Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah; Mark Virkler’s come out with a series called “Prayers That Heal the Heart.”  It’s on eight CDs and it’s got seven supernatural prayers that covers every imaginable base to remove the anchors or the legal rights that spirits have and then they have to leave.  And people that have had problems and sickness, problems with certain emotions like fear that have been successive, problems with addictions, they’re getting free.  I wonder Mark if you would explain to me what a heart is like that needs to be healed and what a heart is like that’s been healed.

Mark:  Alright, that’s a great question Sid because a lot of times we don’t realize our need for deliverance and I didn’t realize my need for deliverance and when Kaye Cox prayed for me she cast out a good twenty demons or so.  And so I asked the question afterwards, “How could I had twenty demons inside of me and been a Spirit-filled pastor for the Lord and not known I needed deliverance?”  And the Lord gave me a definition of a healed heart, He said a healed heart is a heart that is full of faith, hope and love.  1 Corinthians 13:13 “Faith, Hope and Love now abide, faith, hope and love.  The abiding realities; they go into eternity and a healed heart is a heart that has that in it and an unhealed heart is a heart that has any opposite of faith, hope and love in it.  So the opposites of course of faith would be things like, fear, doubt, unbelief.  Opposite of Hope would be rejection, abandonment, loneliness; opposite of love would be anger, hatred, rage and bitterness; so those would be heart wounds.  We would consider each one of those categories a heart wound: fear, doubt, unbelief is a heart wound.  Rejection, abandonment, loneliness is a heart wound and demons can live there.  So if there is any area of my life or your life that you can look at and say I don’t have faith, hope and love there.  Like I look at my marriage do I have faith, hope and love this is going to be an exquisite marriage.  Do I look at my finances and say I have faith, hope and love; I’m going to have abundance and no lack.  Do I look at my children and my ministry and say I have faith, hope and love there.  If there is any area that you can look at and say I don’t have faith hope and love there then that’s a heart wound that needs some prayer ministry.                       

Sid: Mark as a pastor you had a very effective deliverance ministry and then when you saw just not getting results, you pray and nothing would happen, did you figure that maybe you didn’t have a deliverance ministry?

Mark:  Ha-ha-ha, well I obviously knew I did have a deliverance ministry because I cast thousands of demons out of hundreds of people.

Sid:  So why did you stop?

Mark:  Well, because I’m a theologian primarily and I got very frustrated theologically because I commanded a demon for an hour to come out in the Name of Jesus and it wouldn’t move and I said, “I’m so confused theologically I’m not going forward in this area anymore, I’m sorry.”

Sid:  Okay, so you stopped for at least a decade what caused you to start again?

Mark:  Ha-ha well, I got messed up in my own heart, my own heart picked up wounds during that ten to twelve year period and…

Sid:  It’s fairly easy to pick up wounds by being in ministry; actually it’s pretty easy to pick up wounds by being a human.

Mark:  Well, it really is you know, I got fired from a job or two, and I had a few people reject me from the things that I was saying so I picked up a spirit of rejection and a self rejection and I picked up anger and hatred towards those whose who fired me.  And so I had demons of anger and hatred and rejection and fear and fear of rejection and doubt and unbelief and all of them were attacking me.  And the way it would manifest for me is that I got into a situation that was the least bit fearful I would feel something rise up within my heart and grip me, it would rise up and grip me and I would be terrified.  And I said, “Man you know the situation is a little bit threatening but this fear owns me, it’s gripping me, it’s driving me and when something rises up and gripes you then that’s a good clue that it’s a demon.

Sid:  Okay, tell me about your experience with this woman, I’m not familiar with her “Kaye Cox.” 

Mark:  Yeah, Kaye Cox she was in Austria in the first seminar I went to.  Her husband was a surgeon and he said, that some of the third world patients he had he would give them to his wife and she would do prayer ministry and they wouldn’t need surgery afterwards and so…

Sid:  She’s going to put him out of business!

Mark:  Well, that’s why he didn’t give her all of his people…  Ha-ha and so I said, “Do you think that she would pray for me?”  And so he asked her and him and her got together and prayed for me the next day.  She spent about three hours and they cast about twenty demons out of me.  But they did more than that, before they cast the demons out they removed all the legal rights, the legal anchors that the demons had to get there.  They did inner healing prayer, breaking soul ties, ungodly beliefs, inner vows, inner healing, word curses and they went through and had me repent in all those different areas and that was removing the anchor that the demons were tied to and once the anchors were gone the legal rights were gone then she was able to cast the demons out very very easily and then the lights when on for me.  And then I said, “Now I understand why I couldn’t get that demon out even though I hollered for an hour at it in the Name of Jesus to leave because the demon had a legal right to be in the person’s life because the person had unconfessed sin.  And if we can break the legal rights and the anchors first then deliverance is easy.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity, when you had that session with Kaye and she cast these demons out of you you had been in ministry for how many years?

