What goes on inside, I mean when I’ve seen these facts that you have in your book I know what goes on inside of me, but someone like you coming as an ex-Muslim terrorist, how do you feel?

Walid:  I look at them and I see them in fear, but we must always understand that the Bible tells us that the cowards will not inherit the kingdom.  We cannot be believers and be cowards, the cowards will not inherit the kingdom, it is very clear.  We cannot be Christians and be cowards at the same time.  For the ones that coward to Islam are not one of the children of God, they will reject God.

Sid:  You know, I feel a lot of news people are afraid to say what they know about Islam.

Walid:  That is correct.  I’m sorry we are out of time.


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