Mark:  Oh, probably a good fifteen to twenty years.

Sid:  Okay, what was there a perceptible difference in the way you felt, I mean did you feel lighter?  How did you feel?

Mark:  Oh yeah, see now I can face a fearful situation and nothing rises up within me and grips me.  Fear doesn’t rise up and gripe me and say, ah ha I own you, you know and now I don’t have anger rise up within me and say I hate this person, and control me and push me.  And I don’t have doubt and unbelief rise up.  You know my heart is free again, alright where it wasn’t free, I would have these things gripping my heart and there’s nothing inside now gripping my heart and pushing it in negative directions.  The only thing gripping my heart is the Holy Spirit saying, “Why don’t you forgive, why don’t you love, why don’t you be nice?”

Sid:  Tell me about the early church, we’ve kind of lost a lot of things from the early church, but was there view on deliverance?

Mark:  Well, one of the books I read many many years ago said that in the early church before people got saved, they automatically took everyone through deliverance as part of their preparation for water baptism and then they water baptized them; so it was normal and natural for everyone, everybody to experience deliverance.

Sid:  And do you know what’s kind of interesting is in books that I have read that after they ministered a little bit to the person they would exercise their faith just as in your series after someone dismantles all of the; you call them the anchors that are allowing the legal rights of that demon to be there, after that’s all dismantled you pray for the demon to leave.  Well what they use to believe is after everything is dismantled you just put someone and immersed them in water and when they come up they are free of every demon.  I kind of like that.

Mark:  Well, I like that too, you know we’ve heard stories today about people who went into the water of baptism and they were smokers and when they came out totally delivered from nicotine and they believed when then went into the waters they would be delivered and because they believed God met them.  And so yeah, we could train Christians, the young believers why don’t you believe to be totally set free of the power of darkness as you go through these baptism waters and if you’ll believe that God will break this all off you.

Sid:  Well what difference would it have made to you if you had gotten rid of all these legal rights, if these seven supernatural prayers had been prayed over you and every spirit was cast out when you first started as a believer?  Can you imagine the difference?

Mark:  You know I could have been a lot further down the road I think, because you know when you are believing people are going to reject you that doesn’t really facilitate an effective ministry because you are sending out waves of belief saying to the person I think you ought to reject me and there spirit hears that from my spirit, I think I should reject the guy.  So I went through a lot of rejection in those early years just because I believed that’s what was going to happen.

Sid:  Well, you have some amazing testimonies of people that have gone through your course and what’s happened with them and will talk about some of them later on this week.  But what do you feel like after you have taught this course and a hundred, two hundred people have these spirits cast out of them and their whole lives are changed, their whole destiny’s are changed?

Mark:  Ha-ha, well I tell you, yeah I’m over the top I am just as happy as I can possibly be, cause I’ll stay to the church and preach on Sunday because we do the deliverance on Saturday afternoon and evening usually and boy will share testimonies and they’ll say, “I’m free, I’m free, I’m free, I’m light, I’m light, I’m healed,” and it’s so rewarding to see the power of God transform a person’s life to deliverance for ministry.  It is just one of the greatest things that I’ve experienced.

Sid:  Give me something that just happened, a testimony that was just set free.

Mark:  Well, I’ll give you one from three days ago.  I was at Living Waters Ranch out in Idaho this last weekend and at the end of the seminar we broke into groups to pray for people who needed physical healing and one of the ladies in my group she had a neck wound.  She was in a car accident years ago and her neck, her vertebrae hurt her for many many years and we prayed for healing for that neck.  One of the things I prayed for was for deliverance for any demons attached to that neck to leave it.  And as we prayed that she said she felt something leave her neck, and we got done praying and she moved her neck all the way around in directions that she had not been able to move it for years.  And she said even though she had been prayed for several times for healing of her neck she had never had deliverance prayer and she felt that prayer and she felt that demon leave and it restored full mobility to her neck.

Sid:  This may be the key for all types of healings, but this has to be basic, basic, basic; the first type of discipleship for every new believer but the sad thing is most believer’s haven’t gone through this and so where ever you are at it is time to go through it and help others go through it.

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